Saturday, January 12, 2013

Breaking Down the Elements: Junior Ladies Short Program

The 2012-2013 junior ladies short program consists of 7 elements that must be performed in 2:50 maximum time.  The major differences from the previous season are that the solo jump must be a flip, the flying spin must be a camel and the pattern for the step sequence is not fixed.

1. Double axel

2. Double or triple flip immediately preceded by connecting steps or other free skating movements

3. Jump combination, double/double, double/triple or triple/triple, may not repeat either Axel jump performed or solo jump

4. Flying Camel spin, minimum 8 revolutions

5. Layback or sideways leaning spin, no flying entry, minimum 8 revolutions

6. Spin combination, with only 1 change of foot and all 3 basic positions or any variation thereof, no flying entry, minimum 6 revolutions each foot, minimum 2 revolutions each position

7. Leveled step sequence, fully utilizing the ice surface

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