Saturday, January 26, 2013

US Nationals Senior Pairs Free Skate

Group 1
Vise/Baldwin: 54.32 TES + 46.62 PCS -2.00 = 98.94 Total: 143.35
  • Really great height on the double twist with a clean catch
  • Good triple toe + double toe + double toe
  • Really difficult entry to their first lift with a nice platter position and good stretch through her free leg
  • She singles the triple salchow
  • Nice death spiral position but losing speed toward the end
  • Tough fall on the throw triple flip and she lands practically chin first on the ice
  • Nice handstand on his skate transition moment
  • She could have a bit more stretch through her back and legs in the second lift
  • Looked like her throw triple loop was going to be great but she falls forward out of her landing
  • Good distance between them on the spins, nice unison 
  • She could have more arch in the 3rd lift position but a nice cartwheel esit
  • Nice positions with good changes in the pairs spin
Baga/Toth: 53.55 TES + 46.40 PCS = 99.95 Total: 148.08 and into 1st place
  • Very good side by side triple toes
  • Nice double twist with a good split and a clean catch
  • Good air position in the one handed lift into a nice split and a cartwheel off his back
  • Good unison on their side by side spins but a little slow; they get about one rotation off by the end
  • Nice spirals from her in the step sequence
  • Double axel + double toe sequence
  • Hand down on the throw triple lutz but nice height on the jump
  • Good split from her in the carry lift but she could have a bit more toe point and the exit was a bit clunky
  • Really nice throw triple salchow
  • I'm not sure if it's nerves or concentration but I know that she can give a lot more performance especially to this music
  • She could have more stretch through the first lift position but nice change of position and exit
  • Nice death spiral position from her
Kayne/O'Shea: 52.68 TES + 47.90 PCS = 100.58 Total: 148.32 and into 1st place
  • Good side by side triple salchows
  • It's rare that you hear this section of music from the Nutcracker used (tree growing music and the Nutcracker/Clara pas and Coda)
  • Good triple twist
  • Great timing and nice landings on the double axel + double axel sequence
  • Spiral into a nice throw triple loop with great toe point from her in the jump
  • A bit of an awkward death spiral position and no speed at the end 
  • A little slow on the pairs spin
  • Nice air position in their first lift and great stretch through the change of position into the catchfoot
  • Great stag position in the change of rotation lift but a little clunky getting out of it
  • Big throw triple salchow
  • This is definitely a team to watch and this is only their first season together
  • Hydroblade and Ina Bauer nice choreography moment
  • Off on their side by side spins but they get their unison together in the sit position
  • Nice final lift 
Group 2 and 3 will take place beginning at 2:25pm EST.

Group 2
Leng/LeDuc: TES + PCS = 92.37 Total: 143.21 and into 4th place
Donlan/Speroff: TES + PCS = 109.86 Total: 159.67 and into 1st place
Davis/Ladwig: TES + PCS = 113.43 Total: 165.08 and into 1st place

Group 3
Scimeca/Knierim: 62.81 TES + 57.15 PCS = 119.96 Total: 172.75
  • Great height on the triple twist and a clean catch
  • She lands the throw triple flip nicely
  • Nice side by side triple salchows
  • She could have a bit more stretch through the first lift position but an interesting variation and a cartwheel exit
  • Spiral into a nice death spiral with a change of hold from him
  • Two footed landing on the throw triple loop but otherwise nice
  • Spot on for the double axel + double toe sequence
  • A little off on some of the transitions between spins but very good timing during the spins; they could use more speed through the element
  • Press lift into a one hand split position with his hand on her hip
  • Nice spirals in their step sequence
  • Good position in the final lift with a one arm, cartwheel exit
  • Losing speed through some of the position variations in the pairs spin but overall a really nice skate for them in their nationals debut as a team
Denney/Frazier: 58.00 TES + 52.79 PCS = 109.79 Total: 162.27 and into 3rd place
  • Nice clean triple twist
  • Beautiful toe point on the throw triple salchow, a little scratchy on the landing but overall nice
  • She falls on the side by side triple salchows
  • Nice double axel + double axel sequence
  • Good unison in their spins but they seem to have slightly different positions in some of the variations
  • Good lift position but he could smooth out his rotations a bit; good change of rotation after the change of position
  • Nice throw triple loop
  • Nice positions and details from her in the pairs spin
  • Great hip press lift but again the rotation was slow
  • Nice stretch through her bottom leg int he final lift and a flip exit
  • Spiral into a decent death spiral position but he almost drops her on to the ice after the change of hold
Castelli/Shnapir: 59.54 TES + PCS = 118.34 Total: 180.61 and into 1st place
  • A little bit of a crash landing on the triple twist
  • She steps out of the side by side triple toes
  • Big throw double axel 
  • Nice lift position with a good stretch and nice catchfoot but I'd like to see her show a little more performance at the top of the lift
  • He misses the side by side spin completely and has to stand there and wait for her to finish
  • Nice double axels + double toes
  • Good positions and transitions in their pairs spin but very slow
  • They have never even been on the nationals podium and all of the attention and pressure has been on them and you can really see the nerves here
  • Huge throw triple salchow
  • Good death spiral
  • Nice positions in the second spin with a cool drop exit
  • Hip press lift into their signature split carry and an exit off his back
  • I feel like they could have done a lot more to sell this program and give more of the tango feel
Zhang/Bartholomay: 63.52 TES + PCS = 118.83 Total: 172.02 and into 3rd place
  • Very pretty spiral from her in the opening choreography
  • Decent triple twist
  • Off on the unison of their side by side triple toes
  • Really nice double axel sequence
  • Great one hand hip hold lift with a good exit
  • They could be closer on their side by side spins but nice unison and matching positions
  • Nice throw triple loop 
  • Good extension in the 2nd lift but she could stretch through her legs a bit more after the change of position into the hip hold
  • Throw triple flip just a bit off in the air but a beautiful landing
  • They seem to be fighting the death spiral a bit but hang on to it stepping right into their pairs spin with nice changes of position and interesting pictures but very slow
  • Nice smile from her in the carry lift but they could have slightly faster rotation
  • Partial standing ovation for their performance

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