Tuesday, January 22, 2013

US Nationals Junior Pairs Short Program

Group 1
Fujimoto/Barsi-Rhyne: 20.89 TES + 17.72 PCS = 38.61
  • Nice ease into the back press lift with a good arched catch foot position from her
  • Ok double twist but a crashy landing
  • Not a lot of speed going into the throw double salchow but they pull it out
  • good death spiral
  • Double flips were nice and they rotate in opposite directions
  • A little slow on their side by side spins but good distance and unison
Pfund/Reiss: 21.88 TES + 21.05 PCS -2.00 = 40.93 and into 1st place
  • Nice double twist but she almost got away from him on the landing
  • Big throw triple salchow with a nice landing
  • She stepped out and then fell out of the side by side double axels
  • Off on the timing in places in their side by side spins and traveling away from each other
  • Nice unison in their step sequence but they seem a bit choppy in places
  • She could pull up more in the lift since she seems to be slouching a bit
  • She loses her edge on the death spiral and falls and they finish a few beats before their music ends
  • They look really unhappy with that performance
Simpson/Blackmer: 26.73 TES + 23.52 PCS = 50.25 and into 1st place
  • Big, clean throw double twist
  • Nice speed and good landing on the throw triple salchow
  • Nice air position in the lift with good stretch through the change of position but it looked like she got stuck for a second in the dismount
  • Good side by side double axels, nicely timed
  • She could have more arch in her back and stretch through her free leg in the death spiral
  • This team is great but they are almost identical in height which could make tricks like the triple twist difficult to achieve
  • Nice side by side spin positions; losing their unison a bit in places
Belt/Johnson: 19.86 TES + 18.16 PCS = 38.02 and into 4th place
  • Nice double twist; not a lot of height but elegantly done
  • Not a great air position in the lift; it looks like she's struggling to hold it and is a bit awkward looking
  • Off in the unison of their side by side double flips
  • Decent throw double salchow but not a lot of height or ice coverage
  • Ok death spiral position and nice and low to the ice
  • Lots of flexibility in their spin positions, good matching lines, good unison and nice speed
  • I think they finished their music early as they had to keep repeating poses at the end before they got to the final pose

Group 2
Fields/Pacini: 24.41 TES + 19.38 PCS = 43.79 and into 2nd place
  • Really nice side by side double axels
  • Her hip is hiked up in the opening position of their lift but she hits two nice positions after the changes
  • Good double twist with arms overhead and a clean catch
  • She two foots the landing of the throw triple salchow
  • They could be a tad closer on their side by side spins, but nice unison and flexibility
  • Fun choreography in their step sequence but a bit choppy in places
  • Nice spiral into a really good death spiral--probably the best one of the day so far
Liu/Perini: 26.35 TES + 20.85 PCS = 47.20 and into 2nd place
  • This is their third season competing at nationals, 1st as juniors and htey're finally old enough to compete internationally last season
  • Nice death spiral
  • Good side by side double flips
  • Good double twist with a nice easy catch
  • She has great extension through these transition moves
  • A little bit of hesitation into the throw triple salchow, but huge in the air, good toe point; she does put her hands down though
  • They could use more stretch through the sit position in their side by side spins
  • Fun choreography in the step sequence but he seems to be performing more than she is
  • Nice entry to the back press lift but she could have both legs lifted equally; into a nice split position after the change of position
Shaughnessy/Morgan: 19.28 TES + 18.17 PCS = 37.45 and into 7th place
  • She stepped out of the side by side double axels
  • A little two footed on the landing of the throw triple salchow but otherwise well done
  • She has really long legs so when she doesn't fully stretch through some of these spin positions, it's very noticeable
  • Not a great first position in the lift and then an awkward transition where it looked like she was going to kick him in the head; at the end it looked like they were muscling through the lift
  • Good double twist with a clean catch
  • Nice arch in the death spiral
Oltmanns/Santillan: 17.11 TES + 19.08 PCS -1.00 = 35.19 and into 8th place
  • Nice opening choreography really in time and character with the music and good twizzles too!
  • Great unison on the entry into their side by side double axels but she falls
  • Good timing on their side by side spins but she's really traveling
  • Good double twist
  • A little bobble on the entry to their lift but a really difficult position and nice stretch from her
  • Great toe point and height on the throw triple salchow but she leans forward on the landing and never fully gets her free leg out

Group 3
Aaron/Settlage: 28.94 TES + 24.00 PCS = 52.94 and into 1st place
  • Because he is born on July 1st, they get an extra year of Junior international eligibility next season.
  • Nice double twist with her arms overhead and a good catch
  • This is a great vehicle for them because her carriage and lines are showcased perfectly as a swan
  • Nice side by side double axels
  • Huge throw triple salchow; she was a little forward on the landing but hung on with a good landing position
  • Good lift position with a nice one arm exit 
  • Some of their spins they don't have the same flexibility on so it ruins the unison look
  • Nice step sequence with good flow across the ice
  • Spiral into a death spiral with a good arch and a change of hold from him
Calalang/Sidhu: 27.60 TES + 20.72 PCS = 48.32 and into 3rd place
  • She turns out of the side by side double axels but keeps her free leg up
  • Good height on the double twist with her arms over head but a bit of a crashy landing
  • Nice throw triple salchow and she really had to fight for that landing since she came down awkwardly but she made it look easy
  • Off on the unison on their side by side spins but some nice positions
  • A little bit of difficiulty getting into the lift but nice position once she was up there
  • Nice timing with the music on their step sequence and very in character with the program
  • Interesting lead in to the death spiral but she could use a bit more arch
De la Mora/Wilson: 23.11 TES + 19.20 PCS = 42.31 and into 6th place
  • Really nice double twist with good height and a clean catch
  • She turned out of the side by side double axels but kept her free leg up
  • Interesting toss entry into the lift with a one hand hold
  • Nice throw triple salchow
  • Good arch in the death spiral
  • Good unison on their step sequence
  • Nice camel position to open their side by side spins; they could be closer together and they've lost their unison by the end
  • Finished before their music and hit their ending pose several beats early
Doherty/Norris: 11.83 TES + 15.57 PCS -1.00 = 26.40 and into 12th place
  • She singled the side by side double axels
  • Vertical double twist and she threw her head back at an awkward angle
  • She opened up on the throw salchow and had a two foot landing
  • She needs more stretch through her legs and arch in her back on the lift position
  • She loses her death spiral edge and falls
  • He's a little wild on the camel spin but they have good unison on their side by side spins
PlaceStart No.NameScore
19Madeline Aaron, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Max Settlage, Broadmoor SC
23Britney Simpson, Broadmoor SC
Matthew Blackmer, Broadmoor SC
310Jessica Noelle Calalang, DuPage FSC
Zack Sidhu, Las Vegas FSC
46Chelsea Liu, St. Paul FSC
Devin Perini, Los Angeles FSC
55Caitlin Fields, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Jason Pacini, Fort Collins FSC
611Brianna de la Mora, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
Taylor Wilson, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
72Jessica Pfund, Broadmoor SC
AJ Reiss, Los Angeles FSC
81Cali Fujimoto, Peninsula SC
Nicholas Barsi-Rhyne, SC of Lake Placid
94Caitlin Belt, University of Delaware FSC
Michael Johnson, University of Delaware FSC
107Alexandria Shaughnessy, SC Of Boston
James Morgan, SC Of Boston
118Olivia Oltmanns, Yarmouth Ice Club
Joshua Santillan, All Year FSC
1212Brenna Doherty, University of Delaware FSC
Craig Norris, St. Moritz ISC

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