Saturday, May 11, 2013

Potential Grand Prix Pairs

There are 28 pairs on the list including several junior teams.  This list was compiled using previous criteria for determining Grand Prix assignments. 

There are 48 Grand Prix slots (including host picks) with 39 of the 48 slots filled from this list.  Some of these teams may elect to remain junior, opening more opportunities for second assignments.  Purdy and Marinaro and Simpson and Blackmer have aged out of juniors so will be on the Senior Grand Prix next season.  There are several new pairings that could also receive assignments based on the placements of the partners at previous Worlds, such as Purich/Tran, Davis/Brubaker and Takahashi/Kihara.  Japan only has one pair so there will two additional slots for foreign skaters at NHK Trophy.

The assignments will be released on June 1st.   

Top 12 finishers at Worlds (guaranteed 2 GP spots, top 6 are seeded)
1 Volosozhar/Trankov
2 Savchenko/Szolkowy
3 Duhamel/Radford
4 Moore-Towers/Moscovitch
5 Pang/Tong
6 Kavaguti/Smirnov
7 Bazarova/Larionov
8 James/Cipres
9 Scimeca/Knierim
10 Berton/Hotarek
11 Peng/Zhang
12 Sui/Han
Top 24 Seasons Best (guaranteed 1 spot)
10 Denney/Coughlin
11 Castelli/Shnapir
14 Stolbova/Klimov
15 Zhang/Bartholomay
17 Lawrence/Swiegers
18 Martiusheva/Rogonov
19 Fedorova/Miroshkin (Junior)
20 Popova/Massot
21 Davankova/Deputat (Junior)
22 Denney/Frazier (Junior)
23 Purdy/Marinaro (Junior)
24 Vigalova/Zakroev (Junior)

Top 24 World Standings (guaranteed 1 assignment)
15 Vartmann/Van Cleave
17 Yu/Jin (Junior)
19 Della Monica/Guarise
24 Simpson/Blackmer (Junior)

Top 3 at Junior Worlds and JGPF Gold Medalist (considered for 1 spot)
All meet one of the criteria above

Number of skaters eligible by country (not including host picks):
Russia: 8
United States:6
China: 4
Canada: 3
France: 2
Germany: 2
Italy: 2

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