Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trophee Eric Bompard Pairs Free Skate

This event begins at 9:30am EST.
The warm up group is on the ice.

Group 1
James/Cipres, FRA: 45.75 TES + 43/70 PCS -1.00 = 88.45 Total: 133.31
  • Nice lift with one arm hold and exit but very slow across the ice
  • Nice side by side triple toes but she singles the second jump in the sequence
  • Double twist with not a lot of height
  • Throw double loop--interestingly she held in the air for a second before beginning her rotation
  • Decent unison on their side by side spins
  • Decent speed on the pairs spin with ok positions
  • Ok spiral sequence but they need to make their positions match more
  • A little labored on the entrance to the overhead lift and she could really extend that catchfoot position
  • He takes a fall on a transitional step
  • Throw triple salchow looked a little two footed
  • Side by side double axels
  • Death spiral with a change of hand but she's twisted and nearly flat on the ice
  • Their music finishes while they are in a lift and they have to quickly exit 
Stolbova/Klimov, RUS: 43.08 TES + 46.17 PCS -1.00 = 88.25 Total: 137.06 and into 1st place
  • Nice double twist with a clean catch and her arms overhead
  • She puts a hand down on the second jump of their triple toe + double toe combo and can't complete the third jump
  • Double salchow for her on the side by side jumps with a big ice spray
  • Interesting change of positions in their overhead lift with a nice catchfoot but very slow rotation
  • Interesting music choice--very atmospheric through the beginning 
  • Loss of unison on the side by side spins
  • Really ugly spiral position with no stretched out position and twisted around each other like pretzels
  • She lacks the stretch and leg lines in the air that the Russian teams are known for
  • Hand down on the throw triple toe
  • Good death spiral but she is almost flat on the ice after the change of hand
  • Very slow on the first set of the pairs spin but better after the change of foot
  • They seem to just be skating through this music and not to it--you could almost put on another song and they would skate the same way
  • Fall on a throw double
Dong/Wu, CHN: 53.85 TES + 45.63 PCS -1.00  = 98.48 Total: 147.75 and into 1st place
  • Good triple twist
  • Triple toe + double toe good for their side by side jumps
  • She doubles the salchow and he falls on the second set of side by side jumps
  • Nice stretched out position in the lift into a split hold 
  • I wish she had a lower and tighter death spiral position
  • Decent unison on their side by side spins
  • Huge throw triple loop
  • Throw triple salchow nicely done
  • Nice entry into the lift with a cartwheel exit
  • Awkward change of direction in their pair spin and their lines don't always match when they're in coordinating positions
  • Decent spiral sequence
  • Final lift was solid and they finished slightly after the music
Dube/Wolfe, CAN: 48.06 TES + 49.38 PCS = 97.44 Total: 150.68 and into 1st place
  • He bobbles on a step in the first few second of their music
  • Clean double twist with her arms over head
  • Side by side triple salchows were good
  • Great air position from her with him holding her on her stomach with one hand
  • He puts a hand down on the second set of their double axel sequence
  • Good death spiral position but she's almost flat on the ice after the change of hand
  • She goes a little wild after the flying entry of their side by side spins and a loss of unison
  • Nice throw triple loop
  • Nice matching lines on their spiral sequence
  • A little forward but she hangs on to her throw triple lutz
  • Nice air position and a one armed exit from their second lift
  • He just couldn't muscle her up into their final lift and had to set it down
  • Decent speed in their pair spin with nice positions but she could stretch out the haircutter position more
  • Finished a bit before their music
Group 2
Evora/Ladwig, USA: 58.04 TES + 58.85 PCS -1.00 = 111.89 Total: 169.58 and into 1st place
  • Nice clean triple twist
  • Triple toe and she has to hang on to their landing on the side by side jumps
  • Throw triple was nice
  • She took a big fall on the side by side double axels
  • Nice death spiral position but they lose a lot of speed after the change of hand
  • Loss of unison on their side by side spins
  • Nice throw triple loop
  • Beautiful overhead lift with one hand hold and her sitting up in the split position
  • Great pair spiral position
  • Nice toss onto a hold on the stomach
  • He lifts her up in the pair spin--not sure that was supposed to happen, looked like they had too much momentum
  • Nice final lift with a flip exit
Bazarova/Larionov, RUS: 65.34 TES + 60.51 PCS = 125.85 Total: 184.91 and into 1st place
  • Side by side triple toes
  • Great height on their triple twist with a clean exit
  • Great throw triple lutz with nice height and landing
  • Good side by side double axel sequence
  • Nice catchfoot position with him holding her on the stomach but I would like to see more speed in the rotation
  • Nice throw triple loop
  • Great entry into the lift from wrapped around behind his back with a stretched out air position from her
  • Decent unison in their side by side spins with nice flexibility
  • Nice change of rotation in their final lift with a change of position to a hip hold with her on her side
  • Nice death spiral with good speed and she exits by reaching out from behind on her stomach
Duhamel/Radford, CAN: 61.35 TES + 57.21 PCS -3.00 = 115.56 Total: 176.62 and into 2nd place
  • Triple twist with a clean catch
  • Really wild on their three jump combo and they both put hands down on the final jump
  • Nice recovery with their side by side triple salchows but big ice spray from her
  • She needs to be down much lower and have a tighter position in that death spiral
  • Nice unison, speed and positions in their side by side spins
  • Nice stretched out catch foot position with the hip hold
  • Not enough height to get the rotation around and she falls on the throw triple loop
  • Nice lift position with a one arm exit
  • Good throw triple lutz
  • Nice split position in the air with a change of rotation
  • Decent speed in the pair spin with an awkward change of direction and I don't love the sit spin position with her leg up in the air
Volosozhar/Trankov, RUS: 64.20 TES + 66.24 PCS = 130.44 Total: 194.13 and into 1st place
  • Popped their twist into a single
  • Side by side triple salchows
  • Solid side by side triple toes + double toes
  • A lot of power in the death spiral and he almost picked her up in the change of hand
  • A little loss of unison in their side by side spins with nice positions
  • Huge throw triple loop with a solid landing
  • Nice position with a flip exit on their lift
  • She has such beautiful lines in the air and on the ice
  • Nice almost spiral like position in the air on that lift
  • Huge throw triple salchow on the music with a two footed landing
  • Nice split position in the final lift but it was a little wobbly on the landing
  • He could use more flexibility in his position through the pair spiral
  • Nice position in their pair spin with an awkward change of direction
Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Tatiana VOLOSOZHAR / Maxim TRANKOVRUS130.4464.20 66.248.398.048.258.368.360.00#8
2Vera BAZAROVA / Yuri LARIONOVRUS125.8565.34 60.517.647.437.647.617.500.00#6
3Meagan DUHAMEL / Eric RADFORDCAN115.5661.35 57.217.326.967.
4Amanda EVORA / Mark LADWIGUSA111.8954.04 58.857.467.217.437.397.291.00#5
5Huibo DONG / Yiming WUCHN98.4853.85 45.636.145.395.645.825.541.00#3
6Jessica DUBE / Sebastien WOLFECAN97.4448.06 49.386.436.
7Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRESFRA88.4545.75 43.705.715.215.435.575.391.00#1
8Ksenia STOLBOVA / Fedor KLIMOVRUS88.2543.08

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