Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

Wednesday, November 16th
9:25-10:05 Novice Pairs Short Program
10:55-12:05 Novice Ladies Short Program
12:25-1:30 Novice Pattern Dance
6:30-7:45 Junior Men's Short Program
8:05-8:40 Junior Short Dance

Thursday, November 17th
11:30-1:05 Senior Men's Short Program
1:55-2:25 Junior Pairs Short Program
2:45-4:05 Novice Men's Short Program
6:00-7:20 Junior Ladies Short Program
7:40-9:20 Senior Ladies Short Program

Friday, November 18th
10:15-11:10 Novice Ladies Free Dance
11:30-12:55 Novice Ladies Free Skate
1:15-2:00 Novice Pairs Free Skate
2:20-3:50 Junior Men's Free Skate
4:10-5:10 Senior Short Dance

Saturday, November 19th
9:15-10:45 Novice Men's Free Skate
11:05-12:35 Junior Ladies Free Skate
12:55-1:35 Junior Free Dance
1:55-2:25 Junior Pairs Free Skate
2:45-4:50 Senior Ladies Free Skate
5:10-6:15 Senior Free Dance
6:35-8:30 Senior Men's Free Skate

Skaters to watch:
Novice Ladies: Karen Chen set the highest total regional score with an impressive 135.87.

Junior Ladies: Polina Edmunds and Katarina Kulgeyko competed at nationals last season and Kulgeyko took home a medal which earned her a spot on the JGP earlier this season.  Edmunds scored in the top 10 at regionals while Kulgeyko finished in the top 15.

Senior Ladies:  Caroline Zhang makes her bid for nationals after a Skate America and Ice Challenge assignment earlier this season.  Leah Keiser failed to qualify for nationals as a junior last season after winning the novice title in 2010.  She is competing as a senior this season and will be looking for a spot on the junior worlds team as she is not old enough to compete as a senior internationally.

Novice Men: Vincent Zhou and Kevin Shum set the top two regional scores with a comfortable margin.

Junior Men: Nathan Chen became the first man to win back to back novice titles and has moved to the junior level with a full repertoire of triple jumps and is working on a triple axel.  Four other skaters from this section competed on the Junior Grand Prix: Shotaro Omori, Philip Warren, Jay Yostano and David Wang.

Senior Men: Keegan Messing won Cup of Nice, Douglas Razzano finished 7th at Skate America and Jonathan Cassar finished 4th at Ondrej Nepala.

Junior Dance: Heritage/Fast and Pogrebinsky/Gudis who competed as novices last year move up to juniors this season.

Senior Dance: Reigning junior champions Lichtman/Copely face off against Olson/Cowan, Pilgrim/Lorello and Samuelson/Gilles

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