Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moscow World Championships: Schedule

All times are EST.  I've bolded the events I plan to cover here live. Please check back as I may add additional events.

April 25th 6:00am-10:40am Mens Preliminary Round
April 26th  4:00am- 7:00am Ice Dance Preliminary Round
                 7:30am-12:05pm Ladies Preliminary Round

April 27th 5:30am-9:55am Mens Short Program
                11:30am-3:10pm Pairs Short Program

April 28th 5:00am-9:05am Mens Free Skate
                10:00am-12:55pm Pairs Free Skate

April 29th 5:30am-9:25 am Ladies Short Program
                10:30am-2:20pm Short Dance

April 30th 5:30am-9:25am Ladies Free Skate
                10:30am-1:50pm Free Dance

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Where and When of the 2011 World Championships

The ISU announced on Monday, March 14th that they would be postponing Worlds and the World Team Trophy due to the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear troubles in Japan.  Immediately following this announcement, it was reported from other sources that Lausanne, Torino, Vancouver and Taipei were all being considered as replacement locations.

On March 16th the ISU announced that a decision would be available on either Friday or Monday.  The Japanese Skating Federation has indicated to the ISU that the earliest they would be able to host Worlds would be in September or October.  ISU President Cinquanta said in interviews that April would not be possible due to tour commitments, in May skaters would be getting ready for a new season, September was too early and October before the Grand Prix would be the best time for Worlds.  He also said they are waiting for a response from the Japanese Federation before the make a decision on Worlds, but if they don't hear in the next few days, the ISU will make a decision without their feedback.

Following the mention of Worlds in October, several countries stepped in to volunteer to host in the near future.  The Russian Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy has sent a letter to the ISU saying they are ready to host in Moscow in the near future, promising competition and practice rinks, hotels and visa support.  The US has offered Colorado Springs and Lake Placid as possible Worlds locations in April or May.  Torino, Italy has said they have availability to host Worlds in April and would be willing.  Oberstdorf, Germany has also offered to step in and put on Worlds.  Malmo, Sweden has said they are ready and willing to step in and host quickly.  Korea has said they have not been contacted about hosting Worlds, but would consider it.

Russian ice dancer Elena Ilinykh has said she would prefer Worlds be canceled to holding it in October.  U.S. based coaches Jason Dungjen, Igor Shpilband and Pasquale Camerlengo have all spoken out against an October Worlds.

As the nuclear situation in Japan continues to worsen, it is looking less and less likely that Japan will be back to normal by October and there is the possibility for long term effects on the air and water supply due to potential release of radiation.  There have already been questions as to whether Japan will be ready to host NHK, a much smaller event, in November.  To postpone until October and then find later that Japan has to cancel would be very unfortunate for all of the athletes who have worked so hard.  The right thing to do is to take one of the countries up on their offer to host in April or May and find another event for Japan to host in the future as well as rescheduling the World Team Trophy.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Update 11:53PM EST: The French Federation has suggested having an April or May Worlds, giving Japan the 2012 Worlds, bumping France back to 2013 and Canada to 2014.  This would give France the envious position of having the pre-Olympics Worlds.  Skate Canada has said there is no way they would go for this suggestion:

Update 9:52PM EST: The US has offered Colorado Springs and Lake Placid as possible Worlds locations in April or May: 

Cinquanta says that he is waiting to hear from the Japanese Federation before deciding on Worlds but will make a decision without their input if he doesn't hear in the next few days.  He also says that complete cancellation is unlikely:

Jason Dugjen who coaches Alissa Czisny says he would prefer cancelation over an October Worlds.  Igor Shpilband (who coaches five dance teams headed to Worlds) said that April or May would be fine for Worlds and that the ISU is not taking the skaters into consideration.  Pasquale Camerlengo who has two dance teams going to Worlds said that October wouldn't be possible:

Update 6:16PM EST: The Russian Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy has sent a letter to the ISU saying they are ready to host in Moscow in the near future, promising competition and practice rinks, hotels and visa support:

Update 4:50PM EST: Malmo, Sweden say they are ready and able to step in to host Worlds and can do it quickly:

Update 4:10PM EST: An interview with Russian Ice Dancer Elena Ilinykh in which she says she would not be in favor of an October Worlds but that the athletes could adapt their training to compete in April:

Update 3:53PM EST: Cinquanta in an interview has ruled out April-September as possible dates for Worlds.  He said April was too soon and May was not in the best interest of the ISU.  He also thinks the performances will be better in October than in May:

Update 11:30AM EST: ISU President Cinquanta has confirmed that they are looking at October in Japan just prior to Skate America as "we must take into account that Japan got the right to hold a World Championships."  He has also said that some skaters have informed him they cannot come to Worlds in April due to tour contracts.  When asked about how the skaters would feel about the change in schedule, he responded "You cannot always listen to what the skaters want. These are exceptional circumstances. Some of the skaters are even minors."

Full article here:

Update 10:02AM EST: Oberstdorf is saying they are ready to step in and put on Worlds:;art14,23676

Update 8:11AM EST: Turin is saying that they will move events to make room for the World Championships and their arena has ice ready in April for the athletes to use: 

The Japanese Skating Federation has offered up autumn to the ISU as a possible date for the country to host Worlds:

Update 8:09AM EST: This Korean sources says the Korean Federation has not been contacted about hosting Worlds but if they were, they would consider it:

Update March 16 7:59AM EST: The ISU is hoping to make a decision about Worlds on Friday or Monday:,10869,4844-128590-19728-18885-312863-3787-4771-layout160-129898-news-item,00.html

Update 7:52PM EST: The ISU President is now saying that Worlds will either be canceled, moved to another city or moved to October in Tokyo:

Update 5:10 PM EST: Elena Glebova has left Japan according to this news article from Estonia.  They also claim that Turin and Lausanne have been offered up as venues by their respective countries:

Update 4:26PM EST: The Russian Figure Skating Federation has spoken to officials in Moscow and has decided not to put in an offer to host Worlds.  They were not approached by ISU:

Update March 15 7:25AM EST: According to the Washington Post, US Figure Skating offered a location in the US for Worlds but received no response from the ISU:

Update 8:47PM EST: This Washington Post article states that ISU officials spent the day seeking an alternate venue for Worlds and reiterates that U.S. Figure Skating has offered assistance but has not been asked to host:

A nice article about how Yuka Sato and Jason Dungjen are planning on adjusting Alissa Czisny and Jeremy Abbott's training schedules with Worlds and the World Team Trophy postponed:

Update 2:56PM EST: In this article: ISU VP David Dore said switching venues is not an option, and that if Worlds is still going to occur, it will need to be in the next 6 weeks:

Update 11:17AM EST: The ISU President has said that a final decision regarding Worlds will be made in the next three to four days and the Council will meet tomorrow.  He did suggest that moving the event is a possibility.  U.S. Figure Skating officials are reporting that they have not been contacted regarding hosting Worlds.

Update 10:51AM EST: This German article lists Lausanne, Turin, Vancouver and Taipei as cities that have been contacted about holding the Championships:  Phil Hersh has reported on Twitter that Skate Canada will not be hosting the event.  The article also mentions that the ice rink where Savchenko and Szolkowy train does not have ice past March.  This may be a problem for other competitiors as well if the competition is delayed too long.

Update 9:06AM EST: The ISU has released a statement this morning postponing Worlds and the World Team Trophy.  No date has been given.  The continued postponement or cancellation is under final evaluation.  The full statement is here:,10869,4844-128590-19728-18885-312813-3787-4771-layout160-129898-news-item,00.html

Update March 14th 12:19AM EST: This site is reporting that Worlds will be delayed 21 days but will still be in Tokyo:  Still awaiting official decision of the ISU.

Update 11:53PM EST: This Japanese site is reporting that Worlds have been postponed:

And another article which says the Championships have been postponed and an official statement will be available later today:

Still no official word from the ISU or the JSF. 

Update 8:39PM EST: It has been reported that Kim Lucine (from Monaco) has posted the following on his Facebook: "A little message while i have internet, we woke up at 2AM to try to find a ticket to go back to europe, it's 5AM now and i think we found a ticket for 10AM but we have to go to the airport to check. i won't have internet anymore so i'll keep you posted when i'll be somewhere else. World Championnship are gonna be reported in Lausan, Korea or Canada!!!"

Update 2:38PM EST: It has been reported that Florent Amodio is saying on his Facebook that Worlds has been canceled.  Thanks to a reader for sharing this image of his FB page:

Ingo Steuer has said even if Worlds did go on, he would not send Savchenko and Szolkowy.  Now the German Federation has announced that they have withdrawn their entire team:

Michael Slipchuk has said on Canadian TV that if Worlds occurs, it will be up to individual Canadian skaters whether they wanted to attend.  He was also asked about the possibility of holding Worlds in Canada and said that Skate Canada would do whatever it could to support the ISU.

Update 10:34AM EST: The ISU has released a new statement indicating that they are reevaluating the feasibility of holding Worlds in Tokyo.  The statement indicates that they will either hold the championships as planned or cancel, and does not mention the possibility of a delay or a new venue.  They said a final decision would be available by tomorrow morning at the latest.,10869,4844-128590-19728-18885-312807-3787-4771-layout160-129898-news-item,00.html

The British government has also issued a travel advisory warning against all non-essential travel to Tokyo.  They are reporting that while Narita airport is open, many flights are still being canceled and transportation to and from the airport is difficult:

Update March 13th 12:44AM EST: Japanese officials are now operating under the assumption that a partial meltdown of the nuclear reactor cores is underway.  They insist, however, that no radiation has been leaked.

The U.S. Geological Survey is also reporting that there have been 140 aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or higher.

Airports are back up and running as is limited rail service and those without electricity have dropped to 2.5 million from 6 million.

Update 9:01PM EST: A few US journalists have begun posting news articles advocating either canceling, postponing or changing venues for Worlds:|topnews|text|Sports

Based on the information I've been gathering, it seems that the U.S. media coverage has differed from other countries.  The ISU is set to make a final decision early this week.  I know that a lot of people reading this post are from Japan.  If you have any thoughts or insights please share them in the comment section.    

Update 12:39PM EST: International Figure Skating on Facebook is reporting that they've heard from Daisuke Takahashi's manager and Takahashi is safe.

Update 11:25AM EST: Elena Glebova has reported on her Facebook that she is in Japan and is safe.

Update 9:58AM EST: Florent Amodio has just tweeted that all the flights are full so he'll have to wait a few days before leaving, but he has confirmed that he is trying to leave Japan.

Update 9:15AM EST: A few rumors that I can't seem to back up but am putting here anyway.  Javier Fernandez is already in Japan but is safe.  The French Federation has ordered Florent Amodio to return home and will fly back tomorrow.  Kim Lucine of Montenegro is also leaving Japan and returning home

Update March 12th 8:41AM EST: Nobunari Oda was in Canada at the time of the quake and he hopes to return to Japan soon to see his wife and son who were both unharmed:

Update 4:05PM EST: Skate Canada says the majority of their athletes are scheduled to leave for Tokyo on the 18th.  They are evaluating the situation to determine if they will send their athletes and may leave the decision to attend up to the individual competitors.

Update 2:22PM EST: A 6.6 quake has just hit Nagano along a different fault line than the first quake.  Nagano is 110 miles from Tokyo.  No word yet on impact.

Update 12:53PM EST: Yuka Sato says that both of her parents who coach in Japan are fine as well as students Takahiko Kozuka and Mao Asada:|newswell|text|Sports|s

Update 11:30AM EST: According to a statement by the ISU President, it looks like they are planning on moving forward with Worlds.,10869,4844-128590-19728-18885-312800-3787-4771-layout160-129898-news-item,00.html

And the State Department has issued a Travel Alert to Japan through April 1st.  According to the alert, airports and public transportation in Tokyo are shut down and some roads are damaged:

Update: 11:26AM EST Here is an article about Volozhar and Trankov and also states that a decision on whether to move Worlds will be made later this week:

Japan was hit with an 8.9 earthquake and massive tsunami overnight leaving a portion of the country devastated.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected.

The World Figure Skating Championships are set to open in Tokyo in just 10 days and there is speculation about whether they will continue.  Earlier today, the ISU released this statement (it has since been taken down from their website):
Japan Quake - ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2011 Situation
11 Mar 2011 10:32

The ISU is in close contact with the Japanese Skating Federation (JSF). Based on a first on-site assessment by the JSF we have been informed that the Yoyogi stadium remains in order and the JSF advised that everything will be ready to hold the Championships as foreseen. We will of course continue to monitor the situation closely in cooperation with the JSF and inform of any developments.

Yuzuru Hanyu is from the area where the quake hit, but he, his coach and family were all reported ok.  Nikolai Morozov's skaters which include Miki Ando and Florent Amodio are already in Japan, but are also ok.  Volozhar and Trankov of Russian landed with their coaches a few hours before the quake but have been in contact with the Russian Federation.

The US State Department is advising no non-essential travel to Japan. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

World Championships: Schedule

Note: The World Championships have currently been postponed.  When the new dates/times/locations are added, I'll update this schedule.

All times are EST.  I've bolded the events I plan to cover here live.  Please check back as I may add additional events.

March 21st 3:00am-8:15am Mens Preliminary Round
                   8:30pm-11:45pm Ice Dance Preliminary Round

March 22nd 12:30am-5:35am Ladies Preliminary Round
                    11:15pm-2:55am Pairs Short Program

March 23rd 4:00am-8:25am Mens Short Program

March 24th 12:30am-3:25am Pairs Free Skate
                   4:25am-8:25am Mens Free Skate
                   11:30pm-3:20 am Short Dance

March 25th 4:00am-8:25am Ladies Short Program

March 26th 12:00am-3:20am Free Dance
                   4:30am-8:25am Ladies Free Skate

Dube and Davison Split

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison, the 2008 world bronze medalists, have announced their split.  He has been off the ice all season due to injury.  She is going to focus on school and her singles career and he is interested in coaching and skating pairs again.

Here is their last performance at the 2010 Worlds to "The Way We Were."

In other news, Felicia Zhang and Taylor Toth, the 2010 US Junior National Champions have also split.  She is looking to continue in singles and pairs and he is looking for a new pair partner.

Last month 2010 US National Champions Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett announced their split.  He has retired and she is looking for a new partner.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Junior Worlds: Recap

After a disastrous Canadian nationals, Andrei Rogozine was able to put together two strong programs here.  Although he didn't win either segment, his scores were good enough to give him the gold medal.  His opening triple axel + triple toe and solo triple axel in his free skate both received positive GOEs and really racked up the technical points for him.  He'll need to work on the quality and difficulty of his spins if he wants to make a splash at the senior level.  He hasn't aged out of juniors and can compete here again next season but young phenom Nan Nguyen who recently won the Canadian Junior title, will be aging in next season and could put up a big fight.

Keiji Tanaka won the free skate and the silver medal.  He had a nice GOE on his triple axel in the free skate and had Level 3s and 4s on his spins.  He could work on amping up his jump difficulty, but he is also eligible to compete as a junior next season.

Alexander Majorov became the first Swedish man to medal at the Junior World Championships with his bronze medal finish.  He has two triple + triple combos in his arsenal that give him a big technical bonus but his GOEs are barely in the positive range.  He'll be able to see how his scores compare with the best in the world when he competes at the World Championships in a few weeks.  This was his final season of junior eligibility.

Keegan Messing fell from 1st to 4th after a rough free skate in which he popped an axel and received no credit for a loop.  His short program showed off his jump arsenal and he does have a quad under his belt.  He'll be aging out of Juniors and looking to put his quad against the top men next season.

Max Aaron, who finished 5th is the only other top ten finisher who is aging out of juniors.

I had 0/3 exact predictions and picked 1/3 medal winners (Andrei Rogozine).

Russia's tiny phenoms proved just how good they are by finishing 1-2 at this event.  Adelina Sotnikova put together Triple Lutz + Triple Loop and Double Axel + Triple Toe combinations with positive GOEs en route to a technical victory.  She could work on the level of her steps and layback spin, but overall this young lady looks ready for an impressive debut on the Senior Grand Prix next season.  She won't be old enough for senior worlds next season, but will be looking to defend her title.

She'll be challenged by Elizaveta Tuktamisheva who took the silver medal here.  Elizaveta lacked some of the jump difficulty of Adelina, but is equal to most of the senior ladies out there.  Her step sequence is one area she could work on difficulty.  She'll likely be on the Senior Grand Prix next season as well.

Agnes Zawadzki came from behind to claim her second Junior Worlds medal.  Her normally strong jumps were judged under-rotated in some cases by a tough technical panel, but she did put out a seasons best free skate.  This is only her 4th international competition, and I've seen her confidence improve at each outing.  I wouldn't be surprised to see her take home her first Grand Prix medal next season.

Christina Gao dropped to 4th after having her double axel deemed under-rotated and in this deep field, not showing a triple-triple in her free skate cost her important technical points.  She's undergone some growth spurts this season that have caused her to adjust her jumps, but her style is more like Yuna Kim everyday.  As she gets her feet back under her again, I think she'll really start to rack up points and medals next season.

I had 3/3 exact predictions.

Discounting a fall on the side by side jumps at the beginning of their free skate, Sui and Han were perfect to claim their second Junior World title.  Their throw quad was slightly two-footed, but they've got closer to a clean landing at each competition and I expect they'll have it down by next season.  They are already one of the top senior teams in the World and can do elements that no one else in the world is doing.  If they can escape the age scandal, I expect them to continue their success as seniors next season and make a run for the World podium.

Stolbova and Klimov were able to move up a spot and claim the silver medal.  They have a lot of nice elements but are only doing double twists which will cost them a lot of points next season as seniors if they don't start executing triple twists.  They'll be on the Grand Prix next season, but they've aged out of juniors and with a very deep Russian field, they may have trouble breaking through and claiming spots at Europeans and Senior Worlds.

Takahashi and Tran took home the bronze medal.  Their free skate had several errors, including no credit on their spirals and problems on their side by side jumps.  I think the strain of so many events at the end of the season at two different levels is starting to show.  As they age out of juniors and transition solely to seniors, they'll be able to really polish their programs and perhaps repeat the success they had as seniors this season.

Cain and Reagan placed 4th with several nice elements.  She is very tall with long limbs and while this makes some of the elements harder, it also makes their lifts look fantastic.  They only execute a double twist and will need to up that element to compete with the seniors.  The US have several good pairs teams, but Cain and Reagan seem to be improving quickly and could make a mark next season at the senior level.

Other teams in the top 10 aging out are Purich and Schultz, Jones and Gaskell, Andrews and LeDuc, Gillespie and Dematte.

I had 3/3 exact predictions.

Monko and Khaliavan won both segments to take home the gold medal.  They have a very nice style and nice lines while on the ice, but twizzles are one of their weaker elements.  They are aging out of juniors and will be in a good but young dance field in Russia.

Countrymates Pushkash and Guerreiro won the silver medal and will also be facing a tough field at home as they age out of juniors.  Their step sequences in their free dance only gained Level 2s but the rest of their elements were well executed and they had several high GOEs.

Lichtman and Copely took home the bronze medal to cap off a breakout season for this team to cap their junior careers.  They had all Level 3 and 4 elements except for the midline step sequence.  I expect them to continue to develop their technique under the watchful eye of Zoueva and Shpilband.  They'll do well as seniors next season, but the US dance field is so deep and almost all the top teams train with their same coaches.  These teams are also very young and not likely to retire any time soon, so it could be an uphill battle to get to Senior Worlds.

Zahorski and Miart finished a surprise 2nd in the free dance and 4th overall.  They had all Level 3 and 4 elements in their free skate and nice GOEs.  They can still compete as juniors next season and it will be interesting to see if they choose to take this momentum to the senior level or make a run for the Junior Grand Prix Final and Junior World Champion titles.

I had 3/3 exact predictions.

Overall: I had 9/12 exact predictions and picked 10/12 of the medal winners.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Junior World Championships: Ladies Free Skate

  1. Adelina Sotnikova, RUS: 61.04 TES + 54.41 PCS = 115.45 Total: 174.96
  2. Elizaveta Tuktamisheva, RUS: 56.28 TES + 54.23 PCS = 110.51 Total: 169.11
  3. Agnes Zawadzki, 55.37 TES + 52.53 PCS = 107.90 Total: 161.07
  4. Christina Gao, USA: 48.89 TES + 49.58 PCS = 98.47 Total: 155.27
  5. Risa Shoji, JPN: 52.54 TES + 47.24 PCS = 99.78 Total: 151.27
  6. Courtney Hicks, USA: 53.70 TES + 47.24 PCS = 100.94 Total: 150.92
  7. Polina Shelepen, RUS: 48.23 TES + 46.12 PCS -1.00 = 93.35 Total: 149.93
  8. Miyabi Oba, JPN: 49.81 TES + 46.99 PCS = 96.80 Total: 148.62
  9. Zijun Li, CHN: 47.35 TES + 42.46 PCS -1.00 = 88.81 Total: 139.81
  10. Ira Vannut, BEL: 52.50 TES + 39.89 PCS = 92.39 Total: 133.51
  11. Yretha Silete, FRA: 37.82 TES + 41.54 PCS -1.00 = 78.36 Total: 128.60
  12. Yuki Nishino, JPN: 31.31 TES + 44.74 PCS -1.00 = 75.05 Total: 121.14
  13. Alice Garlisi, ITA: 38.54 TES + 38.40 PCS -1.00 = 75.94 Total: 119.61
  14. Romy Buhler, SUI: 40.23 TES + 39.59 PCS -2.00 = 77.82 Total: 119.22
  15. Gerli Liinamae, EST: 35.38 TES + 39.14 PCS -1.00 = 73.52 Total: 117.86
  16. Juulia Turkkila, FIN: 39.90 TES + 36.34 PCS = 76.24 Total: 115.78
  17. Victoria Huebler, AUT: 38.27 TES + 33.95 PCS = 72.22 Total: 111.91
  18. Monika Simancikova, SVK: 37.58 TES + 33.24 PCS -1.00 = 69.82 Total: 109.53
  19. Isabel Drescher, GER: 36.85 TES + 34.01 PCS = 70.86 Total: 109.48
  20. Patricia Glescic, SLO: 32.55 TES + 34.22 PCS -1.00 = 65.77 Total: 107.16
  21. Brooklee Han, AUS: 35.61 TES + 35.09 PCS -2.00 = 68.70 Total: 106.98
  22. Nicole Schott, GER: 30.38 TES + 36.75 PCS -2.00 = 65.13 Total: 106.54
  23. Ho Jung Lee, KOR: 34.10 TES + 34.70 PCS -1.00 = 67.80 Total: 105.92
  24. Isabelle M. Olsson, SWE: 31.05 TES + 33.80 PCS -4.00 = 60.85 Total: 104.54

Monday, March 7, 2011

Junior World Championships: Mens Free Skate

  1. Andrei Rogozine, CAN: 70.52 TES + 62.34 PCS = 132.86 Total: 200.13
  2. Keiji Tanaka, JPN: 72.50 TES + 60.42 PCS = 132.92 Total: 196.98
  3. Alexander Majorov, SWE: 68.51 TES + 60.08 PCS = 128.59 Total: 195.71
  4. Keegan Messing, USA: 60.91 TES + 62.58 PCS -1.00 = 122.49 Total: 195.07
  5. Max Aaron, USA: 67.70 TES + 60.26 PCS -1.00 = 126.96 Total: 193.92
  6. Han Yan, CHN: 65.52 TES + 61.08 PCS = 126.60 Total: 187.49
  7. Jason Brown, USA: 61.72 TES + 61.08 PCS = 122.80 Total: 185.44
  8. Artur Dmitriev, RUS: 55.36 TES + 57.92 PCS -1.00= 112.28 Total: 181.19
  9. Gordei Gorshkov, RUS: 64.53 TES + 56.44 PCS = 120.97 Total: 177.34
  10. Ryuichi Kihara, JPN: 60.73 TES + 56.24 PCS = 116.97 Total: 175.72
  11. Zhan Bush, RUS: 60.92 TES + 56.42 PCS -2.00 = 115.34 Total: 174.92
  12. Abzal Rakimgaliev, KAZ: 55.12 TES + 54.22 PCS -1.00 = 108.34 Total: 168.82
  13. Jorik Hendrickx, BEL: 53.98 TES + 54.66 PCS = 108.64 Total: 166.53
  14. Kento Nakamura, JPN: 48.86 TES + 55.94 PCS -2.00 = 102.80 Total: 158.13
  15. Stanislav Pertsov, UKR: 43.69 TES + 52.00 PCS = 95.69 Total: 154.48
  16. Jiaxing Liu, CHN: 47.98 TES + 52.70 PCS -2.00 = 98.68 Total: 153.56
  17. Romain Ponsart, FRA: 48.82 TES + 50.26 PCS = 99.08 Total: 150.00
  18. Viktor Romanenkov, EST: 46.60 TES + 48.64 PCS = 95.24 Total: 144.87
  19. Petr Coufal, CZE: 43.27 TES + 49.06 PCS -1.00 = 91.33 Total: 144.03
  20. Liam Firus, CAN: 46.08 TES + 51.28 PCS -1.00 = 96.36 Total: 143.26
  21. Denis Wieczorek, GER: 48.48 TES + 46.78 PCS -2.00 = 93.26 Total: 142.01
  22. Bela Papp, FIN: 44.36 TES + 44.50 PCS = 88.86 Total: 138.63
  23. Vitali Luchanok, BLR: 42.56 TES + 45.44 PCS -1.00 = 87.00 Total: 138.27
  24. Kamil Bialas, POL: 47.11 TES + 42.40 PCS -3.00 = 86.51 Total: 133.44

Friday, March 4, 2011

Junior World Championships: Free Dance

  1. Monko/Khaliavin, RUS: 38.43 TES + 45.11 PCS = 83.54 Total: 144.16
  2. Pushkash/Guerreiro, RUS: 36.92 TES + 41.96 PCS = 78.88 Total: 134.64
  3. Lichtman/Copely, USA: 38.37 TES + 39.71 PCS = 78.08 Total: 133.36
  4. Zahorski/Miart, FRA: 40.78 TES + 38.42 PCS = 79.20 Total: 128.16
  5. Visnova/Csolley, SVK: 37.57 TES + 36.50 PCS = 74.07 Total: 126.07
  6. Kosigina/Moroshkin, RUS: 36.04 TES + 38.51 PCS = 74.55 Total: 125.43
  7. Cannuscio/McManus, USA: 35.36 TES + 36.60 PCS = 71.96 Total: 122.90
  8. Orford/Williams, CAN: 36.65 TES + 35.76 PCS = 72.41 Total: 122.22
  9. Hurtado/Diaz, ESP: 36.87 TES + 34.70 PCS = 71.57 Total: 120.41
  10. Shtork/Rand, EST: 33.35 TES + 34.91 PCS = 67.41 Total: 117.50
  11. Bonacorsi/Mager, USA: 33.35 TES + 35.28 PCS = 68.63 Total: 117.26
  12. Papadakis/Cizeron, FRA: 35.85 TES + 35.74 PCS = 71.59 Total: 115.56
  13. Galyeta/Shumski, UKR: 29.92 TES + 33.74 PCS = 63.66 Total: 112.11
  14. Elsener/Roost, SUI: 31.26 TES + 31.93 PCS = 63.19 Total: 110.39
  15. Oliveira/Hockley, CAN: 33.39 TES + 31.13 PCS - 64.52 Total: 109.66
  16. Dieck/Zenkner, GER: 32.79 TES + 27.54 PCS = 60.33 Total: 102.68
  17. Uzurova/Ali, KAZ: 31.30 TES + 28.98 PCS = 60.28 Total: 101.98
  18. Aiken/Whidborne, GBR: 32.08 TES + 28.38 PCS = 60.46 Total: 101.42
  19. Nosulia/Kholoniuk, UKR: 29.72 TES + 28.27 PCS -1.00 = 56.99 Total: 96.35
  20. Sforza, Fioretti, ITA: 27.28 TES + 25.35 PCS -2.00 = 50.63 Total: 89.36

Junior World Championships: Ladies Short Program

  1. Adelina Sotnikova, RUS: 33.97 TES + 25.54 PCS = 59.51
  2. Elizaveta Tuktamisheva, RUS: 34.12 TES + 24.48 PCS = 58.60
  3. Christina Gao, USA: 32.85 TES + 23.94 PCS = 56.80
  4. Polina Shelepen, RUS: 33.86 TES + 22.72 PCS = 56.58
  5. Agnes Zawadzki, USA: 29.95 PCS + 23.22 PCs = 53.17
  6. Miyabi Oba, JPN: 30.47 TES + 21.35 PCS = 51.82
  7. Risa Shoji, JPN: 28.89 TES + 22.60 PCS = 51.49
  8. Zijun Li, CHN: 29.84 TES + 21.16 PCS - 51.00
  9. Yretha Silete, FRA: 28.69 TES + 21.55 PCS = 50.24
  10. Courtney Hicks, USA: 29.20 TES + 20.78 PCS = 49.98
  11. Yuki Nishino, JPN: 23.92 TES + 22.17 PCS = 46.09
  12. Gerli Liinamae, EST: 25.62 TES + 18.72 PCS = 44.34
  13. Isabelle M. Olsson, SWE: 23.60 TES + 20.09 PCS = 43.69
  14. Alice Garlisi, ITA: 23.44 TES + 20.23 PCS = 43.67
  15. Nicole Schott, GER: 23.64 TES + 17.77 PCS = 41.41
  16. Romy Buhler, SUI: 23.20 TES + 19.20 PCS -1.00 = 41.40
  17. Patricia Glescic, SLO: 23.10 TES + 18.29 PCS = 41.39
  18. Ira Vannut, BEL: 22.49 TES + 18.63 PCS = 41.12
  19. Monika Simancikova, SVK: 22.86 TES + 18.85 PCS -2.00 = 39.71
  20. Victoria Huebler, AUT: 22.20 TES + 17.49 PCS = 39.69
  21. Juulia Turkkila, FIN: 20.99 TES + 18.55 PCS = 39.54
  22. Isabel Drescher, GER: 20.45 TES + 18.17 PCS = 38.62
  23. Brooklee Han, AUS: 20.62 TES + 18.66 PCS -1.00 = 38.28
  24. Ho Jung Lee, KOR: 19.83 TES + 18.29 PCS = 38.12
  25. Alexandra Najarro, CAN: 19.69 TES + 18.35 PCS = 37.04
  26. Sila Saygi, TUR: 18.00 TES + 18.77 PCS = 36.77
  27. Alexandra Kamieniecki, POL: 20.20 TES + 16.51 PCS = 36.71
  28. Alina Fjodorova, LAT: 20.07 TES + 16.92 PCS -1.00 = 35.99
  29. Anita Madsen, DEN: 18.77 TES + 16.82 PCS = 35.59
  30. Rebecka Emanuelsson, SWE: 14.41 TES + 15.06 PCS-1.00 = 28.47
The top 24 skaters (bolded) have qualified for the free skate.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Junior World Championships: Pairs Free Skate

UPDATE: My computer is really having troubles with the SBS stream and I'm not getting anything but a white screen anymore.  I'll post videos as soon as they've available
The first warm up group is on the ice.  This stream likes to buffer every few minutes, so I apologize if a few elements are missing.

Group 1
Martini/Kiefer, AUT: 32.54 TES + 28.21 PCS = 60.75 Total: 96.53
  • They are 18 and 20 and in 16th place after the Short Program
  • They are one of several teams skating to Addams Family for their free skate this season
  • Through the legs entrance to their first lift with a two arm hold--seems like they're rotating very slow and not covering much ice
  • Nice side by side doubles toes
  • They are way off on their unison on the side by side spins and are spinning very slow
  • In the transition elements she needs to really stretch through her lifted leg
  • Press lift--She could use a little more arch in her lift position and really get her legs behind her, a change of position as he spread eagles and they have no speed
  • Throw double toe--not a lot of speed or ice coverage but she lands it
  • They have nice stretched out positions in their back spirals with a catchfoot position
  • Way off on their double toe + double toe + double toe combo--she landed before he took off
  • Decent pairs spin and their speed is better here than in their other spins
  • Finished just a tad behind the music
  • Overall their elements were decent, they just need more speed, power, and technical difficulty
Lavrentieva/Rudik, UKR: 34.16 TES + 30.92 PCS = 65.08 Total: 102.29 and into 1st place
  • They are in 14th place after the short program
  • I'm getting music but no picture at the moment
  • Good unison on their side by side double toes 
  • She has a nice position in their lift and has good stretch through her legs--but it seems really short
  • Nice throw double
  • Good positions and flexibility through the pairs spin but not a lot of speed
  • Hard to really get a feel for that program as there was so much buffering but she doesn't look happy as they take their bow
  • Throw double salchow in the playback was ok with a low landing and not a lot of throw height or distance
  • She is flat on the ice at the end of the death spiral
Klatka/Chruscinski, POL: 36.60 TES + 30.50 PCS -1.00 = 66.10 Total: 103.13 and into 1st place
  • They are 13 and 19 and currently in 15th place
  • They are also skating to Addams Family
  • Nice height on their double twist, she has a over the head arm position, and a clean catch
  • Their unison is off on the entrance to their sbs jumps but the stream cut out during the jump
  • I'd like to see her work on her arm positions in the pairs spin--she cuts off her lines and it distorts the look of her position
  • Nice flexibility from both of their through their pair spiral
  • A really nice landing for her on their throw double 
  • Spread eagle entrance to over head lift--Her free leg seems to be dangling up there and not really held in a specific position
  • Good unison on the sbs spins--In the upright catch spin she really hikes her hip up to get her leg up and it's slightly throwing her off balance
  • She could use more stretch through this lift in a split position
  • She has a really high free leg in her death spiral and her head looks like it's resting on the ice
Khnychenkova/Magyar, HUN: 37.46 TES + 32.18 PCS -1.00  =68.64 Total: 106.99 and into 1st place
  • They are 16 and 20 and are in 13th place after the short program
  • Good height on the throw double twist with a good catch
  • Low landing on the throw triple toe but she hangs on to it
  • They have good unison on their side by side spins but seem tired and the spins are slow
  • Good throw triple salchow
  • She could use more arch in her death spiral but a nice exit
  • They are doing a Spanish themed program but it seems they're just going through the motions and not really attacking or performing their choreography
  • Nice stretch through their spiral sequence
  • Through the legs entrance to the lift--she needs to arch her back more and really get her legs behind her for a nicer air position
  • Good unison on their side by side triple toes
  • A really tough fall out of a lift--She goes for the catch foot and comes straight down to the ice
Group 2
Morand/Leemann, SUI: 38.03 TES + 34.53 PCS = 72.56 Total: 113.30 and into 1st place
  • Having some technical difficulties...should be back up by Gillespie and Dematte if not sooner
Gillespie/Dematte, ITA: 39.67 TES + 36.84 PCS = 76.51 Total: 116.44 and into 1st place
Andrews/LeDuc, USA: 38.72 TES + 39.23 PCS -1.00 = 76.95 Total: 117.11 and into 1st place
Kadelecova/Bidar, CZE: 36.39 TES + 37.95 PCS = 74.34 Total: 117.24 and into 1st place

Group 3
Vasilieva/Shevchuk, RUS: 30.78 TES + 41.37 PCS -3.00 = 69.15 Total: 114.98
Jones/Gaskell, CAN: 42.08 TES + 42.56 PCS = 84.64 Total: 129.28 and into 1st place
Astakhova/Bochkov, RUS: 33.13 TES + 39.95 PCS -1.00 = 72.08 Total: 118.75
Cain/Reagan, USA: 47.66 TES + 44.00 PCS = 91.66 total: 135.40 and into 1st place

Group 4
Stolbova/Klimov, RUS: 53.48 TES + 51.91 PCS = 105.39 total: 159.60 and into 1st place
Takahashi/Tran, JPN: 45.11 TES + 52.56 PCS -1.00 = 96.67 Total: 154.52
Purich/Schultz, CAN: 39.59 TES + 43.05 PCS = 82.64 Total: 129.97
Sui/Han, CHN: 56.13 TES + 52.72 PCS -1.00 = 107.85 Total: 167.01 and into 1st place

Gold: Sui/Han
Silver: Stolbova/Klimov
Bronze: Takahashi/Tran

Junior World Championships: Mens Short Program

  1. Keegan Messing, USA: 41.07 TES + 31.51 PCS = 72.58
  2. Artur Dmitriev, RUS: 38.90 TES + 30.01 PCS = 68.91
  3. Andrei Rogozine, CAN: 37.59 TES + 29.68 PCS = 67.27
  4. Alexander Majorov, SWE: 37.83 TES + 29.29 PCS = 67.12
  5. Max Aaron, USA: 38.07 TES + 28.89 PCS = 66.96
  6. Keiji Tanaka, JPN: 35.81 TES + 28.25 PCS = 64.06
  7. Jason Brown, USA: 34.07 TES + 28.57 PCS = 62.64
  8. Han Yan, CHN: 31.96 TESS + 28.93 PCS = 60.89
  9. Abzal Rakimgaliev, KAZ: 33.65 TES + 26.83 PCS = 60.48
  10. Zhan Bush, RUS: 31.40 TES + 28.18 PCS = 59.58
  11. Stanislav Pertsov, UKR: 32.66 TES + 26.13 PCS = 58.79
  12. Riyuichi Kihara, JPN: 30.96 TES + 27.79 PCS = 58.75
  13. Jorik Hendrickx, BEL: 30.74 TES + 27.15 PCS = 57.89
  14. Gordei Gorshkov, RUS 27.65 TES + 29.72 PCS -1.00 = 56.37
  15. Kento Nakamura, JPN: 27.12 TES + 29.21 PCS -1.00 = 55.33
  16. Jiaxing Liu, CHN: 27.49 TES + 27.39 PCS = 54.88
  17. Petr Coufal, CZE: 27.67 TES + 25.03 PCS = 52.70
  18. Vitalki Luchanok, BLR: 29.44 TES + 21.83 PCS = 51.27
  19. Romain Ponsart, FRA: 25.91 TES + 26.01 PCS -1.00 = 50.92
  20. Bela Papp, FIN: 27.06 TES + 22.71 PCS = 49.77
  21. Viktor Romanenkov, EST: 26.55 TES + 23.08 PCS = 49.63
  22. Denis Wieczorek, GER: 24.00 TES + 24.75 = 48.75
  23. Kamil Bialas, POL: 23.93 TES + 23.00 PCS = 46.93
  24. Liam Firus, CAN: 21.47 TES + 26.43 PCS -1.00 = 46.90
  25. Tomi Pulkkinen, SUI: 23.67 TES + 23.15 PCS = 46.82
  26. Saverio Giacomelli, ITA: 24.26 TES + 22.39 PCS = 46.65
  27. Ondrej Spiegl, SWE: 21.94 TES + 22.89 PCS = 44.83
  28. Jordan Ju, TPE: 23.06 TES + 20.89 PCS = 43.95
  29. Francesc Palau, ESP: 21.64 TES + 21.85 PCS = 43.49
  30. Dong-Won Lee, KOR: 20.43 TES + 21.82 PCS = 42.25
The top 24 men (bolded) have qualified for the free skate.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Junior World Championships: Pairs Short Program

  1. Sui/Han, CHN:  33.05 TES + 26.11 PCS = 59.16
  2. Takahashi/Tran, 32.76 TES + 25.09 PCS = 57.85
  3. Stolbova/Klimov, RUS: 29.78 TES + 24.43 PCS = 54.21
  4. Purich/Schultz, CAN: 26.72 TES + 20.61 PCS = 47.33
  5. Astakhova/Bochkov, RUS: 26.55 TES + 20.12 PCS = 46.67
  6. Vasilieva/Shevchuk, RUS: 25.77 TES + 20.06 PCS = 45.83
  7. Jones/Gaskell, CAN: 25.13 TES + 19.51 PCS = 44.64
  8. Cain/Reagan, USA: 25.65 TES + 19.09 PCS -1.00 = 43.74
  9. Kadlecova/Bidar, CZE: 23.46 TES + 20.44 PCS -1.00 = 42.90
  10. Morand/Leemann, SUI: 24.62 TES + 16.12 PCS = 40.74
  11. Andrews/LeDuc, USA: 21.59 TES + 18.57 PCS = 40.16
  12. Gillespie/Dematte, ITA: 22.67 TES + 17.26 PCS = 39.93
  13. Khnychenkova/Magyar, HUN: 23.20 TES + 16.15 PCS -1.00 =  38.35
  14. Lavrentieva/Rudik, UKR: 21.41 TES +  15.80 PCS = 37.21
  15. Klatka/Chruscinski, POL: 22.75 TES + 14.28 PCS = 37.03
  16. Martini/Kiefer, AUT: 20.19 TES + 15.59 PCS = 35.78
  17. Epstein/Epstein, NED: 19.47 TES + 16.06 PCS = 35.53
  18. Palyakova/Fomichev, BLR: 20.17 TES + 14.97 PCS -1.00 = 34.14
  19. Clement/Hunt, GBR: 11.84 TES + 13.31 PCS = 25.15
The top 16 teams (bolded) have advanced to the free skate.

Junior World Championships: Short Dance

  1. Monko/Khaliavin, RUS: 32.57 TES + 28.05 PCS = 60.62
  2. Pushkash/Guerreiro, RUS: 28.70 TES + 27.06 PCS = 55.76
  3. Lichtman/Copely, USA: 30.15 TES + 25.13 PCS = 55.28
  4. Visnova/Csolley, SVK: 28.34 TES + 23.66 PCS = 52.00
  5. Cannuscio/McManus, USA: 26.93 TES + 24.01 PCS = 50.94
  6. Kosignia/Moroshkin, RUS: 26.86 TES + 24.02 PCS = 50.88
  7. Shtork/Rand, EST: 28.42 TES + 21.67 PCS = 50.09
  8. Orford/Williams, CAN: 26.22 TES + 23.59 PCS = 49.81
  9. Zahorski/Miart, FRA: 24.22 TES + 24.74 PCS = 48.96
  10. Hurtado/Diaz, ESP: 26.86 TES + 21.98 PCS = 48.84
  11. Bonacorsi/Mager, USA: 25.56 TES + 24.07 PCS -1.00 = 48.63
  12. Galyeta/Shumski, UKR: 24.72 TES + 23.73 PCS = 48.45
  13. Elsener/Roost, SUI: 27.16 + 20.04 = 47.20
  14. Oliveira/Hockley, CAN: 26.35 TES + 18.79 PCS = 45.14
  15. Papadakis/Cizeron, FRA: 22.72 TES + 22.25 PCS -1.00 = 43.97
  16. Dieck/Zenkner, GER: 25.22 TES + 17.13 PCs = 42.35
  17. Uzurova/Ali, KAZ: 24.64 TES + 17.06 PCS = 41.70
  18. Aiken/Whidborne, GBR: 21.64 TES + 19.32 PCS = 40.96
  19. Nosulia/Kholoniuk, URK: 21.15 TES + 18.21 PCS = 39.36
  20. Sforza/Fioretti, ITA: 22.64 TES + 16.09 PCS = 38.73
  21. Zhang/Wu, CHN: 18.20 TES + 19.86 PCS = 38.06
  22. Carroll/Gerber, POL: 20.96 TES + 16.25 PCS = 37.21
  23. Kavaleva/Bieliaiev, BLR: 18.63 TES + 18.05 PCS = 36.68
  24. Tremasova/Lichev, BUL: 16.53 TES + 16.03 PCS = 32.56
Prochazkova/Ceska of CZE withdrew as their skates did not arrive.

The top 20 teams (bolded) have qualified for the free dance.