Friday, November 25, 2011

Rostelecom Cup Ladies Short Program

This event begins at 6:00am EST.
The warmup group is on the ice.

Group 1
Sofia Biryukova, RUS: 31.56 TES + 24.74 PCS = 56.30
  • Good triple toe + triple toe to start the program
  • Solid triple loop
  • very nice layback into a haircutter and a biellman
  • spread eagle into a double axel
  • good low sit spin
  • I'd like to see more power and difficulty through this step sequence
  • Good camel into sit into an overhead catchfoot but loss of speed at the end
Adelina Sotnikova, RUS: 31.10 TES + 27.69 PCS -1.00 = 57.79 and into 1st place
  • I'm not crazy about this half dress with leggings look that she's going for.  It makes her look immature which she doesn't need being so young
  • She has great understanding of music and really skates to the beat
  • Fall on her opening triple lutz--she just sat back on the landing and can't tack on the triple toe
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • Nice donut position in her camel spin into a very nice catch foot position with her foot held up to the ceiling
  • Nice double axel with great flow out of the jump
  • Nice twisted layback into a one armed pearl and then a biellman
  • Very nice speed and ice coverage through the one foot section of her footwork but she seems to be leaning forward and that causes some of her steps to look wild
  • Camel spin into a nice sit spin and finishing with a nice overhead catchfoot upright spin
Agnes Zawadzki, USA: 29.37 TES + 25.44 PCS -1.00 = 53.81 and into 3rd place
  • Fall on the second jump of her triple toe + triple toe combo, just looked like she didn't have enough speed
  • Good triple lutz
  • Very nice layback into a haircutter and a nice stretched out Biellman
  • Nice speed through the one foot section of her step sequence but she needs more movement in her upper body if she wants the top levels
  • Good camel position into a donut with good speed
  • Very nice connection with the music
  • Good double axel
  • Nice camel into a broken leg sit spin and an upright catchfoot spin but she loses some centering in the position changes
Christina Gao, USA: 17.73 TES + 22.91 PCS -1.00 = 39.64 and into 4th place
  • She has such nice in betweens in her choreography
  • Stepped out of the opening triple toe
  • Fall on the double axel
  • Popped her lutz and with no combo in this program she'll get a penalty for not doing the required elements
  • Biellman needs to be stretched out more and she really lost a lot of speed at the end
  • Good sit spin but loss of speed at the end and she has to really push to get going again
  • Nice movements in her step sequence but she needs more speed and power to really get this across the ice
  • Good broken leg sit spin into an upright twist variation
  • Not the skate she was looking for
Amelie Lacoste, CAN: 25.03 TES + 25.60 PCS = 50.63 and into 4th place
  • Nice double axel with good flow out of it
  • Triple loop + double loop combo was good
  • Double lutz
  • Good low sit spin position with a nice twist variation
  • Good camel spin with a decent illusion into a nice broken leg sit spin 
  • She looks a little out of control on some of these leg kicks in the step sequence and it doesn't flow as nice as the rest of her program but the content is good
  • Good layback position into a haircutter
Group 2
Haruka Imai, JPN: 29.16 TES + 26.04 PCS = 55.20 and into 3rd place
  • Triple lutz + double toe--very wobbly on the first edge and they'll be checking it for an edge call
  • Nice easy triple loop
  • Good donut position in her camel spin but she needs to really stretch through her bottom leg
  • Nice double axel
  • Very nice expressiveness in her step sequence and good use of her whole body with some nice one foot sections
  • REally nice positions and speed in her layback spin into a nice haircutter and Biellman
  • Good final combo spin with good speed through the position changes but she needs more stretch through her free leg in the sit spins
Rachael Flatt, USA: 27.62 TES + 25.74 PCS = 53.36 and into 5th place
  • This blue dress is so much more flattering on her than the yellow long sleeved version from last season
  • Triple lutz + double toe--first landing a little choppy but she hangs on
  • Good triple loop
  • Decent camel spin with improved stretch in her catch foot position 
  • A lot of improvement in her layback spin and the use of her arms but she needs a lot more speed and without a Biellman she's giving away points
  • Nice double axel
  • Great Ina Bauer on the crescendo of the music
  • She's really going after this step sequence and it's nice to see her perform as well; lots of difficulty, edge changes and upper body movement with good speed and ice coverage
  • Nice speed in the camel spin but the illusions are not gaining her any points
Mao Asada, JPN: 33.34 TES + 30.95 PCS = 64.29 and into 1st place
  • This is not the best look for her and it looks like she borrowed Fumie Suguri's costume from last season
  • Nice double axel
  • Triple flip + double loop
  • Nice triple loop
  • Nice stretched out sit spin position with good speed into a nice twist variation
  • Very slow camel spin into a broken let sit spin and an upright catchfoot spin
  • Nice flow through the step sequence with a lot of edge changes but there are a few places where she gets some ice spray
  • Nice layback with her arms behind her back into a Biellman
Kiira Korpi, FIN: 26.01 TES + 29.80 PCS = 55.81 and into 4th place
  • Triple toe + double toe with a big ice spray on the first landing
  • Turn out of the triple loop
  • Nice twisted sit spin position but she needs to stretch through her free leg
  • Single axel
  • Good twisted layback into a haircutter
  • Very nice step sequence with a lot of movement, good speed and ice coverage and connection to the music
  • Good low sit spin into a nice camel spin and an upright catch foot spin
  • This program is beautifully choreographed and it's a shame about the jumps today
Alena Leonova, RUS: 33.87 TES + 30.04 PCS = 63.91 and into 2nd place
  • Good triple toe + triple toe
  • Slight Two footing on her solo triple flip
  • Good double axel
  • Nice haircutter into a Biellman but she loses all her speed
  • A lot of standing and posing at the end of the rink before her step sequence--she's not moving for at least 5-10 seconds
  • A lot of posing in the step sequence too--every few steps she has to stop for a pose break and it really breaks the flow of the sequence
  • Nice sit spin position with a stretched out leg and a nice twist variation
  • Very nice camel spin but not a nice illusion position and a loss of centering in the change of foot
Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Mao ASADAJPN64.2933.34 30.957.867.577.717.797.750.00#8
2Alena LEONOVARUS63.9133.87 30.047.367.077.827.507.790.00#10
3Adelina SOTNIKOVARUS57.7931.10 27.697.076.716.967.046.821.00#2
4Sofia BIRYUKOVARUS56.3031.56 24.746.215.936.326.216.250.00#1
5Kiira KORPIFIN55.8126.01 29.807.547.187.397.547.610.00#9
6Haruka IMAIJPN55.2029.16 26.046.466.296.576.616.610.00#6
7Agnes ZAWADZKIUSA53.8129.37 25.446.576.076.366.466.321.00#3
8Rachael FLATTUSA53.3627.62 25.746.396.216.616.396.570.00#7
9Amelie LACOSTECAN50.6325.03 25.606.616.116.436.436.430.00#5
10Christina GAOUSA39.6417.73 22.916.005.575.545.895.641.00#4

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