Tuesday, January 24, 2012

U.S. Nationals: Junior Short Dance

Jeandell/Dodge: 20.42 TES + 17.12 PCS = 37.54
  • She is 17 and he is 17 and they are skating to Let's Get Loud and Sway
  • Yay for the Samba roll at the beginning of their program!
  • Nice open leg twizzles to start off; they do three sets; a little slow, but in time with the music; really close on the third set
  • They seem very tentative in some of these hold changes and I'd like to see her commit to more of the choreography with her free arm 
  • He's really selling the Latin feel of this dance
  • Rotational lift in a haircutter position--seemed a little long; must be 6 seconds or less otherwise they will be assessed a deduction
  • Decent timing on their step sequence
Howe/Jahnke: 25.57 TES + 17.76 PCS = 43.33 and into 1st place
  • She is 18 and he is 21
  • Nice change of position in the lift with her in a tucked position
  • They have a nice flow across the one foot section in their non touching footwork
  • No unison through their two sets of twizzles and they seem to get really close in the second set
  • I really appreciate that they're trying to put their spin on the Cha Cha and adding extra arm and shoulder movements but some of their hand to hand holds are a little awkward; nice matched leg lines throughout the step sequence
  • Rotational lift into the ending pose
Mancini/Brooks: 26.00 TES + 19.81 PCS = 45.81 and into 1st place
  •  She is 15 and he is 17 and they are skating to Haitian Lady
  • Not sold on the one black tight, hopefully it will add to the performance and not be distracting
  • Their height difference is so much better this season with a lot less hunching from him in the holds to reach her hands; he seems to be making up for the distance by getting a deeper knee bend instead
  • Nice speed and flow through the Cha Cha with nice changes of hold throughout and good matching lines; nice big pattern that comes very close to the boards
  • An upside down rotational lift with him holding her by her leg
  • It looks like she put her foot down before him in both sets of twizzles and they were slightly off on their timing
  • Nice deep edges and good timing in their step sequence but not a lot of Latin flair here
Dzierzankowski/Dispenza: 16.09 TES + 13.98 PCS -2.00 = 28.07 and into 4th place
  • She is 19 and he is 21 and they are skating to Hot Hot Hot
  • Really fart apart on the twizzles and not great timing through the first two sets
  • Arch back lift with him in a spread eagle
  • They could work on really stretching through their legs and feet in the Cha Cha section; it also looks like they're really concentrating and I'd like to see them relax and have more fun with it
  • I'd like to see them have better matching lines in some of their transitional moves
  • They need to stretch through their legs and stay with each other during the non touching step sequence
  • He falls in the ending pose and takes her down with him
Bonacorsi/Mager: 28.35 TES + 25.04 PCS = 53.39 and into 1st place
  • They are skating to Chilly Cha Cha and Besame Mucho
  • Good timing, positions and relationship to each other on the three sets of twizzles
  • She could stretch through her legs more in the non touching step sequence
  • Flip into a spread eagle lift on his back and a flip foward on to his knees
  • Her leg line is better in the Cha Cha, but there are a few places where they aren't completely in sync; nice big pattern all the way up to the boards
  • Rotational lift with change of positions into their ending pose
Parsons/Parsons: 28.93 TES + 21.87 PCS = 50.80 and into 2nd place
  • She is 14 and he is 16 and they are skating to Psychedelic Sally
  • Really nice posture from him and it's nice to see the boy having better expression than the girl
  • Nice lift with solid position changes
  • A little off on their timing in the non touching step sequence
  • Second set of twizzles was off on timing
  • Rotational transitional lift into the Cha Cha
  • In most places their leg lines match up in the Cha Cha but there are a few places they're not completely in sync and I'd like to see her have more stretch through her legs
Aldridge/Eaton: 27.71 TES + 26.71 PCS = 54.42 and into 1st place
  •  She is 18 and he is 20 and they are skating to I Need To Know
  • Her dress is my favorite of the evening so far
  • Hello Diva faces!
  • Flip into a handstand in a spread eagle and flip back to stand on his boot
  • Great posture, control, leg stretch, toe point and nice holds in the Cha Cha; nice big pattern and good edge quality
  • Good twizzles but they got a little close to the boards on the second set; they probably had the fastest twizzles of the night so far
  • Nice push through the one foot section of their step sequence and I love how their arms and heads are always moving with the choreography; she bobbles on one of the last steps in the sequence
  • Very professional program and they don't look like juniors
Pogrebinsky/Gudis: 25.86 TES + 20.81 PCS = 46.67 and into 4th place
  •  She is 14 and he is 16 and they are skating to Relax Max/Party is Over
  • Cool toss into a fish like lift to open their program
  • He swings his leg really far forward in the Cha Cha and it looks like he's going to lose his balance in a few places; the transitions in their holds isn't as clean as some of the other teams; nice matching lines from them
  • The first set of their twizzles cross but they don't finish at the same time
  • I wonder if she recently has a growth spurt...she has very long limbs and it looks like she's not 100% sure what to do with them yet, but I see lots of potential
    Bertsch/Kaplun: 25.08 TES + 19.80 PCS = 44.88 and into 6th place
    • She is 18 and he is 21 and they are skating to Medley
    • The hanging fringe on her dress makes me really nervous...hopefully she won't trip on it
    • Really nice twizzle sequence with good timing, positions and space between them; only mistake was a small bobble from her at the very end of the second set
    • I'd like to see her be a bit more deliberate with some of her leg positions in the Cha Chas as sometimes they're not directly to the back or the side but stuck in the middle
    • Nice split lift with her standing on his boot and arching back and him skating on one foot
    • Nice arabesque rotational lift at the end of the program
    McNamara/Carpenter: 28.20 TES + 20.91 PCS = 49.11 and into 4th place
    • She is 13 and he is 16 and they are skating to Kaboom and Gabriel's Oboe
    • I like that their performance started the second they hit the ice and they have choreography to their opening poses
    • Very different look for them--more Western Valentine than Latin and we'll see if it sets them apart or gets them penalized
    • They have a ton or presence and personality on the ice for being so young
    • Very crisp with the Cha Cha--the red boots really make you pay attention to her legs so it's a good thing they're stretched!
    • Really nice relationship with each other and timing on the step sequence
    • Good twizzles with good speed and timing
    • Flip all the way around into an upside down lift hanging by her legs and him skating backwards on one foot
    • Really cool toss into a rotational lift to end their program
    • Not sure if this qualifies as Latin but it was definitely entertaining
    Gamelin/Gamelin: 19.36 TES + 18.96 PCS -2.00 = 36.32 and into 10th place
    • They are 19 and skating to a Latin Medley
    • She's a lot like Madison Hubbell--way too sexy to dance with her brother
    • She falls on the Cha Cha and takes him down with her and they run into the boards and it takes them a bit to untangle and get back into it
    • Good timing on the twizzles
    • I like that they're really going for the Latin feeling and putting some of the dance steps into their choreography
    • I like all the Latin arms in their step sequence
    • Flip into an upside down spread eagle lift into a wrap around his leg in a double stag
    Hawayek/Bramante: 25.50 TES + 21.35 PCS = 46.85 and into 5th place
    • They are skating to Sway and Tequila
    • I think she's absolutely gorgeous
    • She came out of the twizzles one rotation early on the first set
    • Nice ice coverage on the step sequence with good edges
    • Nice change of holds; matching leg lines; stretch and toe point in the Cha Cha but I'd like to see her relax and smile
    • Rotational lift in a haircutter position
    Heritage/Fast: 28.43 TES + 20.39 PCS = 48.82 and into 5th place
    • He is in a squat and she is arched back over the ice in their lift
    • While I absolutely adore this song (To Make You Feel My Love by Adele) I'm not sure it's Latin
    • Nice twizzles with the leg straight out and well timed
    • Did they forget to bleep out s**t in Rolling in the Deep?
    • Their lines don't quite match through the Cha Cha
    • Nice rotational lift over the back of his head
    PlaceStart No.NameScore
    17Alexandra Aldridge, Detroit SC
    Daniel Eaton, Detroit SC
    25Lauri Bonacorsi, Peninsula SC
    Travis Mager, IceWorks SC
    36Rachel Parsons, WA FSC
    Michael Parsons, WA FSC
    410Lorraine McNamara, Peninsula SC
    Quinn Carpenter, WA FSC
    513Madeline Heritage, University ISC of San Jose
    Nathaniel Fast, University ISC of San Jose
    612Kaitlin Hawayek, SC of Western NY
    Michael Bramante, Detroit SC
    78Elliana Pogrebinsky, Peninsula SC
    Ross Gudis, WA FSC
    83Jessica Mancini, Broadmoor SC
    Tyler Brooks, Broadmoor SC
    99Amanda Bertsch, Ann Arbor FSC
    Sam Kaplun, All Year FSC
    102Roxette Howe, All Year FSC
    Mark Jahnke, Seattle SC
    111Cassandra Jeandell, University of DE FSC
    Damian Dodge, Peninsula SC
    1211Danielle Gamelin, SC of NY
    Alexander Gamelin, SC of NY
    134Jenna Dzierzanowski, Birmingham FSC
    Vinny Dispenza, Panthers FSC

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