Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome and Skate Canada Picks

Welcome to my new blog!  Here I'll be previewing upcoming events, posting my thoughts and reactions and breaking down the different disciplines.  Stay tuned for figure skating news and updates as well as we lead up to the Grand Prix Final, 2011 Nationals, 2011 Four Continents and 2011 Worlds.

The first Grand Prix event of the season was last weekend and I'll be posting some of my thoughts from the NHK Trophy over the course of the week. 

Skate Canada will be taking place this weekend and I have just submitted my picks for the USFSA Fantasy Skating Challenge.  Barring any changes in the lineup, my team is:

Ladies: A) Fumie Suguri, JPN     B) Sarah Meier, SUI     C) Agnes Zawadzki, USA
Men: A) Patrick Chan, CAN     B) Javier Fernandez, ESP     C) Grant Hochstein, USA
Pairs: A) Iliushechkina/Maisuradze, RUS     B) Duhamel/Radford     C) Moore-Towers/Moscovitch, CAN
Dance: A) Kerr/Kerr, GBR     B) Chock/Zuerlein, USA     C) Tibbetts/Brubaker, USA   

You can follow me as Skategate or play yourself at http://www.usfigureskating.org/fantasyskating.asp.  I'm also competing for bragging rights with Backstage Barbie and you can follow her reactions at backstagebarbie.blogspot.com.