Saturday, September 1, 2012

JGP Lake Placid Ladies Free Skate

Ji Hyun Byun, KOR: 64.06 Total: 99.33
  • Triple salchow
  • Double axel + double toe right on the music 
  • Triple toe with a good ride out if not the best position in her free leg
  • She needs to hold her torso up a bit more in the camel spin but a nice donut position
  • Triple salchow with a fall--just not enough power going into this jump
  • Single lutz + double toe (first jump was popped)
  • Triple toe fall
  • Nice layback into a decent Biellman with speed maintained through the spin
  • She has a nice look on the ice, she just needs more power, speed and confidence to really go out there and attack the jumps
  • Some nice variety in her step sequence and well timed with the music but again not a lot of power
  • Two foot and hand down on the double axel
  • Combo spin with an illusion feature which didn't reach a full split or have straight legs
Netta Schreiber, ISR: 64.98 Total: 101.93
  • She is all legs--should be able to hit gorgeous lines in her arabesques and spins but it does make jumping more difficult
  • A lot of prep into her opening double loop
  • Single axel had a lot of height and she didn't even pull all the way in for the jump--not sure if that was planned or popped
  • Nice triple salchow
  • Nice camel spin and a decent illusion variation into a nice upright catchfoot
  • Double flip + double toe + double toe
  • Her costume screams tango to me so it doesn't quite seem to fit the music
  • Double salchow + double toe
  • Double lutz + double toe
  • Lovely positions in her layback spin with nice use of her arms but an awkward music cut toward the middle of her spin
  • She could use more stretch through her legs in the step sequence and more push across the ice
  • Double flip
  • Nice position in her broken leg camel spin and picking up speed through the catchfoot variations
  • She's got great spins and lots of potential but doesn't have the jump content to keep up with the top skaters
Tina Stuerzinger, SUI: 74.64 Total: 109.16
  • Triple flip
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • Triple lutz fall--very hesitant going into the jump
  • Popped salchow and a fall--again she's just lacking the confidence and attack to really go after these jumps
  • Nice positions in her combo spin but it seems very slow with the music
  • Double axel with only a small bobble on the landing
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe
  • Not a lot of transitions between the jumps--just moving from one element to the next 
  • Triple toe
  • Bent leg on the entry to the flying sit spin and bent free leg in her sit spin as well
  • I feel like she's really just going through the motions in this choreography in the step sequence and she isn't performing the movement full out
  • Decent flexibility through her upright spin but almost no speed through the rest of her spin
Nicole Rajicova, SVK: 70.66 Total: 109.04
  • Popped lutz
  • She has lovely flow through her arms and nice transitions between jumps
  • Fall on a triple flip
  • Nice speed through her camel spin and good change of positions throughout the combination spin
  • Triple toe (hand down) + double toe
  • She could stretch more through her free leg in the sit spin
  • Triple toe a little wild in the air--looks like her legs never got pulled in--and a fall
  • Single salchow
  • I really appreciate that she isn't giving up on this program and still has a pleasant expression on her face despite the errors
  • Lovely flow through her step sequence
  • Double axel + double toe + double loop was solid
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Nice speed in her combination spin with good centering and nice positions
  • Shame about the jumps today because she has the transitions and presentation skills
Beata Papp, FIN: 76.12 Total: 115.65
  • It really is true that all the Finnish ladies are gorgeous.  She has the looks and height to be a model
  • Triple toe turn out triple toe (a little two footed on the second jump)
  • Great ride out on her double lutz
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Popped loop
  • Good speed in her camel spin with nice position but she could use more flexibility through the catch foot
  • She needs a better arm position and more arch through the layback
  • I think she's almost there with her arms and could really set herself apart with a few ballet classes
  • Double axel
  • Triple axel Step out
  • Single axel + double toe + double loop
  • She's getting a little tired and not using her edges as much in this step sequence so you're seeing more choppiness and ice sprays on the change of edges
  • Nice variety of positions in the combo spin and decent speed throughout

Josefine Taljegard, SWE: 80.57 Total: 122.99
  • Triple toe + double toe with a gorgeous arabesque landing
  • Solid triple flip
  • Triple salchow + double toe with a little bobble on the landing
  • Nice double axel
  • The thing about wearing black pants is your leg line has to be perfect at all times or it will really show and her leg line was nice in her camel spin
  • Flip out and hands down on that triple toe
  • Some interesting moments of choreography in this program and a few come of awkward because she doesn't seem to be giving them 100% percent and committing to the character
  • Nice musicality through the step sequence and nice use of her whole body
  • Triple salchow with a low landing and a turnout but she keeps her free leg up
  • Good double axel but neither one was done in sequence so she might lose a few points
  • Nice speed in her sit spin
  • Really nice camel position and interesting take on the Biellman with a one arm hold
Kako Tomotaki, JPN: 80.89 Total: 127.78
  • Super high triple lutz + double toe
  • Triple flip + double toe + double loop--she gets great spring on her first jump
  • Popped loop
  • Nice position in her camel with good speed but her skirt is attached at a weird spot on her body and seems to be too big so it's covering up a lot of her lines
  • Nice double axel
  • Triple loop with a turnout but she keeps the free leg up
  • Really pretty layback spin into an almost pearl but an awkward music cut right in the middle of her spin
  • Not a lot of speed and power in her step sequence but a good look and flow across the ice
  • Nice triple salchow
  • Good double axel + double toe
  • Nice twisted upright position and great stretch and toe point in her sit spin
Alaine Chartrand, CAN: 90.01 Total: 133.43
  • Really high triple lutz but she was tilted in the air and fell
  • Good triple flip
  • Triple loop with a turnout but she keeps her free leg up
  • Nice speed in her sit spin with a nice ease in the change of foot
  • Very fast in her camel spin but she needs a bit more flexibility through the catch foot position
  • Difficult edge changes into the double axel with a turnout
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Triple toe + half loop + triple salchow
  • She has better jumps than most of the Canadian senior ladies--if she could clean up some of her transitions and work on presentation she could do very well at nationals
  • Triple loop + double loop a little wild
  • Nice sit spin position into a good haircutter layback
Brooklee Han, AUS: 83.96 Total: 128.92
  • Triple loop with a fall--looked like she over prepped for her takeoff and couldn't quite make all the rotatioans
  • Fast rotations on her triple flip + double toe
  • Nice double axel right on the music
  • Triple toe + double toe--she has great spring and height on her first jump but seems to lose some of her momentum by the 2nd and can't quite cover the ice
  • Nice layback spin but she could use her arms better to finish it off
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Triple toe with a fall
  • Nice changes of edges and variety in her step sequence and good commitment to her choreography
  • Triple salchow
  • Nice speed through the donut variation into a nice low stretched out sit spin and ending with a beautiful Biellman with lots of speed
Angela Wang, USA: 105.69 Total: 150.40
  • Solid triple lutz + triple toe + double toe to open her program (HUGE point getter)
  • Triple flip + double toe
  • Good triple loop + double toe
  • I'm not sure if it's the way the program is choreographed but it seems like in some of the transitional movements she's rushing through from one thing to next without the chance to really finish anything off
  • Double axel
  • Good layback spin but a loss of centering on her Beillman
  • Really nice triple lutz
  • Good stretched sit spin position with good speed and nice flow out of the spin
  • Her step sequence is gorgeous and is so well choreographed that it doesn't look like an element
  • Double axel and a bit of an awkward landing just gets her foot caught
  • Triple salchow
  • Nice camel position into a good donut spin but not a lot of speed

So Youn Park, KOR: 85.04 Total: 137.37
  • Nice triple lutz to open her program
  • Double axel + triple toe with a step out
  • Beautiful twisted camel position and a nice speed throughout her position changes
  • Single loop--seemed a bit hesitant going in
  • Interesting arms in her layback spin and a beautiful Biellman with maintained speed
  • Double axel + single toe + double toe--she gets so much ice coverage in her jumps I think it's hard for her to control the combinations sometimes
  • Nice triple salchow + double toe with a beautiful toe point in her jumps
  • Fall on the triple flip
  • Triple salchow, hand down and then a fall
  • She has a lot of ice spray and is very choppy on this step sequence
  • A lot of promising moments but too many jump errors may cost her a medal
Kiri Baga, USA: 94.42 Total: 142.22
  • Nice speed and attack right at the top of the program
  • Solid triple flip with beautiful landing position
  • Triple lutz two footed but she hangs on
  • Nice double axel + double toe with one arm variation on the toe
  • Good tuck position in her sit spin with nice speed
  • Triple toe + double toe + double loop with a bobble on the end as she doesn't have enough speed to continue the jump
  • Triple salchow
  • Triple toe
  • Pretty spiral into a double axel (looked a little two footed)
  • Upright spin into a sit spin and ending with a Y catch foot spin
  • Good energy and use of her full body in the step sequence and on the whole a nice use of her edges and clean changes of edge
  • Nice layback spin with good arm position and picking up speed thorugh the haircutter and Biellman
Satoko Miyahara, JPN: 106.89 Total: 161.65
  • Triple lutz + triple toe with great speed on her rotations
  • A little hoppy into her triple flip but nice landing
  • Nice camel spin into a broken leg spin but a lot of traveling in the change foot and she doesn't achieve a full stretch through her upright catch foot spin
  • Triple loop--she has such great deep knee bend on her landings that it allows her to really hang on to her jumps
  • Nice double axel
  • Good layback spin with pretty positions but loss of speed on the Biellman
  • Good deep knees and edges in her step sequence but she really needs to work on softening her arms and hands to accentuate and finish off the movement
  • Double axel + triple toe
  • Triple lutz + double toe + double toe with a little bobble
  • Triple salchow
  • She needs more stretch through her sit spin
  • Solid program on the technical side and she should go into first place
Evgenia Gerasimova, RUS: 93.38 Total: 145.66
  • Triple flip
  • Triple lutz + double toe--she throws her head back in her jumps and it changes her centering
  • Beautiful Biellman spin with good maintaining of speed
  • Triple loop with no speed out of the jump 
  • Broken leg sit spin into a back tuck spin
  • This step sequence seems very slow compared to some of the other top skaters here and she's really skating on top of the ice and not getting into her knees and edges
  • Triple lutz with a fall
  • Triple salchow + double toe a little wobbly
  • Triple flip + double toe
  • Double axel with a fall
  • Nice transition from her camel to a spit spin and nice upright catchfoot spin especially with the length of her legs
Courtney Hicks, USA: 102.41 Total: 153.77
  • Super fast rotation on the triple flip + triple toe with great height
  • Triple loop with great toe point in her jump
  • Really nice layback position but not very stretched in her Biellman
  • Ina Bauer into a nice triple salchow
  • Flying entry to the camel spin with increased speed through the donut and catch foot variations
  • Nice height on the triple loop + double axel sequence
  • Triple lutz a little wobbly on the landing but she holds on
  • Nice speed and flow in her step sequence but she can get even more into her edges and minimize the ice spray
  • Nice double flip
  • Single axel
  • Closing with her signature spin into a scratch spin
Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Satoko MIYAHARAJPN106.8957.55 49.346.185.936.366.116.250.00#23
2Angela WANGUSA105.6955.79 49.906.
3Courtney HICKSUSA102.4151.89 50.526.506.216.366.216.290.00#25
4Kiri BAGAUSA94.4246.71 47.716.045.895.965.936.000.00#22
5Evgenia GERASIMOVARUS93.3848.53 46.856.075.795.715.965.752.00#24
6Alaine CHARTRANDCAN90.0149.51 41.505.365.
7So Youn PARKKOR85.0442.32 44.725.895.545.395.645.502.00#21
8Brooklee HANAUS83.9643.13 42.835.365.185.365.505.362.00#19
9Kako TOMOTAKIJPN80.8941.36 39.535.214.824.825.044.820.00#17
10Josefine TALJEGARDSWE80.5737.32 43.255.325.255.395.465.610.00#16
11Beata PAPPFIN76.1236.63 39.494.964.685.044.895.110.00#15
12Tina STUERZINGERSUI74.6441.11 35.534.754.144.544.464.322.00#13
13Nicole RAJICOVASVK70.6635.47 37.194.894.504.434.794.642.00#14
14Pernille SORENSENDEN69.0436.66 32.384.213.894.044.143.960.00#7
15Netta SCHREIBERISR64.9829.95 35.034.434.254.434.464.320.00#12
16Ji Hyun BYUNKOR64.0630.51 35.554.614.294.324.504.502.00#11
17Madelaine PARKERNZL60.3127.35 32.964.073.964.
18Melanie SWANGTHA59.5030.01 29.493.893.613.683.713.540.00#6
19Tsz Ying Crystal CHIKHKG59.1328.21 30.924.003.753.753.963.860.00#9
20Brittany LAUSIN57.9426.92
21Corinna Lijun LINTPE52.2924.28 28.013.683.323.463.613.430.00#5
22Clara BAIWIRBEL48.7824.20 25.583.392.963.
23Anhelina BOSKOARG41.0717.87
24Deirdre FAEGREIRL34.4914.37 22.122.932.502.792.822.792.00#4
25Raya M. WILLOUGHBYMAS30.9111.45 24.463.323.042.753.183.005.00#3
2Courtney HICKS
3Angela WANG
5Kiri BAGA
6So Youn PARK
8Brooklee HAN
10Josefine TALJEGARD
11Beata PAPP
15Ji Hyun BYUN
16Pernille SORENSEN
17Madelaine PARKER
18Melanie SWANG
19Tsz Ying Crystal CHIK
20Brittany LAU
21Corinna Lijun LIN
22Clara BAIWIR
23Anhelina BOSKO
25Deirdre FAEGRE

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