Saturday, March 3, 2012

Junior Worlds Recap

Han Yan won the first ever World Junior title by a Chinese man.  He set a new personal best and a record score for the men's event at Junior Worlds.  He landed a quad toe and a triple axel in his free skate.  Joshua Farris took home the silver medal and finished less than a point behind Yan.  He improved his personal best score by 14 points.  Jason Brown won the bronze medal and gave the U.S. two spots on the podium for the first time since 2004.  He didn't try the triple axel here, but had the highest PCS of the event and also set a new personal best.

China and the United States will have three slots in this event next season.
Kazakhstan, Russia, Japan and Canada will have two slots next season.

Aging out are Denis Ten (4th), Zhan Bush (5th), Liam Firus (8th), Timothy Dolensky (12th), Artur Dmitriev (14th), Maurizio Zandron (20th), Yakov Godorozha (25th) and Florian Gostelie (preliminary round)

Julia Lipnitskaia demolished the competition, finishing 15 points above the field, setting a new personal best, and beating the previous junior worlds record by 6 points.  Gracie Gold just missed out on a personal best score, but set a personal best in her free skate en route to the silver medal in only her second international event.  Adelina Sotnikova failed to defend her title and dropped to the bronze medal but showed significant improvement over her only other junior outing this season, the Youth Olympic Games.

Russia and United States have three slots at next years event.
Sweden, Canada, Korea, China and Japan have two slots.

Aging out are Joshi Helgesson (9th),  Carol Bressanutti (17th), Anine Rabe (25th), Amanda Sunyoto-Yang (preliminary round), Katie Powell (preliminary round) and Kai Jing Leong (preliminary round)

Sui and Han won their third consecutive Junior Worlds title and tied the record for most titles won by a pairs team.  Yu and Jin finished right behind their teammates and took the silver medal while improving their personal best score.  Davankova and Deputat of Russia made their international debut at this event and took home the bronze medal, pulling up from a 5th place short program.

China, Russia, United States and Canada will have three slots next season at this event.

Aging out are Petaikina/Kurduykov (6th), Duarte/Grafton (8th), Martini/Kiefer (15th), Paliakova/Fomichev (19th), Mendozza/Boyadji (16th) and Rodriguez/Maestu (preliminary round).

Sinitsina and Zhiganshin continued their golden season with their Junior Worlds title and an increase in their personal best score.  They were joined on the podium by their teammates Stepanova and Bukin.  Aldridge and Eaton showed great improvement with a 5 point increase in their personal best to climb from a 5th place finish in the short dance and take the bronze medal, edging out the third Russian team by less than a point.

Russia and the United States earned three slots at this event next season.
France, Canada, Ukraine, Germany and Italy will each have two slots.

Aging out are Orford/Williams (6th), Bonacorsi/Mager (7th), Nosulia/Kholoniuk (8th), Shtork/Rand (11th), Pecherkina/Jakushin (13th), Hetman/Allain (23rd),  Bausback/Rokachev (25th), Baadsgaard Snider/Dubrovski (preliminary round) and Kaliszek/Kaliszek (preliminary round)

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