Tuesday, January 22, 2013

US Nationals Junior Short Dance

Group 1
Min/Ogay: 16.07 TES + 18.38 PCS -2.00 = 32.45
  • A little off on the unison on their first set of twizzles and she falls on the second set
  • They could have better matching lines in places in the Blues but they are skating a nice big pattern that is filling the rink
  • Nice non touching step sequence; a few places with an ice spray 
  • Rotational lift is nice with her in a good position
Hawayek/Baker: 32.64 TES + 28.08 PCS = 60.72 and into 1st place
  • Really nice matching leg lines through the Blues and nice use of details with her arms in the change of holds
  • Spread eagle lift with her legs up in the air--not sure how attractive this would be from other angles but it does take a lot of strength
  • They started off this program with so much personality but seem very focused in the Blues and have let the performance slide a bit
  • Twizzles looked good but she stepped out early on both the 2nd and 3rd sets
  • Maybe a hair off in a few steps on the non touching step sequence but on the whole great unison and matching throughout
Miiler/MacMillan: 26.33 TES + 19.39 PCS = 45.72 and into 2nd place
  • A little bobble on a transition step at the top but they keep going like nothing happened
  • Good speed and timing through the non touching steps
  • Good position changes in the lift and nice exit
  • Good matching leg lines and nice big pattern in the Blues; edges look clean; they could do more with their arms to add some finishing touches and show they are secure in the holds
  • She misses her blade in the first set of twizzles so they'll lose a Level for that
  • They seem to be having fun in this performance though and are really playing to the crowd
Heritage/Fast: 21.01 TES + 21.97 PCS = 42.98 and into 3rd place
  • Cool stationary rotational lift with her in a haircutter position
  • Nice changes in spacing during their non touching step sequence
  • A few places where their lines are slightly off in the Blues and she seems to sit back into her hips on some of the leg lifts instead of pulling up
  • I'd like to see more performance from them as it seems like they are keeping one emotional level going the whole time
  • Nice hydroblade at the end
Group 2
McNamara/Carpenter: 35.58 TES + 28.09 PCS = 63.67 and into 1st place
  • They are so amazingly in character before their names are even announced
  • Good unison, distance between them and matching lines on the non touching steps
  • Good rotational lift with nice speed
  • Very close together on their twizzles, good unison and nice speed through all three sets
  • She could have more leg stretch through some of the transitional moves
  • Great lean back on the leg lift hold in the Blues, nice matching lines, large pattern and deep edges
  • LOVE the dance break after the Blue section
  • Easily one of the most original and most well executed programs of the season
Rosinski/Jaffe: 23.99 TES + 19.73 PCS = 43.72 and into 4th place
  • This is their final competition as they are retiring so he can attend college in the fall
  • Awesome leap right into a split position while he is in a spread eagle--very unique lift
  • Nice use of her free arm in the change of holds in the Blues and pretty good matching leg lines; they seem to be on top of their blades some of the time and could get deeper into the edges
  • They have really great transition moves and it should add to their choreography score
  • They seem to be drifting on the twizzles and are messy at the end of each set
Pogrebinsky/Gudis: 31.50 TES + 22.78 PCS = 54.28 and into 3rd place
  • Good unison on the non touching step sequence and good use of their arms to carry the theme of the dance
  • Good straight line lift but the exit could have been cleaner
  • They are both very tall and have great flexibility which makes this Blues pattern look really nice; I especially like his carriage through this section; I like that they carry the hip hop feel into the Blues with both the music and their free arms
  • Good twizzles
  • Dance spin into their final pose
Moore/Klaber: 32.85 TES + 25.54 PCS = 58.39 and into 3rd place
  • She reminds me a lot of Kaitlyn Weaver
  • Love all the little details in their non touching steps and they seem to fly across the ice with ease
  • She bobbles a bit on the end of the second set of twizzles and they travel apart from each other
  • Good edges in their Blues and really clear, precise movements; she has great facial expressions in this as well and little shoulder shrugs that really give off the character of the piece
  • Biellman into a rotational lift with a good exit
  • Really nice program from them.  They look like seasoned junior competitors even though they are only the reigning Novice Champions
Group 3
Aldridge/Eaton: 36.14 TES + 29.97 PCS = 66.11 and into 1st place
  • She got a little close to the wall at the end of the non touching step sequence but otherwise very nice
  • Good twizzles, good speed and nice unison
  • They look like the defending Champions and have a log of personality and extra details in their programs that show they're very comfortable
  • Good arm details in their Blues, I love that they actually look at each other during the sequence, really nice leg lines and super deep edges
  • They are great performers and really get the audience into their programs
  • Twist up into a nice rotational lift
  • Really solid and that should give them the lead
Biechler/Dodge: 23.06 TES + 18.13 PCS = 41.19 and into 9th place
  • 1st set of twizzles was good, second a little wobbly and the 3rd was better
  • Nice variation and detail with their free arms in the Blues with good matching lines
  • She has a lot of personality on the ice and is really playing to the crowd even in the technical element sections
  • Nice non touching step sequence and he has some really deep edges on some of the steps
  • Solid curve lift with two changes of position
Reid/Erwin: 21.14 TES + 17.00 PCS -1.00 = 37.14 and into 10th place
  • There are places their Blues seems to stall a bit instead of flowing from step to step; he has great lines though
  • Good unison on the non touching step sequence but she seems to be looking down at the ice the majority of the time
  • He loses his foot on the first set of twizzles and has to put his hand down
  • He seems to be struggling a bit in the rotational lift especially through the change of position
  • This program seems to be a bit too high energy for them; almost fell out of the ending pose
Siddon/Weiss: 17.43 TES + 16.80 PCS = 34.23 and into 11th place
  • Difficult one foot lift with a change of position for her without him putting his free leg down
  • There is a big height difference between them but the still seem to mostly be able to get their leg lines matching
  • She has great legs through the Blues but doesn't fully stretch through them in some of the transition movements
  • Very close to each other in the twizzles, going very slow in the 2nd set but are still of in unison
  • Off a bit on timing in their non touching step sequence; he needs to really stand up tall and fully utilize his arms to create a nicer look in some of the moments when they're not in hold
PlaceStart No.NameScore
19Alexandra Aldridge, Detroit SC
Daniel Eaton, Detroit SC
25Lorraine McNamara, Peninsula SC
Quinn Carpenter, Washington FSC
32Kaitlin Hawayek, Detroit SC
Jean-Luc Baker, Seattle SC
48Holly Moore, Detroit SC
Daniel Klaber, Detroit SC
57Elliana Pogrebinsky, Peninsula SC
Ross Gudis, Washington FSC
63Whitney Miller, Washington FSC
Kyle MacMillan, Washington FSC
76Hannah Rosinski, Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights
Jacob Jaffe, Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights
84Madeline Heritage, University ISC of San Jose
Nathaniel Fast, University ISC of San Jose
910Julia Biechler, SC of Wilmington
Damian Dodge, Peninsula SC
1011MacKenzie Reid, Wisconsin FSC
Christian Erwin, Wisconsin FSC
1112Stacey Siddon, Ann Arbor FSC
Jared Weiss, All Year FSC
121Yura Min, Los Angeles FSC
Igor Ogay, SC of Novi
EW Rachel Parsons, Washington FSC
Michael Parsons, Washington FSC

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