Sunday, January 20, 2013

Haley Dunne set to soar at nationals

Haley Dunne had a stellar senior debut last season, getting a standing ovation for her short program.  This 19 year old skater is back and ready to climb in to the top ten.  She won gold at South Atlantic Regionals and bronze at Eastern Sectionals to qualify for nationals.  She talked to me about her programs for this season, the secret for Level 4 spins and her biggest strength as a competitor.

Your senior national debut was last season and your short program performance created quite a buzz.  Can you describe the feeling of competing so well at your first senior nationals?
Last year's Senior debut was amazing! Those feelings are why I love to skate. Nobody can take away how free you feel while you're out there performing.  Skaters always dream of having a standing ovation program in front of such a large crowd and being able to accomplish that made me driven for more success this season. 

You were working on a triple-triple combination last season.  How is that coming along?  Are there other elements you've added to your programs this season?
I included a triple-triple in my program last year but won't be using it this Championships.  I've focused on using more difficult entrances to the rest of my triples. 

Tell me about your programs this season and why you chose them.
Since my short program last year was such a stand out, it was hard to decide if we should use that same style again this season or not. My coaches and I chose the Fascination Waltz to show that I can skate well to a variety of things.  I take pride in knowing that I can get great reaction from two totally different style's a hard thing to accomplish. The long program music was actually a harder choice. I wanted to have more of a Senior lady look to my skating this season, so we didn't want music that was too juvenile or too overbearing. 

At sectionals, you were in 1st place after the short program but struggled with some of the jumps in your free skate.  Have you made any changes since sectionals to skate a clean free?
My coaches and I have made a few jumping changes since Sectionals so that I can accomplish a clean program more easily.  I liked the layout that I used at Easterns however, it won't be beneficial at Nationals.

You received a Level 4 on all but one of your spins at sectionals and all your spins at regionals.  How do you train your spins to receive such high levels on a consistent basis?
There's no trick to it other than HOLD your spins!  It helps to have your coach count them out loud so you know that what you are counting is correct. 

What would you consider your biggest strength as a skater?  Your biggest weakness?
I would consider my biggest strengths in skating to be my size.  Most of the competitors are a lot smaller than me so when I am on the ice I create an intriguing contrast.  Makes people want to watch.  My approach to any weakness that I have is that it can always be improved.  I don't take it as a weakness, just something that needs to be addressed and worked on. 

What are your goals for nationals?
My goal for this Championships is to skate and perform the best I have all let go and enjoy all of the work I've been doing and break in to a top ten finish. 

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