Friday, November 4, 2011

Cup of China Ladies Short Program

This event starts at 5:00am EST.
The skaters are on the ice for their warmup.

Group 1
Kexin Zhang, CHN: 31.47 TES + 21.38 PCS = 52.85
  • She is wearing a black dress with asymmetrical criss cross in the back 
  • Triple toe + triple toe combination to open her program with good speed
  • Hand down and pitched forward on the landing of her solo triple
  • Good speed on her spins and nice stretch through her upright position
  • Good speed and position in the donut section of her camel spin
  • Solid double axel right on the music
  • Nice one foot section at the start of her footwork but I'd like to see her relax her upper body more and really move with the movement instead of fighting it
  • Very nice layback position into a haircutter and she keeps the speed through a nicely stretched Bielmann
Qiuying Zhu, CHN: 16.40 TES + 19.88 PCS -1.00 = 35.28 and into 2nd place
  • She is wearing a purple dress with gold trim work on the front and arm poofs
  • Fall on her opening triple salchow
  • Nice triple toe + double toe combination
  • Good double axel--The three jumps were all pushed together in the beginning with not a lot of transition work and she'll lose PCS points on that
  • Decent sit spin but she could stretch through her free leg more
  • This is really the highlight of the music here and she's not attacking this step sequence the say she should
  • Good camel position into a nicely stretched upright position with her leg over her head
  • Interesting twist position in her layback but not a lot of flexibility in the haircutter position
Bingwa Geng, CHN: 29.66 TES + 22.95 PCS = 52.61 and into 2nd place
  • She is wearing a red halter dress with a fringe skirt
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Solo triple toe was solid
  • She has very expressive arms when she skates and they move very fluidly
  • Good speed through her spin with a nice upright position
  • I wish she'd keep her leg up on the flying entry into the camel instead of letting it drop but her donut position is nice
  • Good double axel
  • Good one foot section at the beginning of her footwork with a lot of movement in her body and I feel like she's skating more to the music than the other two skaters we've seen
  • Beautiful layback position into a nice haircutter and a great Biellman
Adelina Sotnikova, RUS: 29.66 TES + 25.08 PCS -1.00 = 53.74 and into 1st place
  • She is wearing a long sleeved blue pantsuit and is really taking her time getting into position
  • Fall on her opening triple lutz--she looked so nervous before the music started, taking really deep breaths
  • Nice high first jump in her triple flip + double toe combination and she ekes out the landing on the second
  • Great positions in her camel spin with nice flexibility and speed
  • Beautiful height on her double axel and I love the position of her free leg in the landing
  • Nice layback with a pearl position with one hand pulled straight up into a one arm hold in her Bielmann
  • I like how she pushes through this step sequence but it seems very repetitive and lacks the finesse in the choreography of some of the other skaters
  • Nice sit variation  in her combination spin and great speed into the upright overhead position
Christina Gao, USA: 29.34 TES + 23.65 PCS -1.00 = 51.99 and into 4th place
  • She is in a lovely teal dress but her bun looks a little messy and not properly done so it's sticking out behind her which makes her hair ribbon look odd
  • She has such a pleasant expression on her face from the first beat of her music
  • She hits the triple flip +triple toe combination
  • Fall on the double axel--looks like she was too far back on her heel on the landing
  • Very nice triple lutz
  • Good position in her layback spin but I'd like to see her soften her arms a little and keep the speed up through the Biellman
  • Nice los sit position but she loses speed after the position change
  • This step sequence is choreographed really well to the music and she finishes with her one foot section instead of beginning with it like the other skaters
  • Nice camel into a broken sit position in her final combination spin
Group 2
Valentina Marchei, ITA: 26.46 TES + 25.96 PCS = 52.42 and into 4th place
  • Her skirt looks really short to me and the braid is a little distracting--I'd be worried about it hitting me in the face during the jumps
  • Triple lutz + double toe was a little tight on the landing
  • Triple salchow was nice
  • She needs more stretch through her positions in her combination spin and I'd like to see her hold her positions a little longer--all the quick changes make her seem a little frantic
  • Solid double axel
  • Layback spin into a haircutter
  • This footwork sequence seems a little slow but she is working her edges
  • Good position in her twisted sit spin
Ksenia Makarova, RUS: 20.44 TES + 26.46 PCS -1.00 = 45.90 and into 6th place
  • This ice blue dress with the bun is very elegant on her
  • I love how much speed she has and how she uses every note in the music
  • Fall on her opening triple
  • Two footed the landing on her triple loop and didn't get the full rotation--she'll lose a lot of points on that plus she'll receive a penalty for no combination
  • Double axel
  • I think this program suits her better and shows off her technical skills better than her free skate
  • Good speed in her spins with some beautiful positions; her camel spin especially is lighting fast
  • For her step sequence I'd like to see her really stretch through that free leg and extend her lines
Kanako Murakami, JPN: 25.80 TES + 27.29 PCS = 53.09 and into 2nd place
  • She is wearing a purple dress in several shades with a lot of illusion mesh on the back
  • Really squeaked out the landing on her triple +triple with a little two footed landing on the 2nd jump
  • Triple salchow with a two footed landing
  • I love how low her sit spin position is 
  • Interesting layback variations but her working leg is bent the whole time
  • Nice double axel--she gets so low in the takeoff of all her jumps that she gets great height
  • Her step sequence seems a little posy instead of really pushing through the movement and having great flow
  • Everything is there she just doesn't always finish all her movements and it seems like she's rushing to the next step
Mirai Nagasu, USA: 31.75 TES + 29.21 PCS = 60.96 and into 1st place
  • Bobble on one of the opening moves in her program
  • Nice triple loop
  • I'm not sure how I feel about this dress on her--the color is nice but it makes her look heavy, which she is not
  • Triple flip + double toe was solid
  • Good double axel
  • Very nice layback spin with a good Biellman and nice speed throughout
  • Nice donut position in her camel spin
  • Finally a glimpse of a smile!
  • Nice choreography in her footwork and well timed with the music
  • Great speed and positions through her combination spin
Carolina Kostner, ITA: 31.44 TES + 30.44 PCS = 61.88 and into 1st place
  • Nice triple + triple toe combination
  • Forward on the landing of her triple loop and she puts her hands down
  • Good speed through her camel spin and nice stretched out position through the catch foot variation
  • Good double axel
  • Decent layback into a haircutter
  • This footwork really suits her style and showcases her nicely
  • Good speed in her camel spin with an awkward flying change to her sit spin
Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Carolina KOSTNERITA61.8831.44 30.447.717.367.617.757.610.00#10
2Mirai NAGASUUSA60.9631.75
3Adelina SOTNIKOVARUS53.7429.66 25.086.366.146.256.396.211.00#4
4Kanako MURAKAMIJPN53.0925.80
5Kexin ZHANGCHN52.8531.47 21.385.575.115.435.365.250.00#1
6Bingwa GENGCHN52.6129.66 22.955.865.505.825.715.790.00#3
7Valentina MARCHEIITA52.4226.46 25.966.546.146.646.466.680.00#6
8Christina GAOUSA51.9929.34 23.655.965.715.935.966.001.00#5
9Ksenia MAKAROVARUS45.9020.44 26.466.826.466.296.716.791.00#7
10Qiuying ZHUCHN35.2816.40 19.885.144.894.864.965.001.00#2

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