Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grand Prix Final Dance Preview

The big show down in this event will be between Davis and White and Virtue and Moir.  Both of their programs are very different but suit each team well.  They've been keeping pace with each other all season and there are different things to appreciate about each team and depending on the judges it could really go either way.  Both have great edge work, skating skills, solid twizzles, great lifts and wonderful performance quality to go with it.  I give the slight edge to Davis and White due to their free skate.  It is so well choreographed and perfect for them that you want to get up there and skate with them.  While Virtue and Moir's Funny Face is solid, I don't think it is up to the same caliber as Die Fleidermaus.  I wouldn't be surprised if Virtue and Moir win the short while Davis and White win the free dance.  Virtue and Moir have the best short dance and 2nd best free skate and total scores of the season.  Davis and White have the 2nd best short dance and best free dance and total scores of the season.

Pechalat and Bourzat put out solid programs this season, but I'm not completely sold on their free dance.  I don't think they take the time to fully develop the story and her mummy costume is a little distracting.  Bobrova and Soloviev also have a distracting costume in their free skate that makes it difficult to enjoy the program.  Their free skate is well choreographed to hide their weaknesses, however, including their poor posture in the holds.  They put up a huge score in their first event, but despite an improved performance at Cup of Russia, they couldn't match their previous marks.  Pechalat and Bourzat have the 3rd best short dance, free dance and total scores of the season.  Bobrova and Soloviev have the 4th best short dance, free dance and total scores of the season.

Weaver and Poje lost to the Shibutanis by a heartbreaking margin at NHK Trophy and had to settle for three silvers on the Grand Prix.  They did improve throughout the season and their Je Suis Malade free dance is exquisite with interesting lifts and a gripping performance from beginning to end.  The Shibutanis have a great free dance as well that plays to their strengths and shows off their impeccable technique.  The Shibutanis scores likely won't be good enough for the podium, but they improved at every event last season, passing several teams along the way, and I expect them to do the same this season.  They also did back to back events, so they've had more time to prepare for the Final.  Weaver and Poje have the 6th best short dance and 5th best free dance and total scores of the season.  The Shibutanis have the 8th best short dance and 7th best free dance and total scores of the season.

My podium predictions:
Gold: Davis/White
Silver: Virtue/Moir
Bronze: Pechalat/Bourzat

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