Friday, October 18, 2013

Skate America Short Dance

Group 1
Reed/Reed, JPN: 28.85 TES + 25.43 PCS = 54.28 and into 1st place
  • A little off on their twizzles toward the end of the sequences
  • Not a lot of flow and a bit choppy in the opening part of the Finnstep they seem to really be concentrating through the changes of hold and are very cautious with their arm changes
  • Great unison through the non touching step sequence but her arms were a bit floppy in places and she could have stronger arm positions
  • Rotational haircutter lift with her up on his shoulder
  • Overall just a little stiff and choppy
Tobias/Stagniunas, LTU: 25.85 TES + 27.32 PCS = 53.17 and into 2nd place
  • Twizzles very choppy but decent unison
  • Choppy on the Finnstep and the changes of hold don't all look very secure; nice big pattern close to the boards though
  • I'd like to see her channel Marilyn a bit more as she seems too over the top smiley for this program
  • A loss of unison at the end of their non touching step sequence
  • Upside down split lift--interesting variation but she needs more stretch through her positions
  • Fun program but they seemed to be racing to keep up with it the whole time
Hubbell/Donohue, USA: 30.79 TES + 29.92 PCS = 60.71 and into 1st place
  • Much smoother through the Finnstep, a little more secure in their changes of hold and more extension through their free legs
  • Nice entry to their twizzles with good changes of position and transitions between the sets
  • Great lift with a nice flip into his arms before the exit
  • Nice deep edges on their non touching step sequence and good unison 
  • Nice transitional move with her lifting him in a spin into their ending pose
Carron/Jones, FRA: 26.36 TES + 27.74 PCS = 54.10 and into 3rd place
  • Nice edges in their non touching step sequence; a little close to the boards; some of their arms are not in unison and a few of the turns are bobbly
  • Cartwheel up to a spread eagle lift with her upside down and balancing on his shoulder
  • Very far apart on the twizzles, slow and big unison problems
  • She's a bit stiff in the Finnstep hold and the whole sequence seems a bit slow
Group 2
Zlobina/Sitnikov, AZE: 26.43 TES + 28.10 PCS = 54.53 and into 2nd place
  • Love the speed, flow and playfulness in the opening to this program
  • Nice stretch through their free leg and overall good unison throughout the non touching step sequence; a few places where the arms were a little off
  • Really slowing through the twizzles and they seem a bit unsteady
  • Very playful take on the Finnstep, secure in the holds, nice speed and flow and strettch through the free legs
  • Flip around to a rotational lift wrapped around his neck
Shibuani/Shibutani, USA: 30.30 TES + 30.96 PCS = 61.26 and into 1st place
  • Nice unison through their twizzles and good distance between them
  • The use of her hands throughout their transitions is to die for
  • Good ease through the position changes in the Finnstep, nice fast footwork and good extension through their free leg with matching leg heights
  • Nice edges and use of their music throughout the non touching step sequence; great unison 
  • Nice one arm lift from behind--very unique
Cappellini/Lanotte, ITA: 36.50 TES + 33.38 PCS = 69.88
  • Super nitpicky but if you're going to wear a white satin top there can't be a stain on your back
  • Nice unison on their twizzles but they drop their smiles during their twizzles, pick it back up in between and then drop them again a little thing that can effect their PCS
  • Great bouncy feel in the right places in the Finnstep with good flow and edges in the rest
  • Nice one foot section in their midstep sequence and it's really evident here how nicely matched they are as partners as he has exception posture and performance as well
  • Great split lift with her arched back over her leg
  • Really nice program with great energy, flow and choreography throughout
Davis/White, USA: 37.43 TES + 38.27 PCS = 75.70 and into 1st place
  • So much speed through their opening sequence
  • Great flow and edge control in their non touching sequence with perfect unison
  • Excellent twizzles with good distance between them, speed and unison
  • Nice touches added to the Finnstep to carry the character of the program through
  • Great ease in the changes of holds and really nice flow across the ice in the Finnstep--they truly make it look easy
  • Nice split rotational lift into a falling leaf lift
 Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Meryl DAVIS / Charlie WHITEUSA75.7037.4338.279.509.369.649.579.710.00#8
2Anna CAPPELLINI / Luca LANOTTEITA69.8836.5033.388.258.048.438.398.540.00#7
3Maia SHIBUTANI / Alex SHIBUTANIUSA61.2630.3030.967.897.647.717.827.640.00#6
4Madison HUBBELL / Zachary DONOHUEUSA60.7130.7929.927.547.297.547.467.540.00#3
5Julia ZLOBINA / Alexei SITNIKOVAZE54.5326.4328.107.146.827.077.146.960.00#5
6Cathy REED / Chris REEDJPN54.2828.8525.436.396.116.366.506.390.00#1
7Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONESFRA54.1026.3627.746.966.646.937.146.960.00#4
8Isabella TOBIAS / Deividas STAGNIUNASLTU53.1725.8527.326.796.546.936.966.890.00#2

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