Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trophee Eric Bompard Ladies Free Skate

This event begins at 12:30pm EST.
The warmup group is on the ice.

Group 1
Lena Marrocco, FRA: 43.14 TES + 39.88 PCS = 83.02 Total: 126.97
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Triple toe step out
  • Triple toe + double toe
  • Nice donut position in her camel spin and a nice stretched out sit spin
  • Popped her loop into a double but a nice landing
  • Popped open her lutz
  • Double axel was nice
  • Flying entry into the sit spin with a not so pretty broken leg variation
  • She's really fighting these edge changes in her step sequence and a few places looks like she's struggling
  • A nice scorpion spiral position
  • She needs to work on her hands and making sure they have a prettier position while she's skating
  • Double axel + double toe + double loop was tight
  • Very nice layback spin into a Biellman but she finished after the music
Yretha Silete, FRA: 47.60 TES + 42.05 PCS -2.00 = 87.65 Total: 135.90 and into 1st place
  • It's nitpicky but she needs to use hair colored bobby pins--the 8 silver hair pins are really distracting
  • Nice triple loop
  • Fall on the triple flip
  • I don't think this pastel costume really matches her music--it looks like it belongs to a more lyrical program and she's going for power here
  • Nice triple toe + double toe + double toe
  • She needs to keep that leg right behind her on the spiral and not hike the hip so much
  • Fall on the triple lutz
  • The necklaces on her back are really distracting on the layback--they almost come over her head and it looks like they're going to wrap around her neck
  • She needs more stretch through her lines and deeper edges through this step sequence
  • Great height and fast rotation on her double axel
  • Great speed through her camel spin but unattractive positions
  • Triple salchow with a step out and big ice spray
  • Nice double axel + double toe
  • Decent camel spin position but a bit of a struggle in the upright position and she finishes after her music
Sonia Lafuente, ESP: 42.99 TES + 43.82 PCS = 86.81 Total: 136.32 and into 1st place
  • Hand down on her triple lutz
  • Nice triple loop + double toe
  • Double toe
  • Triple toe
  • Nice high leg position in the camel spin but I don't know if she gets low enough in the sit position to count 
  • Double loop
  • Double axel was nice
  • She needs to really work on stretching through that spiral and flexibility through her back
  • Double axel + double toe with not a lot of height
  • Good speed through her combination spin but she needs to really stretch through that free leg in the sit position
  • Not a lot of upper body movement in this step sequence but a good amount of turns
  • Nice layback position into a haircutter and a decent Biellman
Mae Berenice Meite, FRA: 51.87 TES + 44.08 PCS -1.00 = 94.95 Total: 145.44 and into 1st place
  • I wish she would either keep her tights tucked in to her boots or cover them completely.  This half coverage of her boots ruins the line
  • Double axel + triple toe
  • Fall on the triple loop--she just sat down on it and didn't fight for the landing
  • Triple lutz right on the music
  • Decent camel spin position but her upright spin has no stretch through either leg
  • Good triple flip
  • Nice layback spin but her Biellman is too far from her and slows down
  • Double axel + double toe + double toe
  • Good spiral position
  • Hand down on the triple lutz
  • Triple toe
  • It really takes her a long time to catch the foot and bring it into the donut position in her camel spin
  • The movements in her step sequence seem a little heavy and she's not really gliding across the ice

Group 2
Viktoria Helgesson, SWE: 48.59 TES + 52.15 PCS = 100.74 Total: 154.90 and into 1st place
  • I love her elegant packaging in this program--it suits her so well
  • Triple toe + double toe + double loop
  • Doubled her flip
  • Triple loop
  • I'd like to see more stretch in her free leg and more abandon through this step sequence to really sell the character of the program
  • Very fast camel spin but I'm not crazy about her broken leg variation
  • Triple flip
  • She needs more flexibility through her back to be able to really show off that spiral position
  • Double axel+ double toe
  • Nice speed in the camel spin with a nice low sit spin position with a good twist variation
  • Triple loop
  • Triple salchow with a turnout
  • She needs to stretch through the free leg in her sit spin position
  • Finishes just after the music
Kanako Murakami, JPN: 51.66 TES + 53.88 PCS = 105.54 Total: 161.31 and into 1st place
  • I love her grown up look this season
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Good triple loop but a big set up with a bounce before the jump
  • Nice layback position into a haircutter and a Biellman
  • Pops her flip
  • Flying entry to a nice low sit spin with a good twist variation
  • Good spiral position
  • Pops open her loop
  • Nice triple + double axel sequence
  • A little hesitant before the triple toe but she lands it
  • Nice step sequence
  • Triple salchow + double loop + double loop
  • Good final combo spin
Alissa Czisny, USA: 60.06 TES + 61.84 PCS = 121.90 Total: 179.15 and into 1st place
  • She added more sparkles to her dress since Skate America--still very understated but a little more skating appropriate now
  • Nice opening triple lutz
  • Another nice triple flip
  • Single axel + double toe
  • Gorgeous spiral sequence with textbook positions
  • Flying camel spin with lots of speed into a nice donut position and a catchfoot position
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Nice double axel
  • Good triple loop + double toe
  • Solid triple loop
  • Great position in her sit spin and so much speed into the upright spin
  • I like the technical difficulty she's added to her step seqeuences this year--a lot more content 
  • Beautiful layback spin with an increase in speed in her Biellman today
  • Solid program from Alissa--I felt like it ended too soon!
Carolina Kostner, ITA: 55.97 TES + 63.65 PCS = 119.62 Total: 179.32 and into 1st place
  • Very solid triple loop to open her program
  • Pops her flip jump into a double lands two footed and then stumbles out of it
  • Nice spiral position 
  • Great double axel
  • Really not a great position for her in the broken leg camel but it's a nice catch foot position at the end of the spin
  • Double axel + double toe
  • Nice triple toe + double toe + double toe
  • Triple salchow 
  • Triple salchow + double toe and it's lovely how happy and confident she looks on the ice
  • Very musical step sequence with a lot of difficult content
  • Nice speed in her camel spin with a good position into a nice sit position and a good haircutter
  • Not a great illusion spin from her but a nice broken leg sit spin with lots of speed 
Elizaveta Tuktamisheva, RUS: 63.66 TES + 57.19 PCS = 120.85 Total: 182.89 and into 1st place
  • Easy triple lutz + triple toe to start her program with gorgeous flow out of it
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Double flip
  • Nice double axel + triple toe with solid landing
  • You can really tell how much she loves to perform and be out on the ice in this step sequence
  • Triple loop--maybe a little two footed with an ice spray on the landing
  • Nice spiral position
  • She needs to work on really stretching through some of these spin positions but her speed is good
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double loop
  • Nice double axel with the one arm variation  with nice flow out of the jump
  • Good donut position in her camel spin
Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Alissa CZISNYUSA121.9060.06 61.847.866.968.047.758.040.00#7
2Elizaveta TUKTAMISHEVARUS120.8563.66
3Carolina KOSTNERITA119.6255.97 63.658.117.507.828.148.210.00#8
4Kanako MURAKAMIJPN105.5451.66 53.887.046.256.826.826.750.00#6
5Viktoria HELGESSONSWE100.7448.59 52.156.576.146.646.576.680.00#5
6Mae Berenice MEITEFRA94.9551.87 44.085.795.005.615.615.541.00#4
7Yretha SILETEFRA87.6547.60 42.055.394.935.255.465.252.00#2
8Sonia LAFUENTEESP86.8142.99 43.825.795.215.505.505.390.00#3
9Lena MARROCCOFRA83.0243.14 39.885.294.465.
2Carolina KOSTNER
3Alissa CZISNY
6Mae Berenice MEITE
8Yretha SILETE

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