Saturday, March 16, 2013

World Championships Free Dance

Group 2
Carron/Jones, FRA: 42.19 TES + 44.21 PCS -1.00 = 85.40 Total: 145.98 and into 1st place
  • Great change of positions in the one arm hold rotational lift with nice ease
  • Nice backwards edge into a stationary rotational lift with her parallel to the ice
  • They seem to have a lot of tension in the holds in the first step sequence and could be more relaxed and stable
  • Nice stretch through their positions in the dance spin but they could have a better transition between positions
  • Nice unison and matching leg lines in the step sequence but they could get down into their knees and glide across the ice more
  • Straight line spread eagle lift where she rotated around through different positions
Zhiganshina/Gazsi, GER: 45.64 TES + 48.04 PCS = 93.68 Total: 154.27 and into 1st place
  • Good unison on their twizzles but a little choppy
  • Split throw over the head into a spread eagle lift
  • Interesting holds in the first step sequence but I'd like to see better posture from her, more speed and extension and better edges and knees
  • Slow of the haircutter rotational lift
  • Slow on the dance spin but nice positions and a decent change between the positions
  • She doesn't always stretch through her free leg in the step sequence to finish off the movement
  • Handstand up to an upside down arched lift with him on one leg
  • Interesting entry to their final curve lift
  • Fun ending with him carrying her on his back
Heekin-Canedy/Dun, UKR: 39.04 TES + 43.64 PCS = 82.68 Total: 141.88 and into 3rd place
  • Lost their unison on the 2nd set of twizzles but the first set were very nicely done
  • Cool straightline lift with him skating backwards in a sit position on one leg and her standing on his foot
  • Their feet get tangled in the first step sequence and they have to take a few steps to get back into it; she also seems to really snap kick her free leg out instead of just extending through the leg
  • Good positions in the one arm rotational lift but very slow
  • They actually have some nice deep edges but she seems to ride over the top a bit too much on the edge changes
  • Good stretched positions in the dance spin with nice changes of position but almost slowing to a stop at the end
  • Going through the motions in some of this choreography but no real tango feel or passion to the program
  • Split rotational lift and she could have a lot more flexibility in her free leg
Gilles/Poirier, CAN: 38.55 TES + 43.86 PCS -1.00 = 81.41 Total: 140.02 and into 7th place
  • I really like the height of their free legs in the first step sequence; nice posture and good unison; a bit choppy and sometimes too placed though
  • Great extension from her in the first spread eagle straightline lift
  • Nice flip around his neck to change positions in the one leg lift
  • Difficult flying entry into the twizzles but he can't control them and has to put a hand down
  • Rotational lift where he tosses her toward the ice and hangs on to her by her feet while he's in a squat position
  • Interesting dance spin with her in the lower position and him in a camel spin with a nice change of position
  • Nice expression, speed and ice coverage on the 2nd step sequence but still a bit choppy in places on some of the edge changes
Riazanova/Tkachenko, RUS: 42.64 TES + 47.62 PCS = 90.26 Total: 149.78 and into 2nd place
  • Nice unison and stretch in their free legs in the first step sequence with good speed
  • Twist up into a fast rotational lift with her resting on his neck
  • Good stretched positions in the dance spin with nice change of position and maintained speed
  • Good unison and speed in the twizzles and difficult use of the free arms
  • Spread eagle lift with her upside down 
  • Good flow through their 2nd step sequence and I like the details they've added to the choreography to add to the expression
  • Straight line lift with her on his boot and him on one foot with his leg balancing on her blades
Group 3
Coomes/Buckland, GBR: 36.83 TES + 45.22 PCS = 82.05 Total: 145.71 and into 4th place
  • Just a hair off on their 2nd set of twizzles but otherwise nicely done
  • Nice strength from her in the first lift with her in a handstand position holding her legs up perfectly straight
  • Nice flow, ease in the holds and use of the free arm and speed across the ice in their first step sequence; a bit bouncy on the final turn
  • Arched handstand on his knee while he balances on one foot and a nice dismount over his back
  • She misses her foot in the dance spin and they can't get into their position; trouble on the 2nd as well so they likely won't get credit for the element at all as they couldn't get the rotations around
  • Nice split one arm lift with a twirl under his arm on the exit
  • Struggle on the final choreographic lift and they can't seem to quite get it around or put it down
  • Not sure what happened because those two mistakes were glaring and the rest of the program was strong
Ilinykh/Katsalapov, RUS: 39.65 TES + 51.80 PCS = 91.45 Total: 157.52 and into 1st place
  • Off by almost a full rotation on the first set of twizzles and can't quite pull it together for the 2nd set either
  • Nice positions in the first lift, timed well with the music
  • Awkward position for her in the dance spin and she could have more flexibility through some of these positions; can't seem to get into the spin after the change of foot, no speed and they lose their balance and have to bail out
  • Nice stretch through their lines and good posture in their step sequence but they seem to be very far apart in the holds and seem to be skating mostly side by side
  • Kneeling lift wither her laying over his knee
  • I'm really not crazy about the talking in this program--I don't think it adds anything to the story and they don't commit to the program enough to pull it off
  • Good speed in the rotational lift
  • Again they could be closer in their holds in the 2nd step sequence
  • Rotational haircutter lift
  • Finished after the music
Shibutani/Shibutani, USA: 43.12 TES + 48.45 PCS = 91.57 Total: 157.71 and into 1st place
  • Good speed and stretch through their lines in the dance spin; slightly awkward change between the 1st and 2nd positions
  • Nice variation on the rotational haircutter lift with her upside down; small difficulty on the exit getting their arms untangled
  • Good twizzles, a little slow for them but right on with the music
  • Nice curve spread eagle lift with a good position for her on the exit
  • Good matching leg lines and stretch through their free leg and nice timing with the music; they have really superb free legs and you can see the quality of the line and the nice toe point
  • Handstand arched position for her while he is in a spread eagle
  • Good speed, ice coverage and edges in their 2nd step sequence
  • Split rotational lift
  • I don't dislike this program and I like the direction they're going with it but I think it's easy to get lost compared to the power of some of the other teams programs as it's a more subtle execution
Chock/Bates, USA: 47.35 TES + 49.84 PCS = 97.19 Total: 163.93 and into 1st place
  • Elegant changes of position in their opening lift done with ease
  • Great unison on their three sets of twizzles
  • It looked like she might have put her free leg down on one of the edge changes in one of the step sequences but the flow wasn't interrupted
  • A bit choppy in the middle of their dance spin but nice positions if a little slow
  • Nice twist around to a spread eagle curve lift hitting the pose right on the music
  • One arm rotational carousel lift
  • Nice use of their free arms in the 2nd step sequence but they could have a bit more height and stretch through some of their free legs
  • Love the final rotational stationary lift with her balancing on his blade
Weaver/Poje, CAN: 47.14 TES + 51.52 PCS = 98.66 Total: 166.20 and into 1st place
  • I don't like this all white costume including whit tights on her as she starts to disappear into the ice
  • Difficult cartwheel lift ending with him holding her over the ice while he is in a spread eagle
  • One foot lift for him with her standing on his thigh
  • Nice knee bend in their step sequence, a little too close to the boards in spots
  • Good unison on all three sets of twizzles
  • Nice positions in the dance spin with good transitions and nice flow out of the spin
  • Great strength in the curve lift with him in a hydroblade and her parallel to the ice
  • They could have more flow through the 2nd step sequence but nice choreography and connection to the music
  • Great final lift ending with her on his blade
Group 4
Virtue/Moir, CAN: 52.85 TES + 58/32 PCS = 111.17 Total: 185.04 and into 1st place
  • Double toss lift right on the music accents very cool and original
  • Seamless entry into the twizzles and good unison through all three sets
  • Nice positions in the dance spin with good ease in the transitions although they lost speed by the end
  • Nice matching leg lines and good height in the free leg in the 1st step sequence
  • Handstand lift on his shoulder with him in a spread eagle into a fast rotational lift
  • I feel like the dance break here breaks from the flow of the program
  • Good edges in their step sequence and nice use of their free arms but I feel that they both could be giving more emotional execution
  • Half twist flip into their crotch lift, but much improved execution from the start of the season
Cappellini/Lanotte, ITA: 48.29 TES + 51.82 PCS = 100.11 Total: 168.04 and into 2nd place
  • Nice unison through all three sets of twizzles and good speed
  • Spread eagle lift with her standing on his thigh and her leg hooked in attitude around his neck
  • Nice stretch through their lines and good edges in their step sequence but a bit slow and tentative 
  • Gorgeous layback position for her in the dance spin and nice change of direction right on the music
  • Straight line lift with him in a lunge and her extended out over the ice
  • Pretty split rotational lift with him holding her legs and really nice use of her arms to offset the spin
  • Nice edge changes in the 2nd step sequence
Davis/White, USA: 53.65 TES + 58.79 PCS = 112.44 Total: 189.56 and into 1st place
  • Love the assisted arabesque contraction to start the program
  • Toss flip into dance spin with nice speed and changes of position
  • Difficult lunge lift with his arms in a lasso position
  • Good stretch through their free legs, close position in the hold and nice speed through the changes of edge in the first step sequence
  • Solid two sets of twizzles
  • Curve lift in a spread eagle with position changes right on the bells
  • Lovely arabesque spiral looking into each other's eye the whole length of the rink
  • Nice variety in the holds in teh 2nd step sequence and good flow through their edge changes
  • Nice spread eagle lift right into a split rotational lift
  • Super fast final rotational lift
  • Love the ending with them spinning around each other on the ice
Bobrova/Soloviev, RUS: 45.31 TES + 53.83 PCS = 99.14 Total: 169.19 and into 3rd place
  • Cartwheel into rotational catchfoot lift
  • Twizzles seem tentative and slow but they are together
  • Some loss of unison and not stretching through their free legs in their first step sequence
  • Nice layback position in their dance spin from her and good camel position for him but a little loss of speed
  • Good edge changes but they could be a bit deeper into their edges 
  • One arm rotational lift with her holding on to his wrist
  • Awkward final lift with her in a criss cross position holding her feet
  • The construction of this program is just so so for me and doesn't really seem to tell a story or showcase a particular trait or style of dance and the costumes don't really make sense together either
Pechalat/Bourzat, FRA: 43.35 TES + 53.60 PCS -1.00 = 95.95 Total: 165.50 and into 6th place
  • Good fast rotational lift
  • A little close to the boards on the twizzles but ok on unison
  • Interesting spread eagle lift with her feet hooked around his boots
  • Off on some of the turns in their first step sequence
  • Straight line lift in a squat position for him with her balancing on his knees
  • They could have a bit more stretch through their free legs in the camel position in the dance spin but nice positions throughout
  • Nice arch position in the lift
Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Meryl DAVIS / Charlie WHITEUSA112.4453.65 58.799.719.649.969.969.860.00#18
2Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIRCAN111.1752.85 58.329.619.509.969.869.860.00#16
3Anna CAPPELLINI / Luca LANOTTEITA100.1148.29 51.828.578.398.868.758.820.00#17
4Ekaterina BOBROVA / Dmitri SOLOVIEVRUS99.1445.31 53.838.968.759.
5Kaitlyn WEAVER / Andrew POJECAN98.6647.14 51.528.578.368.798.718.680.00#15
6Madison CHOCK / Evan BATESUSA97.1947.35 49.848.298.078.438.548.390.00#14
7Nathalie PECHALAT / Fabian BOURZATFRA95.9543.35 53.608.898.719.
8Nelli ZHIGANSHINA / Alexander GAZSIGER93.6845.64 48.047.717.578.438.438.290.00#7
9Maia SHIBUTANI / Alex SHIBUTANIUSA91.5743.12 48.458.147.898.
10Elena ILINYKH / Nikita KATSALAPOVRUS91.4539.65 51.808.648.438.648.868.750.00#12
11Ekaterina RIAZANOVA / Ilia TKACHENKORUS90.2642.64 47.627.967.758.078.117.930.00#10
12Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONESFRA85.4042.19
13Isabella TOBIAS / Deividas STAGNIUNASLTU84.2541.11
14Julia ZLOBINA / Alexei SITNIKOVAZE83.6439.96 43.687.327.047.397.467.360.00#2
15Charlene GUIGNARD / Marco FABBRIITA83.0642.22 41.847.146.757.077.146.891.00#5
16Siobhan HEEKIN-CANEDY / Dmitri DUNUKR82.6839.04 43.647.297.147.367.467.210.00#8
17Penny COOMES / Nicholas BUCKLANDGBR82.0536.83 45.227.577.397.507.797.540.00#11
18Piper GILLES / Paul POIRIERCAN81.4138.55 43.867.367.077.397.547.361.00#9
19Sara HURTADO / Adria DIAZESP78.1640.88 38.286.366.076.646.576.501.00#4
20Cathy REED / Chris REEDJPN75.9937.01 38.986.576.326.646.616.460.00#1
1Meryl DAVIS / Charlie WHITE
2Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR
3Ekaterina BOBROVA / Dmitri SOLOVIEV
5Kaitlyn WEAVER / Andrew POJE
6Nathalie PECHALAT / Fabian BOURZAT
7Madison CHOCK / Evan BATES
10Nelli ZHIGANSHINA / Alexander GAZSI
12Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONES
13Penny COOMES / Nicholas BUCKLAND
14Siobhan HEEKIN-CANEDY / Dmitri DUN
15Isabella TOBIAS / Deividas STAGNIUNAS
17Charlene GUIGNARD / Marco FABBRI
19Sara HURTADO / Adria DIAZ
20Cathy REED / Chris REED

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