Wednesday, March 13, 2013

World Championships Mens Short Program

Group 5
Javier Fernandez, ESP: 40.20 TES + 40.56 PCS = 80.76 and into 1st place
  • Huge, solid quad salchow to open the program
  • Popped the triple axel open; he had the height but didn't pull in enough
  • Triple lutz + triple toe was very nice with good hang time
  • A little slow in the sit spin
  • Great choreography in the step sequence with a few innovative moves
  • Traveling a tad in the combination spin but good speed and postions
Kevin Reynolds, CAN: 47.69 TES + 37.47 PCS = 85.16 and into 1st place
  • Opens with a really nice quad salchow + triple toe
  • A little bit on his heel on the landing of the triple axel but hangs on
  • Quad toe with a turn out but he keeps his free leg up
  • Good stretched camel spin position but he jumps a little too far away on the change of leg
  • A little wild in places in the step sequence but I appreciate his commitment to the choreography and that he goes for it 100%
  • Nice flexibility in the sit positions
Brian Joubert, FRA: 44.20 TES + 39.97 PCS = 84.17 and into 2nd place
  • Quad toe  + double toe
  • Triple axel looked easy
  • A little slow and could use more flexibility through his upright catchfoot position
  • Nice to see his personality come out and to play with the audience in the in between moments
  • Swish triple flip right on the music
  • Traveling a bit on the change of foot in the sit spin
  • Good speed in the sit spin
  • Nice speed and attack in his step sequence but he could stretch through his lines more; the crowd is loving his step sequence and the element of excitement in places
Florent Amodio, FRA: 37.99 TES + 38.74 PCS -1.00 = 75.73 and into 5th place
  • Triple salchow
  • A little down in his hip on the landing of the triple axel but hangs on to it
  • Nice twisted layback position
  • While I'm not a fan of his choreography I do like that he really connects with the audience and accents every note of his music
  • Triple lutz + triple toe
  • Good speed in the sit spin
  • Loses his footing on the entry to his final spin and seems to be really injured--does not get back up for a while and seems to be limping but then manages to finish his choreography
Tomas Verner, CZE: 32.35 TES + 36.70 PCS -1.00 = 68.05 and into 10th place
  • Quad toe a bit sloppy on the landing but he's on his feet
  • Triple axel, hand down and fall out
  • Good scratch spin but he needs to work on his stretch through the upright catchfoot position
  • Triple flip, flip out
  • Traveled the length of the ISU logo in his sit spin
  • Interesting choreography in his step sequence but it doesn't all seem to suit his music
  • Good twisted sit position and nice stretch through the regular sit spin
Takahito Mura, JPN: 36.17 TES + 37.29 PCS = 73.46 and into 6th place
  • Did not even get off the ground on his quad attempt--looked like he had a problem tapping in
  • Huge triple axel
  • Triple lutz + triple toe
  • Nice twisted camel spin
  • Flying sit spin losing speed through the back tuck position
Group 6
Michal Brezina, CZE: 43.92 TES + 39.17 PCS = 83.09 and into 3rd place
  • A little hunched over on the entrance to his quad salchow but nails it
  • Triple flip + triple toe
  • Triple axel, turn out but he keeps his free leg up
  • Good free leg position in his camel spin
  • Nice height in the flying entry to the sit spin but he could have a more stretched free leg
  • Good energy in the step sequence and good ice coverage
  • A bit of a bobble in his final spin and he loses almost all of his speed.
Yuzuru Hanyu, JPN: 36.12 TES + 40.82 PCS -1.00 = 75.94 and into 6th place
  • Hard fall on the opening quad toe and slides all the way into the boards before he can get back up
  • Gorgeous spin positions in the camel with good speed maintained throughout
  • Nice low sit position with good stretched lines
  • Difficult entry into the triple axel and he lands it nicely
  • Triple lutz off in the air and hands down--didn't complete a combo and he'll receive a penalty for that as well
  • You have to give him credit for keeping the energy and performance up despite the difficulties
Denis Ten, KAZ: 50.81 TES + 40.75 PCS = 91.56 and into 1st place
  • Nice opening quad toe
  • Beautiful triple axel right on the music
  • Good twisted sit position, but losing all his speed in the back tuck position
  • Gorgeous camel spin position but a big jump on the change of foot
  • Triple flip + triple toe
  • Good intensity and use of his full body in the step sequence
Daisuke Takahashi, JPN: 41.50 TES + 43.17 PCS = 84.67 and into 3rd place
  • Two foots his quad toe
  • Solid triple axel
  • Good speed maintained throughout his sit spin
  • Good camel spin with change of foot
  • Triple lutz + triple toe a little back on the 2nd jump and has to put his foot down
  • Good upright spin with nice speed and ease in the changes of position
  • Brilliant choreography with nice edge changes in the steps
Patrick Chan, CAN: 52.70 TES + 45.67 PCS = 98.37
  • Quad toe a little low in his knees on the landing but somehow pulls off a triple toe on the end
  • Nice triple axel
  • Good stretch through his camel position on both legs
  • Solid triple lutz
  • Good speed in the twisted sit spin, right on the music
  • Nice choreography in his step sequence with good changes of edge and use of his full body
  • Good final spin
Ross Miner, USA: 35.21 TES +36.03  PCS - 1.00 = 70.24 and into 14th place
  • Two footed and fell on the opening quad salchow--just didn't seem to have the speed and attack going into it
  • Triple axel, a little back on the landing but hangs on to it
  • Good speed in the combo spin and nice changes of position ending with a good scratch spin
  • Triple lutz + triple toe tight but he pulls it off
  • Nice stretched camel spin position but losing a little speed toward the end
  • He seems a bit slow in the footwork but nice use of the ice surface and variety in his movement
 Pl.  Qual.NameNationTSS
1QPatrick CHANCAN98.3752.70 45.679.
2QDenis TENKAZ91.5650.81 40.758.077.898.398.118.290.00#32
3QKevin REYNOLDSCAN85.1647.69 37.477.577.297.547.437.640.00#25
4QDaisuke TAKAHASHIJPN84.6741.50 43.178.718.468.618.578.820.00#33
5QBrian JOUBERTFRA84.1744.20 39.978.187.688.187.898.040.00#26
6QMichal BREZINACZE83.0943.92 39.177.967.577.967.757.930.00#30
7QJavier FERNANDEZESP80.7640.20 40.568.147.898.
8QMax AARONUSA78.2043.56 34.647.146.507.076.897.040.00#21
9QYuzuru HANYUJPN75.9436.12 40.828.398.047.938.258.211.00#31
10QFlorent AMODIOFRA75.7337.99 38.747.937.647.467.827.891.00#27
11QTakahito MURAJPN73.4636.17 37.297.647.327.547.367.430.00#29
12QNan SONGCHN73.0341.10 31.936.576.256.436.326.360.00#23
13QPeter LIEBERSGER71.2038.87 32.336.576.296.546.546.390.00#19
14QRoss MINERUSA70.2435.21 36.037.397.
15QMisha GEUZB68.4533.95 34.506.826.577.116.827.180.00#22
16QAlexander MAJOROVSWE68.3236.69 31.636.466.216.326.186.460.00#18
17QTomas VERNERCZE68.0532.35 36.707.507.217.147.397.461.00#28
18QAndrei ROGOZINECAN67.3536.14 31.216.396.
19QMaxim KOVTUNRUS65.8532.29 33.566.896.576.756.716.640.00#20
20QViktor ROMANENKOVEST65.3337.08 28.255.825.465.795.615.570.00#16
21QViktor PFEIFERAUT64.1032.98 31.126.366.
22QJustus STRIDDEN63.2534.42 28.835.895.545.865.685.860.00#17
23QJorik HENDRICKXBEL62.0432.90
24QYakov GODOROZHAUKR61.8834.06 27.825.715.365.645.505.610.00#8
25Maciej CIEPLUCHAPOL60.9632.64 28.325.715.435.865.645.680.00#12
26Jin Seo KIMKOR60.7533.40 28.355.825.465.825.545.711.00#14
27Paolo BACCHINIITA60.3131.37 28.946.005.615.795.685.860.00#10
28Abzal RAKIMGALIEVKAZ59.1430.96 28.185.645.365.685.615.890.00#1
29Zoltan KELEMENROU58.2430.85 27.395.575.185.575.505.570.00#15
30Ronald LAMHKG57.9432.30 26.645.465.185.395.255.361.00#13
31Alexei BYCHENKOISR57.5331.24 27.295.545.215.575.435.541.00#9
32Kim LUCINEMON57.3530.24 27.115.545.145.545.395.500.00#3
33Paul Bonifacio PARKINSONITA51.5424.69 26.855.575.185.395.325.390.00#11
34Christopher CALUZAPHI49.1521.44 27.715.575.545.465.505.640.00#4
WD Pavel IGNATENKOBLR          #6

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