Sunday, January 27, 2013

US Nationals Senior Men's Free Skate

Group 1
Armin Mahbanoozadeh: 63.28 TES + 67.64 PCS -1.00 = 129.92 Total: 192.77
  • Good opening triple toe--was listed as a quad but didn't look like a pop, must have changed his mind going into the jump
  • Big triple axel but a little sideways in the air and can't hang on to the landing
  • Triple lutz + double toe with a slight hesitation between jumps
  • Good triple loop
  • Very quiet step sequence with good quality of motion and flow across the ice
  • Little forward on the triple axel but hangs on and tacks on the double toe
  • Popped lutz
  • Good triple flip
  • Double axle + double toe + double loop
  • Good speed and positions in the combination spin with nice flexibility
Harrison Choate: 63.87 TES + 65.58 PCS = 129.45 Total: 187.11 and into 2nd place
  • Good double axel + triple toe
  • Nice triple lutz
  • I feel like he could commit to the step sequence a bit more
  • Triple lutz + double toe really fighting for the landing
  • Nice triple loop + double toe + double toe
  • Step out of that triple there
  • Nice spread eagles and connection with the music in the choreographic step sequence
  • Good speed in the final spin
Stephen Carriere: 71.61 TES + 67.92 PCS -1.00 = 138.53 Total: 201.30 and into 1st place
  • Good triple salchow
  • Triple axel turnout triple toe
  • Big quad toe but just can't hold on to the landing and runs out of it
  • A little trouble on his camel spin and can't quite get the position change and has no speed by the end
  • A little trouble with speed after the position change in the 2nd jump as well
  • Good quality of movement in the step sequence but he could have more power and speed across the ice
  • Triple lutz
  • Big triple axel but can't hang on to it 
  • Nice triple flip
  • Triple lutz + double toe (one arm up) + double loop (both arms up)
  • Triple loop
  • Nice timing with the music on his final combo spin with good speed
Wesley Campbell: 62.17 TES + 72.34 PCS = 134.51 Total: 191.75 and into 3rd place
  • Good opening triple loop
  • Nice triple flip + triple toe
  • Nice double axel with good flow out of it
  • Good speed through the combo spin but he could be lower in some of the sit positions
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Good stretched free leg and toe point in the sit spin
  • Nice ease in this step seqeuence but I would like for him to loop up a big more
  • Triple lutz + double toe + double loop
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Nice triple flip
  • So far everything about this program has been light, elegant and easy
  • Good final camel spin
  • Great skate for him and very enjoyable to watch
William Brewster: 49.07 TES + 62.44 PCS = 111.51 Total: 170.13 and into 5th place
  • Triple salchow + triple toe two footed
  • Triple lutz
  • Nice ease to the double axel
  • Really slow in the camel spin though the change of foot
  • Nice Irish touches to the step sequence
  • Doubled the flip and two foots the landing
  • Triple flip flip out but recovers nicely into a spread eagle
  • He could have a bit more stretch through the free leg in his sit spin
  • Popped the loop
  • I'd like to see him let go a bit in the choreographic step sequence and really go for the movement
  • Good double axel
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe
  • Not enough speed in his final sit spin
Group 2
Douglas Razzano: 63.96 TES + 65.72 PCS = 129.68 Total: 192.99 and into 2nd place
  • Quad toe a bit of a two footed squat on the landing
  • Popped his first axel
  • Triple axel + double toe
  • Double lutz
  • Good positions in the sit spin but a little bit of a loss of speed after the change of position
  • Nice camel spin positions and good maintained speed
  • Triple toe + triple toe
  • Great spread eagle into a triple salchow
  • Good triple loop
  • Nice double axel + double toe + double loop
  • A little bit of trouble in his final spin with no speed by the end
Alexander Johnson: 81.35 TES + 77.94 PCS = 159.29 Total: 224.49 and into 1st place
  • Beautiful triple axel + double toe
  • Really holds on to the second triple axel 
  • Triple lutz + half loop + triple flip really nicely done
  • Not a lot of speed in the camel spin but maintained throughout
  • Nice spread eagle into a good triple loop
  • Good use of his upper body and timing with the music on the step sequence but some of the edge changes weren't clean
  • Spiral into a double axel + double toe
  • Triple lutz hangs on to it
  • Nice triple salchow
  • Flying sit spin with good stretch in his free leg and maintaining speed through the back tuck position
  • Great choreography through the choreographic step seqeuence and great flow to his movement
  • Really nice double axel with good flow out of it
  • Decent illusion spins and good speed in the sit spin 
Sean Rabbitt: 58.87 TES + 61.92 PCS -2.00 = 118.79 Total: 181.66 and into 7th place
  • Nice opening triple salchow
  • Off in the air and falls on the triple lutz
  • Tight on the triple loop but hangs on
  • Needs a bit more speed and to stretch through his upper body in the sit spin
  • Nice musicality in his step sequence but he could have more power and speed to get across the ice
  • Good triple flip
  • Triple salchow + triple toe
  • Good double axel
  • Fall on the triple flip
  • Could have a bit more speed in the camel spin
  • Good ice coverage on the double axel + double toe + double loop
  • Good positions in the final combo spin
Grant Hochstein: 59.39 TES + 64.50 PCS -1.00 = 122.89 Total: 188.57 and into 6th place
  • Really nice triple axel + double toe to open the program
  • Good triple flip
  • Triple loop off from the get go and a fall
  • Good speed through the sit spin
  • Nice triple lutz + double toe with both arms up on the 2nd jump
  • Popped the 2nd axel
  • Really difficult entry into the triple salchow from a lunge position and nicely done
  • Good donut position and picking up speed through the catchfoot
  • Nice musicality in the step sequence but he could have a bit more power to play better with the music
  • Triple flip + double toe + double toe
  • Popped lutz out of a spread eagle
  • He had some really great moments in this free skate including the nice triple axel + double toe and just needs to hit the whole program
  • Good speed in the final spin
Keegan Messing: 63.70 TES + 60.58 PCS = 123.28 Total: 187.34 and into 7th place
  • Sits down on his opening triple axel and falls
  • Great quad toe--super fast rotation and he makes them look easy
  • Nice triple lutz + triple toe
  • Losing speed through his camel spin but the positions were good
  • Nice triple loop
  • What I really appreciate about him is that he embraces who he is as a skater and packages himself in a way that shows off all of his best qualities and masks his weak points
  • Nice step sequence with good flow and variety of movement
  • Bobbles into the triple axel, took another turn to try and get into it again but pops it
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Step out and hands down on a triple flip
  • Split jump into a triple loop very difficult
  • Great low sit position with lightning fast speed
Group 3
Philip Warren: 57.77 TES + 60.02 PCS = 116.79 Total: 183.27 and into 9th place
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Triple axel down on his side, puts his hand down and then his body slides out from under him
  • Good triple flip
  • Traveling a bit and not a lot of speed through the sit spin
  • A little slow through the footwork, he could really push more through this element
  • Triple axel nice in the air flip out and hand down
  • Popped his lutz but adds on a double toe
  • Hand down on the triple loop
  • A little slow through the camel spin and an awkward jump in the middle with no change of foot or position
  • Good triple loop
  • Triple toe + double toe
Brandon Mroz: 69.44 TES + 67.92 PCS = 136.36 Total: 202.42 and into 2nd place
  • Good quad toe
  • Triple axel + triple toe nicely done
  • Triple flip + double toe
  • A little rough in the transitions in his first spin stepping right into a camel spin with maintained speed on both legs but he could have a much better catchfoot
  • Triple loop
  • Sits down on his triple axel
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Triple loop hand down
  • Awkward music cut in the middle of his spin
  • Triple lutz
  • Ended after his music
Adam Rippon: 75.08 TES + 78.14 PCS = 153.22 Total: 229.87 and into 1st place
  • He hit the boards in warmup and cut his hand and had to be treated by the medics when he came off the ice
  • Triple axel off in the air but he lands it and adds the double toe
  • Rippon triple lutz
  • Double axel
  • I feel like this costumes is a whole lot less Mad Men and a whole lot more Incredibles
  • Good speed in the twisted sit spin losing a little bit of speed in the back tuck position
  • Triple axel has to put the back foot down
  • Triple flip + triple toe
  • Triple lutz down on the side but pulls off the half loop triple salchow
  • Popped his loop
  • Double axel
  • Leg a little too far forward in the twisted camel spin but ending with a nice layback
Jonathan Cassar: 58.90 TES + PCS = 129.46 Total: 196.49 and into 4th place
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Double axel flip out
  • Triple flip two footed
  • Good camel positions but could have more speed
  • Some difficult one foot sections in his step sequence but not all of the turns were clean
  • Nice triple loop + double toe
  • Triple lutz
  • Triple salchow forward on the landing but he hangs on to it
  • Double axel + double toe + double loop
  • Losing speed through the sit spin
  • Nice toe point in the triple loop
  • Beautiful spread eagles in the choreographic step sequence
  • Good positions in the final spin but finished a beat behind his music
Jason Brown: 72.40 TES + 78.84 PCS = 149.24 Total: 223.29 and into 3rd place
  • Good double axel
  • Triple axel (two footed) + triple toe
  • Spiral into triple lutz and just sites down on the landing
  • Good positions in the camel spin with a really nice catchfoot picking up speed
  • Good triple loop
  • Triple axel two foots it and falls
  • Great spin combination with a nice arched catchfoot and great speed
  • Ina Bauer into a triple lutz half loop triple salchow
  • Good one foot sequence in his steps
  • Triple toe + double toe just squeaked that one out
  • Nice double axel
  • Losing speed through the change of foot in the final combo spin but interesting positions
Group 4
Max Aaron: 96.39 TES + 79.48 PCS = 175.87 Total: 255.00
  • Nice quad salchow + double toe
  • Nice quad salchow--great way to start his program
  • Sit spin into a scratch spin
  • Nice character in the step sequence, very laid back 
  • Decent camel spin position into an A-frame and a back tuck with speed maintained throughout
  • Insane how he's backloading this program with so many jumps
  • Huge triple axel turns out of it and tacks on the double toe
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Nice triple axel right on the music
  • A little slow on the sit spin
  • Triple toe half loop triple salchow
  • Triple flip
  • This is a really smart program for him as it suits his personality and really showcases his skating
  • Triple loop
  • Standing ovation for that stellar performance
Richard Dornbush: TES + PCS = 151.15 Total: 228.81 and into 3rd place
  • Hand down and almost sitting on the ice on the quad toe but managed to save it from being a fall
  • Another quad toe same problem on the landing as before
  • Popped the axel
  • Good camel spin into a really nice sit spin grabbing his leg
  • He's such a great character skater and is a wonderful performer no matter the style
  • Double lutz + double toe with both arms overhead on both jumps (intended to be a triple on both jumps)
  • Nice triple axel + double toe + double loop
  • Triple loop
  • Interesting entry to the sit spin but doesn't seem to have enough speed going into it
  • Triple flip
  • Triple lutz
  • Camel spin into a good donut and picking up speed through the sit spin
Ross Miner: 86.08 TES + PCS = 170.30 Total: 251.29 and into 2nd place
  • Nice quad salchow
  • Good triple axel + double toe
  • Singles the axel
  • A little slow on the change of position in the sit spin
  • He has such speed and power across the ice it's rare to see him miss a jump
  • Triple lutz + triple toe tight but he hangs on to it
  • There is a nice gentleness to his step sequences and they really blend into the program as a whole
  • Triple lutz + half loop + triple salchow
  • Good positions in the combination spin with nice toe point in his sit position
  • Triple loop
  • Triple flip
  • Great to see him let lose in this final step sequence
  • Spread eagle into a double axel
  • Good changes of position in the final spin but losing centering through the scratch spin
Jeremy Abbott: 78.03 TES + 88.20 PCS = 165.23 Total: 249.33 and into 3rd place
  • Quad toe and a fall
  • Triple lutz
  • Great back cross upright spin into a nice upright catch foot spin right on the music
  • Triple axel + double toe with a slight hesitation in between
  • There is just so much in his skating and he uses every muscle in his body to tell a story
  • Nice transition in that spin from the sitting position to the upright with good positions and maintained speed throughout
  • Big triple axel right on the music
  • Triple flip nice stepping right up into a flying sit spin with a good twisted variation
  • Triple lutz + triple toe 
  • Doubled the loop but added a double toe
  • Popped the salchow
  • The choreography and transitions in this program are just exquisite, shame about the jumps
Joshua Farris: TES + PCS = 165.04 Total: 244.82 and into 4th place
  • Really nice triple axel + triple toe
  • Quad toe toe footed landing and a fall
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Difficult entry to the sit spin but he could use a bit more speed 
  • Flying camel spin with a catchfoot nicely done
  • Really great height and nice landing on the triple axel
  • Great choreography in his step sequence and nice quality of movement but I'd like to see a bit more facial expression from him to really carry off the feeling of the program
  • Triple flip
  • Triple loop
  • Triple flip + double toe + double loop nicely done
  • Triple salchow nicely done
  • Good camel spin position into a nice sit spin and catchfoot upright spin
PlaceStart No.NameShort ProgramFree SkateTotal Score
116Max Aaron, Broadmoor SC479.131175.87255.00
218Ross Miner, SC Of Boston280.992170.30251.29
319Jeremy Abbott, Detroit SC184.103165.23249.33
420Joshua Farris, Broadmoor SC379.784165.04244.82
513Adam Rippon, SC of New York676.656153.22229.87
617Richard Dornbush, All Year FSC577.667151.15228.81
77Alexander Johnson, Broadmoor SC1265.205159.29224.49
815Jason Brown, Skokie Valley SC774.058149.24223.29
912Brandon Mroz, Broadmoor SC1066.0610136.36202.42
103Stephen Carriere, SC Of Boston1762.779138.53201.30
1114Jonathan Cassar, All Year FSC867.0314129.46196.49
126Douglas Razzano, Coyotes SC of Arizona1463.3113129.68192.99
131Armin Mahbanoozadeh, Washington FSC1662.8512129.92192.77
144Wesley Campbell, Colonial FSC2057.2411134.51191.75
159Grant Hochstein, SC of New York1165.6817122.89188.57
1610Keegan Messing, Alaska Assoc of Figure Skaters1364.0616123.28187.34
172Harrison Choate, SC Of Boston1957.6615129.45187.11
1811Philip Warren, All Year FSC966.4819116.79183.27
198Sean Rabbitt, Glacier Falls FSC1562.8718118.79181.66
205William Brewster, Detroit SC1858.6220111.51170.13
EW Evan Lysacek, DuPage FSC   

Volvo Open Cup Senior Dance Results

1Viktoria SINITSINA / Ruslan ZHIGANSHINRUS64.6732.50
2Irina SHTORK / Taavi RANDEST60.2931.66 28.637.176.927.
3Tanja KOLBE / Stefano CARUSOGER55.9928.33 27.667.006.756.927.086.830.00#5
4Anna NAGORNYUK / Viktor KOVALENKOUZB55.5428.34 27.206.756.587.006.836.830.00#2
5Gabriela KUBOVA / Matej NOVAKCZE48.6924.01 24.686.176.006.336.176.170.00#7
6Lesya VOLODENKOVA / Vitaly VAKUNOVBLR47.1524.34 22.815.755.585.675.835.670.00#6
7Hanna LINDHOLM / Ossi KANERVOFIN41.4219.47 21.955.335.255.675.585.580.00#4
8Katharina MULLER / Justin GERKEGER40.4318.17 22.265.505.255.585.755.670.00#3

Free Dance
1Viktoria SINITSINA / Ruslan ZHIGANSHINRUS97.7749.17 48.608.
2Irina SHTORK / Taavi RANDEST90.4347.39
3Tanja KOLBE / Stefano CARUSOGER89.2947.83 41.466.926.757.176.837.000.00#7
4Anna NAGORNYUK / Viktor KOVALENKOUZB86.7045.00 41.706.836.677.337.087.080.00#8
5Hanna LINDHOLM / Ossi KANERVOFIN76.1240.56 35.566.005.756.176.005.830.00#4
6Lesya VOLODENKOVA / Vitaly VAKUNOVBLR74.3438.63 35.716.005.835.926.175.920.00#3
7Gabriela KUBOVA / Matej NOVAKCZE67.8432.86 34.985.835.585.926.006.000.00#1
8Katharina MULLER / Justin GERKEGER63.8632.46 31.405.424.835.425.335.420.00#2

1Viktoria SINITSINA / Ruslan ZHIGANSHINRUS162.4411
2Irina SHTORK / Taavi RANDEST150.7222
3Tanja KOLBE / Stefano CARUSOGER145.2833
5Lesya VOLODENKOVA / Vitaly VAKUNOVBLR121.4966
6Hanna LINDHOLM / Ossi KANERVOFIN117.5475
7Gabriela KUBOVA / Matej NOVAKCZE116.5357
8Katharina MULLER / Justin GERKEGER104.2988

Volvo Open Cup Junior Dance Results

1Anna YANOVSKAYA / Sergey MOZGOVRUS65.4235.17 30.257.507.337.837.587.580.00#9
2Viktoria KOVALIOVA / Yurii BIELIAEVBLR55.4428.99 26.456.426.337.006.756.580.00#11
3Valentina GABUSI / Nik MIRZAKHANIITA46.6025.34 21.265.425.085.425.505.170.00#12
4Evgenia TKACHENKO / Yurii HULITSKYBLR37.0622.34 14.724.003.423.673.833.500.00#1
5Sofia VEREZEMSKAYA / Ivan VEDEROVRUS36.3316.99 19.344.834.754.834.924.830.00#6
6Margarita BELYAKOVA / Dmitry VOLKOVRUS35.5318.84 16.694.254.004.424.254.000.00#2
7Marina ELIAS / Denis KORELINEEST34.3918.33
8Olga JAKUSHINA / Aleksandr GRISHINLAT34.3017.34 16.964.424.174.584.333.830.00#3
9Kristina KAUNATSKAYA / Yan LUKOUSKIBLR31.9316.83 15.103.833.674.003.753.670.00#7
10Maria KOLISNYK / Maxim ARTYKHOVUKR22.7310.30 12.433.
11Alisa KURTSENOVSKAYA / Ilia ZYMINRUS20.6310.84 10.793.002.752.922.922.081.00#10

Free Dance
1Anna YANOVSKAYA / Sergey MOZGOVRUS85.4940.04 45.457.507.427.677.837.580.00#11
2Viktoria KOVALIOVA / Yurii BIELIAEVBLR80.6641.07 39.596.586.256.836.926.670.00#9
3Evgenia TKACHENKO / Yurii HULITSKYBLR60.1833.16 27.024.754.334.504.674.330.00#10
4Valentina GABUSI / Nik MIRZAKHANIITA57.4830.53 27.954.674.584.674.924.501.00#8
5Sofia VEREZEMSKAYA / Ivan VEDEROVRUS55.9728.70 28.274.674.584.754.834.831.00#6
6Olga JAKUSHINA / Aleksandr GRISHINLAT53.3328.04 25.294.504.004.334.254.080.00#5
7Margarita BELYAKOVA / Dmitry VOLKOVRUS52.0326.36 25.674.424.084.504.334.170.00#7
8Marina ELIAS / Denis KORELINEEST50.7526.68
9Kristina KAUNATSKAYA / Yan LUKOUSKIBLR45.5325.19 20.343.583.253.423.753.000.00#2
10Alisa KURTSENOVSKAYA / Ilia ZYMINRUS44.4827.04 19.443.503.083.423.173.082.00#1
11Maria KOLISNYK / Maxim ARTYKHOVUKR30.4216.17 16.252.922.582.752.832.502.00#3

1Anna YANOVSKAYA / Sergey MOZGOVRUS150.9111
2Viktoria KOVALIOVA / Yurii BIELIAEVBLR136.1022
3Valentina GABUSI / Nik MIRZAKHANIITA104.0834
4Evgenia TKACHENKO / Yurii HULITSKYBLR97.2443
6Olga JAKUSHINA / Aleksandr GRISHINLAT87.6386
7Margarita BELYAKOVA / Dmitry VOLKOVRUS87.5667
8Marina ELIAS / Denis KORELINEEST85.1478
11Maria KOLISNYK / Maxim ARTYKHOVUKR53.151011

Volvo Open Cup Senior Men's Results

1Denis TENKAZ79.2142.1337.087.427.087.507.507.580.00#7
2Mikhail KOLYADARUS65.5336.3729.166.005.585.925.835.830.00#1
3Javier RAYAESP60.8029.1431.666.256.086.336.506.500.00#9
4Michael Christian MARTINEZPHI58.4731.9726.505.335.085.505.175.420.00#3
5Paul PARKINSONITA57.9929.4029.596.175.755.756.005.921.00#10
6Viktor ROMANENKOVEST57.7832.7026.085.504.835.
7Ronald LAMHKG55.3828.9726.415.425.085.335.255.330.00#6
8Romain PONSARTFRA53.6726.5127.165.505.005.505.585.580.00#2
9Maverick EGUIAPHI45.5420.7124.835.004.675.
10Vitaly LUCHANOKBLR45.3821.3924.995.334.835.005.004.831.00#4
11Andrew DODDSAUS42.7720.6024.175.004.754.584.924.922.00#15
12Bradley MCLACHLANAUS34.8015.4622.344.674.334.424.504.423.00#13
13Charles PAOTPE18.383.7014.683.252.672.922.922.920.00#5

Free Skate
1Mikhail KOLYADARUS134.1369.8164.326.586.086.426.506.580.00#10
2Denis TENKAZ125.1253.7872.347.336.927.007.427.501.00#9
3Romain PONSARTFRA123.0366.1956.845.835.005.925.755.920.00#5
4Ronald LAMHKG122.5261.6860.846.255.925.926.086.250.00#8
5Michael Christian MARTINEZPHI117.5262.8655.665.755.425.585.585.501.00#13
6Javier RAYAESP109.6150.7959.826.085.836.006.085.921.00#12
7Paul PARKINSONITA105.8153.3155.506.005.335.175.675.583.00#11
8Vitaly LUCHANOKBLR95.9047.4249.485.254.834.835.004.831.00#3
9Viktor ROMANENKOVEST87.7040.2048.505.004.674.585.174.831.00#7
10Maverick EGUIAPHI84.0040.0245.984.834.334.504.584.752.00#6
11Andrew DODDSAUS78.9937.8344.164.754.254.174.584.333.00#1
12Charles PAOTPE66.7531.5937.164.003.333.833.753.672.00#4
13Bradley MCLACHLANAUS53.2218.9037.324.083.503.503.833.753.00#2

1Denis TENKAZ204.3312
2Mikhail KOLYADARUS199.6621
3Ronald LAMHKG177.9074
4Romain PONSARTFRA176.7083
5Michael Christian MARTINEZPHI175.9945
6Javier RAYAESP170.4136
7Paul PARKINSONITA163.8057
8Viktor ROMANENKOVEST145.4869
9Vitaly LUCHANOKBLR141.28108
10Maverick EGUIAPHI129.54910
11Andrew DODDSAUS121.761111
12Bradley MCLACHLANAUS88.021213
13Charles PAOTPE85.131312