Thursday, January 24, 2013

US Nationals Senior Ladies Short Program

Group 1
Samantha Cesario: 30.74 TES + 25.00 PCS = 55.74
  • Great sophistication and character at the top of her Carmen program 
  • Nice triple flip + double toe
  • Great ice coverage on her double axel and nice flow out of it
  • Good positions in the layback but seemed to have a bit of trouble hanging on to the Biellman
  • Decent speed in the sit spin but she could stretch through her position just a tad more
  • Nice triple loop 
  • Good fire and performance in this step sequence, but she is getting a few ice sprays so some of the edges might not be 100% clean 
  • Nice speed and position in the camel spin with good catchfoot position
Mirai Nagasu: 34.73 TES + 29.66 PCS = 64.39 and into 1st place
  • I absolutely love her dress and the color looks great on her
  • Great height and nice landings on the triple toe + triple toe
  • Nice Ina Bauer 
  • Good triple loop
  • Flying entry to the camel spin with great positions and nice entry into a catchfoot donut
  • I feel that this is a great vehicle for her this season as it really shows her carefree approach and love of skating
  • Nice spiral into a double axel
  • Good character in the step sequence and some nice edgework
  • Iffy illusions in the combo spin but all the other positions are nice
  • Really nice layback spin into a great Biellman
Angela Wang: 28.94 TES + 24.12 PCS -1.00 = 52.06 and into 3rd place
  • Fall on her opening triple lutz--intended to be her combo
  • Triple flip + double toe nice
  • The big advantage of seniors is that you can move your combo if you mess up your first jump, but juniors have a required solo jump and cannot repeat it in the combo so they must take a penalty
  • Good double axel
  • She could use more flexibility through the donut and catchfoot positions in her camel spin
  • Nice use of her arms through the step sequence but I feel like she can really stretch through her free leg more and finish off the lines
  • She could fix her arms in the layback but the Biellman is good
  • She's capable of a lot more because she lost out on her triple + triple but she'll be back in the free skate
Hannah Miller: 28.63 TES + 25.84 PCS = 54.47 and into 3rd place
  • She's really skating to her music and hitting all the accents in the opening choreography
  • Solid double axel right on the music
  • Triple flip a little back on the landing and didn't get a great exit
  • Good camel positions with good speed
  • Nice triple loop + double loop
  • Nice layback into a good Biellman
  • You can tell this girl loves to be on the ice and she is really selling the program and hitting everything with the intensity this program requires
  • Last season there was a lot of talk about how her jumps were tiny and wouldn't last a growth spurt but she seems to be getting a lot more height on her jumps this season and they seem more secure as well
  • Traveling a lot on the upright spin in her final combo spin but lots of speed
Haley Dunne: 22.07 TES + 22.89 PCS = 44.96 and into 5th place
  • Nice triple flip + double toe
  • She has such grace and ease on the ice and really uses her arms to finish off her moves
  • Popped the lutz into a single
  • Gorgeous layback with one arm down; could use more stretch in the Biellman
  • Nice step sequence that really flows across the ice and seems more like choreography than an element
  • Nice sit spin
  • Double axel went straight up and didn't travel so she had to fudge the ending a bit with a step out
  • Nice final combination spin that included a good layback
Group 2
Yasmin Siraj: 32.14 TES + 25.74 PCS = 57.88 and into 2nd place
  • Triple toe + triple toe very tight but she lands it and gets the free leg out
  • Triple lutz and ekes out the free leg
  • Good Ina Bauer into her layback spin with good arm variations and a decent Biellman
  • I feel like there's not a lot of connection between the music and her choreography in the step sequence and it seems like an odd music choice for this part of the program
  • Decent camel spin positions and nice transition between the catchfoot and the donut positions
  • Really difficult hop into a double axel
  • Good speed in her final combination spin
Courtney Hicks: 34.07 TES + 25.65 PCS = 59.72 and into 2nd place
  • Triple flip + triple toe with huge height and great ice coverage
  • Good layback spin but not very stretched out in the Biellman
  • She could stretch through her free leg in teh camel spin but great speed and nice transition between the donut and catchfoot variations
  • She's backloaded her program to take advantage of the 10 percent bonus
  • Giant triple lutz
  • Nice double axel
  • She seems to be leaning forward a lot in her step sequence and I'd like to see her use the edges more than her upper body to propel her across the ice
  • Signature Tw-Hicks spin in her combo spin and ending with a fast scratch spin
  • Huge roar from the crowd when she finished
Amanda Hofmann: 21.48 TES + 20.77 PCS = 42.25 and into 8th place
  • Triple loop + double toe
  • Triple flip stepped out
  • Camel spin into a really nice catch foot; great flexibility in the upright spin
  • Rough double axel two footed the landing
  • Goregeous Biellman with her leg completely straight up
  • A little slow on the step sequence and she needs more power to really get across the ice 
  • A lot of really great moments but a lot of things that she can work on
Becky Bereswill: 16.80 TES + 21.66 PCS = 38.46 and into 9th place
  • Really rough triple lutz but she manages to not fall
  • Triple salchow + double toe putting hands down the second jump
  • Nice layback into a good Biellman but very slow
  • Double axel off in the air and landing a little sideways but she hangs on to it
  • It's a shame because she was landing gorgeous jumps in warmup 
  • Nice spiral into her sit spin
  • Decent camel spin, great upright spin but not a lot of speed

Group 3
Caroline Zhang: 23.70 TES + 26.29 PCS = 49.99 and into 7th place
  • Same program as last season but new costume and it is very elegant on her
  • Triple loop + triple loop really nice
  • Good triple flip
  • Nice camel spin positions and great entry into the donut; not super fast, but in time with the music and maintaining speed throughout
  • Good speedy rotation in the double axel
  • Nice positions in the camel spin and good flexibility through the upright position
  • I like her expression through the step sequence; it's soft, appropriate for the program and you can tell she's enjoying being out on the ice
  • Layback spin with good speed into her signature pearl and a nice Biellman
  • Definitely a big improvement from her Grand Prix assignments
  • There must have been a few downgrades for her scores to be that low and the crowd was not happy with her placement
Joelle Forte: 24.59 TES + 21.23 PCS = 45.82 and into 8th place
  • Triple lutz + double toe very tight on the landing and no flow out of the jump
  • Good position in the sit spin with nice variations but starting to lose speed through the back tuck position
  • She seems a bit slow and hesitant in the step sequence and is not really giving much performance 
  • Triple salchow
  • Nice height in the double axel and snappy rotation
  • Ok layback position and a decent haircutter
  • Good camel spin position with a flying change to the sit spin and ending with an upright spin
Kiri Baga: 24.80 TES + 22.86 PCS -1.00 = 46.66 and into 8th place
  • Hard fall on her opening triple flip
  • Triple loop, hand down, double toe
  • Really nice combo spin positions especially in the sit spin with a nice stretched free leg
  • Solid double axel with a nice landing position and good ride out
  • Good camel spin and picking up rotation through the donut and a nice catchfoot that is almost a Biellman
  • Pretty layback spin picking up a lot of speed through the haircutter and a great Biellman
Gracie Gold: 28.74 TES + 26.34 PCS -1.00 = 54.08 and into 6th place
  • Huge triple flip + triple toe--almost started to go horizontal a bit on the triple toe and can't hang on to it and falls 
  • Triple lutz--was supposed to be a Rippon but likely playing it safe after the fall
  • Popped the axel into a single
  • Nice speed in her spins but needs more flexibility in the catchfoot and a little wild at the end
  • I think this is definitely a case of nerves getting to her with her senior debut and a spot on the World team on the line
  • Nice layback spin with a good Biellman
  • Good positions in the final combination spin 
  • She also seemed to be lacking a lot of the fire and spunk she's shown in this program in the past and the jumps likely took the wind out of her sails
Laney Diggs: 11.35 TES +19.22 PCS -2.00 = 28.57 and into 14th place
  • Triple salchow fall
  • Triple toe fall
  • No combo so she will receive a penalty
  • She did say that she hadn't really been training for nationals so when she got the call last week she had to prepare quickly to get back in shape
  • She seems super thrilled just to be competing though and I don't think anything is going to take the smile off her face
  • Really awkward axel take off and pops it 
  • Decent camel position into a good upright catchfoot
Group 4
Christina Gao: 31.93 TES + 27.81 PCS -1.00 = 58.74 and into 3rd place

  • Gorgeous triple toe + triple toe with really nice toe point and great height on her jumps
  • Good double axel
  • Loses her edge on the change of foot in her spin and she falls, she did complete some of the spin so she won't lose the element completely but that will cost her
  • A little tight on the triple loop but pulls it off
  • Nice speed in the layback spin and a good haircutter
  • She's really started to come into her own this season and you can see her letting go and giving more of a performance on the ice, especially in her step sequences
  • Nice final combo spin
Ashley Cain: 25.28 TES + 25.55 PCS = 50.83 and into 9th place
  • Huge opening triple loop + double toe
  • Nice triple salchow
  • Good double axel
  • Interesting that she changed her jump layout since she had to do a flip for her JGP assignment earlier this season
  • Interesting sideways leaning spin but losing spin in the haircutter and fell out of the Biellman
  • She is really performing this step sequence and getting the crowd behind her; she does seem to be on top of her edges sometimes during the step sequence though
  • Good camel position into a nice upright spin, losing the centering a tiny bit on the camel after the change of foot
  • She'll be really happy with that skate
Sophia Adams: 18.38 TES + 21.16 PCS -2.00 = 37.54 and into 16th place
  • Fall on the opening triple salchow
  • This might be one of my favorite dresses of the night with such a unique design in the back and a great color
  • Triple loop looked good in the air with good height but a tough fall
  • Good camel spin but she could have a bit more speed
  • Really choppy and on top of her edges in the step sequence
  • Good speed in the sit spin pulling in to a nice upright spin
  • She could have a bit more arch and better arm positions in the layback and really losing speed in the haircutter
Morgan Bell: 18.24 TES + 21.54 PCS -2.00 = 37.78 and into 16th place
  • Fall on her opening triple lutz
  • Triple toe and another fall
  • Really nice catchfoot position in the camel spin
  • She has a great personality on the ice
  • Nice spread eagle into a double axel
  • Good speed in the layback but losing the speed into the Biellman
  • A little slow and hunched over on the combo spin and a bit of struggle holding the leg up in the upright catchfoot position
  • Fun step sequence to end the program
Ashley Wagner: 34.74 TES + 32.83 PCS = 67.57 and into 1st place
  • Nice triple flip + double toe with both arms over the head
  • She skates this program so effortlessly
  • Good layback spin into a nice Biellman
  • She has the art of performing down as well including subtle moves like an eyebrow or a shoulder
  • Nice camel positions and picking up speed through the catchfoot position
  • Great ice coverage on the double axel
  • Really nice triple loop--two elements in the bonus will give her a bit of an edge
  • Losing some speed in her final spin
Agnes Zawadzki: 35.94 TES + 30.37 PCS -1.00 = 65.31 and into 2nd place
  • Really nice triple lutz with tons of height
  • Great triple toe + triple toe, great height, nice toe point and right on the music
  • Nice Biellman spin 
  • Good Ina Bauer
  • Split jump into double axel but she falls on the landing
  • Good camel spin with a nice donut and good catchfoot
  • Looks like she might have caught an edge and bobbled a bit a couple times in the step sequence--might cost her a Level or a Grade of Execution
  • Nice positions in her final spin and speeding up at the end with great toe point in her upright catchfoot
PlaceStart No.NameScore
120Ashley Wagner, SC of Wilmington67.57
221Agnes Zawadzki, Broadmoor SC65.31
32Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC64.39
48Courtney Hicks, All Year FSC59.72
516Christina Gao, SC Of Boston58.74
66Yasmin Siraj, SC Of Boston57.88
71Samantha Cesario, SC of New York55.74
84Hannah Miller, Lansing SC54.47
914Gracie Gold, Wagon Wheel FSC54.08
103Angela Wang, Salt Lake Figure Skating52.06
1117Ashley Cain, Stars FSC of Texas50.83
1211Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC49.99
1313Kiri Baga, FSC of Bloomington46.66
1412Joelle Forte, SC of New York45.82
155Haley Dunne, University of Delaware FSC44.96
169Amanda Hofmann, Portland ISC42.25
1710Becky Bereswill, Detroit SC38.46
1819Morgan Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC37.78
1918Sophia Adams, All Year FSC37.54
2015Laney Diggs, St. Moritz ISC28.57
EW Alissa Czisny, Detroit SC 
WD Leah Keiser, All Year FSC 
EW Vanessa Lam, All Year FSC

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