Saturday, May 5, 2012

Potential Grand Prix Ladies

There are 33 ladies on the list including Miki Ando who did not compete last season but could still receive assignments and several skaters that competed as juniors and may choose to move up to seniors or return to the Junior Grand Prix.

There are 60 Grand Prix slots (including host picks) with 45 of the 60 slots filled from this list, meaning few skaters outside of top 12 finishers at worlds will be given a 2nd assignment unless they are given a host pick.  If some of these ladies choose to remain junior, more spots will be available. 

Note that this season the top 6 finishers at Worlds will not be able to compete at three events. 

The assignments will be released on May 21st. 

Top 12 finishers at Worlds (guaranteed 2 GP spots, top 6 are seeded)
1 Carolina Kostner
2 Alena Leonova
3 Akiko Suzuki
4 Ashley Wagner
5 Kanako Murakami
6 Mao Asada
7 Kexin Zhang
8 Valentina Marchei
9 Ksenia Makarova
10 Elene Gedevanishvili
11 Viktoria Helgesson
12 Yretha Silete

Top 24 Seasons Best (guaranteed 1 spot)
5 Julia Lipnitskaia (Junior)
7 Elizaveta Tuktamisheva
8 Alissa Czisny
9 Caroline Zhang
11 Mirai Nagasu
12 Gracie Gold (Junior)
13 Adelina Sotnikova
14 Kiira Korpi
15 Sofia Biryukova
17 Polina Korobeynikova
19 Polina Shelepen (Junior)
20 Satoko Miyahara (Junior)
23 Risa Shoji (Junior)
24 Zijun Li (Junior)

Top 24 World Standings (guaranteed 1 assignment)
15 Mae Berenice Meite
17 Joshi Helgesson
18 Haruka Imai
19 Agnes Zawadzki
21 Amelie Lacoste
22 Miki Ando (did not compete in 2011-2012)
24 Sarah Hecken

Top 3 at Junior Grand Prix Final and Jr. Worlds (considered for 1 spot)
All meet one of the criteria above

Number of skaters eligible by country (not including host picks):
Russia: 8
Japan: 7
USA: 6
China: 2 
France: 2
Italy: 2
Sweden: 2
Canada: 1
Finland: 1 
Georgia: 1
Germany: 1

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