Sunday, January 20, 2013

US Nationals Junior Men's Short Program

Group 1
Shotaro Omori: 40.05 TES + 29.82 PCS = 69.87
  • He has a commanding presence on the ice right from the first second of his music
  • Gorgeous triple axel
  • Nice triple lutz + triple toe
  • Decent speed on his sit spin 
  • Nice spread eagle transition
  • Good triple flip with a great exit
  • Nice stretched out donut position in his camel spin and nice speed through the spin
  • So much personality in this step sequence with great choreography, wonderfully timed to the music
  • He is a really fluid skater and moves very well across the ice
  • Good speed in his final combination spin with nice positions
  • Solid program and that will set the bar high for the rest of the evening
Jay Yostanto: 29.95 TES + 26.10 PCS -1.00 = 55.05 and into 2nd place
  •  Beautiful triple axel with tons of height
  • Scratchy on his triple lutz + double toe--a bit of a wonky takeoff technique
  • He could use more flexibility through some of his camel spin positions
  • Fall on the triple flip
  • Good low sit spin with nice stretched position but an awkward flying change of foot
  • He's having a lot of fun with this step sequence and really letting his personality show through but he could user a little bit of polish and cleaning up of his edgework
  • Interesting position variation in his combination spin but some need more flexibility
Lukas Kaugars: 25.79 TES + 27.25 PCS = 53.04 and into 3rd place
  • Really nice double axel
  • He seems a little slow in the in between moments
  • A bit of awkward technique into his triple lutz + double toe
  • Good camel spin
  • Triple flip nice but a big ice spray on the landing
  • I like the arm variation in his camel spins but he seems a bit wild throughout his combination spin and has trouble hanging on to some of the positions
  • The music is picking up through the step sequence and I'd like to see a bit more power and abandon from him here to really keep with the feeling of the music
  • Losing his centering a little bit on the final sit spin and a little wild through some of the positions
  • He has a very Keegan Messing like quality about them and I think if he can gain control of some of the elements he has a good future ahead of him
Vincent Zhou: 35.80 TES + 30.51 PCS = 66.31 and into 2nd place
  • Nice double axel right on the music
  • Good speed in the sit spin but losing a tad bit of speed after the change of foot
  • He has so many transitions in his programs it's unreal
  • Great positions in his camel spin with nice flexibility but losing speed toward the end
  • Nice triple lutz + triple toe
  • Triple flip with one arm variation
  • He's nailing this program tonight but I would like to see a bit more connection with the crowd because this is such a fun program
  • Really difficult step sequence with lots of twists and turns and changes of levels
  • Lost a bit of centering on his combination spin but digs in 
Marcus Mimidis: 22.43 TES + 24.42 PCS -1.00 = 45.85 and into 5th place
  • Nice triple salchow + triple toe after some great choreography
  • Really off in the air and falls on the triple flip
  • Good double axel on the music
  • Really lost his centering on the catchfoot position of his camel spin
  • Lots of traveling on his sit spin as well and could use more speed
  • He has so many elegant qualities but I feel that he's slightly hunched over at times in the step sequence which ruins the aesthetic he's going for; he also needs more power and speed through the step sequence
  • Good camel spin and nice speed in the sit spin but losing it through the triangle; rough transition into the back upright spin--almost lost his balance
Nix Phengsy: 27.07 TES + 24.23 PCS = 51.30 and into 5th place
  • Interesting double axel with hands in prayer position
  • Triple lutz + double toe a little scratchy on the landing
  • Nice camel position with a good catch foot
  • Triple flip a little tight on the landing but he hangs on
  • Great speed and nice positions in his upright spin
  • Nice one foot section in his foot work; everything flows so well from one element to the next with ease
  • Nice sit spin position but losing speed through the back tuck position
  • He may not have the technical content of some of the other skaters but he has so many qualities going for him from the wonderful choreography to the tiny details like how he uses his hands in his transitions

Group 2
Brian Krentz: 26.93 TES + 23.97 PCS = 50.90 and into 6th place
  • Nice triple lutz + double toe 
  • Good double axel
  • Good position in the camel spin but losing speed through the catch foot
  • Good triple flip
  • He could use more stretch through his sit spin position
  • Nice use of the movement through his step sequence but he needs to really push through his edges and cover the ice as he seems almost stationary in places
Jordan Moeller: 29.24 TES + 27.97 PCS -1.00  = 57.21 and into 3rd place
  • Popped his triple lutz a bit, had to turn out of it but was able to tack on the triple toe
  • Great extension in his catch foot camel spin
  • Nice stretch through his sit position 
  • Good triple flip
  • Nice extension and speed through his upright spin
  • He has a lot of great qualities to his skating but this step sequence seems a bit slow and lacking in power in places so I wonder if the mistake on the first jump affected his performance
  • Double axel at the very end of the program into the ending pose
Troy Tomasello: 28.20 TES + 25.57 PCS = 53.77 and into 5th place
  • Big opening triple toe + triple toe
  • Good triple flip
  • Fast camel spin with good positions
  • Spread eagle into a double axel; a little forward on the landing but hangs on
  • Nice sit positions and good speed through the change of foot
  • Nice speed and power through the step sequence and good use of his whole body
  • Nice camel spin but the illusion spin is not a good variation for him, nice haircutter with good speed and cool arm variation
Jimmy Ma: 30.13 TES + 27.75 PCS = 57.88 and into 3rd place
  • Huge triple lutz + double toe
  • Good triple flip
  • A little loss of centering on his sit spin and some loss of speed
  • A little wild on the double axel but hangs on
  • Flying camel entry was nice, decent position variations with good speed
  • He's doing a great job of hitting the musical accents in his step sequence
  • Good speed in the combination spin but a little wild for a second through the change of foot
Nathan Chen: 33.71 TES + 30.89 PCS -1.00 = 63.60 and into 3rd place
  • Nice double axel
  • This program is so full of detail and everything is choreographed to flow seamlessly and not a note of music is given away
  • Nice opening sit spin 
  • Beautiful step sequence with tons of difficulty and nicely choreographed with all the finishing details in place--he takes a tumble at the end of the sequence
  • Great stretch in his camel spin
  • Triple lutz + triple toe really tight on the landing and he seemed thrown by that fluke fall
  • Good triple flip
  • Good speed in his combination spin with nice positions
James Schetelich: 20.67 TES + 24.00 PCS -1.00 = 43.67 and into 12th place
  • Really close to the boards but pulls out the triple lutz + double toe
  • Single axel
  • Nice camel spin
  • He has such a pleasant demeanor on the ice and gives a very honest performance
  • Off in the air and a fall on the triple flip
  • Good speed in his sit spin through the change of position
  • He is a little hunched over in places in the footwork and if he worked on the posture a bit in places it would exentuate the arm details he adds to the program
  • A little more stretch is needed on the final upright spin
PlaceStart No.NameScore
11Shotaro Omori, Los Angeles FSC69.87
24Vincent Zhou, All Year FSC66.31
311Nathan Chen, Salt Lake Figure Skating63.60
410Jimmy Ma, SC of New York57.88
58Jordan Moeller, Northern Ice SC57.21
62Jay Yostanto, SC of New York55.05
79Troy Tomasello, Strongsville SC53.77
83Lukas Kaugars, Broadmoor SC53.04
96Nix Phengsy, All Year FSC51.30
107Brian Krentz, Skokie Valley SC50.90
115Marcus Mimidis, SC of Wilmington45.85
1212James Schetelich, SC of New York43.67

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