Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cup of China Ladies Free Skate

The event begins at 4:15am EST.
The 1st warmup group is on the ice.
Group 1
Qiuying Zhu, CHN: 35.16 TES + 38.13 PCS = 73.29 Total: 108.57
  • Two footed her opening triple lutz
  • Hand down on the triple toe
  • Good triple salchow
  • Decent speed in her combination spin but her positions are pretty basic
  • Triple toe + double toe combination
  • Double axel + double toe combination
  • Nice spiral with her leg up high to the side
  • Double axel
  • Triple toe + double toe + double loop
  • There isn't a lot of choreography in this program in between the jumps and she doesn't have a lot of speed going into her elements
  • I'd like to see her spins a little faster and more in time with the music
  • This is a tango but there is no passion and fire in her step sequence
  • Her layback spin could use some work and is very slow
Ksenia Makarova, RUS: 46.01 TES + 52.56 PCS -1.00 = 97.57 Total: 143.47 and into 1st place
  • Fall on her opening triple
  • Triple toe + double toe combination
  • Possible two footed landing on her triple loop
  • Scorpion spiral with the finger bite in character with her Marilyn Monroe themed program
  • Possible two footing again on the triple loop+double toe + double loop combo
  • Triple salchow + double toe
  • Nice double axel
  • Good double axel
  • Good speed on the sit spin
  • Nice one foot section to start her step sequence 
  • Nice speed and position in her camel spin into the upright spin and finished just a tad after the music
Christina Gao, USA: 53.89 TES + 47.60 PCS -1.00 = 100.49 Total: 152.48 and into 1st place
  • What a grown up costume for Christina!
  • Easy triple flip + triple toe
  • Her legs are so long and she went through a big growth spurt--She just needs to learn to use them to her advantage 
  • Nice double axel
  • Fall on the triple lutz
  • Nice speed in her spin
  • Good layback position but she needs to relax her hands and I'd like to see her maintain speed through the Biellman
  • Really tight landing on that triple but she hangs on to it
  • Triple loop tight on the landing
  • Good triple salchow + double toe
  • Nice scorpion spiral
  • Triple toe
  • It seems like she's skating through this music and not to it and she isn't showing the passion and aggression needed for a tango
  • Nice low sit spin position
Valentina Marchei, ITA: 32.76 TES + 49.68 PCS -1.00 = 81.55 Total: 133.86 and into 3rd place
  • I wish she would have picked a different feel for her free skate as it's very similar to her SP
  • Triple flip--a little bit of a lean on the landing but she held on
  • Two footed the landing on her triple 
  • Singled a salchow and then singled the next jump--Not sure if she was trying for a combo or just attempting the jump again
  • Nice haircutter position in her spin
  • Very nice extension through her spiral position
  • Singled her flip
  • Fall on her triple toe
  • Singled her axel
  • Triple salchow + double toe combination
  • I love that even though her jumps didn't go well she's still performing this step sequence and trying to sell her program
  • Nice twisted sit variation
Bingwa Geng, CHN: 45.38 TES + 45.10 PCS -1.00 = 89.48 Total: 142.09 and into 3rd place
  • Looked like her opening lutz was underrotated and two footed
  • Double axel + double toe + double loop combo nicely done
  • Two footed the first jump in her triple toe + double toe combo
  • Nice camel position into a nice upright spin and a good low sit position but she finishes her spins ahead of her music and has to wait for a moment
  • Nice Scorpion spiral position
  • The landing on her triple was fine but she walked away from attempting the combo 
  • Triple salchow
  • Beautiful donut position in her spin
  • Fall on her triple toe
  • Nice double axel right on the music
  • I like this step sequence and think that she could push through it more and make it a real wow moment at the end of her program
  • Beautiful layback spin into a straight Biellman with maintained speed
Group 2
Kexin Zhang, CHN: 54.14 TES + 46.33 PCS = 100.47 Total: 153.32 and into 1st place
  • Nice springy triple toe + triple toe
  • Forward on the landing of her triple but she tacks on the double toe
  • Triple--camera angle was from the top so the landing was obscured
  • Nice donut position in the camel spin
  • Nice stretched out scorpion spiral
  • Triple lutz
  • Good triple loop right in front of the judges
  • Beautiful layback position with a nice Biellman and maintained speed
  • Tripe + double toe
  • Double axel
  • She has all the jumps and I'd like to see her really work on the choreography and transitions between the movements
  • The step sequence is nice but I want to see her put more behind it
  • Good one armed overhead position in her upright spin and a nice low sit spin
Kanako Murakami, JPN: 44.10 TES + 54.01 PCS -1.00 = 97.11 Total: 150.20 and into 3rd place
  • I really like this light blue dress on her.  So elegant and not at all tacky like her free skate last season.
  • Nice opening triple lutz
  • Good triple loop
  • Decent layback spin into a haircutter with a good Biellman
  • Fall on the triple flip
  • Great low sit position but she needs to stretch through her free leg
  • Good spiral position but she's sickling her foot in the extension to the side
  • Triple loop
  • Double axel was solid
  • Doubled her toe jump
  • Very difficult step sequence but I'd like to see her even lighter in her performance to match the music
  • Triple salchow + double loop + double loop--first jump was two footed
  • Good speed in her final combination spin
Adelina Sotnikova, RUS: 51.69 TES + 54.52 PCS = 106.21 Total: 159.95 and into 1st place
  • I really like this dress on her with the shades of purple and the flower work but her illusion mesh is way too dark for her skin tone
  • Triple lutz + triple loop combination was effortless
  • Her arabesque line is gorgeous
  • Nice triple flip
  • Good triple salchow
  • Popped open her lutz--looks like she might have gotten too deep on the edge on takeoff
  • Beautiful spiral with a 180 degree position in her lift to the side
  • Nice extension through the catchfoot in her camel spin
  • Two footed and hand (maybe knee) down on double axel)
  • Triple loop
  • Step out on her next double axel
  • Interesting sit spin variation but it's unclear whether her leg is supposed to be straight or bent
  • I like the power and ice coverage behind her step sequence and she really fills up the music
  • She actually does a decent illusion spin
Mirai Nagasu, USA: 55.64 TES + 56.62 PCS = 112.26 Total: 173.22 and into 1st place
  • I don't think either of her dresses flatter her this year
  • Triple loop + double toe combo
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Beautiful arabesque spiral
  • Triple lutz + double toe + double loop was a little tight
  • Good donut position in her camel spin with good speed
  • Triple lutz
  • Triple toe solid
  • Nice height on the triple loop
  • Double axel with a nice ride out
  • Great speed in her camel spin and she increased it in the catchfoot variation
  • Nice layback spin but she has no speed in the Biellman and it isn't as stretched out as you normally see it from her
  • I miss the enjoyment she used to show on the ice and it seems like she's just going through the elements; no smile at all during that skate
Carolina Kostner, ITA: 56.95 TES + 63.31 PCS = 120.26 Total: 182.14 and into 1st place
  • Solid opening triple loop with a beautiful arabesque landing
  • Nice triple toe but a little back on the landing
  • Good double axel right into her camel spin
  • Good double axel + double toe
  • Triple toe + double toe combination
  • Another good triple
  • Triple salchow (turnout)+double toe (turnout) + loop
  • I really like this step sequence on her
  • Good camel spin into a sit spin and an awkward flying change to a layback position
  • Final spin has some illusions into a broken leg sit spin
 Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Carolina KOSTNERITA120.2656.95 63.318.047.617.898.077.960.00#10
2Mirai NAGASUUSA112.2655.64 56.627.146.937.
3Adelina SOTNIKOVARUS106.2151.69 54.527.006.616.756.966.750.00#8
4Christina GAOUSA100.4953.89 47.606.185.755.896.075.861.00#3
5Kexin ZHANGCHN100.4754.14 46.336.255.505.755.825.640.00#6
6Ksenia MAKAROVARUS97.5746.01 52.566.716.256.576.646.681.00#2
7Kanako MURAKAMIJPN97.1144.10 54.016.966.616.616.826.751.00#7
8Bingwa GENGCHN89.4845.38 45.105.935.295.685.755.541.00#5
9Valentina MARCHEIITA81.4432.76 49.686.435.866.046.296.431.00#4
10Qiuying ZHUCHN73.2935.16
1Carolina KOSTNER
4Kexin ZHANG
5Christina GAO
8Bingwa GENG
9Valentina MARCHEI
10Qiuying ZHU

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