Monday, January 21, 2013

US Nationals Junior Ladies Short Program

Group 1
Amanda Gelb: 23.03 TES + 20.62 PCS = 43.65
  • Her dress is just stunning with all the crystal work and the grape color looks great on her
  • Double toe  + double toe
  • She's a really nice, fluid expressive skater but she seemed a bit gun shy on the first jump
  • Nice double flip with a one arm variation
  • Spiral into a good double axel
  • Nice donut position with good transition into the catchfoot camel spin
  • Really nice layback with good speed and picking up speed through the haircutter and into the Biellman
  • Good one foot section in the step sequence with good edges
  • Nice positions and speed in her combo spin
  • Really lovely program except for that opening jump error
Barbie Long: 29.93 TES + 22.12 PCS -1.00 = 51.05 and into 1st place
  • Nice layback spin but losing a little speed and needs a little more stretch through the Biellman
  • Triple lutz really far forward on the toe pick on the landing but she hangs on and tacks on a double toe
  • She could have more stretch through her catchfoot camel position
  • I like the mature look of her program this season and I think it really sets her apart from the rest of the ladies
  • Fall on the triple flip
  • Nice facial expression in the step sequence, good movement, but a lot of ice spray on the edge changes; she seems to be running out of a bit of steam at the end of the steps
  • Spread eagle into a nice double axel
  • Good sit position in her final combination spin but finished just a hair behind her music
Maria Yang: 27.95 TES + 20.80 PCS = 48.75 and into 2nd place
  • Nice opening triple lutz + double loop
  • Good triple flip
  • Really nice camel position into a good catch foot with an interesting transition into a donut but she loses speed toward the end
  • Spread eagle into a nice double axel
  • Good sit position into a nice catch foot and a great sit variation on the opposite leg
  • Nice freedom to her step sequence and good ice coverage but there are still a few places where she could take a moment and finish off movements
  • Nice layback spin
  • Really solid program from her and she'll be happy with that performance
Brianna Laxson: 20.05 TES + 20.84 PCS = 40.89 and into 4th place
  • Solid opening triple flip
  • Popped open her lutz and didn't complete a combo so she will get a penalty
  • Spread eagle into a double axel but forward on the landing
  • Good speed in her camel spin and good increase in speed through the donut and catch foot variations
  • Beautiful Ina Bauer
  • Great speed in her layback into a haircutter 
  • Nice quality of movement and choreography in her step sequence
  • She seemed a bit choppy in places but an injury kept her from training until September and this was still a good program for her minus the combination jump
Madison Vinci: 22.91 TES + 20.91 PCS -1.00 = 42.82 and into 4th place
  • Huge triple loop but she falls and will lose points for not completing a combination
  • Double flip with a single arm variation and a gorgeous arabesque landing
  • Good speed on her camel spin with nice variations
  • Spread eagle into a nice double axel
  • She is a lovely skater to watch with great lines and she really finished off all the movements
  • Nice layback into a haircutter
  • Good push through her step sequence and nice variety of content but she could really perform it more and play up the spanish tango theme
  • She could use more flexibility through her upright catchfoot position in the combination spin
Olivia Serafini: 24.89 TES + 19.26 PCS = 44.15 and into 3rd place
  • Triple toe + double toe with slight hesitation in between
  • Triple flip slightly off in the air but she hangs on to it
  • Good fast rotating camel spin
  • Good double axel
  • Nice haircutter spin but she needs a lot more stretch in her Biellman and really lost speed
  • She seems be really on top of her edges in the step sequence and she could get more power by using the edges to get her across the ice
  • Good final sit spin with maintained speed throughout

Group 2
Katia Shpilband: 26.06 TES + 19.98 PCS = 46.05 and into 3rd place
  • Good triple lutz + double toe but not a lot of ride out
  • Nice triple flip
  • She has interesting jump technique and leans really far forward on her jump take off
  • Good haircutter but losing a lot of speed in her Bielleman and she needs more stretch
  • Good double axel
  • A little wild on the flying entry to her camel spin but she regains her centering; really losing speed by the end
  • I'd like to see her performance level stay up through the whole program and not just in the in between moments
  • Food final combination spin but a few of the positions could use a bit more flexibility
Amber Glenn: 24.44 TES + 20.84 PCS = 45.28 and into 4th place
  • Triple flip a little scratchy but she hangs on
  • Triple lutz really wonky but she manages to add a single toe
  • Good speed and interesting positions in her combination spin but I feel like she's not really connected to the program and this would be so easy to sell
  • Double axel a bit off in the air but she lands it nicely
  • Hand down on the step sequence, hard to tell if it was a fall or choreographed but she's giving more performance here
  • She needs a lot more stretch through her catchfoot camel spin but a good donut position
  • Ok layback position but really good speed in the haircutter and an excellent Biellman
Dyllan McIntee: 22.08 TES + 21.11 PCS = 43.19 and into 7th place
  • Triple loop + double toe--she has some interesting jump technique that's really going to hurt her especially on the takeoff with her free leg
  • She's really selling this program and is clearly having a ball on the ice
  • Double flip with both arms overhead
  • Flying camel with a good donut variation but losing all centering and speed through the catchfoot
  • A bit of a bobble in one of her turns in the step sequence
  • Really open air position in the single axel
  • Nice layback spin pulling right up into a Biellman but losing speed
Mariah Bell: 31.65 TES + 24.98 PCS = 56.63 and into 1st place
  • Triple lutz + double toe with super fast rotation and good height on the first jump
  • Really nice triple flip 
  • Good positions in her combo spin and she looks like she's having the time of her life on the ice today
  • Really good axel
  • Nice donut position but losing her centering and speed inot the catchfoot
  • Gorgeous arms in her step sequence and nice quality of movement with ease around the edges
  • The one thing I would fix about this program are the arms in her layback but otherwise she completely nailed it!
Karen Chen: 31.19 TES + 23.15 PCS = 54.34 and into 2nd place
  • Good speed and positions in her camel spin with a good donut position and catchfoot
  • Difficult one foot turns into a double axel
  • Nice position in speed in the upright catchfoot position 
  • Triple lutz + triple loop a little underrotated and two footed on the second jump
  • Triple flip a little tight with a turnout and a stepout but doing both of those elements in the bonus should give her a few extra points to make up for those mistakes
  • Great layback position into a gorgeous Biellman that spins at superhuman speed
Polina Edmunds: 34.08 TES + 24.09 PCS = 58.17 and into 1st place
  • Triple lutz + triple toe nicely done
  • Solid triple flip
  • Nice camel position  and picking up speed through the donut and catchfoot variations
  • Difficult one footed entry into her double axel
  • Losing speed a bit through the change of foot on her combination spin
  • She could clean up the exits on some of these spins and add a few finishing details so there's still lots of room for her to grow in these programs
  • Nice energy in the step sequence
  • Good lay back into a nice Biellman with great speed
PlaceStart No.NameScore
112Polina Edmunds, Peninsula SC58.17
210Mariah Bell, Rocky Mountain FSC56.63
311Karen Chen, Peninsula SC54.34
42Barbie Long, Illinois Valley FSC51.05
53Maria Yang, Washington FSC48.75
67Katia Shpilband, Ann Arbor FSC46.04
78Amber Glenn, Dallas FSC45.28
86Olivia Serafini, SC of New York44.15
91Amanda Gelb, Los Angeles FSC43.65
109Dyllan McIntee, SC of Phoenix43.19
115Madison Vinci, Washington FSC42.82
124Brianna Laxson, Washington FSC40.89

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