Friday, January 4, 2013

Breaking Down the Elements: Novice Pairs Free Skate

The 2012-2013 novice pairs free skate consists of 9 categories of elements that must be completed in 3:30 +/- 10 seconds.  The major change is that the spiral sequence has been replaced by a choreographic step sequence.

  • Maximum of 2
  • From different groups
  • One must be from Group 3 or 4
  • Miinimum 1 revolution and maximum 3 1/2 revolutions by man
  • Carry-type lifts and carry-type features are not permitted. 
  • Variations of position, no-handed, 1-handed, combo lifts and lifts that turn in both directions are permitted
Twist Lifts
  • Maximum of 1
  • Single or double
  • Take off must be flip or lutz
Throw Jumps
  • Maximum of 2
  • Must be different
  • Single, double or triple
Solo jumps
  • Maximum of 1
  • Single, double or triple
Jump Sequence/Combination
  • Maximum of 1
  • Jump combination may consist of 2.  No limit to number of jumps in Jump sequence.  Both may include jumps with the same name. 
Pair Spin/Combination Spin
  • Maximum of 1
  • Pair Combination Spin must change foot by both partners and minimum 1 change of position by both partners, Minimum of 5 revolutions
Solo Spin/Combination Spin
  • Maximum of 1
  • Change of foot and position, and flying entry are optional
  • Both partners must achieve basic position for 2 revolutions
  • Minimum 5 revolutions
Death Spiral
  • Maximum of 1
  • Regular 1-hand to 1-hand hold required
  • When death spiral position is attained, both partners must execute 1 revolution with man in full pivot positions
  • Lady must skate on a clean edge with her body and head close to the ice surface.
Step Sequence
  • Maximum of 1
  • Choreographic sequence fully utilizing the ice surface

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