Saturday, February 11, 2012

Four Continents Pairs Short Program

Denney/Coughlin, USA: 35.55 TES + 27.80 PCS = 63.35
  • Huge triple twist with a nice clean catch
  • Slightly off on timing on the side by side triple toes
  • Nice change of holds through the beginning of this step sequences
  • Decent position in the lift with a position change to a platter hold and a toss to fish
  • Big throw triple flip and she really fights for the landing and saves it
  • Nice death spiral position but very slow at the end
  • She could use more stretch through the positions in the pairs spin
Dube/Wolfe, CAN: 31.28 TES + 26.40 PCS = 57.68 and into 2nd place
  • Nice triple twist 
  • Good steps into their side by side triple loops
  • Beautiful position in the lift with nice stretched out legs and good changes of position
  • Nice triple lutz throw 
  • Really good transitions in this program
  • Nice positions in the pairs spin and good speed
  • Nice death spiral position but she really flattens out toward the end
Marley/Brubaker, USA: 34.96 TES + 27.46 PCS = 62.42 and into 2nd place
  • Really nice side by side triple toes with great height from both of them
  • Really big triple twist with a decently clean landing
  • Nice positions from her in the pairs spin with really good speed
  • Two foots the throw triple lutz landing
  • Nice relationship with each other on the ice in the pairs step sequence
  • Needs a little more stretch through her bottom leg in the first position in the lift but nice change of position and a one foot exit
  • Really nice death spiral
Duhamel/Radford, CAN: 31.44 TES + 26.09 PCS = 57.53 and into 4th place
  • Nice triple twist in the air but he catches her a little low 
  • She was really off in the air on the side by side triple salchow--really impressive that she landed that
  • He nearly drops her flat on the ice trying to get her out of the death spiral
  • She is sitting back too far in the sit position with her leg in the air in the pairs spin
  • Her posture and skating seem a little off today
  • Nice position n the lift with a good split and rotating in both directions on that lift
  • Hands down on the throw triple flip right at the end of the program
Zhang/Wang, CHN: 24.41 TES + 23.63 PCS = 48.04 and into 5th place
  • Decent triple twist but she has to grab on to him for the landing
  • She doubles the side by side toes and he steps out and almost hits the board
  • Nice fast rotation through through the lift
  • Throw triple loop was two footed
  • She's really side ways and almost flat on the ice in that death spiral
  • Really slow through this step sequence and a little choppy on their edges
  • Bit of a bobble getting into the pairs spin and a little slow
Dong/Wu, CHN: 27.29 TES + 22.23 PCS = 49.52 and into 5th place
  • Decent unison on the side by side triple toes
  • Huge split triple twist but a little hard on the landing
  • Throw double loop and a hand down
  • Decent positions in the lift but very slow and a messy exit
  • They don't seem to have much connection with each other in this step sequence and it seems very messy
  • Really slow and flat death spiral
  • Really slow pairs spin 
Takahashi/Tran, JPN: 34.74 TES + 27.80PCS -1.00  = 61.54 and into 3rd place
  • She falls on the side by side triple salchows
  • Nice easy triple twist
  • Nice throw triple salchow but a little scratchy on the landing
  • Nice positions and speed through the pairs spin
  • Nice ease through their lift with good changes of position and nice rotation
  • Their choreography is sublime throughout this program
  • Really nice somersault into a really pretty death spiral position and a good exit
  • I'm not sure these black costumes suit Imagine
Sui/Han, CHN: 37.31 TES + 29.44 PCS = 66.75 and into 1st place
  • Huge triple twist with a nice clean catch
  • Nice side by side triple toes
  • They skate with so much speed and presence on the ice
  • Nice throw triple
  • Good unison in this step sequence
  • A little sloppy getting into the pairs spin but good speed and nice stretch through their positions
  • She could use a little more stretch in her split in the first position in the lift and a nice position change and a flip exit
  • Nice death spiral
Evora/Ladwig, USA: 32.47 TES + 28.28 PCS = 60.75 and into 5th place
  • Nice triple twist
  • She muscled out the landing on the side by side triple toes
  • Nice positions in the pairs spin and decent speed
  • Really nice throw triple loop
  • Nice one handed hip lift into a hand hold lift and a good exit
  • Nice death spiral position but a little tested after the change of hold
Lawrence/Swiegers, CAN: 31.28 TES + 26.69 PCS = 57.97 and into 6th place
  • Decent pairs spin but a little bobbly on the exit
  • Really crashy on the triple twist and it looked like she was traveling and he had trouble catching up to her
  • Nice side by side triple toes
  • Really flat death spiral
  • She needs to stretch through the bottom leg in the lift a nice interesting drop toward the ice on the exit of the jump but a little difficult getting out of it
  • Hand down on the throw triple
  • I think this choreography makes them look a little too juniorish and I'd like to see them challenged to perform something more difficult
 Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Wenjing SUI / Cong HANCHN66.7537.31 29.447.117.077.617.437.570.00#8
2Caydee DENNEY / John COUGHLINUSA63.3535.55 27.807.046.647.116.967.000.00#1
3Mary Beth MARLEY / Rockne BRUBAKERUSA62.4234.96 27.466.796.616.966.967.000.00#3
4Narumi TAKAHASHI / Mervin TRANJPN61.5434.74 27.806.966.796.897.077.041.00#7
5Amanda EVORA / Mark LADWIGUSA60.7532.47
6Paige LAWRENCE / Rudi SWIEGERSCAN57.9731.28 26.696.646.366.686.826.860.00#10
7Jessica DUBE / Sebastien WOLFECAN57.6831.28 26.406.616.296.826.646.640.00#2
8Meagan DUHAMEL / Eric RADFORDCAN57.5331.44 26.096.756.436.366.546.540.00#4
9Huibo DONG / Yiming WUCHN49.5227.29 22.235.895.325.685.575.320.00#6
10Yue ZHANG / Lei WANGCHN48.0424.41 23.636.115.645.936.005.860.00#5

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