Friday, August 31, 2012

JGP Lake Placid Ladies Short Program

Tsz Ying Crystal Chik, HKG: TES + PCS = 31.32

  • Triple salchow, turn out, double loop
  • A little tilted in the air on the double axel and she has to step out of it
  • Nice donut position in her camel spin but her wrist breaks her arm line
  • Again in her layback her wrist position distracts from the spin
  • Nice presence throughout this step sequence but she isn't getting much ice coverage and is running out of steam by the end
  • Double flip with both arms over her head
  • I'd like to see a lower sit position in this combination spin but nice flexibility in the upright position
  • She finished after her music
Courtney Hicks, USA: TES + PCS = 51.36
  • She seems very slow and tentative on this opening in her Zorba the Greek program and I'd like to see her commit to the character more
  • Triple loop step out + double toe
  • Good layback but I'm not crazy with the bent arms position and she needs to work on flexibility through the Biellman
  • She needs more stretch through her camel position but nice speed into the donut variation
  • Good height on the triple flip
  • Good double axel--she's landing all the jumps but there seems to be a bit of a fight on each one
  • Good speed through her step sequence and use of her full body with nice ice coverage although she seems to not be completely in control in places
  • Good "Tw-Hicks" spin but she finishes after her music
Nicole Rajicova, SVK: TES + PCS = 38.38
  • Triple lutz fall out and she'll be penalized for not completing a combination 
  • Triple flip-- a little tight on the landing
  • Single axel--looks like she popped it open
  • Interesting hair cutter variation with one arm open but it looks like it might be pulling her off her centering
  • Her step sequence seems unusually short, so she likely won't have enough content for a higher level
  • She needs more arch and extension through her camel position but the other positions in her spin are nice
  • She also finishes after her music
Ji Hyun Byun, KOR: TES + PCS = 35.27
  • You can tell right off the top that she's a young skater as she seems to be going through her choreography rather than really committing to the movement but some of that comes with experience
  • Triple salchow turnout + Double toe
  • Single flip
  • Decent position in her camel but she starts to lose it during the revolutions
  • Overall she seems to be lacking speed and power but she has a nice presence on the ice and good choreography
  • Good double axel
  • Nice layback spin but she could have more stretch through her Biellman
  • I like her musicality and she accentuates all the notes in the music during her footwork
  • Final combination spin finished way after her music
Evgenia Gerasimova, RUS: TES + PCS = 52.30
  • Lots of personality and eas on the ice at the top of her program with good speed into her first jump
  • Triple lutz + double toe--I love the little details she has like the arm sweep immediately preceding her jump
  • Nice triple flip
  • Good position on her camel spin with a good sit and nice flexibility through the upright--loses some of her speed through the change of foot
  • A little scratch on the double axel but she hangs on
  • Rough entry to her flying camel spin and she has almost no speed--might cost her some levels
  • Lots of turns and use of her full body through the step sequence but she seems to be losing a bit of power toward the end but nicely done
  • Good layback into a very nice Biellman with maintained speed

Clara Baiwir, BEL: 25.58
  • A little hesitant on the double axel and she falls
  • Fall on the triple toe and no combo so that will cost her points
  • Decent speed on her camel spin but she could use more stretch through her positions
  • A lot of stops and poses through her footwork and not much speed or power--she really needs to get into her knees and push through the edge changes to get her across the ice
  • Big loss of centering in her combination spin 
  • She's looking down at the ice a lot and I'd like to see her really project since this is a fun piece of music
  • Nice double flip
  • She still had about two position variations in her layback spin to complete before her music ended
Melanie Swang, THA: 31.62
  • Awkward music cut right at the beginning of her program
  • Two foots the double axel, stumbles and puts a hand down
  • Nice layback spin with good arm position and a good stretched out Biellman although she loses all her speed
  • A bit of a jarring music cut--it's too bad about these because they distract from the program as a whole
  • Nice speed and changes of position in her sit spin
  • Double loop + double loop a little tight on the landing
  • Double flip 
  • I'd like to see more commitment to this choreography in her footwork because she does have a nice presence on the ice and she could really sell this part of the program
  • Loss of centering on her spin and she loses her foot and has to awkwardly stop the spin
  • She also ended after her music
Brooklee Han, AUS: 44.96
  • She has such balletic arms and it would be nice to see her get into her knees and take some of the choppiness out of her skating
  • Nice triple toe + double toe
  • Tight on the triple flip and a fall
  • Good speed and positions through her camel with good flexibility in the donut variation 
  • Spiral into a nice double axel
  • I'd like to see a straighter skating leg and nicer arm positions in her layback but her Biellman is gorgeous
  • Nice timing with the music on her step sequence with a good variety of music and nice use of her whole body--I'd like to see her really stretch through her free leg in some of these steps though
  • Good positions in her combination spin but she finishes way after her music
Kiri Baga, USA: 47.80
  • Fall on her opening triple flip
  • Triple toe + double toe with tano arm--a little wild on the second jump but she holds on
  • Nice changes of position in her combination spin
  • This is a little nitpicky but her tights are a little too dark for her skin tone and it really draws attention to the leg line
  • Good double axel
  • Very nice camel spin with an excellent opposite arm catch foot
  • Nice expression through her step sequence and good quality and variety of movement
  • Nice layback spin with good arms into a really nice Biellman that picks up speed
Satoko Miyahara, JPN: 54.76
  • She is so tiny it's hard to believe she's already competed on the JGP for one season!
  • Nice triple lutz + triple toe
  • A little tight on the triple flip but she lands it
  • A little rough getting into the flying camel but nice positions in the spin even if they are slow
  • Not a lot of height on the double axel but nice landing
  • Pretty positions in her layback with a nice Bielmann
  • Nice variety in her footwork and she gets into her knees to help with the edge changes
  • Her music ends right in the middle of her final combination spin so she had to complete the whole change of foot sequence without music
  Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Satoko MIYAHARAJPN54.7631.51 23.255.895.645.895.825.820.00#25
2So Youn PARKKOR52.3329.50 22.835.825.505.755.715.750.00#12
3Evgenia GERASIMOVARUS52.3028.74 23.566.005.685.895.965.930.00#20
4Courtney HICKSUSA51.3627.85 23.516.075.645.935.935.820.00#17
5Kiri BAGAUSA47.8025.88 22.925.825.505.755.755.821.00#24
6Kako TOMOTAKIJPN46.8926.09 20.805.395.
7Brooklee HANAUS44.9625.50 20.465.114.965.
8Angela WANGUSA44.7123.34 21.375.505.215.185.465.360.00#2
9Alaine CHARTRANDCAN43.4224.25
10Josefine TALJEGARDSWE42.4221.70 20.725.
11Beata PAPPFIN39.5320.30 19.234.794.544.864.964.890.00#10
12Nicole RAJICOVASVK38.3818.87 19.515.074.684.864.894.890.00#18
13Netta SCHREIBERISR36.3518.76 17.594.434.214.394.544.430.00#1
14Ji Hyun BYUNKOR35.2718.01 17.264.364.114.184.464.460.00#19
15Tina STUERZINGERSUI34.5219.57 16.954.504.
16Madelaine PARKERNZL33.0817.57 16.514.113.934.
17Melanie SWANGTHA31.6217.06 14.563.753.433.683.683.680.00#22
18Tsz Ying Crystal CHIKHKG31.3215.29
19Brittany LAUSIN31.1115.45 15.664.113.683.864.043.890.00#14
20Pernille SORENSENDEN28.9513.15 15.804.183.643.864.074.000.00#8
21Corinna Lijun LINTPE27.6713.82 13.853.683.433.463.433.320.00#5
22Raya M. WILLOUGHBYMAS26.3612.62 14.743.823.543.683.713.681.00#15
23Clara BAIWIRBEL25.5812.52 15.063.793.573.753.893.822.00#21
24Anhelina BOSKOARG22.089.97
25Deirdre FAEGREIRL17.746.82 10.922.862.612.612.892.680.00#7

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