Saturday, March 31, 2012

World Championships: Ladies Free Skate

Alisa Mikonsaari, FIN: 33.59 TES + 33.65 PCS -1.00 = 66.24 Total: 110.40 and into 1st place
  • Fall on the opening triple salchow
  • Double lutz
  • Triple toe
  • Nice double axel
  • Good speed through the camel spin and nice donut position into a decent catchfoot extension
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Single toe turn out double toe
  • Spiral into a single axel
  • Awkward getting into the haircutter but lovely once she's in it and very slow on the Biellman
  • A little slow on the footwork and she seems to be very stiff and cautious
  • She needs more stretch through all the positions in this combination spin and really starts to lose speed by the end
Polina Korobeynikova, RUS: 42.53 TES + 40.74 PCS = 83.27 Total: 129.98 and into 1st place
  • Not sure why but she's wearing nude gloves on her hands 
  • Hits her opening triple flip but it was a planned triple + triple combo
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Under rotates and doubles her flip
  • Could use more stretch through her free leg in the sit spin but good speed
  • Nice double axel + double toe
  • Single loop with a two footed landing
  • Triple salchow + double toe with a turn out on hte landing
  • Solid double axel
  • She seems a little stiff today and you can see the nerves--I wonder if the pressure of coming in as the top Russian ladies finisher at Euros got to her
  • Lovely layback and haircutter positions in her spin but she loses speed in the Biellman
  • Nice edges through her step sequence and good flow across the ice
  • A little slow through her final combination spin
Romy Buhler, SUI: 35.12 TES + 38.07 PCS -1.00 = 72.19 Total: 116.21 and into 2nd place
  • Big opening triple lutz and she hangs on to the landing
  • Hands down and fall out on the triple salchow
  • Double toe + single toe + single loop
  • Nice double axel
  • Interesting take on the catch foot camel extension into a catchfoot front upright spin
  • Double toe and she is almost completely stopped on the landing
  • Nice arabesque spiral
  • Single salchow + double toe
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Needs a straighter leg on that sit spin
  • She has lots of lovely elements but needs to really stretch through her legs and finish everything off
  • Very nice way to get into the Biellman but she loses speed and centering
Natalia Popova, UKR: 48.54 TES + 41.22 PCS = 89.76 Total: 136.36 and into 1st place
  • Triple flip + double toe
  • Hung on to the landing of the triple loop
  • Triple toe with a turn out on the landing
  • Nice speed through the sit spin
  • Triple toe + double toe--she gets nice height on her jumps but not a lot of ice coverage
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Triple salchow
  • Double axel
  • Decent camel spin but she struggles a bit to grab the foot for the catchfoot position but a nice stretched out upright catchfoot spin at the end
  • I'd like to see more stretch through her free leg in the footwork 
  • Pretty layback spin into a nice haircutter
Sarah Hecken, GER: 44.57 TES + 39.24 PCS -1.00 = 82.81 Total: 129.20 and into 3rd place
  • Ekes out the landing on that triple flip
  • Triple salchow step out
  • Triple toe turn out double toe
  • Nice speed and position in the donut spin but needs more flexibility through the back for the catchfoot
  • Decent layback and haircutter
  • Fall on a triple toe
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Double axel
  • Seems to be a bit choppy through this step sequence and skimming over the tops of the edges
  • Needs more stretch through her sit position and finishes the spin after the music
Kerstin Frank, AUT: 42.19 TES + 38.18 PCS = 80.37 Total: 126.17 and into 4th place
  • Hmm she has the nude gloves on too...
  • Down on one side on the triple lutz landing and had to put a hand down
  • Nice triple toe + double toe
  • Double salchow + double toe
  • Decent position in her camel spin into a nice sit spin and decent flexibility through the catchfoot upright spin
  • Triple salchow + double toe was nice
  • Singled her toe jump and two footed the landing
  • Good double axel
  • Double axel step out and hand down--with no combination she won't get full credit for the jump
  • Not a very attractive position on the bent leg camel spin--leg was way out in front of her instead of behind in an arabesque position
  • She seems very bobbly in places in this step sequence and her upper body is very stiff
  • Does about two rotations in her final spin after the music ends before hitting her final pose

Sonia Lafuente, ESP: 50.04 TES + 42.84 PCS = 92.88 Total: 140.24 and into 1st place
  • She seems to be starting so slow with the intensity of this music
  • Nice opening triple flip
  • Good triple loop
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • A lot of traveling on her combination spin and not a lot of speed
  • Triple loop + double toe
  • She seems very hesitant and looks down at the ice and not up at the audience when she skates 
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Triple toe
  • Nice position in her spiral 
  • Good double axel
  • Lots of turns and changes of edge in her footwork
  • Nice extension through the upright catchfoot spin at the end of the program
Juulia Turkkila, FIN: 46.59 TES + 41.22 PCS = 87.81 Total: 135.56 and into 3rd place
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • Nice height on the triple salchow + double toe
  • Triple loop with one arm variation
  • Double axel + double toe + double loop and she two foots the last jump with no speed left
  • Triple salchow with a step out
  • Some of her choreography doesn't seem to go quite with the music
  • Triple toe
  • Nice double axel with good transition out of the jump
  • Good speed on her sit spin into a nice upright spin 
  • One foot section to open the step sequence
Elena Glebova, EST: 50.94 TES + 44.30 PCS = 95.24 Total: 144.28 and into 1st place
  • Triple lutz
  • Triple loop but not a lot of flow out of the jump
  • Double axel + triple toe with good spring in the second jump
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe
  • Nice layback into haircutter
  • Skimming over the top of the edges a bit on this step sequence
  • Double salchow + double toe very close to the boards
  • Nice double axel
  • Forward on the landing of the triple toe and has to put a hand down
  • Nice low sit spin with good speed right into the final combination speed maintaining good speed throughout
Amelie Lacoste, CAN: 44.89 TES + 46.34 PCS -2.00 = 89.23 Total: 138.60 and into 3rd place
  • Nice triple loop to open the program
  • Double flip + double loop
  • Triple salchow hand down and then a fall
  • Beautiful camel position into a (not so pretty) illusion but the rest of the combination spin is nice with good speed
  • Double flip
  • Triple loop + double loop
  • Nice low position in the sit spin with a good twist variation
  • She has so many great qualities as a skater and is a joy to watch but she lacks the technical content to really be competitive with only two different triples in her free skate
  • Fall on the double axel
  • Triple salchow + single toe
  • Nice layback spin into a good haircutter
Alissa Czisny, USA: 33.13 TES + 47.67 PCS -5.00 = 75.80 Total: 124.11 and into 9th place
  • I am not a fan of this costume with the sheer white skirt over the darker white briefs as it breaks the line of the costume and is distracting
  • Fall on the opening triple lutz
  • Fall on the triple loop
  • Hangs on to that triple flip
  • Nice spiral positions 
  • Great speed in her camel spin into a pretty donut position and stretching out to the catchfoot
  • Two foots the landing and hand down on the triple toe
  • Fall on the triple lutz
  • Hand down and fall on the triple loop
  • Really off in the air on the double axel and she falls
  • Nice speed and extension through her upright spin
  • Something is clearly going on because this is so unlike even Old Alissa to miss so many jumps
  • Gorgeous layback into a beautiful Biellman
Yretha Silete, FRA: 55.85 TES + 44.91 PCS -1.00 = 99.76 Total: 148.18 and into 1st place
  • Big opening double axel + double toe + double toe
  • Cat like legs to land that triple lutz
  • Fall on the triple flip
  • Nice triple loop
  • Good layback into haircutter but losing a lot of speed through the Biellman
  • Triple salchow + double toe--she has so much spring on those combination jumps and almost gets more height on the 2nd jump than the first
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • Double axel
  • She needs to really stretch through her free leg on that last spin
  • Hard to tell if she finished after her music--spun three or four times after a crash that may have been the ending but then there was a low whistling sound

Valentina Marchei, ITA: 48.87 TES + 49.09 PCS = 97.96 Total: 150.10 and into 1st place
  • Nice triple lutz + double toe
  • Hands down on the triple flip but she magically stays on her feet
  • Really sideways in the air on the triple salchow but manages to land it with a hand down
  • Good speed through her combo spin with nice positions and a good transition out of it
  • Nice layback into a haircutter
  • Pretty spiral position with nice stretch
  • Triple lutz a little scratchy on the landing
  • Triple toe forward on the toe pick on the landing but she hangs on
  • Double axel turn out double toe
  • Triple salchow turnout double toe
  • Nice energy through her footwork sequence
  • A little slowon the final combination spin
Kexin Zhang, CHN: 58.07 TES + 45.50 PCS -1.00 = 102.57 Total: 157.57 and into 1st place
  • Big easy opening triple toe + triple toe combination
  • Fall on the triple lutz, slowly slides into the boards and takes a bit to get back up
  • Triple flip + double toe
  • Good speed through the donut position in the camel spin with an inventive hold 
  • Pretty stretched out scorpion spiral
  • Triple toe
  • Scratchy on the triple loop but landed
  • Really nice layback spin with good speed on the Biellman
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double loop
  • Nice double axel
  • Good long strokes in this one foot sequence that take her half way across the ice and lots of upper body movement in the 2nd half
  • Nice position in her camel spin with great flexibility in the upright catchfoot
Jenna McCorkell, GBR: 46.91 TES + 46.51 PCS = 93.42 Total: 143.84 and into 5th place
  • Nice opening triple lutz
  • Good triple flip
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • Decent layback position but she needs more lift through her arms
  • Single salchow
  • Single loop
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Triple toe + double axel sequence
  • Seems very slow on this step sequence and she's not getting much ice coverage
Elene Gedevanishvili, GEO: 41.51 TES + 51.20 PCS -2.00 = 90.71 Total: 149.20 and into 3rd place
  • Off in the air on the triple lutz and falls
  • Single lutz and two footed
  • Nice height on the double axel + double toe but stumbles over her free leg a bit on the landing of the second jump
  • Good triple salchow
  • Triple loop very forward in the air and a fall
  • Triple toe + double toe with a step out
  • Triple toe
  • Great speed and position on camel spin, nice stretch through the sit position after the change of foot
  • A little bouncy through the one foot section of the step sequence instead of really pushing through her edges to get across the ice
  • Great speed in the camel spin into a nice layback and haircutter
  • She's got a lot of shoulder tape on so she must be battling an injury
Viktoria Helgesson, SWE: 46.19 TES + 50.16 PCS -2.00 = 94.35 Total: 148.54 and into 4th place
  • Triple flip
  • Double lutz
  • Nice triple loop
  • Nice passion through the step sequence with good edges although she seems to get stuck toward the middle
  • Good camel position with nice speed into a good catchfoot
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • Nice spiral and nice set up into it coming out of choreography
  • Two foots the double axel and am not sure she got the full rotation
  • Good speed through the combination spin but she could use more stretch through the upright catchfoot
  • Triple loop and a fall and without a combo on that one she won't receive full credit for the jump
  • Good triple salchow stepping right into her final sit spin and ending a few beats after the music
Ashley Wagner, USA: 62.91 TES + 57.44 PCS = 120.35 Total: 176.77 and into 1st place
  • Nice triple flip + double toe + double loop
  • Double axel + triple toe was too footed
  • Nice triple lutz
  • I love her attention to detail in this program down to her fingertips and the angle of her chin
  • Nice speed through the sit spin
  • Gorgeous spiral positions
  • Nice layback spin into a good haircutter and Biellman picking up a bit of speed
  • Spread eagle into triple loop right on the music
  • Nice triple salchow with great flow out of the jump
  • Triple loop + double toe looked two footed on the first jump
  • Good triple flip
  • Nice edges in the step sequence and a cheer from the crowd for her ballet walks in the middle
  • Good position on the twisted camel and good speed through the position changes ending with a scratch spin

Alena Leonova, RUS: 60.57 TES + 59.10 PCS = 119.67 Total: 184.28 and into 1st place
  • Triple toe + triple toe might have been a bit two footed on the second jump
  • Triple loop has to fight to hang on to the landing a bit
  • Triple flip with a step out
  • Nice positions and speed in the camel spin
  • Triple flip + double toe so close to the boards that she can't get her free leg all the way out on the second jump
  • Double salchow + double toe
  • She seems to be wobbling a bit on transition moves so I wonder if her free just aren't completely under her
  • Double axel was good
  • Really slow in the sit spin and flexed foot on the bent leg position
  • She seems to be running out of gas at the end of this step sequence and is moving slower and seems to be forcing herself to do the movements
  • Ugly illusion spin into a sit and then a haircutter losing speed by the end
Mao Asada, JPN: 45.01 TES + 60.02 PCS = 105.03 Total: 164.52 and into 3rd place
  • This dress is just stunning and the perfect color on her
  • Single axel (popped an intended triple)
  • Triple flip + double loop
  • Nice triple lutz with great flow out of it
  • Good speed through the camel spin into a broken leg sit spin and picking up speed through the upright catchfoot
  • Double axel + double toe (looked like she opened up on an intended triple)
  • Double flip
  • Triple salchow
  • Nice straight leg in the sit spin 
  • This program suits her so nicely and she looks really relaxed when she's skating it
  • Not a lot of power in her step sequence but nice choreography
  • Single loop
  • Flying entry to the sit spin pulling into a donut and a nice catchfoot extension and ending with her trademark spiral
  • Those mistakes are going to be too costly for her to hang on for a medal
Kanako Murakami, JPN: 55.53 TES + 57.21 PCS = 112.74 Total: 175.1 and into 3rd place
  • Really high kick into her opening triple lutz
  • Triple loop--interesting bounce before the takeoff
  • Two foots the landing of the triple flip and has no flow out of the jump
  • Nice layback but she loses lots of speed in the Biellman
  • Good broken leg sit spin
  • Triple toe + triple toe might have been a bit tight on the landing
  • Triple flip + single axel sequence
  • Single axel--she's hitting most of her jumps today but her jump technique is really flawed and leads to her inconsistency 
  • Not a lot of power through this step sequence and she's not getting much ice coverage
  • Triple salchow + double loop + double loop
  • Nice upright catchfoot spin with good speed into a tucked sit spin
  • Those mistakes will cost her and she'll likely drop off the podium as well
Carolina Kostner, ITA: 63.22 TES + 65.72 PCS = 128.94 Total: 189.94 and into 1st place
  • Nice opening triple loop with nice extension of the free leg on the landing
  • Nice triple flip
  • Nice double axel + triple toe with great ice coverage
  • Double flip + double toe
  • Nice double axel
  • Good triple salchow and she is making these jumps look easy
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe very light and easy and right on the music
  • Nice step sequence with good edges although it looks like she was struggling to stay on her feet for a minute there in the middle
  • Nice speed and position in the camel spin into a nice stretched out sit spin with a flying change of foot to a layback spin
  • Losing a big of her centering in the final combination spin but that should be enough to put her into first.
Akiko Suzuki, JPN: 62.06 TES + 59.24 PCS = 121.30 Total: 180.68 and into 3rd place
  • Huge opening triple lutz
  • Nice double axel + triple toe
  • Triple flip
  • Nice combination spin with good speed and positions
  • Nice broken leg camel spin from a flying entry but she could use more extension through the catchfoot
  • Nice backwards arabesque spiral
  • Triple lutz + double toe + double loop 
  • Triple salchow had to fight for the landing a bit
  • Singles her lutz and tacks on a double toe 
  • Triple loop with a bit of a two footed landing
  • Her step sequence is so light and airy and always full of energy
  • A little off on centering in her final spin
Ksenia Makarova, RUS: 39.78 TES + 53.19 PCS -2.00 = 90.97 Total: 149.48 and into 9th place
  • Botched her first jump and fell on the 2nd.  She needed 20 points above her season's best to medal so she's out of it now.
  • Triple loop nice
  • Pretty layback spin into a nice Biellman
  • Triple loop + double toe
  • Fall on the triple salchow
  • Could use more stretch through her free leg in the sit spin
  • The music editing for this program is so odd with no real rhyme or reason to what comes when and weird overlaps 
  • A little slow on this step sequence and no real performance quality
  • Nice final combination spin with good positions

Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Carolina KOSTNERITA128.9463.22 65.728.397.968.258.118.360.00#22
2Akiko SUZUKIJPN121.3062.06 59.247.647.077.467.327.540.00#23
3Ashley WAGNERUSA120.3562.91 57.447.256.757.367.257.290.00#18
4Alena LEONOVARUS119.6760.57 59.107.436.967.437.437.680.00#19
5Kanako MURAKAMIJPN112.7455.53 57.217.396.967.
6Mao ASADAJPN105.0345.01 60.027.647.297.617.367.610.00#20
7Kexin ZHANGCHN102.5758.07 45.506.005.435.715.685.611.00#14
8Yretha SILETEFRA99.7655.85 44.915.685.255.685.645.821.00#12
9Valentina MARCHEIITA97.9648.87
10Elena GLEBOVAEST95.2450.94 44.305.685.365.615.465.570.00#9
11Viktoria HELGESSONSWE94.3546.19 50.166.395.966.296.256.462.00#17
12Jenna MCCORKELLGBR93.4246.91 46.515.965.466.045.576.040.00#15
13Sonia LAFUENTEESP92.8850.04 42.845.545.075.465.325.390.00#7
14Ksenia MAKAROVARUS90.9739.78 53.196.796.396.576.756.752.00#24
15Elene GEDEVANISHVILIGEO90.7141.51 51.206.616.146.396.436.432.00#16
16Natalia POPOVAUKR89.7648.54
17Amelie LACOSTECAN89.2344.89 46.345.965.465.755.796.002.00#10
18Juulia TURKKILAFIN87.8146.59 41.225.364.965.
19Polina KOROBEYNIKOVARUS83.2742.53 40.745.294.755.
20Sarah HECKENGER82.8144.57
21Kerstin FRANKAUT80.3742.19
22Alissa CZISNYUSA75.8033.13 47.676.145.935.506.116.115.00#11
23Romy BÜHLERSUI72.1935.12 38.074.934.544.714.754.861.00#3
24Alisa MIKONSAARIFIN66.2433.59 33.654.503.864.324.214.141.00#1

1Carolina KOSTNER
4Ashley WAGNER
7Kexin ZHANG
8Valentina MARCHEI
11Viktoria HELGESSON
12Yretha SILETE
16Amelie LACOSTE
17Natalia POPOVA
20Sarah HECKEN
21Kerstin FRANK
22Alissa CZISNY

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