Saturday, January 14, 2012

Laxson heads to San Jose with arsenal of triples

Brianna Laxson is a 12 year old who represents the Washington Figure Skating Club and trains in Virginia.  She won the pewter medal in Intermediate Ladies last season and is making the jump to novice this season.  She took home the gold at South Atlantic Regionals and silver at Eastern Sectionals to qualify for nationals.  

In between midterms and training for nationals, she found the time to talk to me about trying four new triples in one year, making the jump to novice and her goals for nationals.

Tell me about yourself outside of skating.
When I am not skating, I am usually doing schoolwork. I am a seventh grader at the Virginia Virtual Academy. When I am not doing either of these things, I like to read.
How would you describe your skating to someone who had never seen you skate before?
I am at the novice level, which is the third highest level and I have been skating for about 8 years. Last season, I landed my first triple jump in competition. Since then I have landed 4 other different triple jumps.
In 2011, you successfully landed 4 new triple jumps in competition.  Was it difficult to add so many new jumps at once?
It was challenging to go from one triple jump to four because there was more pressure of landing the more difficult jumps. I was always changing my programs because sometimes one jump would be less consistent than other jumps. The jump that I was having trouble with tended to change. Over the season I have been changing jumps and have landed all my triples in competition.
Is there anything in particular you've been focusing on for nationals?
For nationals, I have just been training hard and working on perfecting all of my elements.

You've competed at Junior Nationals twice.  How do you think nationals will be different?
I am not really sure since I haven't been to a nationals. Although a couple people have told me that it's a lot different from Junior Nationals. I am very excited to find out!

Madison Vinci (1st, Eastern Sectionals) also represents the Washington Figure Skating Club.  What advantages are there to having someone from your club competing at nationals at the same level?
It is fun to have another skater from my club skating at the same level, because later we can talk about the great experience. Another great thing is that I will have at least one friend there to watch all the events with.

What are your goals for nationals?  How do you hope nationals will set you up for your short term and long term goals as a skater?
My main goal at nationals is to skate my programs clean. My short term goal is to do well enough to be considered for a Junior Grand Prix assignment next season. In the future, I would like to represent the U.S. at larger international competitions.

What are you looking forward to most about nationals?
Watching all the different events! I am also looking forward to seeing some of my family that lives in San Jose.

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  1. Im ure age and learning to become a figure skater... is that to late?