Friday, November 4, 2011

Cup of China Men's Short Program

Group 1
Jialing Wu, CHN: 37.35 TES + 27.71 PCS = 65.06
  • Triple lutz + triple toe combination
  • Lots of height on that triple axel!
  • Nice triple salchow
  • Good camel spin position but I'd like to see more speed from him especially through the change of position
  • This foot work is really slow and he isn't getting very much ice coverage; very simple steps, not a lot of upper body movement
  • He could be lower in his sit position and he really loses speed at the end
  • Good position in his camel spin but very slow
Nan Song, CHN: 41.38 TES + 31.34 PCS = 72.72 and into 1st place
  • He opens with a quad toe + double toe with hesitation between the jumps
  • Solid triple axel
  • Good triple lutz
  • He could use more flexibility through his camel spin position
  • Interesting fly in the middle of his sit spin with no change of feet or direction
  • I like that his step sequence is matching the intensity of the music here and he's really powering through it
  • Nice speed in his camel into triangle with a flying change to his sit spin
  • Huge cheer from the home crowd!
Richard Dornbush, USA: 31.50 TES + 32.43 PCS -1.00 = 62.93 and into 3rd place
  • Big fall on his opening triple lutz attempt
  • He feels every nuance in this music and that will help him make up points
  • Triple axel was forward with his hands down
  • I'm not in love with his camel positions here and I think they're a little awkward
  • Triple flip was clean but no combo in his program and he'll be penalized for that
  • Great speed and positions in his sit spin
  • Great speed, power and ice coverage through this step sequence with great choreography
  • Great speed in his combination spin.
Kevin Reynolds, CAN: 31.36 TES + 32.95 PCS = 64.31 and into 3rd place
  • Quad salchow + double toe was nice
  • Hands down and a turn out of his triple axel
  • Beautiful upright position in his spin
  • Solid triple lutz
  • Good camel spin positions
  • Difficult one foot sequence that lasts almost the whole length of the rink to open his step sequence and he's really in the character of this music
  • No man should ever do the illusion spin, especially if they can't do it well
Group 2
Yuzuru Hanyu, JPN: 44.93 TES + 36.44 PCS = 81.37 and into 1st place
  • Big opening quad toe
  • Great triple axel
  • Beautiful donut position but almost no speed at the end of his spin
  • A little tight on the landing of his triple flip + triple toe combination but he holds on to it
  • I like the power he's putting behind his step sequence but I'd like to see him a little looser in the upper body
  • Good low sit spin position
  • Very solid
Jeremy Abbott, USA: 40.39 TES + 38.93 PCS = 79.32 and into 2nd place
  • I love that he takes his prep time to really get into character
  • Nice triple flip + triple toe 
  • Huge triple axel
  • Great footwork into his sit spin with a low position, really stretched out leg and nice toe point
  • I'm loving the suspenders choreography
  • Holds on to the landing of that triple lutz
  • Did he bobble and put a hand down in his step sequence or was that part of the choreography?
  • Great speed and position in his camel spin into the upright position
Artur Gachinski, RUS: 44.63 TES + 37.01 PCS = 81.64 and into 1st place
  • Really off in the air but holds on to land his quad toe + triple toe
  • Spread eagle into a huge triple axel
  • Triple loop was good for his solo jump
  • His spins are a little frantic in the combinations as he whips through positions and his sit spin positions in some of the variations can be really high
  • This sit spin had a nice low position 
  • This lavender top doesn't scream blues music to me
  • Some of these steps look a little awkward but he's really trying to sell his footwork
  • Decent flexibility through his catch foot camel spin and he finishes after the music
Nobunari Oda, JPN: 39.68 TES + 37.97 PCS = 77.65 and into 4th place
  • That is a shirt choice.  He must have taken it out of Takahashi's closet.  
  • Difficult spread eagle entry to a triple axel 
  • Nice triple flip + triple toe combination
  • I'm not a fan of his catchfoot position in his camel spin; I wish he'd do another variation that would look better on him
  • Nice solid triple lutz right on the music
  • Really difficult one foot ection into another one foot section for his step sequence 
  • Great low sit spin position 
  • Nice triangle and sit positions in his final combination spin
  • Nice to see him showing some personality and letting loose on the ice
 Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Artur GACHINSKIRUS81.6444.63 37.017.437.047.547.467.540.00#7
2Yuzuru HANYUJPN81.3744.93 36.447.437.047.437.187.360.00#5
3Jeremy ABBOTTUSA79.3240.39 38.937.717.687.687.828.040.00#6
4Nobunari ODAJPN77.6539.68 37.977.897.327.617.547.610.00#8
5Nan SONGCHN72.7241.38 31.346.395.966.466.216.320.00#2
6Jialiang WUCHN65.0637.35 27.715.895.325.575.505.430.00#1
7Kevin REYNOLDSCAN64.3131.36 32.956.686.466.466.646.710.00#4
8Richard DORNBUSHUSA62.9331.50 32.436.716.296.186.616.641.00#3

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