Friday, August 31, 2012

JGP Lake Placid Men's Free Skate

Bryan Christopher Tan, MAS: 51.29 Total: 80.30
Yaroslav Paniot, UKR: 60.47 Total: 100.48
Harry Hau Yin Lee, HKG: 41.79 Total: 116.37
Viktor Zubik, FIN: 31.72 Total: 112.06
James Schetelich, USA: 86.35 Total: 124.22
Conor Stakelum, IRL: 65.96 Total: 97.48
  • Triple toe + double axel sequence a little forward on the landing
  • Triple salchow nicely timed with the music
  • Nice extension in the arabesque spiral transition
  • Good stretch through his sit spin but a little slow
  • He seems to be a very lyrical skater and I fear this music is too heavy for his style
  • Double flip
  • Double axel
  • Triple toe a little forward on the landing
  • He has great lines and use of his arms but he doesn't use them to their fullest in developing transitions between his elements 
  • Tough fight on the landing of that double + double toe
  • Nice flexibility through his catchfoot camel spin
  • Slow through his footwork and not a lot of upper body changes in levels
  • Double loop
  • He finishes his final combo spin after the music

Chih-I Tsao, TPE: Total: 125.46
  • Triple loop with a low landing but he hangs on
  • Single lutz (popped open)
  • Triple flip + double toe + single loop
  • Not a lot of transition between these elements and lots of telegraphing between the jumps
  • Nice speed through his combo spin but I'd like to see him point his toes in the sit spin
  • Triple toe + double toe fall out
  • Nice spread eagle into a very hesitant double flip
  • Triple lutz fall out + double toe
  • Not enough speed in the double axel and he he falls
  • Another double axel and a step out
  • Very slow and a big bobble on the flying sit spin
  • He doesn't quite have the power or the expression to handle Requiem just yet and the intensity of the music is making his footwork seem slower than it likely is
  • Music ends just as he enters his final camel spin
Jordan Dodds, AUS: 68.42 Total: 108.77
  • Triple salchow + double salchow sequence
  • Double axel + double toe with nice spring on the second jump
  • Triple flip
  • Decent positions in his spins but with such long legs I'd love to see him really use them and really stretch through his positions
  • Double loop two footed landing and a fall
  • I think he could have some really great arm variations in his transitions instead of largely having them out at shoulder height--he has a nice floating quality when he uses them
  • Double loop
  • Single salchow--very hesitant going into it
  • Good speed through his combination spin
  • Double flip a little tight but he lands it
  • Single axel + double toe
  • Music ends before he begins his final spin
Vladislav Tarasenko, RUS: 100.63 Total: 151.33
  • He's like a mini Elvis Stojko!
  • Nice triple flip + double toe
  • Triple flip really holding on to the landing
  • Triple lutz
  • Good low broken let sit spin with nice speed 
  • Nice triple salchow
  • He's nailing these jumps but there isn't a lot of transitions and choreography
  • Triple loop + double toe + double loop
  • Not a great position in the broken leg camel but nice flexibility in the donut
  • Some nice choreography into his double loop but he fell
  • Double axel + double toe right on the music
  • Double axel right on the music again
  • He really has a lot going for him and I don't think this program really shows off all he can do choreography wise
  • Nice energy through the step sequence
  • Awful illusion spins but the rest of the spin is nice including a cool variation with his leg tucked over his head
  • Wow he's got a lot of choreography left after his music ends...
Roman Sadovsky, CAN: 107.86 Total: 158.77
  • Triple salchow with a beautiful landing position
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Triple flip + double toe--he's really drilling these landings
  • A little slow on his combination spin
  • He uses his arms really well in some places but I'd like to see him not be so stiff and others and watch for awkward positions
  • Double axel + triple toe with a lot of height on the 2nd jump
  • Hand down on the triple loop
  • Really nice camel position with a great entry and speed in the donut and nice flexibility through the catch foot
  • Nice double axel right on the music
  • Fall on the triple flip 
  • Nice attack on this step sequence with good variety of movement but he could have more stretch through his free leg and pointed toes to really polish and finish off the look
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe
  • Final combination spin with nice speed
  • This kid is something else!
Michael Christian Martinez, PHI: 106.52 Total: 158.40
  • Triple axel
  • Triple lutz + double toe very tight on the landing and he has to put his free leg down
  • Triple lutz
  • Great height on the flying entry into his sit spin
  • Double flip two footed landing
  • Ina Bauer into a triple toe but struggles to land the 2nd jump
  • Good flexibility in his camel positions in the combination spin but losing speed
  • He has such long limbs that he really commands a presence on the ice and especially with the intensity of this music I wish he would look up more and interact with the audience and the judges
  • He's a little bit on top of the ice in his step sequences and not really into his knees
  • Triple loop + double toe + double loop really tight on the landing
  • Spiral into a triple salchow
  • He has great height and spring on his jumps
  • Nice flexibility with a beautiful Biellman in his final spin
Jack Newberry, GBR: 87.51 Total: 135.89
  • Nice double axel + double toe
  • Fall on the triple flip
  • Triple loop
  • He needs some more flexibility or creativity to find attractive positions in the camel spin
  • He seems slow and tentative on his footwork and can't really involve his whole body
  • Triple flip + double toe a little wild
  • Triple salchow both hands down but not sure if it will count as a full fall
  • Triple lutz step out
  • Muceh better camel spin position with a labored flying change of foot
  • Double salchow
  • Double axel
  • Good low position in the sit spin but he needs more stretch through his free leg

Martin Rappe, GER: Total 150.16
  • Hard fall on the opening triple flip 
  • Triple lutz and really has to fight for the landing--it seems like he throws his chin back on the jumps which shifts his center in the spin and pulls him backward
  • Nice twisted sit spin position nice and low with good speed
  • Double flip + double toe
  • Triple loop + double loop nicely done
  • Takes a fall and slides across the ice on some transition steps
  • Nice position in his camel with a good change of foot and nice speed
  • Triple salchow step out double toe + double loop
  • Triple toe
  • Double axel--nice recovery and he makes these jumps look easy
  • Nice edges in his footwork and great fast changes of direction
  • Nice stretched let in the sit spin of his combo spin
Taichi Honda, JPN: 102.24 Total: 154.65
  • He reminds me of Nathan Chen--so tiny his head barely reaches over the boards
  • Triple salchow step out
  • Triple lutz hard fall on his hip and it seems like it's taking him a minute to get back into it
  • Triple flip + double toe
  • He needs more stretch and toe point in his sit spin position
  • I like his step sequence but it's lacking in power and charm to match his music and really sell it to the audience
  • Double axel + triple toe + double toe
  • Double loop two footed on the landing
  • Really slow in his camel spin with an awkward flying change to the sit spin
  • Triple flip
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • Double axel
  • I think he's got potential he just needs more time to grow and develop and work on fine tuning and finishing his elements
Keiji Tanaka, JPN: 123.87 Total: 182.50
  • Triple axel + double toe--nice solid start and that gives him a big technical advantage
  • Triple axel with a fall
  • Nice solid triple flip
  • Hand down on his flying camel spin--not sure if he'll receive credit for it
  • Nice level changes, changes of direction and use of his full body in the step sequence and well timed with the music
  • Nice triple loop out of choreography
  • Triple flip + triple toe--ambitious jump after the halfway mark
  • Triple lutz nicely done
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double loop
  • He has a complete program with nice transitions between the jumps but he just needs to fix some of those little errors to compete with the best
  • Catches his foot on the landing of the double axel and falls
  • Nice upright spin but lots of traveling and he finishes after the music and off balance
Adian Pitkeev, RUS: 97.57 Total: 154.97
  • A lot of attack and spunk from this little guy at the top of his program
  • Great spring on his triple salchow
  • Popped his lutz and popped his 2nd jump
  • Nice triple flip
  • Triple salchow + single toe
  • He has great speed and good height on his jumps it just seems that he has too much power to control the landing and can't tack on the combos cleanly
  • Really slow at the end of his spin
  • Triple lutz--as he's getting tired he's landing his jumps with his torso further and further forward
  • Triple salchow
  • Double axel + double toe + double toe
  • Double axel with a bent free leg on the landing
  • Out of control flying entry to his camel spin and he really has to fight to save it
  • Nice variety in this step sequence but he's not very deep in his edges
  • Good speed and position in his camel spin with a flying change of foot to a sit spin
Joshua Farris, USA: 146.49 Total: 218.69
  • Triple axel + triple toe
  • Quad toe--good for him!  It really is a shame he stayed junior this year but he has a chance to get consistency on the quad in a low pressure environment
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Nice sit spin with low positions
  • Good speed and flow across the ice between elements with nice transitional moves
  • Flying camel spin with a good catch foot although he could have a bit more flexibility
  • Double axel did not seem pulled in tight enough in the air but he held on
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Beautiful spread eagle with nice use of his arms
  • Nice lunge into triple flip + double toe + double loop
  • Good triple loop
  • Triple salchow
  • Nice camel spin position with a great stretched out low sit spin and a nice twisted position 
June Hyoung Lee, KOR: 103.07 Total: 156.45
  • Nice triple lutz + double toe
  • Triple flip a little tight but he hangs on
  • He has great musicality and really uses every note in his transitions
  • Triple lutz but he catches an edge and falls on the landing
  • Nice entry to his camel spin and a good position with nice speed into the sit variations
  • Triple flip with hands down
  • Triple loop nice recovery right into a double axel
  • Double axel + single toe + single toe with a step out
  • Triple salchow
  • Nice broken leg sit spin with great low positions and good speed
  • He seems like he's running out of stamina in this footwork but there's a lot of potential here for him to work on over the course of this season
  • Nice final combo spin including a haircutter

Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Joshua FARRISUSA146.4975.49
2Keiji TANAKAJPN123.8766.37 59.506.185.686.005.965.932.00#15
3Roman SADOVSKYCAN107.8655.56 53.305.615.045.505.295.211.00#10
4Michael Christian MARTINEZPHI106.5256.60 49.925.324.795.074.964.820.00#11
5June Hyoung LEEKOR103.0747.87 57.205.715.545.715.825.822.00#18
6Taichi HONDAJPN102.2451.76 51.485.294.895.
7Vladislav TARASENKORUS100.6351.35
8Adian PITKEEVRUS97.5746.63 50.945.365.
9Martin RAPPEGER95.6844.96 52.725.505.115.255.395.112.00#13
10Jack NEWBERRYGBR87.5144.35 45.164.754.294.614.544.392.00#12
11James SCHETELICHUSA86.3538.41 47.944.754.544.864.825.000.00#5
12Chih-I TSAOTPE83.3038.16 46.144.964.434.644.544.501.00#7
13Harry Hau Yin LEEHKG77.5741.79 35.783.893.393.613.613.390.00#3
14Viktor ZUBIKFIN73.3031.72 42.584.544.074.074.324.291.00#4
15Jordan DODDSAUS68.4230.56 39.864.363.684.144.003.752.00#8
16Conor STAKELUMIRL65.9629.04 36.923.823.543.753.713.640.00#6
17Yaroslav PANIOTUKR60.4721.31
18Bryan Christopher TANMAS51.2918.71 32.583.573.113.143.363.110.00#1
1Joshua FARRIS
4Michael Christian MARTINEZ
5June Hyoung LEE
7Taichi HONDA
8Vladislav TARASENKO
9Martin RAPPE
11Chih-I TSAO
13Harry Hau Yin LEE
14Viktor ZUBIK
15Jordan DODDS
16Yaroslav PANIOT
18Bryan Christopher TAN

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