Friday, January 25, 2013

US Nationals Senior Men's Short Program

Group 1
Max Aaron: 45.49 TES + 33.64 PCS = 79.13
  • They started the wrong music for him so he took a few seconds to reset while they found the correct music
  • Really big quad salchow + triple toe--so much ice coverage he almost hit the boards with his free leg at the end of the second jump
  • Big triple lutz with tons of height and flow
  • Nice camel spin into a decent camel
  • Big triple axel in the bonus, slightly forward on the landing but hangs on
  • He could be a bit faster in some of his sit spin positions
  • Starting to relax a bit in the step sequence, the crowd is really liking the choreography
  • Good speed in the final combo spin but getting a bit wild and losing his edge on one of the changes of position--might cost him a Level but overall very solid
Joshua Farris: 44.07 TES + 35.71 PCS = 79.78 and into 1st place
  • Huge, gorgeous triple axel
  • Triple lutz very forward on the landing but manages to get the triple toe out
  • Good speed in the camel spin with a good catchfoot position
  • Difficult lunge into a triple flip
  • Good speed and flow through the sit spin
  • Nice camel position, decent A frame, good sit spin and nice upright spin 
  • What I love about him is that he has the difficult jumps but is also a very expressive, lyrical skater and can get the PCS marks as well as evidenced by this nice step sequence
Richard Dornbush: 40.10 TES + 37.56 PCS = 77.66 and into 3rd place
  • A little down on the left side but otherwise a nice quad toe
  • Two footed and a hand down on the triple axel
  • Gorgeous sit spin position
  • Triple lutz + triple toe big and he fought for both landings
  • I really love the expressiveness of this free skate and seeing him let go and almost skate with a bit of abandon; the musicality and the edges are nice as well
  • Great camel position into a decent catchfoot maintaining speed
  • Good speed through the combination spin but a little wild on the flying change of foot
Jason Brown: 38.52 TES + 36.53 PCS -1.00 = 74.05 and into 4th place
  • Two footed and falls on the triple axel; under-rotated as well
  • Big triple lutz + triple toe
  • Great flying entry to the camel spin with a great catchfoot position picking up speed
  • Stepping right into a nice sit spin
  • Good triple flip
  • Lots of unique elements in his step sequence, good ice coverage and musicality
  • Really nice twisted camel spin and great speed throughout the change of foot combo spin
Alexander Johnson: 32.91 TES + 33.29 PCS -1.00 = 65.20 and into 5th place
  • Fall on his opening triple axel but it seemed to be rotated
  • Triple lutz + triple toe and he ekes out the free leg
  • Nice triple flip
  • Really nice illusion spins and good speed throughout the combo spin
  • Really good camel position but a little wild on the change of foot and losing speed through the position change
  • Nice ease and flow to the step sequence with a good variety of steps, use of his whole body, and good timing with the music
  • Nice outside spread eagle into a sit spin, but he could be a tad bit lower in his position
Group 2
Harrison Choate: 27.52 TES + 30.14 PCS = 57.66 and into 6th place
  • Triple lutz turn out + double toe--that's going to really hurt him points wise
  • Triple flip barely holds on to the landing
  • Camel spin a little slow
  • Spread eagle and a big hike into the double axel
  • Super fun start to his step sequence and he's really turning on the personality
  • He's made a few mistakes here but he has a habit of rebounding in the free skate and he's looking for a score higher than Shotaro Omori's set in the junior men's event if he wants to go to Junior Worlds
Stephen Carriere: 28.80 TES + 33.97 PCS = 62.77 and into 6th place
  • Nice toe point in the triple axel and good height--odd landing where he kind of bounced and looked like he was going to fall but managed to land back on his feet
  • Triple loop
  • Wild on the flying change of foot camel spin and it almost gets away from him
  • Triple lutz + double toe with both arms up and no flow out
  • I don't feel his connection to the audience in this step sequence and he has a couple of bobbles
  • This just seems to be an off day for him and he's making lots of little mistakes that are really going to add up
  • Nice headless scratch spin to end his short program
Jonathan Cassar: 31.67 TES + 35.36 PCS = 67.03 and into 5th place
  • Really nice triple lutz + triple toe
  • Gorgeous spread eagle into a double axel
  • Nice stretch through his sit spin but losing speed through the tuck position
  • Really nice toe point and a great ride out on the triple loop
  • Beautiful edge work in his step sequence, great flow and power across the ice and nice use of his arms and upper body to complete the picture
  • Outstanding inside spread eagle 
  • Nice broken leg camel spin but might have ended slightly after his music
  • Partial standing ovation
Wesley Campbell: 25.57 TES + 31.67 PCS = 57.24 and into 9th place
  • Good triple lutz
  • Step out on the triple flip but adds a double toe
  • Decent positions in his combo spin but a little slow
  • Good double axel
  • I feel like he's holding back on this step sequence and could be a little less cautious and really go for it; he also could do more with his arms to finish off the movement
  • Decent camel spin into a catchfoot but slow throughout
Philip Warren: 35.37 TES + 31.11 PCS = 66.48 and into 6th place
  • Triple flip + triple toe good
  • Really big triple axel
  • A little off on the triple lutz and has to step out and put a hand down
  • He never quite gets centered on the camel spin
  • Good choreography in his step sequence but I feel like he could give it a bit more to really give it the suave factor the music calls for
Group 3
Armin Mahbanoozadeh: 30.84 TES + 33.01 PCS -1.00 = 62.85 and into 8th place
  • Fall on the opening quad toe
  • Nice triple axel right on the music--really fights for the landing though and hangs on to it
  • Good camel spin position and speed with a nice catchfoot
  • Triple lutz + triple toe, really tight and scratchy and falls out
  • Losing speed in the sit spin
  • He has some really nice choreographic elements in the step sequence but I think the jump errors have sapped his performance and he's not skating this to the best of his ability
  • Nice positions in the combo spin with good speed and good flexibility
Adam Rippon: 39.97 TES + 37.68 PCS -1.00 = 76.65 and into 4th place
  • Really nice triple axel
  • Triple flip + triple toe and he can't hold on to the second jump and falls
  • Gorgeous Rippon lutz with great ride out
  • Nice camel spin position with a good catchfoot and picking up speed
  • Beautiful step sequence with good changes of edge
  • Nice layback spin with great arms on a musical highlight
  • This is one of those programs that seems to fly by and you just want it to keep going
Sean Rabbitt: 31.54 TES + 31.33 PCS = 62.87 and into 9th place
  • Triple lutz fall out and no combo
  • Triple salchow + triple toe nicely done
  • Losing speed through the back tuck position in the sit spin
  • Nice double axel in the bonus which makes up some of the points
  • Good catch foot camel spin and really nice camel position but I'm not crazy about his hands in the spin
  • He has some really nice lines in the step sequence and really stretches through his arms and leg to create nice pictures
  • Good speed in the camel to start off his final combo spin
Keegan Messing: 32.53 TES + 32.53 PCS -1.00 = 64.06 and into 9th place
  • Triple axel was huge, turned out of it but kept his free leg up
  • Hard fall on the quad toe
  • Neat spread eagle, kick jump into a sit spin with a nice low position
  • Tons of energy in this step sequence with lots of edges and personality
  • Good camel position but losing speed through the catchfoot
  • Triple lutz + triple toe--in the bonus and not sure how he held on to those landings but he did
  • Good speed on the final spin and finished just a hair after his music
Douglas Razzano: 31.89 TES + 32.42 PCS -1.00 = 63.31 and into 10th place
  • Doesn't really get a good take off on the triple axel and took a really rough fall 
  • Triple loop a little off in the air and held onto the landing even though he turned out of it
  • Nice triple toe + triple toe
  • Nice camel spin position and picking up speed through the catchfoot
  • That fall seemed to throw his whole program off and really just took all the performance out of it
Group 4
William Brewster: 30.04 TES + 28.58 PCS = 58.62 and into 14th place
  • Triple salchow + triple toe, a bit of a step out on the second jump
  • Nice double axel with good ride out
  • Slow and not a lot of flexibility on the camel spin
  • Triple lutz flip out
  • Interesting variations in the combo spin but losing his centering
  • Nice musicality in the step sequence and good stretch through his arms and legs but I think he could play up the quirky theme of the program a bit more
  • Sit spin right into the ending pose
Brandon Mroz: 31.42 TES + 34.64 PCS = 66.06 and into 8th place
  • I really like his opening choreography but I feel like he just needs to sell it a bit more
  • Quad toe and barely hangs on
  • Triple axel step out
  • Nice camel spin position and good change of foot with a good catch foot
  • Triple lutz + double toe--can't quite get the 3rd rotation and no flow out
  • This is a really well choreographed program and I'd love to see him just go for it because I think he has the capability to get good PCS scores if he just relaxed and let the program happen
  • Nice a frame into a broken leg sit spin and ending with a scratch spin
Jeremy Abbott: 42.92 TES + 41.18 PCS = 84.10 and into 1st place
  • Triple flip + triple toe nicely done
  • I really love this program for Jeremy and think it really contrasts well with his lyrical free skate
  • Nice triple lutz
  • Nice sit spin position with a great toe point and nice flow out of the spin
  • Hit the triple axel
  • Now that the jumps are landed he's in his element and there is so much interesting choreography in this step sequence and Benji Schwimmer really did a great job bringing this character to life for Jeremy
  • Nice speed and position in the camel spin but losing a little speed through the change of foot--great scratch spin right into the ending pose
Ross Miner: 42.10 TES + 38.89 PCS = 80.99 and into 2nd place
  • Quad salchow maybe a little two footed but nicely done
  • Big takeoff into the triple axel
  • Interesting spin variations with nice speed
  • Triple lutz + triple toe lands it in the bonus with an arm flourish and good flow out of it
  • Good camel spin with a flying change of foot and a decent catch foot position
  • He is having the skate of his life and loving it out there on the ice tonight!
  • I love his speed across the ice and he has really snappy feet in this step sequence
  • Good speed in the sit spin with a good tuck position
  • Ross really came to challenge this year!
Grant Hochstein: 34.35 TES + 32.33 PCS -1.00 = 65.68 and into 11th place
  • Nice triple axel with an arm flourish on the landing
  • Fall on the triple lutz--leaning back a bit on the takeoff and he can't tack on the intended combo
  • Good tuck position in the sit spin
  • Great outside, inside edge spread eagle across the rink into a triple flip + double toe
  • Nice camel spin and a good catchfoot after the change of foot
  • Nice movement in the step sequence, very fluid across the ice and good use of his whole body
  • Lots of speed in the final combo spin through the change of foot and position
PlaceStart No.NameScore
118Jeremy Abbott, Detroit SC84.10
219Ross Miner, SC Of Boston80.99
32Joshua Farris, Broadmoor SC79.78
41Max Aaron, Broadmoor SC79.13
53Richard Dornbush, All Year FSC77.66
612Adam Rippon, SC of New York76.65
74Jason Brown, Skokie Valley SC74.05
88Jonathan Cassar, All Year FSC67.03
910Philip Warren, All Year FSC66.48
1017Brandon Mroz, Broadmoor SC66.06
1120Grant Hochstein, SC of New York65.68
125Alexander Johnson, Broadmoor SC65.20
1314Keegan Messing, Alaska Assoc of Figure Skaters64.06
1415Douglas Razzano, Coyotes SC of Arizona63.31
1513Sean Rabbitt, Glacier Falls FSC62.87
1611Armin Mahbanoozadeh, Washington FSC62.85
177Stephen Carriere, SC Of Boston62.77
1816William Brewster, Detroit SC58.62
196Harrison Choate, SC Of Boston57.66
209Wesley Campbell, Colonial FSC57.24
EW Evan Lysacek, DuPage FSC

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