Friday, November 25, 2011

Rostelecom Cup Men's Short Program

The event begins at 9:45am EST.
The warmup group is on the ice.

Group 1
Sergei Voronov, RUS: 29.51 TES + 31.64 PCS = 61.15
  • Two footed and under rotated his quad toe attempt
  • Nice tight and fast rotation on his triple axel
  • Good triple loop
  • Nice camel spin position with good arm variations but he could use more speed
  • Fun music for his step sequence and a lot of movement--he looks a little off balanced at times and I'd like to see him really perform this and it could be a huge crowd pleaser
  • Good camel into a sit spin and a triangle variation
  • Flying entry to his final sit spin with a nice low, tucked position but a loss of speed through the twist variation
Brandon Mroz, USA: 36.55 TES + 33.80 PCS -1.00 = 69.35 and into 1st place
  • I like this easy style on Brandon Mroz but I'd like to see him really commit to the choreography instead of going through some of the motions
  • Fall on his quad lutz attempt
  • Step out on his triple axel
  • His transitions have really improved and his skating in between the elements is really improved and right on the music
  • Nice camel spin
  • Nice triple lutz + triple toe combination
  • Good low sit spin
  • Very nice one foot sequence and good flow through his footwork
  • Good triangle spin and twisted sit variation
Konstantin Menshov, RUS: 30.41 TES + 31.50 PCS -1.00 = 60.91 and into 3rd place
  • Really wild on his triple axel with a very open air position and he two foots the landing
  • Quad toe + double toe with not a lot of flow in between the jumps
  • Really hard fall on his triple lutz
  • Good camel spin position but he loses a lot of speed in the end
  • Good speed and flow through the step sequence but not a lot of difficulty in the upper body
  • Nice sit spin
  • Good speed through the final combo spin with nice stretched out positions
Andrei Rogozine, CAN: 33.32 TES + 31.79 PCS = 65.11 and into 2nd place
  • Opens with a nice triple flip + triple toe combination
  • Spread eagle into a triple axel with a step out
  • He could use a little more flexibility through the catchfoot position in his camel spin
  • A little tight on the landing of that triple lutz
  • Nice position in his twisted sit variation
  • Good one foot section in his step sequence and nice timing with the music; a lot of movement through the upper body but he needs deeper edges
  • Nice speed in the camel spin but loses a lot of it in the sit position and almost falls out of it
Group 2
Javier Fernandez, ESP: 40.11 TES + 38.39 PCS = 78.50 and into 1st place
  • Very nice opening quad toe
  • Popped his lutz into a double with a triple toe combo
  • Nice triple axel
  • Great upright spin
  • Nice sit spin in a low position but he could use a little more stretch through his free leg
  • Very nice one foot section that covers half the ice in his step sequence--this step sequence looks so easy and flows very nicely but is full of difficult content
  • Great camel spin position into a good triangle variation but a loss of speed through the change foot
  • Great ending pose hit right out of the scratch spin
Yuzuru Hanyu, JPN: 45.20 TES + 37.58 PCS = 82.78 and into 1st place
  • Sits too far back on the landing of the quad toe and has to step out and put his hands down
  • Nice recovery with his triple axel
  • Decent donut position 
  • Good triple lutz + triple toe
  • I like his freedom through this step sequence and how low he gets to the ice in some of these steps
  • Nice cross leg sit spin with no hands holding his leg
  • Good camel position into a nice low sit position with a stretched free leg and ending with a scratch spin
Jeremy Abbott, USA: 42.04 TES + 41.50 PCS = 83.54 and into 1st place
  • He looks so calm and relaxed out on the ice
  • Nice opening triple flip + triple toe with great height and fast rotation
  • Beautiful triple axel
  • He looks like he's having so much fun in these steps
  • Nice low sit spin with good positions and speed
  • Great timing with the music and he's really skating to the music and not through it
  • Great triple lutz to end the jumps
  • Nice twisted upright spin into a scratch spin
  • Very nice edgework and speed in his step sequence and the crowd is really behind him; I don't like the step in the middle where he puts his hand down because it almost looks like a fall and he could lose points for it
  • Nice final combination spin with good flexibility through the upright position
Artur Gachinski, RUS: 38.30 TES + 37.43 PCS -1.00 = 74.73 and into 4th place
  • Fall on his opening quad toe
  • Good triple axel
  • Triple loop--but with no combination he'll be docked for not completing hte required elements
  • He needs a lot more flexibility through that catchfoot position of his camel spin
  • Good speed in his sit spin
  • Nice one foot section in his footwork but he loses some of his flow out of the illusion spin
  • Nice Y spin but he leans too far away from his foot and will lose some GOE points on that
Michal Brezina, CZE: 40.62 TES + 38.39 PCS = 79.01 and into 3rd place
  • Big triple axel but a lot of lead time into the jump
  • Triple flip + triple toe
  • Triple lutz
  • He needs to really stretch through his free leg in the sit spin
  • Very nie camel position but his catchfoot position is not very attractive and needs a lot more flexibility
  • Nice speed, quality of movement, flow and edge work in this step sequence
  • Very slow final combination spin but good position variations
Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Jeremy ABBOTTUSA83.5442.04 41.508.118.118.398.468.430.00#7
2Yuzuru HANYUJPN82.7845.20 37.587.687.327.507.547.540.00#6
3Michal BREZINACZE79.0140.62 38.397.757.367.717.757.820.00#9
4Javier FERNANDEZESP78.5040.11 38.397.617.397.757.827.820.00#5
5Artur GACHINSKIRUS74.7338.30 37.437.757.187.507.507.501.00#8
6Brandon MROZUSA69.3536.55 33.806.796.436.796.936.861.00#2
7Andrei ROGOZINECAN65.1133.32 31.796.436.146.436.506.290.00#4
8Sergei VORONOVRUS61.1529.51 31.646.465.966.326.546.360.00#1
9Konstantin MENSHOVRUS60.9130.41 31.506.396.146.366.366.251.00#3

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