Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trophee Eric Bompard Men's Free Skate

The event begins at 7:30am EST.
The warmup group is on the ice

Group 1
Chafik Besseghier, FRA: 58.58 TES + 55.38 PCS = 113.96 Total: 160.39
  • Quad salchow was two footed
  • High triple axel but was tilted in the air and had to step out of it
  • Nice high triple lutz
  • Great arm work in this step sequence with a lot of difficult, varied, quick steps and a lot of speed
  • Flying camel spin with a nice broken variation into a stretched out catchfoot position
  • Very high triple axel + double toe but not great landings on either jump
  • Triple loop with a two foot landing
  • Triple + double toe combination
  • Triple salchow + double toe + double toe
  • His choreographic step sequence seems a little frantic and he's not performing it at all
  • Nice sit spin position pulling right up into the upright position and down into another sit spin
  • Great speed in his spins with a nice stretched out sit position
Romain Ponsart, FRA: 54.94 TES + 56.48 PCS -1.00 = 110.42 Total: 160.45 and into 1st place
  • Fall on the opening quad toe attempt
  • Nice triple axel recovery
  • Great one foot sequence through his footwork but not a lot of speed and I'd like to see him looking at the ice less
  • Great upright catch foot spin position
  • Popped his triple axel into a double and a two footed landing
  • Triple loop a little forward on the landing but hangs on and tacks on the double toe
  • Beautiful triple + double toe
  • Nice low sit spin position but his leg needs to be more stretched
  • Popped his salchow into a single
  • Triple + double toe + double toe with no height
  • Camel spin into a twisted sit spin
  • He needs more power and speed through this choreographic step sequence to really sell it
Alexander Majorov, SWE: 65.78 TES + 62.70 PCS = 128.48 Total: 190.60 and into 1st place
  • Triple axel + double toe was very nice
  • Triple + double toe--he has a very interesting jump technique and gets very low and leans forward on his takeoff
  • Triple axel  with a turnout but he keeps his free leg up
  • Nice sit spin positions with great speed
  • I'd like to see him more free in his step sequence and really let his upper body move with the steps instead of fighting it
  • Triple + double toe with a step out on the second jump
  • Spiral right into a double axel
  • Doubled the flip and two footed the landing
  • Double salchow
  • Double axel
  • He really needs to work on that camel spin position as it's not an attractive position for him but a nice triangle position
  • I'd like to see him go for this choreographic step sequence more and really stretch out all the movements
  • He finishes way before his music and has about 5 seconds left after the pose
Nobunari Oda, JPN: 46.63 TES + 60.62 PCS -3.00 = 104.25 Total: 167.20 and into 2nd place
  • Triple axel + double toe + single loop with nice height on the axel
  • Triple flip + triple toe
  • Double flip with a two footed landing
  • Single loop
  • Fall on his one footed section of his step sequence and he takes a really long time skating around to get back into it
  • Good camel position and nice sit spin and triangle positions
  • Spiral into a popped axel with a fall
  • Another fall 
  • Double loop
  • Great speed in his sit spin with really nice positions, especially the cross leg one with no hands holding his position
  • Really tough skate for Oda
Kevin Reynolds, CAN: TES + PCS =
  • Withdrew due to medical reasons
Group 2
Florent Amodio, FRA: 60.48 TES + 70.44 PCS -1.00 = 129.92 Total: 201.34 and into 1st place
  • Triple salchow
  • Fall on the quad salchow attempt
  • Good camel spin positions and a good sit position but not a lot of speed
  • He's just kind of marking these dance moves and not really selling them like normal--in the close ups of his face he really doesn't look like he's feeling well
  • Double axel--he didn't get his leg tight enough in the air to complete the rotation
  • Two footed his flip landing but added a double toe sequence
  • Triple lutz + double toe
  • Step out of the triple lutz
  • Tons of movement in this choreographic step sequence and the crowd is loving it
  • Nice speed in the sit spin but a lot of ice spray in the change of foot
  • He looks exhausted at the end of the program but good fight from him
Adam Rippon, USA: 70.05 TES + 74.88 PCS = 144.93 Total: 217.89 and into 1st place
  • Two footed his quad lutz attempt
  • Triple axel + double toe--really fought for the landing of that axel
  • Triple loop
  • Nice broken leg sit position into a great twist variation
  • Very nice lyrical step sequence and he really uses every part of his body to express the music but I would like to see him with a bit more power across the ice
  • Triple axel and he hangs on!
  • Really tight triple flip + double toe
  • Double lutz + triple salchow sequence very close to the boards
  • Rippon triple lutz with a big ice spray on the landing
  • Great fast sit spin position into a very nice layback position
  • Nice speed in his choreographic step sequence
  • Triple toe
  • Beautiful camel position into a nice donut position
Michal Brezina, CZE: 67.72 TES + 76.56 PCS = 144.28 Total: 218.60 and into 1st place
  • Great triple axel with nice height and a solid landing
  • Triple Flip + Triple toe with a turnout on the landing
  • Double salchow--really forward on the takeoff and just couldn't rotate it
  • Nice speed in the sit spin with good positions
  • A lot of turns and changes of direction in this step sequence with nice use of his arms and upper body
  • Nice triple axel + double toe
  • Very nice triple flip
  • Triple loop--again he starts very low on the takeoff
  • Triple lutz a little tight on the landing
  • Double axel with a two footed landing
  • Nice camel spin into a sit spin but he loses a lot of speed through the change foot
  • Great power through this choreographic step sequence but I would like to see a little more content
  • Nice twisted sit position into a broken variation
Nan Song, CHN: 79.93 TES + 67.64 PCS = 147.57 Total: 224.10 and into 1st place
  • Really high quad toe and he turns out of the landing but keeps his free leg up
  • Quad toe + triple toe nicely done and landed exactly on the music
  • Good triple axel
  • Great speed in his spins with a nice low sit position and a stretched out leg
  • Very nice movement through his step sequence and he is really selling it
  • Triple axel + double toe
  • Very solid triple flip
  • Nice camel spin but his broken leg and catch foot variations need work
  • Double lutz
  • Triple salchow a little forward on the landing
  • Very playful choreographic step sequence and it's nice to see him performing it as well
  • Double axel + double toe
  • He could be more stretched in the triangle spin but a nice twisted sit position
  • Nan Song just showed that he is a force to be reckoned with this season
Patrick Chan, CAN: 72.30 TES + 85.14 PCS -1.00 = 156.44 Total: 240.60 and into 1st place
  • Beautiful quad toe
  • Nice fast rotation on the quad toe + triple toe
  • Doubles his axel
  • Trips and puts both hands down on his step seqeuence
  • Great flying entry to his sit spin with good speed and nice positions
  • Step out of his triple lutz
  • Triple loop
  • Triple flip
  • Very fast sit spin with a nice twisted variation
  • Double lutz and a step out
  • Double axel
  • Fantastic choreographic step sequence
  • Really not his best day
 Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Patrick CHANCAN156.4472.30 85.148.828.368.218.648.541.00#10
2Nan SONGCHN147.5779.93 67.647.006.146.966.936.790.00#9
3Adam RIPPONUSA144.9370.05 74.887.577.117.547.547.680.00#7
4Michal BREZINACZE144.2867.72 76.567.897.147.827.617.820.00#8
5Florent AMODIOFRA129.9260.48 70.447.146.507.
6Alexander MAJOROVSWE128.4865.78 62.706.396.006.396.216.360.00#3
7Chafik BESSEGHIERFRA113.9658.58 55.385.795.295.575.505.540.00#1
8Romain PONSARTFRA110.4254.94 56.485.935.145.715.755.711.00#2
9Nobunari ODAJPN104.2546.63 60.626.865.715.466.575.713.00#4
WDKevin REYNOLDSCAN          #5
1Patrick CHAN
5Florent AMODIO
6Alexander MAJOROV
7Nobunari ODA

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