Monday, January 7, 2013

Breaking Down the Elements: Novice Free Dance

For the 2012-2013 season, the Novice Free Dance consists of elements in 4 categories completed in 3:00 +/- 10 seconds.

  • Maximum of 3
  • There is a choice for the required lifts:
    • Option with the long lift: One short lift and one long lift
    • Option with the short lift: three types of short lift, only one type of short lift may be repeated
  • Long lifts are max 12 seconds, short lifts are max 6 seconds
Dance Spins
  • 1
  • Spin or combination spin
  • Spin is a minimum of 3 revolutions on 1 foot by both partners OR a combination apin with a minimum of 3 revolutions on each foot by both partners
 Step Sequences
  • Maximum of 1
  • Midline, diagonal, circular or serpentine in hold.  Must use full ice surface.  Non touching sequence not permitted.
  • Skated in dance holds or variations thereof except hand-in-hand hold in sustained position with fully extended arms.  Any separation to change a hold must not exceed 1 measure of music.
  • Lifts, jumps of more than 1/2 rotation, stops, dance spins, pirouettes, pattern regression and loops are not to be included in step sequences.
  • 1 set of synchronized twizzles

Additional Information
  • Combined dance spin and lift are permitted but are to be counted as separate elements: i.e. as 1 of the permitted lifts and 1 dance spin.
  • Kneeling or sliding on 2 knees and/or sitting on the ice are not permitted.  It will be considered as a fall and the appropraite deduction will be applied by the Technical Panel.
  • Touching the ice with hand(s) is not permitted.
  • Other illegal elements
    • Jumps of more than one revolution or jumps of one revolution skated at the same time by both partners
    • Lying on the ice

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