Saturday, January 26, 2013

US Nationals Senior Free Dance

Group 1
Nardozzi/Traxler: 36.54 TES + 35.77 PCS = 71.31 Total: 113.18
  • Flip around his head to a spread eagle with her standing on his leg, a bit of a clunky position change
  • Nice unison on the twizzles
  • She's on top of her edges through the first step sequence and loses her edge on a transition move and has to step out of it
  • Good positions in the dance spin but they could have more speed
  • Backflip into a lift over his shoulder
  • A little bit of a lack of unison on their second step sequence and a bit choppy in some of the changes of holds
  • Ina Bauer with a flip up into a nice one foot lift with her in a catchfoot
Ponomaryova/Altukhov: 26.77 TES + 22.20 PCS -1.00 = 47.97 Total: 78.03 and into 2nd place
  • Twizzles were far apart, slightly off and a little slow
  • She catches an edge and falls on the step sequence
  • Rotational lift with a change of position but a little slow
  • She needs more stretch through her upright catchfoot spin and they could use more speed in this dance spin
  • Spread eagle carthwheel into a curve lift
  • Everything seems to be a little bit rushed and they don't seem to be finishing off their movements and really living in the moment
  • Straight line lift with him in a tuck position and her standing on his legs
  • Flip over into a one foot straight line lift with him skating backwards
Gamelin/Gamelin: 32.40 TES + 35.18 PCS = 67.58 Total: 113.3 and into 1st place
  • Slightly off on their twizzles unison and she puts her foot down on the second set and doesn't get all the rotations in
  • Straightline lift with him in a tuck and a difficult transition with him standing up and flipping over his shoulder to a one foot curve lift
  • Rotational lift in a haircutter position
  • Good ease in unison in their first step sequence but they could get deeper in their edges and get more power across the ice
  • Spread eagle lift and she moves through three position variations but doesn't seem to have time to really hold and show off any of them
  • Good positions in the dance spin 
  • They seem a bit slow through this end section and I'd like to see them kick up the performance a notch and really get that passionate Latin feel
Donaldson/Jacobs: 20.64 TES + 19.98 PCS -2.00 = 38.62 Total: 62.34 and into 4th place
  • Very slow on the twizzles but good unison
  • Lots of bobbles and choppiness on the turns and changes in hold in the first step sequence
  • Fetal position rotational turn 
  • Good speed in their dance spin but she could work on flexibility and not sickling her foot in some of the positions
  • One leg straight line lift with him in an arabesque and she's arched back over the ice and wrapped around his leg
  • Spread eagle lift with her arched back over the ice
  • She falls back into the hold in a few places after the turns in the 2nd step sequence and also hikes her shoulders up 
  • Finishing a few beats after their music ends
Tran/Kaplun: 35.45 TES + 31.13 PCS = 66.58 Total: 106.09 and into 3rd place
  • Good unison, matching lines and nice speed and ice coverage in their first step sequence
  • Interesting pattern on the twizzles, he might have come down a little bit early
  • Nice change of positions in the spread eagle lift
  • Rotational one arm lift and she could have a bit more of a split position
  • Pretty positions in the dance spin but I'd love to see her smile a bit through this element 
  • Hydroblade with her standing on his leg in a Biellman position
  • Nice extension with her standing on his leg in an arched split right on the music
  • Nice use of her free arm in the 2nd step sequence, he bobbles one of the turns but gets right back into it
  • Overall a really nice program and a team with lots of potential
Groups 2 and 3 compete beginning at 4:15 EST.

Group 2
Aronow/Brubaker: 40.49 TES + 39.71 PCS = 80.20 Total: 130.55 and into 1st place
  • Nice twist around the his body to a hold with him skating backwards on one leg
  • For being together such a short time they have good matching leg lines but they don't seem very secure on the turns coming back into hold; they need more speed and power as well
  • A tad bit choppy on the twizzles but good unision
  • Spread eagle lift with her standing on his leg
  • Nice tango feel with the interlocked legs in some of their transition movements
  • Gorgeous spread eagle curve lift with her standing on his foot and arched over the ice
  • Nice positions in the dance spin, good connection, but they could have more speed
  • Nice rotational lift starting in a tango hold with a change of position
  • Bobble on their final transitional lift but they still make it to the ending pose
Cannuscio/McManus: 44.08 TES + 41.91 PCS = 85.99 Total: 142.32 and into 1st place
  • Lots of personality and performance on this opening choreography
  • Good use of the free arm; changes of hold and nice edges and lines in the step sequence
  • I feel like they tried to do too many positions and hit too many accents in this first lift and they never really get the chance to show off a position 
  • Nice one leg lift with him skating backwards with a change of position
  • Nice ease and flow in the 2nd step sequence, clean changes of edge and good unison
  • Nice speed in the dance spin with a difficult change of hold
  • Difficult twizzles with the free leg straight and crossing each others tracings
  • They're having a ball out on the ice and are really performing
  • Cool up and down rotational lift at the end
Olson/Hubbell: 36.58 TES + 39.41 PCS = 75.99 Total: 130.67 and into 2nd place
  • Great choreography at the top of their program; really capturing the MJ feel and nicely timed together
  • I like the little touches they added between the twizzles to keep the feel of the program
  • One arm rotational lift with her held away from his body
  • Nice speed through the step sequence but maybe not as much difficulty as the top teams
  • She really moves like a ballroom dancer on the ice even in a more contemporary piece like this
  • Think they might have botched that lift as he flipped her over and then held her just above the ice with no leg or arm positions and she looked a little confused
  • Nice positions in their dance spin but they could have a bit more speed
  • She is such a performer and he could bring his performance skills up a bit to match her
  • Neat hydroblade with her laying on his leg pulling straight up into a rotational lift
  • I feel like she's trying a bit too hard to hit the accents here and it's making the second step sequence look choppy; they also seem to have trouble getting back into hold after some of the turns
  • Flip rotational lift neat highlight at the end of their program
Cannuscio/Bramante: 37.79 TES + 38.78 PCS = 76.57 Total: 129.08 and into 4th place
  • Nice three sets of twizzles, she might have come down a hair early on the 2nd step; nice choreographic touches in between twizzles to keep the theme
  • Nice rotational lift but a bit of difficulty putting her down and then he bobbles on a transitional step
  • Nice positions in the dance spin but no speed by the end
  • He has a bobble on a turn in the step sequence and has trouble getting back into hold
  • Nice curve spread eagle lift with her standing on his legs
  • Slide into a one arm rotational lift but you can see that it's dfficult
  • With a lot of these new teams, they have senior national and international experience but for Bramante this is his first time competing as a senior so they've really had a lot to get used to in their new partnership and will only get better with time
  • Good rotational speed in their final lift
Hoptman/Filchenkov: 36.09 TES + 36.65 PCS = 72.74 Total: 119.77 and into 5th place
  • Great edges, ease and flow through their first step sequence but not as difficult as some of the top teams
  • Beautiful rotational lift with great changes of position and timed with a musical highlight
  • She loses her blade on the first set of twizzles and bobbles through the second as well
  • Really nice positions in their rotational lift
  • Good speed and matching lines in their step sequence but not a lot of turns into and out of holds
  • Nice dance spin with good speed
  • Split curve lift with him in a spread eagle
  • Back flip up to a really nice arabesque rotational lift
Group 3
Kriengkrairut/Giuletti-Schmitt: 47.71 TES + 47.61 PCS = 95.32 Total: 160.01 and into 1st place
  • I love this color on her and think it's a superb design as well
  • Gorgeous hydroblade with her standing on his foot and arching back right on the music
  • Their transitions are always so interesting and really add to the program
  • Great connection between them in the second half of the step sequence; nice flow and speed across the ice
  • Spread eagle, she's laying on his feet and he pulls her up into an upside down lift--super innovative and very smooth
  • Nice performance from both of them on this second step sequence; good edges, turns look clean
  • Nice twizzles with a jump into the first set right on the music
  • One arm rotational lift--looked like she was trying to go for her blade for a catchfoot but couldn't quite get to it
  • Gorgeous camel position from her in the dance spin with a nice transition out of it
  • Jump twist up into a stationary rotational spin with him on one leg
Hubbell/Donohue: 49.16 TES + 50.95 PCS = 100.11 Total: 167.86 and into 1st place
  • Great twizzles with their free legs out and an arm variation; three sets all in unison and all with good speed
  • Kick up to a lift standing on his leg and a twist down
  • Good variety in their holds and turns in the first step sequence but there are a few places she could stretch through her free leg more
  • Good speed in the dance spin and nice tap of their free legs against each other in the change of foot
  • Heel stretch standing on his foot
  • Curve lift with her arching back while standing on his foot
  • A bit of a bobble on one of the turns getting back into hold; nice job carrying the theme throughout
  • Rotational lift with nice speed and her in a haircutter position
  • Great ending section with good performance and choreography
Shibutani/Shibutani: 52.85 TES + 52.73 PCS = 104.58 Total: 174.21
  • Good speed in the dance spin with a bit of tucking on the change of positions but otherwise very nice
  • Great speed and position in the rotational lift with her in a haircutter
  • A little slow for them on their 2nd set of twizzles but very nice with good unison throughout all 3 sets
  • Spread eagle lift with her standing on his legs and arching over the ice
  • Good turns and edges in the step sequence with nice stretch through their lines
  • Really difficult one armed handstand lift with him in a spread eagle
  • Nice unison and matching leg line in their 2nd step sequence
  • Good speed in the split rotational lift
Davis/White: 58.51 TES + 59.91 PCS = 118.42 Total: 197.44 and into 1st place
  • Nice jump twist into the dance spin with good speed and nice ease in the change of foot and positions
  • Really difficult lunge entry into the rotational spin with great speed and connection between them in the final position
  • Such deep edges and knees in the step sequence with difficult turns and changes of hold and nice matching lines
  • Great distance between them and super fast speed through the twizzles
  • This curve lift in the middle perfectly hits the accents in the music on every position change
  • Love this little choreographic moment for Charlie in the music change
  • Really nice moment with them both in arabesque and skating across the ice staring at each other for several seconds--not enough teams take the time to really create a moment and tell the story
  • Great performance from them in the step sequence and wonderful quality of movement--doesn't feel like an element at all
  • Great straightline lift stepping right up into a split rotational lift
  • Arabesque stepping over his head into a final rotational lift
  • I love this last moment when they are whipping around on the ice around each other into the ending pose
  • I also love how long they stay in character making the dance go on beyond the music
  • Standing ovation and well deserved
  • Apparently they were only a point off of a perfect score in the free dance
Chock/Bates: 53.15 TES + 51.96 PCS = 105.11 Total: 175.91 and into 2nd place
  • Now they have the unenviable position of skating after Davis and White and are trying to earn their first trip to Worlds together.
  • Nice lasso entry to their first lift with really difficult position changes going from behind his back to in front wrapped around his leg
  • Really nice transition moments from them really showing off their connection
  • Catchfoot front twizzles nice and good unison through all three sets but slow compared to the other top teams
  • Nice edges in the first step sequence and good flow across the ice maintaining their speed
  • A bit choppy in their change of direction and slow in the dance spin but nice changes of position
  • Nice flip around to a good lift right on the music and a great twist flip from standing on his legs behind him and landing in his arms
  • Good unison and matching lines in their second step sequence
  • Interesting stationary rotational lift with her balancing on his foot
PlaceStart No.NameShort DanceFree DanceTotal Score
114Meryl Davis, Arctic FSC
Charlie White, Detroit SC
215Madison Chock, All Year FSC
Evan Bates, Ann Arbor FSC
313Maia Shibutani, SC of New York
Alex Shibutani, Arctic FSC
412Madison Hubbell, Detroit SC
Zachary Donohue, Detroit SC
511Lynn Kriengkrairut, All Year FSC
Logan Giulietti-Schmitt, Ann Arbor FSC
67Anastasia Cannuscio, University of Delaware FSC
Colin McManus, SC Of Boston
78Anastasia Olson, Detroit SC
Keiffer Hubbell, Detroit SC
86Alissandra Aronow, Arctic FSC
Collin Brubaker, All Year FSC
99Isabella Cannuscio, University of Delaware FSC
Michael Bramante, SC Of Boston
1010Ginna Hoptman, IceWorks SC
Pavel Filchenkov, IceWorks SC
113Danielle Gamelin, SC of New York
Alexander Gamelin, SC of New York
121Kristen Nardozzi, Stars FSC of Texas
Nick Traxler, Stars FSC of Texas
135Taylor Tran, Lakewood Winter Club
Sam Kaplun, All Year FSC
142Kseniya Ponomaryova, Individual Member
Oleg Altukhov, Escondido FSC
154Katie Donaldson, Wichita FSC
Brock Jacobs, Wichita FSC

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