Saturday, October 29, 2011

Skate Canada Ladies Free Skate

The officials are being announced and warmup should begin shortly.

Group 1
Sarah Hecken, GER: 43.48 TES + 42.73 PCS = 86.21 Total 130.71
  • She is wearing a very pretty blue and green dress.  
  • Opens with a triple toe + double toe
  • Nice triple salchow
  • Very nice backwards arabesque line for her spiral
  • Very nice triple right into her flying camel spin with good speed into her donut position but the catchfoot position could use more flexibility
  • With some more flexibility through her layback spin she could earn more points by increasing her levels and GOE
  • Good triple toe
  • Turn out of her triple salchow
  • Solid double axel
  • Nice double axel + double toe + double toe combination
  • Lots of turns in her one foot section of her step sequence but she needs more stretch through her free leg and the intensity she's giving doesn't quite match the music
  • Nice positions in her final spin
Adriana DeSanctis, CAN: 42.03 TES + 41.31 PCS -1.00 = 82.34 Total: 129.48 and into 2nd place
  • She needs to put a lot more into her choreography at the top of the program--she's just going through the motions
  • Turn out of her opening triple but no speed going into it
  • Nice triple salchow + double toe
  • Fall on her next triple--it looks like she just doesn't have the fight in her to land these jumps
  • Pretty positions in her layback spin but not Biellman
  • Nice triple toe triple toe sequence
  • She took some tough falls in warmup and it's written all over her body language that she's not going to fight for these jumps
  • Popped a jump
  • Nice triple salchow
  • Single axel + double axel sequence
  • She needs more stretch through all her positions in this combination spin
  • I'd like to see more tango flair in this step sequence as there are no arm motions or steps that coincide with the feel of the program
  • She struggles to get a hold of her blade in her final spin
Cynthia Phaneuf, CAN: 42.48 TES + 50.52 PCS -1.00 = 92.00 Total: 140.70 and into 1st place
  • Solid triple lutz to open her program
  • Nice triple toe + double toe
  • Double toe--the only thing I don't like about her jumps is that she takes a long time setting up for them
  • Nice layback spin but she's leaving a lot of points on the table by not doing the Biellman or a catchfoot position
  • Double salchow
  • Nice arabesque line in her spiral but I 'd like to see a little more strength in the leg so it doesn't lower when she changes edges
  • Triple toe + double toe 
  • Fall on her triple loop
  • Turnout of a double axel
  • Nice low sit spin with a good stretched leg and a seamless exit
  • Nice use of her upper body through the step sequence and she is putting some power behind her movements 
  • She could use more stretch through her bottom leg in her upright position but she has a nice broken leg sit position 
  • She finishes just a beat behind the music
Alena Leonova, RUS: 50.35 TES + 52.12 PCS = 102.47  Total: 152.22 and into 1st place
  • I'm really glad she grew her hair back out as the short bob didn't look as elegant on her
  • Lot of speed on her triple toe + triple toe but it looked like the second jump might have been a little two footed
  • A turn out of her triple loop but she manages to keep the free leg up
  • Nice triple
  • Good speed in her camel spin with good positions and she maintains the speed through the change of foot
  • Even though I don't always love her programs she always commits to every movement and really performs every second of the program
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe--tight on the landings at the end but she ekes it out
  • Possibly another two footed landing on her triple
  • Singles her axel
  • I love the attack in this step sequence and she is really leaving everything out on the ice, but knowing her she has the potential to give even more
  • She needs a lot more stretch and flexibility through the illusions in her final combination spin
Amelie Lacoste, CAN: 43.22 TES + 52.58 PCS = 95.80  Total: 146.40 and into 2nd place
  • Amelie is such a beautiful skater and her packaging is spot on
  • Very solid triple loop to open her program and her arabesque line when she lands is gorgeous
  • Popped into a double
  • Triple salchow + double loop combo is tight but she makes the landing
  • Very nice layback spin; she does the haircutter but no Bielmann
  • I really like her musicality through her step sequence and the effortless feel she gives off
  • Popped another jump
  • Nice triple loop + double toe
  • Great low sit position in her spin
  • Nice arabesque spiral well timed with the music
  • Step out and hand down on her double axel
  • Double salchow
  • Nice positions in her final combination spin with consistent speed and finished just after the music
Group 2
Mirai Nagasu, USA: 50.07 TES + 48.92 PCS = 98.99 Total: 151.72 and into 2nd place
  • Some technical difficulties made me miss most of her program.  Her spins at the end looked slow and she reportedly had errors on several of her jumps
Akiko Suzuki, JPN: 63.84 TES + 55.60 PCS = 119.44 Total: 172.26 and into 1st place
  • She is using the same music as Davis and White
  • Opens with a beautiful triple lutz
  • Single axel + triple toe
  • Turn out of her triple flip
  • Good positions and speed in her combination spin
  • I don't love her broken leg position in her camel spin 
  • Nice stretched out position in her spiral skating backwards in her arabesque position
  • Triple loop + double toe + double loop
  • Free leg down on the landing of her triple flip
  • Very nice triple lutz 
  • Good triple salchow
  • I'd like to see her go a little bigger in this step sequence as the music is so big and really fills the room
  • Nice speed in her final combination spin
Rachael Flatt, USA: 29.33 TES + PCS = 73.99 Total: 128.22 and into 8th place
  • Nice triple loop right on the music to start her program
  • Hand down and turn out on the triple lutz
  • Doubled her flip
  • She could use a lot more stretch through her back in the catch foot position on her camel spin and more speed
  • Those illusions in her camel spin don't look very nice and don't achieve the right amount of split position--she could get more points with a different variation
  • Triple loop + double toe right in front of the judges
  • Fall on her triple salchow
  • Good stretch and extension through her spiral
  • Not the best landing on her triple lutz but she keeps the free leg up
  • Nice Ina Bauer
  • Fall on her double axel and she just sat down and didn't fight for it
  • It looks like she's running low on energy going into her footwork and I want to see her really go for this and skate it with the same passion as her short program
Ashley Wagner, USA: 56.50 TES + 55.48 PCS -1.00 = 110.98 Total: 165.48 and into 2nd place
  • Love this Black Swan costume on her.  Very elegant and very Ashley.
  • Solid triple + double toe with a two arm variation to open her program
  • She is so fluid on the ice with great edgework
  • Great ice coverage on her double axel + double toe
  • She looks really relaxed out there on the ice today
  • Another nice triple
  • Great speed through her sit spin
  • Beautiful arabesque spiral position into a nice scorpion position
  • Very nice layback spin with a beautiful Biellmann position
  • Her feet got caught up under her on the triple lutz and she takes a fall
  • Nice triple salchow on the music
  • Good triple loop
  • Another solid triple and she is on tonight!
  • Seamless step sequence
  • Beautiful positions and speed in the camel and a nice broken leg position in her sit spin
Elizaveta Tuktamisheva, RUS: 64.21 TES + 53.60 PCS = 117.81  Total: 177.38 and into 1st place
  • This red dress is really pretty on her and really pops against the ice
  • For being in her senior Grand Prix debut, 14 years old and the leader, she looks remarkably calm
  • Gorgeous triple lutz + triple toe combination with so much height
  • Beautiful triple flip
  • Another nice triple--she has such nice flow out of her jumps
  • Double axel + double toe
  • I'd like to see her stretch more through her free leg through the step sequence and push through it a little harder
  • Nice triple loop
  • Nice scorpion position in her spiral but she needs to get into the position a little quicker
  • More stretch through the free leg in her sit spin, but good speed
  • I like the use of her arms through the broken leg variation in her sit spin
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double loop
  • Double axel with one arm over her head
  • What a debut!
Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Akiko SUZUKIJPN119.4463.84 55.607.326.507.146.936.860.00#7
2Elizaveta TUKTAMISHEVARUS117.8164.21 53.606.896.217.006.866.540.00#10
3Ashley WAGNERUSA110.9856.50 55.487.046.327.326.827.181.00#9
4Alena LEONOVARUS102.4750.35 52.126.686.216.506.576.610.00#4
5Mirai NAGASUUSA98.9950.07 48.926.615.965.936.185.890.00#6
6Amelie LACOSTECAN95.8043.22 52.586.686.216.366.826.790.00#5
7Cynthia PHANEUFCAN92.0042.48 50.526.685.826.256.366.461.00#3
8Sarah HECKENGER86.2143.48 42.735.714.965.505.215.320.00#1
9Adriana DESANCTISCAN82.3442.03 41.315.574.715.325.185.041.00#2
10Rachael FLATTUSA73.9929.33 46.666.145.395.646.115.892.00#8
3Ashley WAGNER
7Cynthia PHANEUF
10Rachael FLATT

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  1. Hey, it is so great having these live updates with more than just the score!! Where I live we don't get any skating live. So thanks heaps!! Bummer that you missed Mirai's program.