Wednesday, January 25, 2012

U.S. Nationals: Junior Free Dance

Howe/Jahnke: Total 108.94
  • It seems like we don't have a feed so we're missing this couple
Gamelin/Gamelin: 30.63 TES +29.79  PCS = 60.42 Total: 96.74 and in to 2nd place
  •  Really nice deep edges in this opening step sequence but there are a couple of places it's not competely smooth getting into the hold
  • Cartwheel up into the cradle position and a flip exit
  • She misses her blade on the first set of twizzles, comes out early and they get very close through the next two sets
  • I'd like to see them use a larger variety of holds for this second step sequence and really push harder through these steps
  • Heel stretch standing on his blade
  • Really nice position with her leg in attitude in the sit but an awkward change of direction in the dance spin
  • Rotational lift in the haircutter position
Dzierzankowski/Dispenza: 25.92 TES + 22.38 PCS = 48.30 Total: 76.37 and into 3rd place
  • They are skating to In the Mood and are currently in 13th place
  • Good timing on the twizzles but I'd like to see them really finish out the element and stretch through their legs
  • I'd like to see her work on her posture and really pull her shoulders back and take command of the ice--she could also really extend through her arm positions to enhance the character of the dance
  • Spread eagle lift in an arch to a rotational lift in the cradle position
  • A lot of distance between them in some of these close holds in their step sequence
  • Spread eagle lift with her leg hooked over his shoulders
  • Better transition between  the holds in the second step sequence
  • Decent positions in the dance spin
Jeandell/Dodge: 33.79 TES + 28.04 PCS = 61.83 Total: 99.37 and into 2nd place
  • They are skating to Cabaret and are currently in 11th place
  • Nice attitude twizzles and good timing through both sets
  • Overarch handstand straight line lift
  • Nice matching lines on their step sequence but a few places where the timing was slightly off; nice easy changes of hold with good variety
  • I love the way her skirt floats through the step sequence--she looks like she's on a carousel
  • Haircutter rotational lift
  • They have such a fun program and they're giving us some faces but I think they could really sell this even more
  • Nice dance spin including a really good camel position from him
  • Fish, kick over his head and flip back around
  • Cartwheel over his back into the ending pose
Bertsch/Kaplun: 36.94 TES + 32.46 PCS = 69.40 Total: 114.28 and into 1st place
  • They are skating to Howl's Moving Castle and are currently in 9th place
  • Really nice height on some of their leg positions with good matching lines through the step sequence
  • Nice timing and execution on the twizzles but they move further apart as they execute them
  • Interesting hydroblade lift with her in a scorpion on his boot
  • Cartwheel into a fish
  • They have a really nice quality and flow to their skating and a pleasant personality on the ice
  • Nice rotational lift with her up by his head but a little awkward getting out of it and in to the ending pose
Mancini/Brooks: TES + PCS = 65.08 Total: 110.89 and into 2nd place
  • They are skating to Seduces Me/Fever and are currently in 8th place
  • Nice edge changes in their step sequence but it looked like there were some sickled feet in a few places; interesting variations in their holds
  • Nice positions and speed in their dance spin
  • Flip into an arched rotational lift--really cool and unique position with both of her feet touching
  • her head
  • Decent twizzles
  • They have great transitions and everything is so seamless between elements 
  • A few places in the second step sequence where he is hunching to match her in the holds but very subtle
  • Split one armed rotational lift to end the program
Pogrebinsky/Gudis: 32.06 TES + 32.79 PCS = 64.85 Total: 111.52 and into 2nd place
  • They are currently in 7th place
  • Cartwheel around the head to a change of position for her while he is in a spread eagle
  • She bobbles a bit on the twizzle but hangs on to it
  • Sideways haircutter position in the rotational lift
  • Really nice arm positions and a good pearl position from her in the dance spin
  • Over arched handstand on his boot lift--some of these girls could be in Cirque!
  • Decent matching of lines in their step sequence with a few minor timing issues and I'd like to see more stretch from her in her free leg
Hawayek/Bramante: 36.35 TES + 33.57 PCS = 69.92 Total: 116.77 and into 1st place
  • They are skating to Alegria and are currently in 6th place
  • Good timing and execution on all three sets of twizzles (he's happy about them and gives a little fist pump!)
  • Nice easy changes of position and good flow through the first step sequence
  • Really fast rotational lift that ends with her legs wrapped around his neck and a no hand hold from him and she flips out of it
  • Nice fast dance spin with good positions and a good exit 
  • Spread eagle lift with amazing ab strength from her as she's suspended horizontally over the ice
  • Jump into a stag lift while he is in a spread eagle
  • I'd love to see more stretch from her in the arabesque position in some of their transitional moves
  • I love that they keep the speed and ice coverage up during their step sequences but I'd like to see them look up and project to the audience more during those sections
  • Leg over the head into a nice arch back lift into the ending pose
  • Oh she's crying...I hope those are happy tears!
Bonacorsi/Mager: 41.07 TES + 39.27 PCS = 80.34 Total: 133.73 and into 1st place
  • They are skating to Close to You and are currently in 2nd place
  • Nice speed and great unison on their twizzles but they lose it a little bit in the third set
  • Flip into a nice lift with him on one foot and her up by his shoulder that enhances the storyline of the dance
  • Lots of expression from them through this step sequence with good speed and ice coverage
  • Nice positions in their dance spin with good speed and a nice change of foot
  • Backwards flip into a spread eagle position from him and her holding behind before flipping forward to rest on his knees
  • Nice deep edges and matching lines on their step sequence; good changes of hold
  • Hair cutter rotational lift with a dip in the middle
Parsons/Parsons: 36.22 TES + 36.24 PCS = 72.46 Total: 123.26 and into 2nd place
  • They are skating to To Glory, Enigmatic Soul and are currently in 3rd place
  • Flip into a handstand on his boot while he skates backwards on one foot
  • She could stretch more through her arabesque line in the transition moves
  • Just slightly off on the timing of their twizzles but otherwise nicely done
  • Nice changes of hold with good variation, nice matching lines and decent edges on their step sequences; in a few places she seems to bounce a bit through the steps but it is very minimal
  • Good position on the dance spin but they get stuck for a second on the change of direction and again exiting the element
  • Flip around his head to an arch back while he is in a spread eagle
  • Rotational lift with her in an airplane position and then a toss to her back but a little bit of a bobble getting out of it
  • They could use some more speed and power through this second step sequence near the end of their program
  • Rotational lift in a stag position into the ending pose
Aldridge/Eaton: 42.93 TES + 44.75 PCS = 87.68 Total: 142.10 and into 1st place
  •  They are skating to Riverdance and are currently in 1st place
  • I absolutely adore her dress!  Such a pretty color on her
  • Cartwheel into an upside down lift with her hands around his waist and him in a spread eagle without a hold
  • Nice twizzles right on the music with great timing, speed, flow and space between them
  • I like that they take the time to add some Irish steps into their step sequence and really keep the feel in the program
  • Really pretty positions in the dance spin with a nice change of direction
  • One armed rotational lift with her in an arched position
  • Step up into an arch with him in a spread eagle curve lift
  • Nice speed, great positions and coverage through the transition into their second step sequence
  • Nice matching leg lines, good edge changes  and expression through their step sequence
Heritage/Fast: 35.14 TES + 34.21 PCS = 69.35 Total: 118.17 and into 4th place
  •  They are skating to a Medley and are currently in 5th place
  • Nice entry to the split rotational lift with her up on his shoulder
  • Really like her polka dot dress with the pink tulle underneath
  • It looks like she had a little bobble in the middle of the step sequence but otherwise nice
  • Decent positions in the dance spin but not a lot of speed and a decent change of direction
  • She needs some more stretch through her legs in the step sequence but otherwise they have good holds 
  • Nice lift with her up on his shoulder and interacting with the audience
  • Cool rotational spin with him holding one foot and arm and her in a catchfoot but with her head near the ice and a really good entry into it
  • I'd like to see them keep their free leg level during the straight leg twizzles instead of dropping it and raising it back up as they turn
McNamara/Carpenter: 41.21 TES + 35.78 PCS = 76.99 Total: 126.10 and into 3rd place
  •  They are skating to The Four Seasons and are currently in 4th place
  • The ballerina in me loves the bun wreath!
  • Arabesque into an overarched handstand on his boot and flipped up into a one footed lift with her in a cradle position
  • Good speed and matching leg lines through the step sequence but I'd like to see her really stretch through her leg
  • Flip up into a rotational lift with a nice change of position
  • A little bouncy on their twizzles with a lot of space between them but with good timing
  • Nice speed through the dance spin with good positions
  • After showing so much personality yesterday I'd love to see them smiling more here today
  • Not as much variation in holds as some of the top teams
  • Really nice dance spin into a rotational lift with her arched back and a one arm hold
  • A bit of an awkward ending pose

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