Friday, September 13, 2013

US International Figure Skating Challenge Men's Free Skate

Michael Christian Martinez, PHI: 61.05 TES + 62.34 PCS = 123.39  Total: 183.04
  • Opening up with a big triple axel + double toe
  • He has such long legs but I'm not sure he quite knows what to do with them yet and some transitions seem a bit unbalanced and awkward but he does have a lot of potential
  • Another nice triple axel
  • A bit slow headed into the triple lutz + double toe
  • Really nice camel spin into a nice low broken let sit variation
  • Step sequence seems a bit slow and labored and not as into the ice as he could be--he also seemed to be slightly ahead of his music
  • Really nice spiral into a triple toe
  • Doubled the lutz
  • Spiral into a single flip
  • Ina Bauer into a triple loop with a flip out
  • Flying entry to a sit spin but slow through the 2nd variation
  • He doesn't seem to be really connecting with this program and there isn't an attempt to sell it
  • Hydroblade into triple salchow--he does have some interesting entries into his jumps which add to his GOE score
  • Nice upright catch foot spin into a gorgeous Biellman in his final combination spin
Christopher Caluza, PHI: 61.70 TES + 61.84 PCS = 123.54 Total: 185.33 and into 1st place
  • Triple loop two footed the landing--not enough height to get the quad
  • Triple salchow + triple toe a little iffy on the landing
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Not a lot of transitions between the first few passes and not many variations on the entries and exits
  • He seems to slightly lean forward in this step sequence and is on top of his edges a bit but he has nice speed and flow across the ice
  • Losing speed through his sit spin position changes
  • Great position in his camel spin into a nice catch foot and staying centered through the change of foot
  • I like the elegance in these transitions and he seems to be settling in more
  • Triple loop + double toe + double loop a little tight
  • Triple flip out of a lunge stepping up into a double axel
  • Triple lutz + double toe--could have a bit more height on the 2nd jump but he did the Tano variation
  • Double axel
  • Losing his position a bit on the camel spin and a bit of trouble in the flying change of position to the sit spin but ending with a nice upright catchfoot
Stanislav Samohin, ISR: 50.69 TES + 57.18 PCS -1.00 = 106.87  Total: 163.71 and into 3rd place
  • I love his quality of movement and intensity at the top of the program
  • Triple axel hands down on the ice
  • Triple lutz hand down + double toe
  • Single axel
  • Triple loop
  • Nice camel spin into a stretched out sit spin--lost his center and a bit bobble on the change of foot
  • He has a lot going for him in terms of his performance quality and the enjoyability of his skates but the jumps just don't seem there yet
  • Triple toe + triple toe and barely hangs on
  • Triple lutz hands down and then a fall
  • Spread eagle into a double axel two footed landing
  • Good variations in his combination spin but it seems a bit slow
  • A little bobbly in some of the one foot sections of his footwork but he's really working with his music
  • Triple salchow
  • He could be lower in these sit positions 
Charles Pao, TPE: 24.72 TES + 38.84 PCS -3.00 = 60.56 Total: 95.18 and into 4th place
  • Hard fall on his opening triple lutz
  • Triple salchow turn out + double toe
  • Single flip
  • He could use more flexibility through his catchfoot camel position
  • A little off balance in places in the step sequence and really shallow on his edges with lots of ice spray
  • Triple salchow
  • Big telegraph into his triple loop and he landed in almost a criss cross position
  • Broken leg sit spin and needs to be much lower in all his sit positions
  • I can't tell if he accidentally left his practice gloves on or it that is part of the costume
  • Popped jump
  • Single axel with no height
  • Triple axel fall
  • He really needs to work on his knees and edges and that will make everything in this program a lot easier for him
  • No speed in his sit spin and he needs more stretch through the free leg
  • No connection with the music or performance quality--he also seems to be staring at the ice and not out at the audience which also could be affecting his jumps
Andrei Rogozine, CAN: 50.01 TES + 60.52 PCS = 110.53 Total: 168.92 and into 3rd place
  • Two footed opening quad toe with nice speed on the rotation
  • Spread eagle into a triple axel with a bit of a step out on the landing
  • Triple salchow
  • Double lutz
  • Flying camel spin into a catch foot position with some good flexibility
  • Good speed in his step sequence but I'd like to see him really finish off the moves and stretch through his free leg more
  • Spread eagle into triple axel with a step out
  • Single loop
  • Triple flip
  • He could have a lower sit spin position and seems to be traveling slightly throughout the spin
  • Some nice movement in his choreographic step sequence but also some moves that seem awkward
  • Not a lot of speed in his closing spin
Oleksii Bychenko, ISR: 44.36 TES + 56.16 PCS = 100.52  Total: 162.71 and into 5th place
  • Nice speed and rotation on the triple axel but messy on the landing
  • Triple axel step out + single toe
  • Triple loop
  • Could be a bit lower in the sit spin but nice speed
  • Step sequence seems a bit frantic in places but it's nice to see him going for the choreography
  • Triple salchow
  • The flamenco choreography is all there but I'd like to see him put a bit more spark behind it and really execute it and get his PCS levels up
  • Double flip + double toe
  • Single lutz
  • Traveling a lot on his camel spin and trouble after his flying change of foot
  • Double axel + double toe--seemed tired going in but pulled it off
  • Double flip
  • Choreographed step sequence seemed rushed and he didn't seem to have enough time to really do all the steps
Max Aaron, USA: 81.88 TES + 75.84 PCS = 157.72 Total: 239.21 and into 1st
  • Doubled his opening quad toe attempt
  • Quad salchow forward on the landing + single toe loop
  • Triple loop right on the music
  • Traveling a bit on the flying change of foot in his first spin
  • Nice use of his whole body in this step sequence and good connection with the music
  • Good broken leg sit variation with an interesting exit--but seemed to come out a few seconds too early
  • Quad salchow flip out
  • Triple axel + double toe very nicely done
  • Triple lutz + half loop + triple salchow
  • There is a definite improvement in the quality of his movement and expression this season
  • Triple axel right on the music
  • Great choreographic step sequence but I'd like to see him open up to the audience a bit more
  • Very nice triple flip
  • Good final sit spin
Grant Hochstein, USA: 60.94 TES + 69.68 PCS -2.00 =128.62  Total: 191.91 and into 2nd place
  • Quad toe fall
  • Quad toe fall but much closer to being landed
  • Double axel
  • Interesting entry to the camel spin with a nice catch foot variation but he could use a bit more speed
  • Nice flow and edgework in his step sequence 
  • Triple lutz
  • Flying sit spin with nice stretch through his free leg into a back tuck variation
  • Triple flip
  • Triple loop seemed a bit off in the air but landed nicely
  • Nice inside edge spread eagle and great quality of movement through these transitions
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Triple toe + half loop + double salchow
  • Possible hand down on his final combination spin with some really nice position variations 
Stephen Carriere, USA: 76.88 TES + 73.18 PCS -2.00 = 148.06  Total: 225.54 and into 2nd place
  • Fall on his opening quad toe
  • Triple axel + double toe
  • Fall on the triple axel
  • His upper body seems a bit stiff in the step sequence but he has good flow across the ice
  • Good camel position into a sit position with good speed
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe with arms overhead
  • Difficult one foot entry into the triple lutz + triple toe and forward on the landing
  • Triple flip
  • Good twisted sit position with nice speed
  • Triple lutz
  • Camel spin into a sit spin, it would be nice to see him hold the headless spin a bit longer, no speed in the camel spin after the change of foot
Joshua Farris, USA: 57.37 TES + 78.34 PCS -1.00 = 134.71 Total: 206.56 and into 3rd place
  • Triple toe (intended quad)
  • Triple salchow
  • Huge ice coverage on the triple axel but sat down on the landing
  • Great sit spin position with nice stretch and toe point and a very low position
  • He choreographs his programs and it's evident in his execution and commitment to the movement
  • Nice subtle quality to his step sequence with great edges, interesting movement and nice flow through his whole body
  • Triple axel + single toe
  • Triple flip + single toe--first jump was gorgeous not sure what happened
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Lost his foot on the camel spin 
  • He trains in Colorado Spring so altitude is not an issue for him, so I think he's just dealing with nerves
  • This is a gorgeous program and I think he's got a real shot when the jumps are all there
  • Double loop
  • Camel spin into a nice sit and ending with an upright spin
PlaceStart No.NameShort ProgramFree SkateTotal Score
17Max Aaron, USA181.491157.72239.21
29Stephen Carriere, USA277.482148.06225.54
310Joshua Farris, USA371.853134.71206.56
48Grant Hochstein, USA463.294128.62191.91
52Christopher Caluza, PHI661.795123.54185.33
61Michael Christian Martinez, PHI759.656123.39183.04
75Andrei Rogozine, CAN858.397110.53168.92
83Stanislav Samohin, ISR956.848106.87163.71
96Oleksii Bychenko, ISR562.199100.52162.71
104Charles Pao, TPE1034.621060.5695.18
WD Misha Ge, UZB   

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