Upcoming Events

Skate Canada
All times are EST.  I've bolded the events I plan to cover live.

Saturday, October 26th
12:00pm Pairs Free Skate
2:15pm Ladies Free Skate
4:30pm Free Dance
7:10pm Men's Free Skate

Cup of China
All times are EST.  I've bolded the events I plan to cover live.

Friday, November 1st
4:00am Short Dance
5:30am Ladies Short Program
7:30am Men's Short Program
9:15am Pairs Short Program

Saturday, November 2nd
3:00am Free Dance
4:40am Ladies Free Skate
6:35am Men's Free Skate
8:35am Pairs Free Skate

US Qualifying Events
18-22 Eastern Sectionals
18-22 Midwestern Sectionals
18-22 Pacific Coast Sectionals

4-11 US Figure Skating Championships

2013-2014 ISU Sanctioned Figure Skating Events
23-27 Coupe de Nice (France)--All events (Dance Senior only)
24-27 Crystal Skate (Romania)--Ladies, Men, Dance (Dance Senior only)
24-27 Tirnavia Edea Ice Cup (Slovakia)--Ladies, Men, Pairs (Junior only)
25-27 Skate Canada (Canada)--All events (Senior only)

1-3 Cup of China (China)--All events (Senior only)
1-3 NRW Trophy for Ice Dance (Germany)--Dance
4-10 Olympic Hopes (Romania)--Ladies, Men (Junior only)
7-10 Volvo Open Cup (Latvia)--Ladies, Men, Dance 
8-10 NHK Trophy (Japan)--All events (Senior only)
13-17 Skate Celje (Slovenia)--Ladies, Men (Junior only)
14-17 Warsaw Cup (Poland)--Ladies, Men, Pairs
15-17 Pavel Roman Memorial (Czech Republic)--Dance
15-17 Trophee Eric Bompard (France)--All events (Senior only)
19-24 Ice Challenge (Austria)--All events
21-23 Grand Prix Slovakia (Slovakia)--All events (Junior only)
21-24 Golden Bear (Croatia)--Ladies, Men, Pairs
22-24 Rostelecom Cup (Russia)--All events (Senior only)
28-Dec 1 Denkova-Staviski Cup (Bulgaria)--Ladies, Men, Pairs

2-8 Santa Claus Cup (Hungary)--Ladies, Men, Dance
3-8 NRW Trophy (Germany)--Ladies, Men, Pairs
5-8 Grand Prix Final (Japan)--All events
8-15 Winter Universiade (Italy)--All events (Senior only)
18-21 Ukrainian Open (Ukraine)--All events (Senior only)

3-5 New Year Cup (Slovakia)--All events (Pairs and Dance Senior only)
8-12 Mentor Nestle Torun Cup (Poland)--All events (Men Junior only)
TBA Coupe International (France)--Dance
13-19 European Championships (Hungary)--All events (Senior only)
17-19 Hamar Trophy (Norway)--Ladies, Men, Pairs (Pairs Senior only)
20-26 Four Continents Championships (Taipei)--All events (Senior only)
21-25 Europa Cup Skate Helena (Serbia)--Ladies, Men
29-Feb 2 Bavarian Open (Germany)--All events

1-2 Sarajevo Open (Bosnia and Herzegovina)--All events (Dance Senior only)
6-9 Dragon Trophy and Tivoli Cup (Slovenia)--Ladies, Men
6-23 Olympic Winter Games (Russia)--All events (Senior only)
26-Mar 1 Hellmut Seibt Memorial (Austria)--Ladies, Men, Pairs (Pairs Senior only)
27-Mar 2 The Nordics Open (Sweden)--Ladies, Men (Senior only)
27-Mar 2 The Nordics (Sweden)--Ladies, Men (Junior only)

4-9 Sportland Trophy (Hungary)--Ladies, Men, Pairs
5-9 Challenge Cup (Netherlands)--Ladies, Men, Pairs
10-16 World Junior Championships (Bulgaria)--All events (Junior only)
14-16 Coupe du Printemps (Luxembourg)--Ladies, Men, Pairs
20-23 Mladost Trophy (Croatia)--Ladies, Men, Pairs
24-30 World Championships (Japan)--All events (Senior only)
28-30 Gardena Spring Trophy (Italy)--Ladies, Men

3-6 Triglav Trophy (Slovenia)--Ladies, Men