Monday, October 29, 2012

Cup of China Dance Preview

Pechalat and Bourzat are the reigning World Bronze medalists but this could be a three-way race for gold.  Weaver and Poje train alongside the French and were nipping at their heels all season, finishing just off the podium in 4th place at Worlds.  Bobrova and Soloviev showed great improvement in their posture and expression at Skate America and narrowly defeated Weaver and Poje for the silver medal. These teams will be neck and neck and any mistake could cost them the title.

Pechalat and Bourzat are debuting here while the other two teams have already competed twice.  They won't have the benefit of judge's feedback on their levels and choreography and will have to shake off some of the competitive rust.

Weaver and Poje lost ground when they didn't achieve the levels they were looking for in their free dance.  If they can clean up those elements they should be able to edge out a lead over the Russians.  They'll need at least a silver medal if they want a chance to make the Grand Prix Final.

Bobrova and Soloviev have tended the last few seasons to start strong and gradually slip as the season continues.  They'll need to buck this trend and show improvement from event to event if they want to hold off up and coming Russian teams.  They'l need a medal of any kind to have a shot at the Final but a silver medal or better will give them their best chance.

Two potential spoilers are Chock and Bates who have not won a Grand Prix medal yet but have received rave reviews for their Dr. Zhivago free dance and Sinitsina and Zhiganshin, the reigning World Junior Champions who are making their senior debut.

My podium predictions:
Gold: Pechalat/Bourzat
Silver: Weaver/Poje
Bronze: Bobrova/Soloviev

Bios of the competitors:
Weaver/Poje, CAN: They finished 4th at Worlds and are the reigning Four Continents Bronze Medalists.  They won bronze at Skate America.  They placed 4th at the Grand Prix Final last season.  They are the 2010 Four Continents Champions and 2007 World Junior Bronze Medalists.  Their personal best is 166.55.  She is 23 and he is 25.

Huang/Zheng, CHN: They placed 12th at Worlds.  They placed 5th at Cup of China and 6th at Trophee Eric Bompard last season.  Their personal best is 130.29.  She is 25 and he is 25.

Yu/Wang, CHN: They placed 7th at Four Continents.  They finished 6th at Cup of China last season.  Their personal best is 125.75.  She is 26 and he is 26.

Pechalat/Bourzat, FRA: They are the reigning World Bronze Medalists and European Champions.  They won silver at Skate America and Trophee Eric Bompard last season to qualify for the Grand Prix Final where they won bronze.  They are the 2011 European Champions.  Their personal best is 169.69.  She is 28 and he is 31.

Guignard/Fabbri, ITA: They placed 11th at Europeans.  Their personal best is 129.46.  She is 23 and he is 24.

Bobrova/Soloviev: RUS: They placed 7th at Worlds and are the reigning European Silver Medalists.  They won silver at Skate America.  They placed 6th at the Grand Prix Final last season.  They are the 2011 European Silver Medalists and  2007 World Junior Champions.  Their personal best is 163.52.  She is 22 and he is 23.

Sinitsina/Zhiganshin, RUS: They are the reigning Junior World Champions.  They won gold at JGP Poland and JGP Austria last season to qualify for the JGP Final where they won gold.  Their personal best is 153.81.  She is 17 and he is 20.

Chock/Bates, USA: They finished 4th at Skate Canada and 5th at Trophee Eric Bompard last season.  Their personal best is 135.10.  She is 20 and he is 23.

Cup of China Pairs Preview

Due to injuries, the field at this event has shrunk to only six teams but there will still be a fierce battle for the podium.  Pang and Tong won the silver medal at Skate America despite toning down some of their technical fire due to knee injuries.  If they can maintain their level of skating or even improve the number of successful jumps, they could earn their second Grand Prix medal of the season.

Kavaguti and Smirnov open their season here.  After four Grand Prix medals last season (including one at the Final) they missed Europeans due to injury and finished 7th at Europeans.  She's had shoulder injuries that have impacted their career for years and make some of their innovative lifts difficult to perform.

After Moore-Towers and Moscovitch failed to make the Grand Prix Final last season and then missed out on the Canadian Worlds team, they vowed to retool their training and programs and regain their competitiveness.  They won gold at the U.S. Figure Skating Classic earlier this season and are determined to regain their spot as the top Canadian Pairs team.

Stolbova and Klimov are an up and coming Russian Pairs team.  They already have two World Junior medals as well as a European medal.  They won the silver medal at Cup of Nice this past weekend so they'll have a quick turnaround for this event which could affect their ability to perform at the highest level.

My podium predictions:
Gold: Pang/Tong
Silver: Kavaguti/Smirnov
Bronze: Moore-Towers/Moscovitch

Bios of the competitors:
Moore-Towers/Moscovitch, CAN: They won bronze at Skate America and Cup of China last season.  Their personal best is 177.43.  She is 20 and he is 28.

Pang/Tong, CHN: They finished 4th at Worlds.  They won silver at Skate America.  They are the 2010 Olympic Silver Medalists; 2006 and 2010 World Champions; 2007 World Silver Medalists; 2004 and 2011 World Bronze Medalists; 2002, 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2011 Four Continents Champions; and 2003, 2005 and 2007 Four Continents Silver Medalists.  Their personal best is 213.31.  She is 32 and he is 33.

Peng/Zhang, CHN: This is their international debut.  She is 15 and he is 28.

Wang/Zhang, CHN: This is their international debut.  She is 15 and he is 24.

Kavaguti/Smirnov, RUS: They finished 7th at Worlds last season.  They won gold at Cup of China and NHK Trophy and silver at Rostelecom Cup last season to qualify for the Grand Prix Final where they won bronze.  They are the 2009 and 2010 World Bronze Medalists, 2010 European Champions, 2009 and 2011 European Silver Medalists and 2008 European Bronze Medalists.  Their personal best is 213.15.  She is 30 and he is 28.

Stolbova/Klimov, RUS: They are the reigning European Bronze Medalists.  They placed 7th at Trophee Eric Bompard and 5th at Rostelecom Cup last season.  They are the the 2011 World Junior Silver Medalists and 2010 World Junior Bronze Medalists.  Their personal best is 171.81.  She is 20 and he is 22.

Cup of China Ladies Preview

This event is filled with skaters who have had up and down seasons over the last few years and it really could be anybody's game.

Julia Lipnitskaia is making her Grand Prix debut after winning every event she entered last season, including the World Junior title.  She made her senior debut at Finlandia Trophy earlier this season and showed some cracks when she finished 2nd in the short program, but she pulled up in the free skate to win the gold medal.  She is well known for her impressive flexibility, especially in her spins as well as her jump arsenal including triple+triples.  If she can hit her jumps, she can earn the gold medal here.

Kiira Korpi struggled with injuries last season but nearly beat Lipnitskaia at Finlandia Trophy.  Her style on the ice is mesmerizing and she can easily win the PCS scores but she'll need to land her triple+triples and other jumps, especially in her free skate if she wants to win her first Grand Prix medal since 2010.

Mao Asada qualified for the Grand Prix Final last season after two medals on the Grand Prix but had to withdraw due to the sudden death of her mother.  While her free skate was one of the best choreographed of the season she struggled to land the jumps toward the end of the season and finished 6th at Worlds for the 2nd year in a row.

Mirai Nagasu could win the whole event or fall somewhere toward the middle of the pack.  She has a history of making silly mistakes in her programs such as falling out of spins that cost her big points.     She changed her coaching situation in the off-season and seemed much happier and relaxed on the ice at an exhibition performance in September.  She is also only scheduled for one Grand Prix event this season so she'll want to put up a good score and get herself in a better position for two Grand Prix events in the Olympic year.  She had a decent showing at Finlandia but finished 3rd behind two ladies that are competing here by almost 20 points.

My podium predictions:
Gold: Julia Lipnitskaia
Silver: Mao Asada
Bronze: Kiira Korpi

Bios of the competitors:
Amelie Lacoste, CAN: She finished 16th at Worlds and 7th at Four Continents.  She placed 8th at Skate Canada.  Her personal best is 157.26.  She is 23 years old.

Bingwa Geng, CHN: She finished 11th at Four Continents.  She placed 8th at Cup of China last season.  Her personal best is 142.48.  She is 18 years old.

Zijun Li, CHN: She placed 5th at the World Junior Championships.  She won the silver medal at JGP Latvia and JGP Austria last season to qualify for the JGP Final where she finished 4th.  Her personal best is 157.70.  She is 15 years old. 

Ying Zhang, CHN: This is her international debut.  She is 15 years old. 

Kiira Korpi, FIN: She is the reigning European Silver Medalist.  She placed 6th at NHK Trophy and 5th at Rostelecom Cup last season.  She is the 2007 and 2011 European Bronze Medalist.  Her personal best is 169.74.  She is 24 years old.

Mao Asada, JPN: She placed 6th at Worlds and is the reigning Four Continents Silver Medalist.   She won silver at NHK Trophy and gold at Rostelecom Cup last season to qualify for the Grand Prix Final.  She is the 2010 Olympic Silver Medalist, 2008 and 2010 World Champion, 2007 World Silver Medalist, 2008 and 2010 Four Continents Champion, 2001 Four Continents Silver Medalist, 2009 Four Continents Bronze Medalist, 2005 World Junior Champion and 2006 World Junior Silver Medalist.  Her personal best is 205.50.  She is 22 years old.

Sofia Biryukova, RUS: She finished 4th at Cup of Russia last season.  Her personal best is 166.07.  She is 18 years old.

Julia Lipnitskaia, RUS: She is the reigning World Junior Champion.  She won gold at JGP Poland and Italy last season to qualify for the JGP Final where she won gold.  Her personal best is 187.05.  She is 14 years old.

Joshi Helgesson, SWE: She placed 10th at Europeans and 9th at Junior Worlds.  She placed 10th at Skate America last season.  Her personal best is 149.08.  She is 19 years old.

Mirai Nagasu, USA: She finished 5th at Skate Canada and won silver at Cup of China last season.  She is the 2011 Four Continents bronze medalist, 2007 World Junior silver medalist and 2008 World Junior bronze medalist.  Her personal best is 190.15.  She is 19 years old.

Cup of China Men's Preview

Daisuke Takahashi headlines this event and should cruise to an easy victory.  He battled with Patrick Chan for the top podium spot on several occasions last season and finally claimed gold at the World Team Trophy with personal best scores across the board.  His skating skills and performance qualities are legendary but he'll need a solid quad in both programs to stay in the mix on the World stage.

Brian Joubert rode his Matrix program to personal best scores and a 4th place finish for Worlds after dealing with injury most of last season.  The jumps are the highlights of his program and it will be interesting to see how he can build on the end of his season and find the right vehicle to exhibit his skills.

Tatsuki Machida won the bronze at Skate America as part of the Japanese sweep of the men's podium.  He had a personal best performance at that event and has shown he is gunning for one of the spots on the Japanese team.  He'll need a silver medal finish to give himself a shot at the Grand Prix Final and a gold medal to guarantee himself a place in Sochi.

Also in the mix are Adam Rippon, who just missed the podium at his two events last season but had a poor showing at Worlds and Nan Song who just missed the Final last season after winning a silver and bronze on the Grand Prix but struggled toward the end of the season.  If they can hit their quads and other jumps they both can make their way on to the podium.

My podium predictions:
Gold: Daisuke Takahashi
Silver: Tatsuki Machida
Bronze: Brian Joubert

Bios of the competitors:
Kevin Reynolds, CAN: He finished 12th at Worlds and 8th at Four Continents.  He placed 7th at Cup of China last season.  He is the 2010 Four Continents bronze medalist.  His personal best is 221.31.  He is 22 years old.

Jinlin Guan, CHN: He finished 10th at Four Continents.  He is the 2008 World Junior Bronze Medalist.  His personal best is 201.98.  He is 22 years old.

Nan Song, CHN: He placed 14th at Worlds and 11th at Four Continents.   He won bronze at Cup of China and silver at Trophee Eric Bompard last season.  He is the 2010 World Junior silver medalist.  His personal best is 226.75.  He is 22 years old.

Yi Wang, CHN: This is his international debut.  He is 20 years old.

Brian Joubert, FRA: He finished 4th at Worlds last season and 8th at Europeans.   He is the 2007 World Champion, 2006 and 2008 World Silver Medalist, 2009 and 2010 World Bronze Medalist; 2004, 2007 and 2009 European Champion; 2003, 2005 and 2011 European Silver Medalist; and 2002, 2006, 2008 and 2010 European Bronze Medalist.  His personal best is 244.58.  He is 28 years old.

Tatsuki Machida, JPN: He finished 7th at Four Continents.  He won bronze at Skate America.  He is the 2010 Four Continents Silver Medalist.  His personal best is 229.95.  He is 22 years old.

Daisuke Takahashi, JPN: He is the reigning Worlds and Four Continents Silver Medalist.  He won bronze at Skate Canada and gold at NHK Trophy last season to qualify for the Grand Prix Final where he won silver.  He is the 2010 Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2010 World Champion, 2007 World Silver Medalist, 2008 and 2011 Four Continents Champion, 2005 Four Continents Bronze Medalist and 2002 World Junior Champion.  His personal best is 276.72.  He is 26 years old.

Sergei Voronov, RUS: He finished 17th at Worlds and 10th at Europeans.  He placed 7th at Rostelecom Cup last season.  He is the 2006 World Junior Silver Medalist and 2007 World Junior Bronze Medalist.  His personal best is 220.39.  He is 25 years old.

Adam Rippon, USA: He finished 13th at Worlds and 4th at Four Continents.  He placed 4th at Skate Canada and Trophee Eric Bompard last season.  He is the 2010 Four Continents Champion and 2008 and 2009 World Junior Champion.  His personal best is 233.04.  He is 22 years old.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tirnavia Ice Cup Junior Men's Results

1Tomas KUPKACZE45.2924.2021.094.424.
2Jan KURNIKCZE43.8523.4320.424.083.834.
3Marco KLEPOCHSVK39.8020.1319.674.083.673.924.004.000.00#2
4Martin KRHOVJAKCZE36.8018.0618.743.833.583.833.753.750.00#5
5Kristof BREZARSLO34.0116.6817.333.583.253.503.503.500.00#3
6Manuel DRECHSLERAUT29.0013.5016.503.753.003.253.333.171.00#4

Free Skate
1Jan KURNIKCZE78.8637.04 42.824.254.174.334.334.331.00#6
2Tomas KUPKACZE78.7439.42 40.324.253.834.
3Marco KLEPOCHSVK72.7434.90 39.844.173.753.924.004.082.00#4
4Martin KRHOVJAKCZE65.1232.96 35.163.673.333.583.503.503.00#3
5Kristof BREZARSLO62.2529.07 33.183.333.173.253.423.420.00#2
6Manuel DRECHSLERAUT59.7830.94 30.843.332.923.173.082.922.00#1
1Tomas KUPKACZE124.0312
2Jan KURNIKCZE122.7121
3Marco KLEPOCHSVK112.5433
4Martin KRHOVJAKCZE101.9244
5Kristof BREZARSLO96.2655
6Manuel DRECHSLERAUT88.7866

Tirnavia Ice Cup Junior Ladies Results

1Lutricia BOCKGER43.3926.8316.564.173.924.
2Bronislava DOBIASOVASVK38.4721.5516.924.334.004.334.174.330.00#26
3Natalia FARTUSHINAGER38.2321.9717.264.504.084.334.254.421.00#15
4Nina POVEYGBR37.1421.2815.864.083.834.003.924.000.00#18
5Anna KHNYCHENKOVAUKR36.3718.9717.404.504.174.334.334.420.00#28
6Lyydia MAEAETTAENENFIN36.0320.0317.004.424.084.084.424.251.00#21
7Jana COUFALOVACZE34.5818.6015.984.333.833.834.083.920.00#29
8Miroslava HRINAKOVASVK33.5917.6715.923.923.754.
9Liesolotte SWERTSBEL33.5119.2514.263.833.503.583.423.500.00#3
10Tina HELLEKENGER33.2216.2816.944.
11Aline LIEBSCHERGER33.0617.3815.684.083.673.924.003.920.00#27
12Erika VITEKOVASVK32.7818.5015.284.173.673.833.673.751.00#31
13Laura RASZYKOVACZE32.6717.4715.204.003.583.923.673.830.00#1
14Maija HALONENFIN32.6518.0714.583.833.503.583.583.750.00#6
15Katarina BROSKOVASVK32.6418.0815.564.173.673.923.753.921.00#19
16Nikol ZATOPKOVACZE32.4517.8514.603.833.503.673.583.670.00#14
17Klara SVETLIKOVACZE31.8117.7515.063.833.673.753.833.751.00#20
18Laura FRITZSCHEGER30.3914.9315.464.003.753.833.833.920.00#22
19Lubica KADLICKOVASVK29.2815.8013.483.423.173.333.503.420.00#23
20Patricia MISCIKOVASVK28.8816.4812.403.
21Orsolya MEDGYESIHUN28.8614.7814.083.673.423.503.503.500.00#25
22Saara TAMMINENFIN28.6114.0714.543.923.583.673.503.500.00#9
23Katja HOPPUFIN28.2013.8615.343.923.673.833.833.921.00#5
24Kristina CAPLOVASVK27.6115.2912.323.252.923.
25Kaisa UKKONENFIN27.4813.7015.784.083.833.754.084.002.00#16
26Lucia POLACKOVASVK26.8414.1013.743.673.253.503.423.331.00#33
27Julia KLOTGER26.3411.4815.864.083.923.834.083.921.00#36
28Eliska HUBACKOVACZE25.0713.0113.063.503.
29Henrieta MACKOVASVK24.8213.6812.143.252.922.923.003.081.00#11
30Zara PASFIELDAUS24.8211.3014.523.583.333.753.673.831.00#12
31Lucie DROZDOVACZE22.9811.1812.803.

Free Skate
1Lutricia BOCKGER73.6637.93 35.734.584.254.424.584.500.00#26
2Anna KHNYCHENKOVAUKR68.4335.82 33.614.424.
3Natalia FARTUSHINAGER66.1830.32 37.864.834.504.674.834.832.00#29
4Nina POVEYGBR66.0731.68 34.394.334.174.334.334.330.00#28
5Tina HELLEKENGER65.3631.56 34.804.504.174.334.504.251.00#24
6Erika VITEKOVASVK62.6931.22 31.474.253.753.923.833.920.00#20
7Jana COUFALOVACZE61.1132.18 30.934.333.753.673.833.752.00#21
8Kaisa UKKONENFIN61.0929.42 32.674.
9Liesolotte SWERTSBEL60.4228.76 32.664.083.924.
10Lyydia MAEAETTAENENFIN60.1227.91 33.214.503.923.924.254.171.00#30
11Klara SVETLIKOVACZE59.9232.78
12Bronislava DOBIASOVASVK59.6127.88 33.734.334.
13Laura RASZYKOVACZE58.6030.06 30.544.083.673.673.923.752.00#18
14Aline LIEBSCHERGER58.5727.70 31.874.253.753.924.083.921.00#22
15Katarina BROSKOVASVK58.1928.53 30.664.083.673.833.753.831.00#16
16Lucia POLACKOVASVK56.3728.77 27.603.673.333.503.333.420.00#6
17Eliska HUBACKOVACZE56.0227.75 28.273.673.423.583.503.500.00#4
18Lucie DROZDOVACZE54.2827.61 26.673.333.173.333.423.420.00#5
19Saara TAMMINENFIN53.0624.72 29.343.833.503.673.673.671.00#9
20Katja HOPPUFIN52.9624.36 29.603.833.503.753.673.751.00#8
21Maija HALONENFIN51.9524.02 28.933.923.503.583.583.501.00#17
22Miroslava HRINAKOVASVK51.8421.78
23Patricia MISCIKOVASVK51.3623.62 27.743.503.423.503.423.500.00#14
24Laura FRITZSCHEGER51.2822.41 29.874.003.583.673.753.671.00#13
25Nikol ZATOPKOVACZE50.6024.60 28.003.753.503.333.503.422.00#19
26Lubica KADLICKOVASVK50.5123.97 26.543.423.253.253.423.250.00#11
27Henrieta MACKOVASVK49.3324.66 24.673.252.923.
28Zara PASFIELDAUS48.2022.41 26.793.503.083.503.333.331.00#2
29Julia KLOTGER47.2823.00 26.283.423.173.173.423.252.00#1
30Orsolya MEDGYESIHUN46.8220.09 27.733.583.423.333.583.421.00#15
31Kristina CAPLOVASVK44.9320.80 26.133.423.333.173.333.082.00#7

1Lutricia BOCKGER117.0511
3Natalia FARTUSHINAGER104.4133
4Nina POVEYGBR103.2144
5Tina HELLEKENGER98.58105
6Bronislava DOBIASOVASVK98.08212
9Erika VITEKOVASVK95.47126
10Liesolotte SWERTSBEL93.9399
11Klara SVETLIKOVACZE91.731711
12Aline LIEBSCHERGER91.631114
13Laura RASZYKOVACZE91.271313
14Katarina BROSKOVASVK90.831515
15Kaisa UKKONENFIN88.57258
16Miroslava HRINAKOVASVK85.43822
17Maija HALONENFIN84.601421
18Lucia POLACKOVASVK83.212616
19Nikol ZATOPKOVACZE83.051625
20Saara TAMMINENFIN81.672219
21Laura FRITZSCHEGER81.671824
22Katja HOPPUFIN81.162320
23Eliska HUBACKOVACZE81.092817
24Patricia MISCIKOVASVK80.242023
25Lubica KADLICKOVASVK79.791926
26Lucie DROZDOVACZE77.263118
27Orsolya MEDGYESIHUN75.682130
28Henrieta MACKOVASVK74.152927
29Julia KLOTGER73.622729
30Zara PASFIELDAUS73.023028
31Kristina CAPLOVASVK72.542431

Cup of Nice Pairs Results

1Alexa SCIMECA / Chris KNIERIMUSA59.0133.0325.986.586.256.756.336.580.00#5
2Vasilisa DAVANKOVA / Andreï DEPUTATRUS50.3826.4623.926.335.756.006.005.830.00#2
3Ksenia STOLBOVA / Fedor KLIMOVRUS48.3224.1425.186.586.086.176.336.331.00#1
4Nicole DELLA MONICA / Matteo GUARISEITA44.5222.6021.925.585.085.505.585.670.00#6
5Julia LAVRENTIEVA / Yuriy RUDYKUKR42.0721.5320.545.504.925.254.925.080.00#4
6Stina MARTINI / Severin KIEFERAUS34.8518.2716.584.504.
7Ronja ROLL / Gustav FORSGRENSWE29.5315.7314.803.833.503.833.673.671.00#7

Free Skate
1Ksenia STOLBOVA / Fedor KLIMOVRUS106.7256.32 52.406.836.426.426.506.582.00#5
2Alexa SCIMECA / Chris KNIERIMUSA96.9949.99 48.006.335.835.925.926.001.00#7
3Nicole DELLA MONICA / Matteo GUARISEITA92.9549.35 43.605.585.085.425.675.500.00#4
4Vasilisa DAVANKOVA / Andreï DEPUTATRUS75.1639.35 38.815.674.924.175.084.423.00#6
5Julia LAVRENTIEVA / Yuriy RUDYKUKR72.9134.58 39.335.174.834.834.924.831.00#3
6Stina MARTINI / Severin KIEFERAUT64.3532.89 31.464.333.673.833.834.000.00#2
7Ronja ROLL / Gustav FORSGRENSWE53.9228.12 26.803.583.003.423.423.331.00#1

Cup of Nice Senior Ladies Results

1Isabelle OLSSONSWE56.3030.4625.846.356.306.556.406.700.00#29
2Natalia POPOVAUKR52.7328.1724.566.105.956.306.156.200.00#33
3Fleur MAXWELLLUX51.7827.4224.366.105.806.306.056.200.00#22
4Léna MAROCCOFRA50.9428.6222.325.655.405.655.505.700.00#18
5Juuli TURKKILAFIN49.7726.9322.845.705.555.655.705.950.00#32
6Lénaëlle GILLERON - GORYFRA49.2528.0921.165.455.005.455.205.350.00#9
7Kristina ZASEEVARUS46.8624.9821.885.455.255.505.555.600.00#6
8Dasa GRMSLO45.9924.4321.565.405.255.455.405.450.00#7
9Polina AGAFONOVARUS45.7124.8321.885.705.155.455.405.651.00#19
10Anna AFONKINABUL45.7025.5020.
11Polina KOROBENYKOVARUS44.4820.2824.206.155.855.856.106.300.00#25
12Patricia GLESCICSLO43.6124.9718.644.704.704.604.554.750.00#3
13Katie POWELLGBR43.0020.9222.085.405.405.555.555.700.00#30
14Nika CERICSLO42.8024.4818.324.804.354.654.604.500.00#24
15Victoria HUBLERAUT42.6125.1718.444.754.354.554.704.701.00#13
16Reyna HAMUIMEX42.3822.5019.885.004.705.054.955.150.00#15
17Anita Anderberg MADSENDEN40.8021.7619.045.154.354.904.704.700.00#23
18Belinda SCHONBERGERAUT39.7821.4618.324.804.254.604.654.600.00#28
19Mimi Tanasorn CHINDASOOKTHA38.9520.9119.044.904.504.754.804.851.00#31
20Tina STURZINGERSUI38.6922.7716.924.604.
21Chaochin LIUTPE37.1418.5018.644.604.404.754.804.750.00#20
22Alexandra KUNOVASVK36.4719.2317.244.604.104.204.404.250.00#12
23Angelika DUBINSKIGER36.0518.8918.164.754.304.654.454.551.00#16
24Carol BRESSANUTTIITA33.5915.5919.004.804.604.704.754.901.00#14
25Kelly HARRISONGBR33.2817.4015.884.153.804.003.953.950.00#4
26Ilaria NOGAROITA33.0117.4516.564.453.904.
27Chelea Rose CHIAPPAHUN26.4410.7216.724.203.954.154.354.251.00#26
28Clara PETERSIRL26.4113.5714.843.803.503.603.853.802.00#10
29Mary ro REYESMEX24.4412.0014.443.753.603.503.753.452.00#2
30Priscila ALAVEZMEX23.3810.8613.523.702.953.403.553.301.00#27

Free Skate
1Polina KOROBENYKOVARUS105.3455.66 49.686.255.856.256.356.350.00#14
2Kristina ZASEEVARUS100.0149.61 50.406.555.856.256.456.400.00#18
3Polina AGAFONOVARUS94.2350.03
4Isabelle OLSSONSWE91.9444.58 49.366.355.906.106.306.202.00#24
5Natalia POPOVAUKR91.5344.85 47.686.105.756.005.956.001.00#23
6Léna MAROCCOFRA90.2644.10 46.165.705.555.905.706.000.00#21
7Lénaëlle GILLERON - GORYFRA88.9545.07 44.885.905.505.605.455.601.00#19
8Juuli TURKKILAFIN86.3740.93 45.445.805.555.755.655.650.00#20
9Katie POWELLGBR83.8840.20 43.685.555.205.605.455.500.00#12
10Fleur MAXWELLLUX81.6832.36 50.326.305.856.406.506.401.00#22
11Anita Anderberg MADSENDEN81.5243.04 38.484.954.704.754.854.800.00#8
12Victoria HUBLERAUT76.0641.02 37.044.804.354.554.704.752.00#10
13Dasa GRMSLO74.6936.21 40.485.404.754.905.055.202.00#17
14Anna AFONKINABUL73.1131.63 42.485.555.155.155.305.401.00#15
15Patricia GLESCICSLO73.0637.62 35.444.854.104.354.504.350.00#13
16Reyna HAMUIMEX70.7736.01 35.764.704.254.504.454.451.00#9
17Mimi Tanasorn CHINDASOOKTHA68.1735.45 32.724.203.854.004.304.100.00#6
18Carol BRESSANUTTIITA62.9629.56 34.404.
19Belinda SCHONBERGERAUT62.5630.16 32.404.403.804.053.854.150.00#7
20Tina STURZINGERSUI62.1936.47 28.724.053.253.603.453.603.00#5
21Nika CERICSLO62.1729.57 33.604.454.104.154.304.001.00#11
22Alexandra KUNOVASVK57.9629.36 29.604.053.503.603.703.651.00#3
23Chaochin LIUTPE55.2825.96 32.324.053.953.954.154.103.00#4
24Angelika DUBINSKIGER49.9426.38 26.563.803.053.103.353.303.00#2

1Polina KOROBENYKOVARUS149.82111
2Isabelle OLSSONSWE148.2414
3Kristina ZASEEVARUS146.8772
4Natalia POPOVAUKR144.2625
5Léna MAROCCOFRA141.2046
6Polina AGAFONOVARUS139.9493
7Lénaëlle GILLERON - GORYFRA138.2067
8Juuli TURKKILAFIN136.1458
9Fleur MAXWELLLUX133.46310
10Katie POWELLGBR126.88139
11Anita Anderberg MADSENDEN122.321711
12Dasa GRMSLO120.68813
13Anna AFONKINABUL118.811014
14Victoria HUBLERAUT118.671512
15Patricia GLESCICSLO116.671215
16Reyna HAMUIMEX113.151616
17Mimi Tanasorn CHINDASOOKTHA107.121917
18Nika CERICSLO104.971421
19Belinda SCHONBERGERAUT102.341819
20Tina STURZINGERSUI100.882020
21Carol BRESSANUTTIITA96.552418
22Alexandra KUNOVASVK94.432222
23Chaochin LIUTPE92.422123
24Angelika DUBINSKIGER85.992324

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Top Senior Men's Scores

Short Program
  1. Patrick Chan: 98.37 (World Championships)
  2. Yuzuru Hanyu: 95.32 (NHK Trophy)
  3. Daisuke Takahashi: 92.29 (Grand Prix Final)
  4. Denis Ten: 91.56 (World Championships)
  5. Florent Amodio: 89.82 (European Championships)
  6. Javier Fernandez: 88.80 (European Championships)
  7. Takahiko Kozuka: 86.39 (Grand Prix Final)
  8. Kevin Reynolds: 85.16 (World Championships)
  9. Han Yan: 85.08 (Four Continents)
  10. Brian Joubert: 84.17 (World Championships)
Free Skate
  1. Javier Fernandez: 186.07 (European Championships)
  2. Yuzuru Hanyu: 177.12 (Grand Prix Final)
  3. Daisuke Takahashi: 177.11 (Grand Prix Final)
  4. Patrick Chan: 176.91 (Rostelecom Cup)
  5. Denis Ten: 174.92 (World Championships)
  6. Kevin Reynolds: 172.21 (Four Continents)
  7. Takahiko Kozuka: 166.88 (Grand Prix Final)
  8. Michal Brezina: 163.68 (European Championships)
  9. Max Aaron: 162.19 (Four Continents)
  10. Ross Miner: 161.96 (NHK Trophy)
  1. Javier Fernandez: 274.87 (European Championships)
  2. Daisuke Takahashi: 269.40 (Grand Prix Final)
  3. Patrick Chan: 267.78 (World Championships)
  4. Denis Ten: 266.48 (World Championships)
  5. Yuzuru Hanyu: 264.29 (Grand Prix Final)
  6. Takahiko Kozuka: 253.27 (Grand Prix Final)
  7. Kevin Reynolds: 250.55 (Four Continents)
  8. Florent Amodio: 250.53 (European Championships)
  9. Michal Brezina: 243.52 (European Championships)
  10. Max Aaron: 238.36 (World Championships)
Total (all scores listed)
  1. Javier Fernandez: 274.87 (European Championships)
  2. Daisuke Takahashi: 269.40 (Grand Prix Final)
  3. Patrick Chan: 267.78 (World Championships)
  4. Denis Ten: 266.48 (World Championships)
  5. Yuzuru Hanyu: 264.29 (Grand Prix Final)
  6. Patrick Chan: 262.35 (Rostelecom Cup)
  7. Yuzuru Hanyu: 261.03 (NHK Trophy)
  8. Patrick Chan: 258.66 (Grand Prix Final)
  9. Javier Fernandez: 258.62 (Grand Prix Final)
  10. Javier Fernandez: 253.94 (Skate Canada)
  11. Takahiko Kozuka: 253.27 (Grand Prix Final)
  12. Daisuke Takahashi: 251.51 (NHK Trophy)
  13. Takahiko Kozuka: 251.44 (Skate America)
  14. Kevin Reynolds: 250.55 (Four Continents)
  15. Florent Amodio: 250.53 (European Championships)
  16. Daisuke Takahashi: 249.52 (World Team Trophy)
  17. Javier Fernandez: 249.06 (World Championships)
  18. Yuzuru Hanyu: 246.38 (Four Continents)
  19. Yuzuru Hanyu: 244.99 (World Championships)
  20. Yuzuru Hanyu: 243.74 (Skate America)

Skate Canada Men's Free Skate Results

 Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Javier FERNANDEZESP168.0785.15 83.928.188.148.438.578.641.00#10
2Patrick CHANCAN160.9175.13 86.788.898.508.398.798.821.00#9
3Nobunari ODAJPN156.2078.48 77.727.937.367.897.797.890.00#8
4Ross MINERUSA144.1973.91 70.287.366.687.077.076.960.00#3
5Florent AMODIOFRA144.1169.41 74.707.686.897.577.507.710.00#6
6Takahito MURAJPN137.6472.00 66.647.146.326.646.616.611.00#2
7Artur GACHINSKIRUS129.8463.40 67.447.256.296.686.866.641.00#4
8Denis TENKAZ128.4458.74 72.707.397.256.897.397.433.00#7
9Elladj BALDECAN127.4861.56 65.926.716.006.936.576.750.00#5
10Liam FIRUSCAN109.1749.51 60.666.325.756.

2Patrick CHAN
3Nobunari ODA
4Florent AMODIO
6Denis TEN
7Elladj BALDE
8Takahito MURA
10Liam FIRUS