Friday, March 30, 2012

World Championships: Men's Short Program

Sergei Voronov, RUS: TES + PCS = 66.81
Alexei Bychenko, ISR: TES+ PCS = 52.76
Min-Seok Kim, KOR: TES + PCS = 55.41
Javier Raya, ESP: TES + PCS = 57.22
Peter Liebers, GER: TES + PCS = 58.21
Justus Strid, DEN: TES + PCS = 50.55

Kevin Reynolds, CAN: 39.49 TES + 33.46 PCS = 72.95 and into 1st place
Denis Ten, KAZ: 41.64 TES + 34.36 PCS = 76.00 and into 1st place
  • Nice high solid triple axel to open up his program
  • A little stumble forward on the landing of that triple flip triple toe but he hangs on to it
  • Nice speed and positions through his camel spin
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Good twisted sit spin with nice speed and transition out of it
  • Great passion and fire behind this footwork with some interesting choreography and great level changes and use of his whole body 
Kim Lucine, MON: 31.33 TES + 28.60 PCS = 59.93 and into 4th place
  • A little open on the double axel but otherwise nicely done
  • Triple flip (turn out on one leg) + triple toe
  • Nice positions in the camel spin but he could be stronger about the position of his free arm
  • Good spread eagle into a triple lutz
  • Seems very slow going into the combination spin but he is on the music and has a nice twisted sit position--not a lot of speed coming out and no real transition into his next steps
  • Nice hydroblade but a bit awkward coming out of it 
  • Slow through his footwork, not a lot of challenging steps and almost no upper body movement--he seems very stiff through this section
  • Nice final spit spin
Dmitri Ignatenko, UKR: 29.40 TES + 23.53 PCS = 52.93 and into 8th place
  • Not a lot of speed into the double axel but he pulls it off
  • Triple lutz + triple toe a little tight on the landing
  • A little wonky in the air on the triple loop
  • He needs some more stretch through that catchfoot camel spin position
  • Really traveling at the start of this sit spin with a nice broken leg variation
  • I'd like to see more push and attack through him on this step sequence as there are places he doesn't seem to be getting much ice coverage
  • Interesting catchfoot variation with his leg held behind him in an upright spin
Christopher Caluza, PHI: 31.76 TES + 30.11 PCS = 61.87 and into 4th place
  • Nice spread eagle into double axel
  • Nice height on the triple lutz + triple toe
  • Good triple loop
  • Not a lot of speed through his camel spin
  • A lot of speed going into the combination spin but he gets control of it; shows off some nice flexibility in the upright catchfoot spin
  • Good one foot section to open up his footwork and nice timing with the music; great attack and use of his full body in the second half of this footwork
  • Nice transition into his spin right from his step sequence with good positions
Misha Ge, UZB: 33.72 TES + 31.57 PCS = 65.29 and into 4th place
  • Two footed the landing of the opening triple axel
  • Nice triple flip + triple toe
  • Ekes out the landing on that triple lutz
  • Nice position in his camel spin with good height on his free leg into a nice catchfoot
  • Good speed on the sit spin with both arms held up behind him
  • Great emotional execution and performance quality behind this step sequence; he is really showing off the choreography all the way to his finger tips
  • Good speed in the final combination spin 
Nan Song, CHN: 39.48 TES + 31.10 PCS -1.00 = 69.58 and into 3rd place
  • Huge opening quad toe and a little close to the boards on the triple toe but he hangs on
  • Forward on the landing of the triple axel
  • Wonky on the triple lutz and falls
  • Decent speed through his camel spin
  • Good speed through his sit spin with a nice stretched out positionNice push through this step sequence with some nice edge work 
  • Good final combination spin
Viktor Pfeifer, AUT: 31.28 TES + 29.44 PCS = 60.61 and into 7th place
  • Nice high opening triple lutz with a one arm variation
  • Good triple salchow + triple toe
  • Awkward step into his double axel and he has a little trouble with the landing
  • Nice speed and flexibility through his camel spin
  • Good combination spin with an interesting catchfoot with his arm wrapped behind his head to grab on to his leg
  • Good one foot sequence but I wish he would let go and perform instead of showing the effort
  • The strap on his pant keeping it under his boot came undone and he did a nice recovery at the end of the step sequence to pull the pant leg up so it wasn't in his way
  • Got the crowd cheering during his bow when he rolled up the other pant leg
Maciej Cieplucha, POL: 29.11 TES + 28.07 PCS = 57.18 and into 11th place
  • Opening double axel was nice
  • He has very expressive hands--almost ballet like which is even more impressive considering he has a splint on one of them
  • Nice triple lutz + double toe
  • Good triple loop to end the program--I especially like the height of his free leg on the landing
  • Nice speed and position through the camel spin with a decent catchfoot
  • Interesting back sit spin with a broken leg variation
  • Fun music for his step sequence but I'd like to see some variation in the choreography and more use of his full body to go with it
  • Good speed through his final spin 
Brian Joubert, FRA: 44.35 TES + 39.12 PCS = 83.47 and into 1st place
  • A little tight on the landing of the second jump in his quad toe + triple toe combination 
  • Huge triple axel but a little forward on the landing
  • Good flexibility through his upright spin
  • Nice dance sequence in the middle here to really get the crowd going
  • Huge triple lutz
  • I love that while Brian is not considered one of the more artistic skaters he really uses his music and fully commits to his choreography
  • Really slow through the end of that second spin
  • Nice final spin with good speed and positions
  • Nice push through this step sequence and use of his full body with good timing with the music and it's great to see him letting loose and smiling
Alexander Majorov, SWE: 28.34 TES + 30.23 PCS -2.00 = 56.57 and into 13th place
  • If you're going to do Austin Powers you have to 100% commit to your choreography and really sell it
  • Nice opening triple axel
  • Really low on the entry into his triple lutz and he falls stomach first on to the ice
  • Didn't get that triple flip pulled in and he fell and slid into the boards
  • It seems like there's something funny going on with his jump technique.  He gets so low to the ice with his upper body (almost hunched over) on the take off that it makes it difficult for him to get fully vertical and pull the leg in and get the jump rotated.
  • Kudos to him for still going for the program after the mistakes and showing nice speed in his spins
Adam Rippon, USA: 37.77 TES + 35.78 PCS = 73.55 and into 3rd place
  • Nice opening triple flip + triple toe
  • Step out and hand down on the triple axel
  • Nice positions in his sit spin with good use of the free arm
  • Step out of the Rippon lutz
  • Great position in his donut spin
  • Really nice step sequence with lots of intricate choreography, great full body movement, good character with the music and nice edges
  • Good speed in his final spin and picking up speed through the change of foot into a nice layback spin
  • No falls but he'll lose some GOE points for not landing those jumps cleanly

Patrick Chan, CAN: 46.24 TES + 43.17 PCS = 89.41 and into 1st place
  • Low on the landing of his opening quad toe but he hangs on to it
  • Nice recovery with a solid triple axel
  • He makes all this intricate choreography and transitions flow so easily across the ice
  • Good combination spin right on time with the music 
  • Nice triple lutz + triple toe
  • Good speed in the twisted sit spin
  • Nice speed through the camel spin with a good change of foot and twisted variation
  • Huge smile from him here in this step sequence; a lot of nuances especially through his arms with nice edges
Samuel Contesti, ITA: 37.58 TES + 35.97 PCS = 73.55 and into 5th place
  • Way to muscle out that triple lutz + triple toe!
  • Forward on the landing of that triple axel
  • Nice triple flip--good jumps but I wish he had more transitions between them
  • A little slow through the back tuck position in his split spin
  • Nice camel position but he started traveling after the change of foot
  • Nice performance quality through his step sequence but he doesn't have as deep of edges as some of the top competitors and doesn't always stretch fully through his free leg
  • Great speed through the sit spin but he needs more stretch through the free leg
Michal Brezina, CZE: 48.70 TES + 38.97 PCS = 87.67 and into 2nd place
  • Huge opening triple axel
  • Nice triple lutz + triple toe
  • Great ice coverage on that quad salchow
  • He needs more stretch through his free leg in the sit spin but great speed
  • Great twisted position in his camel spin with good position of his free arms
  • Nice step sequence with good edges and nice flow across the ice
  • Good broken leg sit spin position into a change of foot losing a lot of speed int he camel position
Daisuke Takahashi, JPN: 43.43 TES + 42.29 PCS = 85.72 and into 3rd place
  • Sits back on the end of his quad toe + triple toe combo and has to put his hands down
  • Big triple axel
  • Nice stretched out sit position
  • Nice triple flip
  • Good camel spin
  • So much speed in this footwork sequence and his legs are just flying over the ice; lots of direction changes and a nice one foot sequence
  • Great speed and nice positions in his final combination spin but ended just slightly after the music
Jeremy Abbott, USA: 34.64 TES + 41.21 PCS -1.00 = 74.85 and into 6th place
  • Working the crowd and the suspenders as he takes the ice
  • Falls on the second jump in the triple flip + triple toe combo
  • Nice solid triple axel to recover with good flow out of it
  • Nice transition into his sit spin with good extension and nice chnages of position
  • Doubled his lutz and doesn't have a clean landing
  • Nice twisted variation on his upright spin
  • He's really going after this footwork with some nice intricate choreography right in time with the music and in the character of the program
  • Great speed through his camel spin with a nice twisted variation 
Kevin van der Perren, BEL:  32.63 TES + 33.75 PCS = 66.38 and into 12th place
  • Triple flip + triple toe
  • Good triple axel right on the music
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Not a lot of speed or stretch through his catchfoot camel spin
  • Good speed through the combination spin but he loses some of it after the change of foot
  • Really wild on the flying entry into his sit spin and he has almost no speed by the end of it
Artur Gachinski, RUS: 31.39 TES + 37.11 PCS = 68.50 and into 11th place
  • Really wonky entry to his quad and he doubles it and two foots the landing but tacks on the double toe--won't get a lot of points but he also won't be penalized for not having a combo
  • Nice triple axel
  • With the rolled up shirt sleeves, the black gloves really cut off his arm line
  • Nice triple loop
  • Nice twisted position in his camel spin
  • Good movement quality in his step sequence but he looked wobbly coming out of the illusion
  • Nice use of his free arms in the camel spin into a nice tucked sit position with an upright y spin 
  • Nice centering on his sit spin even with the change of foot and position
Florent Amodio, FRA: 42.82 TES + 38.14 PCS -1.00 = 79.96 and into 5th place
  • Huge opening quad salchow but he can't control the landing and falls
  • Nice triple lutz + triple toe with good flow out of it
  • A little low on the landing of the triple axel
  • Nice arched and twisted position in his camel spin
  • Good speed in the sit spin in his combination spin and he really maintains speed throughout with a good stretched out sit position
  • Nice step sequenece with a lot of movement and changes of direction  right into a sit spin with good stretched out positions
Yuzuru Hanyu, JPN: 38.68 TES + 38.39 PCS = 77.07 and into 6th place
  • Huge quad toe + double toe to open his program
  • Ekes out the landing on his triple axel
  • Really nice donut position in his camel spin with good speed
  • Singles his final lutz
  • Nice timing with his music on this step sequence with good ice coverage; he has deep edges in some places but in others he's a lot shallower
  • Great speed through his sit spin with nice use of his arms in the tuck variation
  • Good speed in the combination spin with nice stretched out sit position 
Takahiko Kozuka, JPN: 35.96 TES + 37.82 PCS -2.00= 71.78 and into 12th place
  • Two foots the quad steps out and then falls; probably under-rotated as well
  • Slips off the edge on his triple axel and falls
  • Nice twisted sit position with a good arm variation
  • Triple flip + triple toe and he has to fight to get the free leg out on that second jump
  • A little slow on his camel spin but he picks up speed after the change of foot
  • He seems to be lacking some spark in this step sequence although technically it's very good
  • Great stretched out sit position and ending with a scratch spin
Javier Fernandez, ESP: 43.72 TES + 38.15 PCS = 81.87 and into 5th place
  • Forward on the quad toe but he hangs on and keeps his hands off the ice
  • Nice triple lutz + triple toe
  • Nice footwork into his triple axel with a slight turnout with his free leg up
  • Great speed on his upright spin
  • Nice entry to his sit spin with good positions and speed
  • Nice choreography in this step sequence but he seems a little tight in places and isn't really letting it soar across the ice
  • Good speed through his camel position into a nice sit spin, maintaining speed through the change of foot
Tomas Verner, CZE: 33.10 TES + 37.28 PCS = 70.38 and into 14th place
  • Pops his quad into a double
  • Nice triple axel
  • Flying entry to the upright spin looked a little wild and not a lot of speed through the spin
  • Really tight on the landing of the triple flip + triple toe
  • He seems a little uncomfortable with this music and choreographically it's a step back from the difficulty and nuances in his Singing in the Rain program
  • He isn't really using his upper body to change levels in his step sequence which could cost him some points
  • Nice speed through his camel spin with a flying change to a tucked sit spin and he ends after his music
Pl.  Qual.NameNationTSS
1QPatrick CHANCAN89.4146.24 43.178.798.328.718.648.710.00#19
2QMichal BREZINACZE87.6748.70 38.977.967.507.797.797.930.00#21
3QDaisuke TAKAHASHIJPN85.7243.43 42.298.548.148.578.438.610.00#22
4QBrian JOUBERTFRA83.4744.35
5QJavier FERNANDEZESP81.8743.72 38.157.757.327.617.687.790.00#29
6QFlorent AMODIOFRA79.9642.82 38.147.757.257.717.687.751.00#26
7QYuzuru HANYUJPN77.0738.68 38.397.937.437.687.647.710.00#27
8QDenis TENKAZ76.0041.64 34.367.116.546.896.896.930.00#8
9QJeremy ABBOTTUSA74.8534.64
10QAdam RIPPONUSA73.5537.77 35.787.326.897.
11QSamuel CONTESTIITA73.5537.58 35.977.256.797.367.217.360.00#20
12QKevin REYNOLDSCAN72.9539.49 33.466.826.436.826.686.710.00#7
13QTakahiko KOZUKAJPN71.7835.96 37.827.797.327.467.617.642.00#28
14QTomas VERNERCZE70.3833.10 37.287.717.217.437.397.540.00#30
15QNan SONGCHN69.5839.48 31.106.505.826.256.216.321.00#13
16QArtur GACHINSKIRUS68.5031.39 37.117.647.047.437.507.500.00#25
17QSergei VORONOVRUS66.8136.52
18QKevin VAN DER PERRENBEL66.3832.63 33.756.966.466.796.796.750.00#24
19QMisha GEUZB65.2933.72 31.576.395.896.436.366.500.00#12
20QChristopher CALUZAPHI61.8731.76
21QViktor PFEIFERAUT60.6131.28 29.336.045.505.865.936.000.00#14
22QKim LUCINEMON59.9331.33 28.605.935.395.715.685.890.00#9
23QPeter LIEBERSGER58.2131.64 28.575.935.615.685.645.712.00#5
24QJavier RAYAESP57.2229.30 27.925.685.395.575.715.570.00#4
25Maciej CIEPLUCHAPOL57.1829.11 28.075.755.325.615.685.710.00#15
26Alexander MAJOROVSWE56.5728.34
27Min-Seok KIMKOR55.4128.58 26.835.685.185.255.435.290.00#3
28Dmitri IGNATENKOUKR52.9329.40 23.535.044.434.714.714.640.00#10
29Alexei BYCHENKOISR52.7626.50 26.265.504.935.185.365.290.00#2
30Justus STRIDDEN50.5527.38

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