Friday, January 27, 2012

U.S. Nationals: Senior Short Dance

Glastris/Allison: 11.58 TES + 16.64 PCS = 28.22
  • Nice matching leg lines through the Rhumba with a nice big pattern  and a nice flow across the ice; everything seems a little placed and they don't let the movement really take them
  • Really off on their timing on the twizzles
  • He's skating backwards on one foot and she's arched back, he struggles to hold the foot up
  • Their circular step sequence doesn't go to the edges of the rink and instead stays closer to the middle
Schmucker/Munday: 23.21 TES + 19.97 PCS = 43.18 and into 1st place
  • They competed as novices last season at nationals, so this is quite the jump for them
  • Good speed through their opening section into their twizzles with good unison
  • Haircutter rotational lift with her free leg in a stag position
  • They really try and pay attention to the details in the music and hit the accents
  • She really needs to stretch through her free leg, especially since the hot pink leg warmers draw a lot of attention to them
  • This step sequence seems slow compared with the music they're skating to but they have really nice unison and a good spatial relationship between them
Hoptman/Filchenkov: 25.85 TES + 20.42 PCS = 46.27 and into 1st place
  • Nice speed and latin flavor through the opening section
  • Nice timing, speed and flow through their circular step sequence with a lot of arm movement and nice expression
  • I like her arm choices through the rhumba but I'd like to see her not lean so far forward through the whole sequence
  • Split rotational lift with her leg on his shoulder
  • A small bobble getting into the ending pose but otherwise a really nice program
Olson/Cowan: 28.78 TES +24.66 PCS = 53.44 and into 1st place
  •  Nice Latin flavor with some samba rolls at the beginning and some nice Latin steps
  • Nice solid twizzles with really good unison
  • They really ride some deep edges in their circular step sequence
  • Nice flow through the rhumba sequence with nice matching leg lines
  • Heel stretch standing in his hands with a cartwheel into a cradle exit
  • 2nd sequence of the rhumba with some nice arm positions from her 
  • Nice twisting split transitional lift to end their program
Cannuscio/Lorello: 25.86 TES + 24.17 PCS = 50.03 and into 2nd place
  • Nice expression right from the first moment of the program
  • Really great edges and soft flow over the ice in the circular step sequence
  • Nice spread eagle position for him with her holding her body horizontal over the ice
  • Nice ease in their rhumba with good flow
  • Pretty good unison on the twizzles
  • They have really nice transitions and flow through their elements and it's a very solid well put together program where you don't just see them checking the boxes
  • Rotational lift in the cradle position with a few dance moves into their ending pose
Shibutani/Shibutani: 37.50 TES + 35.11 PCS = 72.61 and into 1st place
  • So much fire from the start of the program and really nice transitional moves with a lot of Latin flair into their rhumba
  • Good leg positions with matching lines and nice stretched legs with good edges
  • Signature lighting fast twizzles were great today and they had good distance between them
  • They hold on to their edges for a really long time in their second rhumba section
  • Cute hip section in the middle gets the crowd cheering
  • Nice speed and great flow through this step sequence with everything very nicely in sync
  • Haircutter rotational lift and a huge cheer from the crowd and a standing ovation
Lichtman/Copely: 29.22 TES + 23.33 PCS = 52.55 and into 3rd place
  • I love this hot pink color on Charlotte
  • Compared to the Shibs, their Latin moves seem more forced and more like choreography instead of flowing naturally to the music
  • They do have nice flow through the rhumba but have a really small height difference so he has to watch how deep he goes in his knees to not appear shorter than her
  • Nice arms and edges throughout the circular step sequence
  • Haircutter rotational lift with her wrapped around his body
Samuelson/Gilles: 26.29 TES + 26.95 PCS = 53.24 and into 3rd place
  • Lots of nice genuine emotion and Latin flavor at the beginning of their dance
  • Flip up to a curve lift with position changes for her and a spread eagle position from him
  • Nice big pattern on the rhumba with good hold on the edges and nice flow
  • A little off on the unison in the first and third sets of twizzles
  • Good matching leg lines through the second set of the rhumba
  • Nice choreography in this circular step sequence with some unique and interesting steps but a few spots where unison is off
  • Cartwheel around to the ending pose
Chock/Bates: 26.36 TES + 29.13 PCS = 55.49 and into 2nd place
  • What happened to his hair?
  • Lots of sizzle and hip action at the beginning of this program--she was born to do Latin
  • Nice twizzles with the leg held in front but they completely lacked unison on them
  • Lots of nice arm movement from her and a nice transition out of the rhumba--really seamless
  • Hop up to two nice positions for her with a spread eagle position for him
  • Good speed and flow through the second rhumba sequence
  • Nice transition with her in a split position on his boots
  • Nice choreography trhough the step sequence but I'd like to see them do a better job of keeping a more constant distance between them instead of drifting together and then apart
Cannuscio/McManus: 30.35 TES + 23.47 PCS = 53.82 and into 3rd place
  • A few of her hand positions in the rhumba could be a bit more turned out
  • Nice twizzles with the leg extended out and a nice movement betwen each other on the twizzles
  • Nice one arm rotational lift that changes heights with a nice easy set down
  • Good speed and flow through the rhumba and I like how she uses her head and shoulders to really sell the sassy feeling of the program
  • They have such great flow and transitions in their program that you don't see the elements as asll as they are part of one cohesive program
  • I really like the way they attach their program and always seem to give it their all--they also seem to really enjoy the high energy latin rhythms
Hubbell/Donohue: 27.51 TES + 30.05 PCS = 57.56 and into 2nd place
  • I like that they are equally matched in attacking the opening of this program and really selling it to the audience
  • Nice deep edges and good one foot sequence on their circular step sequence with good timing 
  • Nice leg lines in the rhumba and I really like the natural use of her arm that just adds to the quality of the sequence
  • Cartwheel up to standing on his hip and twist down to a cradle position--very smooth and very solid
  • They cover a lot of distance on their rhumba  and have really nice edges
  • Good unison on the extended leg twizzles and she is really going after the end of this program
Zuber/Herring: 24.65 TES + 18.48 PCS = 43.13 and into 11th place
  • I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear gauntlets with a wrist poof before
  • Her face looks very tentative in the rhumba and she keeps her hand in the hold the entire sequence
  • Their edges are not as clean as Hubbell and Donohue's were
  • She really drifts away on the second set of twizzles and has an awkward hand position
  • Split on his boot with him holding her top leg
  • Decent circular step sequence
  • They're lacking the Latin fire that we've seen from a lot of the other teams tonight
Davis/White: 38.22 TES + 38.67 PCS = 76.89 and into 1st place
  • This dress is absolutely stunning on Meryl.  It complements her so much better than the orange
  • Love that she is totally in character even before the music starts
  • I think they hit every accent in the music through this opening sequence
  • Really solid twizzle sequence with amazing unison, good distance and speed
  • This middle section with all the hips going into the rhumba is a really nice transition
  • Such deep edges from them, a lot of free arm action with easy changes of hold in the rhumba with a nice transition out
  • Nice unison on the circular step sequence with a lot of coverage on teh one foot sequence, lots of upper body movement
  • Hop up to the lift on his hip and arching back over the ice as he goes into the spread eagle
  • Cool ending transitional lift where she goes through his legs and lands on his hip
Kriengkrairut/Giuletti-Schmitt: 29.50 TES + 26.87 PCS = 56.37 and into 4th place
  • About a half rotation off on their first set of twizzles but back together for the second set
  • At the beginning of the rhumba she didn't quite seem to get her free leg fully stretched, but it was better by the end
  • Awesome lift--she is laying on his skates, he picks up her leg and pulls her up to a handstand with one leg held to her head in a haircutter; definitely the most creative lift of the evening
  • Nice deep edges through the rhumba and right up into a nice transitional dance lift into their ending pose
PlaceStart No.NameScore
113Meryl Davis, Arctic FSC
Charlie White, Detroit SC
26Maia Shibutani, SC of NY
Alex Shibutani, Arctic FSC
311Madison Hubbell, Detroit SC
Zachary Donohue, Detroit SC
414Lynn Kriengkrairut, All Year FSC
Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, Ann Arbor FSC
59Madison Chock, All Year FSC
Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC
610Anastasia Cannuscio, University of DE FSC
Colin McManus, SC Of Boston
74Anastasia Olson, Detroit SC
Jordan Cowan, All Year FSC
88Emily Samuelson, Ann Arbor FSC
Todd Gilles, All Year FSC
97Charlotte Lichtman, Arctic FSC
Dean Copely, All Year FSC
105Isabella Cannuscio, University of DE FSC
Ian Lorello, University of DE FSC
113Ginna Hoptman, IceWorks SC
Pavel Filchenkov, IceWorks SC
122Brittany Schmucker, Tulsa FSC
Adam Munday, Highland SC
1312Meredith Zuber, University of DE FSC
Kyle Herring, University of DE FSC
141Carina Glastris, DuPage FSC
Kevin Allison, Skokie Valley SC

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