Friday, January 25, 2013

US Nationals Short Dance

Group 1
Donaldson/Jacobs: 11.10 TES + 12.62 PCS = 23.71 
  • A little far in places in their non touching step sequence; they are a little off on the timing and unison and he doesn't have great lines and stretch through the steps
  • Decent twizzles, but slow
  • They seem to have trouble switching holds in the Polka and he seems to be gripping her arms to keep her in the hold; they're also really on top of their edges and seem very choppy
  • Rotational lift in a haircutter position is a little slow
Ponomaryova/Altukhov: 14.36 TES + 15.70 PCS = 30.06 and into 1st place
  • She is a full on diva on the ice
  • Off on the twizzles in unison but good distance between them through the three sets
  • They seem a little clunky and a bit wild in the Yankee Polka
  • Cartwheel into a straightline lift
  • They seem to be trailing in a straight line during the non touching step sequence and don't have a connection with each other
Gamelin/Gamelin: 23.36 TES + 22.40 PCS = 45.76 and into 1st place
  • Super fast speed in the straight line lift with lots of position changes
  • Bobble on the twizzles
  • Nice matching lines and great use of their free arms to accent the movements and show the security in the steps; nice feel to the Polka sequence, very light and airy
  • There are a few places that she could stretch through her free leg more in the transitions
  • Nice quality and variety of movement in their non touching step sequence; good long lines
Hoptman/Filchenkov: 24.14 TES + 22.89 PCS = 47.03 and into 1st place
  • They twizzle in opposite directions and cross each other during the three sets--it catches the eye and stands out but also helps to hide any mistakes in unison
  • She is very expressive and knows when to play something light and airy vs more serious
  • A good lightness in the Polka but a bit hunched over in the posture and choppy in just a few spots
  • Split rotational lift and a dance spin into their ending pose
Cannuscio/McManus: 29.86 TES + 26.47 PCS = 56.33 and into 1st place
  • Really nice change of holds in the Yankee Polka and great use of the free arm; nice flow across the ice and she's keeping her performance up
  • Difficult twizzle variation with free leg held out to the side
  • A little off in unison in spots in the non touching steps, but great distance between them and nice matching lines and extension through their free legs
  • One arm rotational lift with a nice up and down flow
Group 2
Olson/Hubbell: 29.15 TES + 25.53 PCS = 54.68 and into 2nd place
  • Nice twizzles with good unison and nice expression from her at the end
  • Interesting take on the rotational haircutter lift
  • A bobble from her and one from him on the non touching step sequence
  • A bit off on the Polka and they seem to be struggling in places to stay in the hold
  • She is such a star and I think they have good potential but just need more time to gel together
Tran/Kaplun: 20.14 TES + 19.37 PCS = 39.51 and into 5th place
  • This opening into the Polka is very clunky and heavy on the steps and looks very placed like they aren't committed to the choreography
  • They seem off on unison, not great knee bend and not great edges in the Polka
  • They seem to have trouble finding each other after the changes of hold
  • She needs to stretch through her legs through the changes of position in the lifts
  • Off on the twizzles unison
  • He has great carriage and presence on the ice and really pays attention to some of the details like stretching through the free leg and nice posture
Hubbell/Donohue: 35.35 TES + 32.40 PCS = 67.75 and into 1st place
  • Lovely entrance to their twizzles, difficult variations, good speed and nice unison
  • Flip up to a nice lift standing on his leg and twist down 
  • Missed the hand hold a bit there in a transition
  • They seem a bit more tense in the Polka then I remember seeing them but they have a good springiness and the crowd is getting into their peformance
  • Good choreography in the non touching steps with good unison and nice power across the ice
Kriengkrairut/Giuletti-Schmitt: 33.44 TES + 31.25 PCS = 64.69 and into 2nd place
  • Great energy and performance through the Polka and nice ease in the holds and great lightness in their legs
  • Beautiful spread eagle with her leaning over the blade
  • Arabesque picking her straight up, wrapping in attitude--such a gorgeous lift and very unique lift
  • Their little touches in the transitions and details are great and they have such a great and believable connection with each other on the ice
  • Nice twizzles
  • Getting tons of ice coverage on the non touching step sequence and nicely into their edges with good unison
Davis/White: 39.64 TES + 39.38 PCS = 79.02 and into 1st place
  • Super fast right from the top and they
  • re hitting every note in the music
  • Fantastic twizzles, very close, very fast and completely in unison
  • The ballerina in me appreciates the little details in the program like a saute in coupe, ballotes and cabrioles
  • Nice feel through the non touching, done very close together and in great unison
  • Great speed and lightness in the Polka with great use of their free arms and even their heads to accent the movement
  • Superb rotational lift with two completely different positions and a seamless change 
Group 3
Shibutani/Shibutani: 36.64 TES + 33.99 PCS -1.00 = 69.63 and into 2nd place
  • Very snappy steps and choreography at the top of the program
  • Good stretch through their free legs in the Polka but their free arms seem a little tense in places
  • Great unison through their twizzles and love that the last set opens up and pulls back in but they seemed slow compared to what we're used to seeing from them
  • Nice unison, power and edges through the non touching step sequence
  • Haircutter rotational lift
Cannuscio/Bramante: 27.58 TES + 24.93 PCS = 52.51 and into 7th place
  • He looked like he was having trouble with the opening twizzles but hung on, he seems to really lift his shoulders in the twizzles and needs to relax into them to have a better upper body line
  • Nice slide into a one arm rotational lift but I would have liked to see more speed and rotations
  • I know they're restricted on the temp of their music, this can can seems really slow
  • Good speed and push through the Polka and good job keeping up the theme of the dance throughout 
  • I find that he takes moments to look at her but she rarely looks at him, so they could work on their connection
Chock/Bates: 37.87 TES + 32.93 PCS = 70.80 and into 2nd place
  • Love the arms, edges, long leg lines and unison in their non touching step sequence and she is really playing up this character
  • Difficult twizzle variation with the leg crossed and front and all three sets looked nice
  • Some of these holds look really interesting with their height difference and she's doing a great job of staying in character
  • Haircutter rotational lift
  • Really solid program and it played to their strengths really well
Aronow/Brubaker: 27.29 TES + 24.06 PCS -1.00 = 50.35 and into 9th place
  • I love her dress and it has a lot of unique touches
  • He has great leg lines and nice toe point in his free leg
  • She misses her blade on the first twizzle set and he bobbles out of the second set so they'll lose some levels and GOEs
  • He kind of drops her on a transition move and they have trouble getting into their Polka
  • This seemed like a jarring transition into the Polka 
  • She seems to be having a hard time getting all the steps in in the Polka
  • Good flexibility from her in the lift but they could have a faster rotation
Nardozzi/Traxler: 20.44 TES + 23.43 PCS -2.00 = 41.87 and into 12th place
  • Good distance between them and really nice unison especially in the 2nd set of twizzles
  • She pikes sometimes when she kicks up her free leg and could pull up out of her hips to get even more stretch through her line
  • Fun transition spin across the ice into a nice rotational lift
  • I really believe their program and feel like they genuinely have a connection to each other and the audience
  • Very quiet edges in the non touching step sequence and nice unison and quality of movement
PlaceStart No.NameScore
110Meryl Davis, Arctic FSC
Charlie White, Detroit SC
213Madison Chock, All Year FSC
Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC
311Maia Shibutani, SC of New York
Alex Shibutani, Arctic FSC
48Madison Hubbell, Detroit SC
Zachary Donohue, Detroit SC
59Lynn Kriengkrairut, All Year FSC
Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, Ann Arbor FSC
65Anastasia Cannuscio, University of Delaware FSC
Colin McManus, SC Of Boston
76Anastasia Olson, Detroit SC
Keiffer Hubbell, Detroit SC
812Isabella Cannuscio, University of Delaware FSC
Michael Bramante, SC Of Boston
914Alissandra Aronow, Arctic FSC
Collin Brubaker, All Year FSC
104Ginna Hoptman, IceWorks SC
Pavel Filchenkov, IceWorks SC
113Danielle Gamelin, SC of New York
Alexander Gamelin, SC of New York
1215Kristen Nardozzi, Stars FSC of Texas
Nick Traxler, Stars FSC of Texas
137Taylor Tran, Lakewood Winter Club
Sam Kaplun, All Year FSC
142Kseniya Ponomaryova, Individual Member
Oleg Altukhov, Escondido FSC
151Katie Donaldson, Wichita FSC
Brock Jacobs, Wichita FSC

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