Sunday, November 13, 2011

NHK Trophy Men's Free Skate

Group 1
Tomas Verner, CZE:

Armin Mahbanoozadeh, USA: TES + PCS =
Samuel Contesti, ITA: TES + PCS =
Ross Miner, USA:
  • Opens with a nice big triple axel with a solid landing
  • Triple axel + double toe--he has such great deep knees going into his jumps
  • Step out and hand down on his triple lutz
  • Great speed in his combination spin with a great scratch spin
  • This is a very gentle step sequence and won't get the crowd going for him but it flows very well with the music
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe very solid
  • Triple lutz + double toe combo
  • Triple loop was a little scratchy going in and he has to really fight for the landing
  • Nice low sit positions with good speed 
  • Double axel with an easy landing
  • Triple flip
  • I really love this choreographic step sequence and how free he is and there is a lot of passion and intention behind the steps
  • Flying entry into the camel with a flying change to the sit position for his final spin
  • Very solid program and a great free skate for Ross
Group 2
Tatsuki Machida, JPN: TES + PCS =
  • Quad toe--landed very low and two footed
  • Triple axel + triple toe--very nice landings and very solid
  • Double loop--just popped open, not enough speed going into the jump and I'd like to see more choreography in between these jumps at the beginning of the program
  • Nice one foot sequence with lots of turns but he could use more movement through his upper body
  • Good sit spin position with decent speed
  • Single axel--he had such great height in the air, it just looked like he didn't get his body pulled in for the rotation
  • Triple lutz + double toe--good height and nice spring in the jumps
  • Double flip--Low landing and has to muscle out the free leg
  • This choreographic step sequence flows very nicely with the movement and has a lot of character but I'd like to see him perform it more
  • This spin set needs more speed as its moving slower than the pace of the music
  • Triple lutz--Very nice speed and height on the rotation
  • Triple salchow--a little forward on the landing and it looked like he thought about adding a combination but decided against it
  • Good speed and use of his arms in the final spin but finished after the music
Konstantin Menshov, RUS:
  • Quad toe + double toe--so much speed on the rotation in the first jump but two footed and landed on the toe picks on the second jump
  • Double lutz--really awkward position in the air, he can't get the rotation and he falls
  • Quad toe--he almost lands sitting on the ice and just can't control the rotation
  • Not sure how we got from race car driving to Clair de Lune
  • Double axel--Very loose in the air on his rotation
  • Not a lot of rotations in his sit spin which could affect his level
  • Triple salchow--nicely landed
  • A little slow on his camel spin and he needs more flexibility through the catch foot position and he's lost almost all the speed at the end of the sit spin
  • I'd like to see more upper body movement, commitment to the choreography and clean edges in his step sequence
  • Triple loop--well done
  • Triple toe + double toe + double toe--very tight but he gets it done
  • Double axel + single toe--just can't get off the ground in the second jump
  • Interesting arm choice in the combination spin
  • A lot of flailing in this choreographic step sequence but not a lot of variation and difficulty
Brandon Mroz, USA:
  • Quad lutz--off in the air and he falls on his side
  • Triple axel--forward on the landing and has to put a hand down
  • Double axel--not really sure if it was supposed to be a triple because it looked like a nice clean double
  • Triple flip--very nice landing
  • On the slow side for his sit spin
  • He has some nice difficulty through this step sequence and its put together well with the music but he doesn't really push through those edges to really get great ice coverage
  • Single axel--just never got his body in for the rotation
  • Not a lot of flexibility at all through the catchfoot position of his camel spin
  • Triple lutz + single loop with a pause in between
  • Single axel
  • Single lutz--completely popped
  • This music is picking up in intensity and his performance level and skating quality is not matching that feeling
  • Good speed through this combination spin and decent positions
  • I know it was a tough skate but he also gave up a lot of points by not really performing this program
Takahiko Kozuka, JPN:
  • Already from the opening he looks much more comfortable with this program and is really committed to the program
  • Quad toe--two footed and a little choppy on the landing
  • Triple axel--Nice height and landing
  • Triple lutz + double toe--a little off on the landing of the lutz but he hangs on for the combo
  • Very nice camel spin position into a nice tight sit spin position
  • Nice step sequence with a lot of movement, turns and changes of levels with beautiful arms to complement the movement
  • Triple axel + double toe + double loop--forward on the axel with a big ice spray but he hangs on
  • Nice low sit spin position into a nice twist variation
  • Triple flip with a nice landing
  • Double loop--looks like he caught his edge on the entry 
  • Triple salchow--nice recovery
  • Triple lutz + double toe--I think if he had more speed going into these jumps he could add more triple + triples to his repertoire
  • Gorgeous choreographic step sequence that nicely complements the music and really plays to his qualities as a skater
  • Nice broken leg camel spin into a low sit spin with a change of foot into another nice camel and ending with a scratch spin
Daisuke Takahashi, JPN:
  • He is just so smooth and there is not a single note of his music wasted
  • Quad flip--huge but two footed and he had to put his hands down to control the landing
  • Triple axel--right in front of the judges, great height and fast rotation with a solid landing
  • Triple salchow--very easy with a nice transition out of the jumps
  • Great camel spin position but he loses a big of his centering in the twist variation and a lot of his speed in the change of foot
  • Great step sequence that doesn't look like an element but just like he's skimming across the ice 
  • Flying sit spin with a nice low position into a camel spin with some lost speed and a nice upright spin
  • Triple axel + double toe very solid
  • Triple flip + triple toe--a little stiff on the landing of the second jump and no ride out
  • Triple loop nicely done
  • Triple lutz + double toe--couldn't hold the landing of the second jump for long but it'll count
  • Triple flip--choppy and a little wild on the landing
  • And he really sells it to the camera on the choreographic step sequence and his edges are so smooth and clean
  • Nice camel position into an upright twist 

Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Daisuke TAKAHASHIJPN169.3280.0490.288.968.799.
2Takahiko KOZUKAJPN155.2576.6778.587.937.617.867.937.960.00#8
3Samuel CONTESTIITA145.8674.5271.346.966.717.327.257.430.00#3
4Ross MINERUSA141.2474.2267.026.866.366.826.686.790.00#4
5Tomas VERNERCZE133.6763.8971.787.256.937.187.217.322.00#1
6Tatsuki MACHIDAJPN123.1954.5768.626.936.646.966.966.820.00#5
7Armin MAHBANOOZADEHUSA122.0661.1261.946.295.866.396.186.251.00#2
8Konstantin MENSHOVRUS121.2158.5764.646.616.146.436.466.682.00#6
9Brandon MROZUSA110.0045.4465.566.716.396.366.716.611.00#7

2Takahiko KOZUKA
6Konstantin MENSHOV
7Tatsuki MACHIDA
9Brandon MROZ

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